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Dog Days are (just beginning)

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variegated gray background. Top of picture -- head of wolf looks at viewer. Busts of Remus Lupin and Tony DiNozzo to either side. Bottom of picture -- smaller busts of Neville Longbottom, Tali DiNozzo, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy arranged in a shallow arch. Text reads, 'Dog Days (are just beginning)'.



Prologue: A Not So Fun Vacation  

Tony knew pain. He’d always assumed he had. He’d been shot, stabbed and nearly drowned in his own fluid from the plague. He’d suffered the pain of losing his perceived future and rebuilding it. 

He knew pain but this was a whole new level. His side was burning like the worst type of acid had been thrown at him. 

Only there was no acid. No, this pain was different. 

The monster who’d bitten him looked amused. He looked deranged with Tony’s blood still on his lips. He seemed inordinately proud of himself. “Wow. I actually found a wizard. Fancy that.”

Tony groaned in pain and partially in disbelief as he couldn’t believe in his attempt to stop Ziva doing something stupid he’d found a werewolf. The little bitch had run off leaving him to face the mutant alpha wolf on his own. Even if she had no idea of his background she had left him to die and that was not something he was going to forget in a hurry. 

A werewolf would kill a mortal with a bite but he wasn’t a nomaj - he’d been raised and sent to a wizarding school before his Dad had finished by sending him to RIMA. He may have been bitten to the point where a chunk of his side was missing but he was Gibb’s trainee to the end. “Hey, hairy.”

He fired a bullet that hit the dead centre of the bastard’s eyes. It might not be silver but he found severe trauma to the brain tended to sort most bad guys out - no matter their background. 

The onslaught of power was unexpected. Christ, this bastard was a piece of work. The power he’d fed upon from other werewolves was innumerable. The lightning that was surging in the air reminded Tony suspiciously of the Highlander concept. In fact, it was almost spot-on as it slammed into him and he knew everything the guy did. Fenrir Greyback was his maker and Tony didn’t feel the least bit sorry for ending the bastard. The little psycho enjoyed biting children. 

A man came into the clearing, Tony, who was now struggling to breathe managed to gasp out. “Help me.”

The mild-mannered man had no problem in picking him up in a fireman’s lift. Tony would have said more but there was the whole passing out from pain and a crash in his adrenaline.


Tony awoke with a start as the light rolled through the windows. He sat up unaware of his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the smell. They were all woodsy and he could get used to them. Then there was another distinct scent it was all hazelnut, vanilla and lightning all rolled in one. 

“What the hell?”

“You should thank Merlin you are strong.” The new voice replied to his question. 

Tony looked at his saviour with a wry grin he couldn’t help but be snarky. “You don’t look like Merlin.”

The man snorted. “No, my name is Remus Lupin. I was tracking your attacker only you killed him before I could.”

“The son of a bitch tried to eat me!” Tony exclaimed. He hoped that wasn’t a rebuke because he would repeat that the bastard tried to eat him. He knew being a lawman you shouldn't relish a death but there were some bastards like Greyback who just needed killing. 

Remus snorted, and with a smirk reminded Tony. “You repaid the favour with interest I would say.”

“I hope I gave him heartburn.” Tony groused as he collapsed back against the couch. He may be awake and healing but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t in pain. He had no idea what his next steps were but breathing without a stabbing pain racing down his side was his first aim. 

“If you didn’t the bullet in his head would have given him a headache.” Lupin replied in a calm tone.

“Did you remove his head?” Tony asked tiredly. He knew as a Federal Agent he probably shouldn’t say things like that but he was also magically trained and knew the two worlds didn’t always mesh. 

“I did. You probably saved quite a few more children you know.”

Tony opened his eyes and the memories of the bastard came to the fore. “I know he bit you as a child. Should I apologise for not letting you kill him?”

Remus shook his head. “I try not to give in to my urges. It makes handling my wolf more difficult.”

Tony shuddered at the thought of restraint - he would be civilised but he refused to listen to solely his instincts. “I am not taking up yoga but I need to figure out how to handle my new aspects.”

“You’re awfully calm.”

Tony shrugged. “I’m American. They don’t have a hate on for wolves there. I was supposed to be helping my treacherous partner but she left me to chase after her father’s killer.”

“How does a Wizard end up as a Federal Agent?” Remus asked him, obviously curious by that little detail.

Tony sighed and figured he may as well tell someone. If it turned out his rescuer wasn’t on the level, he could always be obliviated. “It happens when you’re a Paddington by birth and your mother runs away with a mortal. She was smart enough to ditch the UK for the United States. Sadly she wasn’t smart enough to pick a good man. I had power to burn so one of her last acts before dying was seeing that I was enrolled at Ilvermorny.”

Remus cocked his head to the side at started to chuckle. “You’re the missing Paddington Lord.”

Tony frowned. “I wasn’t missing - just living abroad.”

Remus actually had a full belly cackle. “No, you misunderstand. You’ve caused quite the ruckus in the WIzengamot. You’ve inherited the seat and taken up a power bloc but not used it. I know Malfoy, Black and Nott have all made a play for the seats but can’t make a play as the votes belong to you and as you’re alive you have to assign them.”

Tony snorted. “I won’t give those bastards shit.”

Remus shrugged. “They will give you a hard time if they find out you’re now a werewolf.”

“So what if I am furry once a month. I’m pretty sure I can make it my animagus form and screw with their minds. I am no one’s bitch.”

Remus could agree with it, the man’s wolf was new but powerful. He’d always felt like he had to apologise for his condition but it was clear that Tony wasn’t going to apologise to anyone. “I will stick around to help you gain control of your wolf.”

Tony looked around with a groan. He’d not been fond of studying when he was at school. “If I am going through wolfy school we’re going back to the US. What do you say to a holiday in the Midwest?”