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Everybody Lies

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Kim Seokjin is a peculiar man. Beyond his polished and striking appearance, he carries himself with both poise and elegance. Despite all that, he still manages to present himself as a lovable and friendly person.

From his popular personality to his accomplished academics, Kim Seokjin is someone one would call ‘special’. Special in terms of being extraordinary. Special in terms of his quirkiness.

People who’ve crossed paths with Seokjin knew that he was more than meets the eye. He always has something up his sleeves. Literally.


(“You said you needed a broomstick?” Seokjin spoke, thoughtfully. Hoseok nodded, pointing at his shoe, stuck in a tree.

“Could hyung help me bring one over? I can’t really walk around with just one shoe…”

Seokjin looked at the tree and the shoe in question before stepping towards it. “Rather than a broomstick… would a fishing pole work?”

“A-a fishing pole? I guess? But where would we get a fishing pole-"

Before Hoseok could finish his sentence, Seokjin casually reached into his robes’ left sleeve, pulling out a long fishing pole out with ease. Hoseok gaped as Seokjin silently prodded at the leaves and branches in the way of his reach of the stuck shoe. After more forceful pokes and tugs, a triumphant cheer was heard as a soft plod could be heard as Seokjin hugged the fallen shoe close to his chest with one hand while still holding the fishing equipment with the other.

Seokjin skipped towards Hoseok who was still staring at Seokjin with wide eyes. Seokjin tilted his head in confusion at the lack of cheers or reaction from the Gryffindor. He shrugged it off before putting the fishing pole on the ground as he squatted down. He gently lifted Hoseok’s shoeless leg and eased it into wearing the shoe before giving the other a pat on the back.

Before he rushed off to meet Jungkook, he didn’t forget to pick up his handy pole and kept it back into his sleeve.

“Did that Ravenclaw just casually put a long stick into his robes?” A first-year Hufflepuff exclaimed somewhere behind Hoseok. A few other younger students were whispering amongst themselves about Seokjin’s little feat when Taehyung happened to walk by.

He casually slipped behind the crowd of first-years and piqued in, “ I’ve once seen him pull out a whole tree from his sleeves…”

“Taehyung… Namjoon hyung said those were called bonsais…”

Taehyung shrugged off Jimin’s words. “Same difference.”

Needless to say, the first years were in awe by the little anecdote and by the next week, rumors about a powerful wizard with sleeves of wonder started spreading around the school.

All while the said ‘powerful wizard’ was busy stuffing his pockets with the jelly slugs he intended to sneak into class with…)


Seokjin doesn’t have everything and anything in his sleeves and pockets. Despite what it seems, the spell Namjoon found for him that allowed the enchantment had limits. Seokjin liked to say he was just smart and tactical with his choice of pocket-belongings where he usually has items he may need with him.

Essentials include a cushion – for a nap, a mat – to lie on while napping, a straw hat – to shield off the sun during the nap, - a blanket – once again, for the nap.

(“But hyung… you don’t even nap…” Namjoon scratched his head as Seokjin fluffed up the pillow before placing it on the mat.

“I never said it was for myself, now, did I?”

The second Seokjin finished his words, Namjoon noticed their Slytherin friends walking towards them in the courtyard. Well, Jimin was walking normally, while Yoongi was trudging behind the younger one. Once the pair reached them, Yoongi plopped down onto the mat, head resting on the cushion without a word, falling into slumber.

“Rough night?” Seokjin whispered.

Jimin hesitated before nodding, glancing at the eyebags of his fellow Slytherin, who looked calm, peacefully sleeping. Seokjin sighed quietly before pulling out the straw hat from his sleeves and gently placed it atop Yoongi’s soft mop of black hair. “He definitely didn’t put on sunscreen like I warned him to.” He tuts.

Jimin laughs behind his hands at Seokjin’s disapproving tone while Namjoon silently observes.

‘Everything he needs huh?’ Namjoon thought to himself. Well, Seokjin never said who ‘he’ was, now, did he?)


Amongst all the items Seokjin carries, Jungkook couldn’t help but notice one. A very ordinary light blue umbrella. The only reason Jungkook took special notice of it was that Seokjin liked to always remind the others to always carry around one with them no matter where.

(“Not all of us have enchanted pockets hyung…” Taehyung whined.

“Just get the spell from Namjoon.”

“Let me rephrase, not all of us wants an enchanted pocket, hyung.”

“Why not?” Seokjin crossed his arms a little forcefully, causing a packet of jelly slugs to fall out of his almost brimming-full pocket, plopping onto the floor with a shameful smack.

Taehyung narrows his eyes at that. “That’s why.”)

Jungkook hears a faint rumbling from the sky. He peered up, noticing the dark clouds and the dissipating crowd in the courtyard. Jungkook thinks to himself that he is bound to hear Seokjin giving yet another ‘umbrella reminder’.

Just this time, he wished he did heed the warning. He scans the sky once more, even putting his hand out to see if it was raining yet. He was about to dash across the courtyard when he felt a tug at his robes, causing him to fall backward, into the perpetrator.

“You can’t!”

Jungkook looked up, staring at the face of Seokjin who had one hand supporting Jungkook’s waist and the other still on his robe. Noticing that he was practically leaning into Seokjin’s chest and embrace, Jungkook scrambled to get out of the position, a little flushed.

Managing to slip out of Seokjin’s grip, Jungkook tried to calm himself down as he grumbled, “why not? A little rain won’t get me sick.”

Seokjin tuts. “It’s not about that!”

“What’s it about then?”

Seokjin sounded frustrated, “you should know!” Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion. Seokjin, also with furrowed brows, uttered one of the most confusing lines Jungkook has ever heard.

“Don’t you guys have to get a kiss if you get rained on even a little?”

“WHAT?” Jungkook shouted, unintentionally.

Seokjin continued, “it’s a custom of the non-magic right? Like how the mistletoe works?”

“WHO TOLD YOU THAT?” Jungkook exclaimed, dumbfounded at the lie that some random and probably opportunistic jerk told his hyung.

Noting Jungkook’s unimpressed reaction, Seokjin hesitated before soft muttering, “Yoongi did?”

All Seokjin got as a reply was a blank stare before Jungkook walked away.


Seokjin later found out that Jungkook refused to speak to Yoongi for three days after that but he never uncovered what transpired between them nor the reason behind it.


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Coming from their lineage, the Kim brothers find themselves unfamiliar with the workings of the muggle world. Perhaps the deprivation of any sort of muggle interaction in their childhood led to their ever fascination with anything their friends who come from or who are part of the muggle world introduce them to.


The youngest Kim finds his eyes light up at the photographs that the same-aged Slytherin mails to him during the school breaks. The glossy rectangles sent by Jimin, Yoongi, and Jungkook never fails to amaze Taehyung.

He enjoys looking at the ones that show different sceneries, skies, trees, flowers, buildings. He finds it calming and pretty. He especially loves the ones where it features anyone in their little friend group.

“Aren’t photographs in the magic world much cooler?” Jungkook once questioned the bubbly Hufflepuff who was flipping through his album of collection (courtesy of Jimin and Yoongi). Taehyung looks up from admiring the photos he managed to categorize based on their subjects, posing a silent question for the younger to continue.

Jungkook walks over to Taehyung before plopping down right beside him. Taehyung instinctively shifted the thick album from his lap, positioning so that it now lies on both boys’ crossed leg, ensuring that Jungkook gets as good as a view as he does. “These don’t move…” Jungkook finally continues, idly pointing at a picture.

Taehyung glanced down at Jungkook’s finger, noticing that he pointed to the one where Yoongi took. “There’s something…” Taehyung drawls off. He fingers the picture, taking a closer look at it, a fond smile spreading across his face.

“It feels more personal and nostalgic …” Taehyung explains. Jungkook glances at the image he pointed at before again. He takes in the two figures captured in the image. One distractedly pointing at a tree while the other seems to have their attention on the other instead of what they were pointing at. Jungkook nods, semi-aware of what the other was trying to come across.

“Besides…”, Taehyung continues, “I’m sure the people photographed can appreciate how the single moment lets them remember many other things that took place either before or after the picture was taken.”

“Ah.. you mean how Jimin hyung got really red and embarrassed when he realised he got caught staring at-” Before completing his sentence, Jungkook found himself pelted with a stray pillow, courtesy of Jimin who was quietly listening to their conversation.

Taehyung chuckled loudly at that.


The middle child of the Kim household finds fascination in the creations of the muggles. From handicrafts to interesting ornaments, he finds the assortment of items in his room increasing in numbers thanks to a certain kind Slytherin who never fails to send something his way over the school breaks.

Despite the varied interest and variety of items, a quick glance shows a frequent figure. A certain yellowish-orange bear-like creature is a repeated presence in the room. This bear-like creature found its presence in Namjoon’s room in the forms of figurines, plushies, beddings, and furniture. The Kim siblings even swore they once caught the middle Kim decked out in a full outfit resembling the bear-like character.

“Isn’t it because he looks like the bear?” Yoongi once offered as the friend group was discussing Namjoon’s fixation on the yellow creature. Hoseok snorted at that statement, noting the uncanny resemblance between the two in question.

“He’s not a bear.” Namjoon calmly spoke over the boisterous laughter of his fellow Gryffindor. “He’s a lion.”

“But he doesn’t have a mane,” Taehyung interjected, “and his tail is short,” the oldest Kim jumped in.

Namjoon sighed. “His absence of a mane is his complex, much like how all of us have our own complexes and self-doubts.” Yoongi and Jungkook shared a deadpanned look at that unnecessarily deep explanation. Hoseok was still giggling at the new-found discovery that his same-aged friend looked like the character plastered all over said friend’s room. Meanwhile, Jimin merely smiled to himself after Namjoon’s little explanation, with a satisfied and warm look.

“Is his short tail part of his complex too then?” Seokjin asked thoughtfully

Namjoon shook his head, sipping casually from a yellow cup with a familiar face printed on it, “Nah, his tail is short because it’s cuter that way.” At that, Namjoon let out a satisfied smile as he smoothed his fingers over the bear-like-lion’s cushion he was hugging.


The oldest Kim finds himself intrigued by all-things muggle. From their lifestyle, entertainment, food to technology, Seokjin found himself captivated by their creativity and way of life.

Like Namjoon, Seokjin has his own impressive collection of figurines from the muggle world.

Taehyung once tried to ask Seokjin why he had that many figures of a mustached man donning a red hat. The lecture, or ‘lore’, that Seokjin proceeded to try to grind into him let Taehyung learn the hard way to never open the gates that is to question his hyung’s hobbies again.

Aside from that, Seokjin had two other categories of muggle items in his repertoire. Things given to him by Yoongi, and things not.

Ask anyone in their friend group ad they’ll tell you that Seokjin was someone who took care of his things. Ask his brothers and they’d tell you that Seokjin may take great care of his belongings but when it comes to items from Yoongi, he cherished them.

(Namjoon and Taehyung learnt the hard way to not mess with that group of Seokjin’s belongings but that’s a story for another day. Till this day, Seokjin keeps the broken pair of chopsticks in a box, locked away under his desk drawer.)

A quick scan across Seokjin’s room shows traces of the muggle world all over. Unlike Taehyung’s photograph collection and Namjoon’s figurines and bear-like-lion items, it’s hard to distinguish the items that Yoongi gave Seokjin.

(Namjoon would like to argue that that was why it was risky to enter Seokjin’s room since anything you could break could be something from Yoongi. Taehyung would counter that Namjoon shouldn’t be breaking Seokjin’s things regardless but since he too was a frequent trespasser to the oldest Kim’s room, he remained quiet.)

In Hogwarts, Taehyung keeps a framed group photo taken in a photo booth when they went on a trip to the muggle world. Namjoon has a soft flannel blanket patterned with the mane-less lion. Unlike his brothers, Seokjin’s dormitory has no trace of his muggle world fascination.


The 3rd years and Hoseok were lounging around the Great Hall, waiting for the others to gather. “What time did we say to be here by again?” Hoseok tutted.

Taehyung and Jimin shared a look before they both shrugged.

“Ahh… What did I expect asking you two about punctuality…” Hoseok shook his head dramatically in faux-disappointment, earning chuckles from the aforementioned pair. Jungkook arrived next, joining the others in the wait.

Five minutes of idle chit chat passed by before the group noticed two-third of the Kim brothers walking towards them. Namjoon was visibly clutching onto his right wrist, lightly massaging it while Seokjin had a slightly apologetic look.

“Namjoon hyung, are you okay?” Jimin asked full of concern, noting the slightly furrowed brows of Namjoon.

Namjoon nodded, waving off Jimin’s worry, giving him a slight smile. “It’s just a bit sore after I bumped my wrist into Seokjin hyung’s.”

“Namjoon should watch his limbs so they don’t randomly run into or attack others.” Seokjin declared as-a-matter-of-factly. Despite his words, Seokjin’s tone was gentle. He grabbed Namjoon’s sore wrist and started rubbing circles on it with his thumb. “Where’s Yoongi?”

The group shrugged, “wouldn’t you know better?”

Seokjin hummed, letting go of his hold on Namjoon’s wrist before grabbing a pocket watch out of his robe’s inner chest pocket, checking the time. “Ah… I think he mentioned having some discussion with one of the professors…it must have overran…” He kept the pocket watch back to his inner pocket before reaching for Namjoon’s wrist once more, continuing to massage it gently.

Namjoon looked at his brother with a confused look. “What? Can’t an elder brother show his hurt younger sibling some affection? Or are you disgruntled by my massage techniques? I’ll have you know, my technique is recognised by even y-”

Before Seokjin could finish rambling, Namjoon interrupted, shaking his head in denial of the points his older brother mentioned. “It’s not that…”

The group gave Namjoon a silent look, urging for some clarifications. Namjoon sighed, pointing at Seokjin’s wrist.

“You want my wrist to be hurting too?” Seokjin asked, warily, letting go of Namjoon’s wrist, clutching his own close to his chest, in a protective stance.

“That’s not it, hyung.” Namjoon shook his head. “I was just wondering…”

The group looked on; curiosity piqued.

“Why do you carry around two watches?”

Instantly, Seokjin found four pairs of eyes staring at him. “Oh…now that you mentioned it… Hyung really does have two watches with him!” Taehyung exclaimed, noticing the wristwatch Seokjin was wearing.

“Hyung has always worn that though?” Jungkook added, pointing to the wristwatch.

Hoseok scratched his head, “hmm? But doesn’t Seokjin hyung always have his pocket watch with him too?” He got nods from the group.

Before Seokjin even got to reply, he found Taehyung grabbing his wrist, inspecting his watch. “Where did you even get this?”

The wristwatch had a medium-sized face with a silver face that fit Seokjin’s wrist well. It had a shiny metal strap that looked elegant and sophisticated.

“Yoongi gave this to me on my birthday in our second year,” Seokjin draws out slowly, pulling his hand away from Taehyung’s grasp.

“I heard my name… what’s going on?”

The group turned their attention to Yoongi who just joined them in the middle of the exchange. Expecting an answer, Yoongi looks around only to find Jimin and Hoseok giving him a look with squinted eyes full of suspicion.

“Wha-” before Yoongi could finish his question, Hoseok cut him off with his loud statement.

“Yoongi hyung gave it to you. I SEE.”

Jimin stayed oddly silent ever since Seokjin’s revelation.

Seokjin started panicking at those words and the tone Hoseok used. He started his rambling once more – a normal occurrence when he is flustered.

“Huh? Why? Gosh! Is it really expensive or something?” The group didn’t manage to get a word in before Seokjin seemed to have made conclusions to the questions he asked. “I KNEW IT!” He rushed towards Yoongi, holding on to the other’s robes before continuing, “YOU TOLD ME IT WASN’T EXPENSIVE IN YOUR MUGGLE MONEY

In the middle of Seokjin’s mini-rant, Jimin finally spoke, “It’s not crazy expensive. Definitely not cheap based on the brand but…”

Seokjin turned his attention away from Yoongi, who was now smoothing over the fabric where Seokjin was previously holding, happy to finally catch a breath at the interaction. “But what?” Seokjin asked urgently, concerned.

Jimin stayed silent for a second, pondering while exchanging glances with Hoseok.

“Rather than the heavy price…” Jimin hesitantly spoke.

More silence ensued as Jimin looked even more unsure than before as he looked towards Yoongi.

Jungkook coughed, catching the groups’ attention. “The meaning is heavier right?”

The group stared at Jungkook, making him slightly uncomfortable with the sudden focus on him. Jimin and Hoseok’s stared with astonishment at the youngest’s words.

 “What?” Jungkook couldn’t hold back with how the two were looking at him.

Hoseok shook his head, “I’m just surprised you know…”

“I’m from the same world as you guys you know? Why wouldn’t I know what it means?” Jungkook huffed.

“So what does it mean?” Seokjin asked quietly. Seokjin found himself unknowingly holding his wrist towards himself, almost hugging it. Yoongi glanced at Seokjin’s unusual pose, trying to figure out what the group was talking about the entire time before he caught the glimmer of the watch he gave Seokjin a few years ago. Realisation hit him.

“A single word and I’ll hex every single one of you here for three whole months”, Yoongi muttered through grit teeth in an eerily calm voice.

“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Taehyung cried out. “TELL HIM HE CAN’T DO THAT, HYUNG!”

Hoseok sighed, “Yoongi hyung would actually do that, you know?” He shared a look with Jungkook and Jimin before resolutely looking at Yoongi, nodding at him. A silent promise.

“Please don’t tell me you had to mortgage your body parts or something for this watch…Yoongi? Yoongi. YOONGI, COME BACK HERE!”

The group watched as Seokjin chased after the retreating figure of the Slytherin, demanding answers he will unlikely be getting.

“Wait… are they jilting us? After we waited for them for so long?” Hoseok asked. He, of course, received nothing but shrugs.



“Please explain.”

“To give someone a watch is to say ‘my time is yours’”



“That’s very smooth of Yoongi hyung.”


“Too bad hyung doesn’t know about it.”

“More like Yoongi hyung is too much of a coward to say it to him.”

“I guess so…Thanks for explaining!”

“No worries! It’s nice to share with you guys about muggles.”

“Of course! It’s always fun to learn new things.”

“I’ll gladly share more information if you’d like!”

“I’ll hold you to that! Catch you later?”

“Sure! See you!”

Watching the retreating figure of the Gryffindor, the Slytherin silently puts his hand into his pocket.

“I guess I’m like Yoongi hyung too…”

He feels for a palm-sized box in his pocket, soothing his fingers over the ribbon enveloping it as he looked dejectedly in the direction the Gryffindor disappeared off to.