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Been a slave for too long

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Jughead pov. 

“This kid is good.” Said one of my dads clients. Sam or something I don’t really care. The only person I really know is my dad and he sells my body. I’m like a whore for a night or something.

”I know.” Said my dad proudly. How can he be proud of something like that.

”Can he make home visits?”

”Nope, he isn’t allowed to go outside. You know I don’t want the child services taking him away.”

”I understand. How much was it.” 


“Man he is good but expensive.” He said, giving my dad the money and leaving. My dad then walked towards me.

”You did very good today Juggie.” He said and caressed my cheek. He can be nice but that’s only when I made good money.

"Why am I not allowed outside?"

"Because I need you here to make money for me, all the time. You understand that?" I nodded. " Good and now go to sleep." Sometimes he can be angry that are the days were I didn't make good money. He would slap me then and beat me not too hard to get bruises but that hard so it hurts. And he always locks the door to the basement we're I live in. I don't even know how other parts of the house look like.


Archie pov.

"Come on Archie you need to lose your V-card if you want to have sex with Veronica. By the way she allowed it that you cheat on her. And remember she doesn't make out with virgins." Betty told me. I know that my girlfriend doesn't want to have sex with me because I'm a Virgin but come on that isn't even a reason.

"And to who?"

"I don't know you want to have sex with her, not me."

"What about you? I can lose my V-card to you. I mean we're both virgins"

"No thanks, I'm lesbian and I lost my virginity to Toni Topaz." The blonde said proudly. "But you can make out with Toni, she's bi like you and Veronica or you pay for a good man whore."

"No to Topaz and to the man whore."

"Do you prefer feminine whores?"


"Okay, Okay I'm quiet." "But do you?"

"Okay that wasn't necessary, can't you just tell me to shut up and not throw a pillow at me." She said annoyed.

"Then buy me a whore. Gender doesn't matter." I give in.

"I have someone in mind but with or without practice from him?"


"Then, have you 1500$, he's expensive but good."

"Why don't you ask Ronnie. She would do anything that helps me to lose my virginity."


"Good Idea. Just go tomorrow after you have the money to the white Wyrm on the Southside and ask for Fp Jones."



On the next day I’m walking trough the White Wyrm to search for Fp Jones.

”Hey, uhm do you know where Fp Jones is.” I asked a tall boy with dark hair.

”Yes I know where he is, what do you want from him? He asked me with a frown.

”Oh, uhm, I want to have sex with my girlfriend and she doesn’t have sex with Virgins and sadly I am one and-“

”You want to lose it. I understand. Follow me I drive you to the place where he is hiding.” Without any questions I followed him to his car. And within 10 minutes we were at an old house.

“We’re here.” We went into that house and were greeted by an old man with beard. 

“Fp, this guy wants something.”

“Yeah, with our without practice?”

”How do you that I’m a-“

”Virgin? Oh I can see those things. So with or without?”


“Then it would be 1500$. Follow me...”

”Archie, Archie Andrews.”

“Ok, Archie Andrews. Follow me.” He then let me into this basement, the only a mattress. On the mattress is a small figure. “This is Archie Andrews. He is a new client and a virgin he wants with practice. So make it good.” The figure just nods. 

“So how do we start?”

”You really want to have your first time with me?”

”Well Yeah, my girlfriend doesn’t sleep with virgins. And somehow I need to lose it.” 

“Ou. Well we only have an hour so what do you want first? Practice or the sex?”

”What is practice?”

”Sex, just with explanation and how you do it better.”

”Then sex. I want this first.”

After 45 minutes of having sex and practice we just talked. “So, why are you doing this?” I asked him as we put on our clothes. “Not because you want it right?”

”I do this my whole life, I never really asked why I do this, Archie.”

”What’s your name, you know mine so it’s only fair.”

”I’m not allowed to say it. And you can’t tell anyone about it especially not the police.”


”Because they will take me away. My dad needs me.”

”He uses you.”

”Are you done yet?” His father yelled.

”Yes dad we’re done.“ “I think you need to go upstairs and pay him.”

“Yeah I’ll do it, just do you want to be here? And this thing you’re doing?”

”No.” He tells me with his head looking down. 

“Then I’ll promise you, I’ll come back and help you getting out of here.” He glances up at me.

”Really?” He questioned with hope in his eyes. I nodded. 

“See you.”  I left the basement leaving him with a hopeful smile there.

”Here is the money.” 

“Good, and you won’t tell anything to anyone especially not the police.”

”I know. He told me.”

”Ok, hopefully I’ll see you again.”

”Oh you will.”


Jughead pov. 

He was the last client of the day. I don’t know if I made good money, but I hope so. 

“Juggie, I have food for you here eat it.” He said giving me my food.

”Thank you.” “Dad?”

”Yeah?” He said eating his own food.

”Did I made good money today?”

”Jug, I didn’t counted the money, yet.” He laughed. 

“And when can I go outside or just see the rest from the house?”

”I think about the rest from the house but outside, probably never.”


”And Juggie, I haven’t counted yet, but I think you did good today.” He cupped my cheeks with his hands. “You were always doing good in the last months.” I smiled. And nodded. I don’t know if Archie will really help me, I will always be here and have sex with men, for money. 

“Now go to sleep Juggie, you need it.” 


”Good night, have sweet dreams.”

“You too.” He got up with the two Empty bowls and locked the door, as always.



So this is my new story. Hope you enjoy it. Please tell me if you like it or not.


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Archie pov.

“So, Archiekins can I finally sleep with you?” Ronnie asked kissing me.

“No. It came out that it costed 2500$.” I lied in her face.”

“Oh so you need thousand dollar? Again?”


“Well then, come with me and I’ll give it to you.”

“The thousand dollar or sex?”

“The thousand dollar.”

“I don’t understand, why you can’t take it.”

“Do you want the thousand dollar or not.”

“Then give me the damn money.”

“Good.” She said giving me the thousand dollar.

“Thank you.” After that I ran away. I ran to the boy. I want to help him and somehow I will do it. I see the house and knock on the door.

“So soon back?” Mr Jones or Fp asked me.

“Yeah and I have the money. It was thousand for just sex or?”

“Yep, then follow me.” That’s the fourth time in two days someone said this to me.

“Look who is ba-“ he began but stopped when he saw the crying figure. “Archie, please wait upstairs.” He told me and I did it.

Fp pov.

Archie went upstairs and closed the door.
“Hey Juggie. What’s wrong?”

“Dad. Can I stop for today. Please.” He cried out. I slapped him. How can he think that. I grip his chin.

“Listen up, this one is was your first client of the day and we have another one, so you’ll stop when we have 10,000$ or your dream of seeing the rest of the house will just be a dream. Understand?” I tightened the grip on his chin. He just nodded. And I calmed down. I love it when he does as I want. Such a good kid. “Good, now stop crying and put on your clothes.”

“Yes dad.” I smiled happily. And went upstairs to Archie.

“He’s ready.”

“Are you sure I mean he literally cried a few seconds ago.”

“Ok, he’s ready wether you do it or not here are clients that are waiting.”

Archie pov.

I went downstairs and saw the boy.

“Have fun.” Said his dad and went upstairs again. Man I begin to hate this guy.

“Hey.” I heard his small voice.

“Hey. I’m not here to have sex with you. Just to clarify some things.” He nods.

“So what do you want to do then?”

“Remember what I told you yesterday. That I’ll help you escape from this place.”

“Yeah I remember. But I don’t want to leave this place for good just a little bit.”


“Because my dad needs me.”

“He uses you. Don’t you see it. This isn’t a normal life, I heard the conversation between you two. And I see the red mark in your cheek. This isn’t healthy for you.” I told him. He looked down and tears started forming in his eyes.

“Hey, dont cry.”

“No. It’s just too much today.” He said sadly.

“Tell me. You can trust me.”

“It’s just. The first client of the day.”

Jughead pov.


“So im the first client today?” “You know, your daddy wasn’t in a good mood today. He said that you didn’t do well yesterday.”

“W-What?” I stuttered. I’m confused. He said he thinks that I did good yesterday.

“Yeah. He was just too tired yesterday to teach you a lesson. So your daddy told me I could do that As long as I don’t ruin your pretty face.”
He caressed my cheek. And kissed my lips softly. “Don’t worry I won’t do anything to you. You just have to be quiet.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know that your daddy tells me what to do to make you comfortable but this this, this won’t be comfortable .” I don’t really remember what happened but I remember that it hurts and I just screamed. Til my dad came down.

“Hey get off my boy!” He screamed. The man did as what he was told. I just pulled my underwear up again and curled into a ball and cried. My dad kicked him out and came to me again. “Hey, shh it’s over.” He tried to calm me down.

~End Of Flashback~

“So the man raped you?” I nodded. “And was nice as he tried to calm you down?” I nodded again.

“And he lied to me about good making money. Because I did good yesterday.” I say proudly.

“That’s nothing you should be proud for. But what’s your name? I mean I’ll show you the outside so it’s only fair.”

“I don’t know.” He looked ate me confused. “I mean I don’t know my full name, my dad just calls me Jug, Juggy, Bub or baby.”

“Do you call him daddy? And most importantly did you have sex with him?”

“To the first question, no anymore I used to do it when I could speak til 10 that’s the age he stopped calling me baby. And to the second question, that’s incest. I would never do that.”

“Noticed. So how old are you? I’m seventeen.”


We talked for what felt like hours until.

“Archie come on the hour is over.” My dad yelled.


“Archie. My dad is gone for a week tomorrow. You don’t need keys to get me it’s open. Because the serpent who watches me forgets to lock the door.”

“Okay, I’m coming tomorrow night, then you see the outside world for a whole week.”

And with that he left again. And again with a promise to get me and show me the outside world.


Why do I feel like this is a tangled story. Where jug is Rapunzel, Archie is Flynn and Fp is mother Gothel. I mean same concept but other characters and a little bit different.