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She stepped lightly over the numerous bodies on the blood-splattered floor. Calculating grey eyes survey the area for any signs of life. She hears a cough come from the corner and whipped around, gun at the ready. The bloodied man sneered at her and started speaking, no mocking her in German "They will never let you go. Everywhere you go, you will be hunted, you will live in constant fear looking over your shoulder. They will find you little god, and when they do, you will wish that your father had never sired you."

She stares down at the man with her cold, emotionless eyes, crouches down, raises the gun to his forehead and whispers softly into his ear, lips almost but not quite touching his skin "Let them come. Hydra wanted a killer and now they've got one." She exhales, the warm breath sending shivers down his spine. She cocks back the gun and presses the trigger.

A bang erupts through the eerily quiet room, and she watches a single drop of blood from the hole in the center of his forehead trickle down, leaving a strip of vivid crimson on his otherwise colorless skin. She stands, a slight smirk of satisfaction playing over her lips. 

She turns, movements almost rushed as she exits the room. Walking down grey metallic corridors lighted by flickering fluorescent lights, she kneels by a middle-aged woman pressing a hand over a wound in her stomach. The woman speaks with a hoarse voice full of forgiveness, love and a touch of sadness. "маленький воин, (malen'kiy voin, little warrior) It's time for you to go" "Nyet, I won't. You must come with me женщина-солдат (zhenshchina-Soldat lady soldier). I will not leave you here to die." The older woman caressed the girls face, bloody fingers tracing over a tattooed scar around the eye. "Please" she whispered, hoping her malen'kiy voin would go before they got here. " "Go now, before they come. Now!" The older woman demands a coughing fit causing fresh blood to ooze out between their fingers. "Malen'kiy voin, you must go, for me, I beg of you." The girl sobs, pressing their foreheads together. "For you, zhenshchina Soldat, voin mama, I will go. I will avenge you and babushka ved'ma. I'm sorry  for not saving you." She whispers. "Malen'kiy voin look at me, I found out your name, the one your father gave you, he named you Saeth, it means arrow in Finnish, he named you for your other father, the archer in New York. Saeth trembles at the mention of her name."Voin mama, thank you, rest now. I must go as you said." Saeth presses a kiss to the older woman's cheek. "Goodbye malen'kiy voin, find your peace out there." Saeth nods, emotion pooling as an endless, spiraling abyss in her grey eyes. 

She turns the name over in her mind. "Saeth" she whispers, remembering the elderly lady who gave her her first name all she can remember is a single syllable. "dom-?" her mind races Dominic, Dominique, Dom, Domino... "Domino" she muses "Domino Saeth is coming for you," she whispers the dead men, taunting the spirits she knew would haunt her.

"The Scythe is coming for you." this time it's neither threat nor taunt, this time it's a promise; a promise to those who had died helping her, protecting her. It was a promise of revenge for them, a promise to make sure their spirits would be able to rest, a promise of who she would become. It was a promise to those who had wronged her, a promise to them that she would get them. But most of all it was a promise to herself, a promise that she would be able to make things right, and then she would disappear when she was done.