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The Lessons

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The summer sun was shining down from a clear blue sky as I made my way through the beautiful seaside park. I was a bit too nervous to enjoy the greenery around me, though.

I found her sitting there on the bench, uncomfortably young, her posture straight and reserved, seemingly equally nervous, but when she turned and noticed me, her smile was still as warm and bright as the day itself, as if she was smiling to a small child.

During the date we fleshed out or bios for eachother. I learned that she was a middle child, that she studied just as hard as me, and that she had a dayjob after school.

"People often underestimate the job market.", she explained. "They're not just looking for somebody with good grades, but also with work experience. If you need to get anywhere and become somebody, you've got to get your foot in the door."

I sunk my head in defeat.

"Look, it's okay.", she assured me as she clasped my hand across the table. "You don't have to be as dedicated as I am. I'm sure things will work out for you too. I get the whole 'having a life' thing, but I'd rather make sure that my future is financially secure."

As I raised my head again, she lowered her head to catch my eyes with a serious look. "...but I do have standards too. I'm not going to waste my time on somebody with 'bad habits'. Is it true what your profile said? No drinking or smoking? No drugs?", she inquired.

"Does reading fanfiction count?", I confessed.

She thought about it. "I dunno. What kind of fanfics are we talking?" She broke out in a merry laughter at my pained expression. "Look, it's fine. I was just teasing you."

It's hard to know what to expect when you first meet in real life, but with her the only difference was that she was so cheerful. I could live with that. I must have forgotten that she was asian, though.