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Te Amo

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Streaks of pink wander to the end of the earth, as a blazing orange sets fire to the clouds. A light purple reaches to the horizon. Delicate yellows and reds fill the sky, perfectly reflecting off the calm but not yet awoken ocean, tinting the pale cliff. The sun rose like any other day. Beautifully painting the earth with its glorious colors and filling the shapes with various shades, almost as if the sun was Picasso and the earth was merely its canvas.

Esmeralda Romaine often enjoyed waking up early in the mornings. It was always so peaceful, so beautiful, so pure. Ever since she was a little girl, getting to wake up and watch the sun rise was always something she was eager to discover. There was something so serene about watching the sun rising from its peak, while sitting perched up on the rather large window sill, wearing nothing but a simple red silk robe that was tied very loosely so that only the mounds of her breasts were exposed, her bare leg poked out of the rather large slit of her robe, while sipping on a steaming cup of Raspberry tea.

It was never only the picturesque site that Esmeralda loved most about the sunrises. But rather, whenever the sun rises, it always resembled hope and signified the promises of more days of adventure to come. For Esmeralda, having the opportunity to experience adventure was something that had been embedded in her identity. It was something that was apart of her. And it was one of the many traits in her personality that made it nearly impossible for any human (man or woman) not to be entranced by her right on the spot.

It was one of the many traits that had drawn her girlfriend to her when they first met.

The soft ruffling of sheets can be heard from the other side. With Esmeralda merely tracing her finger amongst the smooth surface of the rim around her mug, she manages to peel her gaze from the still rising sun and turns to look over shoulder. The corner of her mouth tilt into a small smile at the sight of the auburn curls spilling from the silk sheets. Esmeralda had to take a moment to stare at the sleep woman still in bed, admiring the beauty that was laid out before her. Much to her pleasure, the cover only covered half of the woman’s naked body, which only left the view of her creamy but slightly honey browned skin of her bare back exposed to the heated air around them, her legs were poking out from underneath the covers. If anything, to Esmeralda, the stream of sunlight that leaked through the glass window only made the sleeping woman look softer, the golden hues delicately painting her in a sepia tone, like she was part of some sort of Ancient photograph and she was nothing but the beautiful Mediterranean goddess that stood out.

Esmeralda finds herself slowly licking her lips at the sight. Oh, how the sun’s rays made her Grecian looks stand out so beautifully. Her emerald green eyes trailed over every curve of the woman’s body that was outline by the thin covers, as if Picasso himself had merely painted this woman on his own canvas strictly just for Esmeralda’s own pleasure. She gives a slight shake of her head, her smile growing wider with a slight arch in her brow, wondering how on earth she was able to win the heart of woman as beautiful as Megara Kormos.

‘Meg’ was how she preferred to be called.

They were going on three years in their relationship. Although, the beginning of their relationship was quite rocky. It had taken quite some time until they decided that they wanted to make things official. Well, mainly on Meg’s part. But Esmeralda couldn’t blame her. Especially considering the fact that Meg had poured out her many experiences of heartbreak and betrayal. Esmeralda was nothing more than understanding and compassionate towards her. Especially seeing how fragile and closed off she was at first. It was Esmeralda who assured Meg that she would be patient enough to wait for her until she was ready, with Meg merely snorting in response and shaking her head, refusing to believe that a gorgeous woman like Esmeralda Ayres herself would ever wait for a woman like her. But after they somehow managed to develop a deep friendship with one another, and with Meg surprised to find that Esmeralda remaining truthful to her words, it was then when Esmeralda was proud to have accomplished her goal, and with Meg finally being able to realize that she could indeed trust this woman with all her heart. And after going on a few dates and having long conversations pertaining to trust, honesty and loyalty, they decided that it was either the two of them together, or they go their separate ways while trying to shoo away particularly eager contestants that were sure to come their way. It was obvious that they had both opted to go with their first option.

Three years later, neither of them had looked back ever since.

If Esmeralda was ever going to admit one thing, it was that being with Meg happened to be her greatest adventure that she’s ever experienced. And she only hoped and prayed that Meg would keep being that adventure she’s always craved for.

They say that ‘love is the foundation of all humanity, and for a house to stand the foundation must be solid.’ Esmeralda always knew that giving love was a way for one to show that there was a deep seed of one’s love for themselves planted inside the depths of their own heart. She always knew herself to be confident in who she was, but to walk with grace and humility. But it wasn’t until the minute when Meg had come into her life, just how strong love really was.

With Meg in her life, a love between them that was so true, so warm, so special, to Esmeralda, it was the strong love she had for Meg that she felt like Meg is the reason her life was truly so beautiful. Meg always believed that a broken, jaded and damaged woman like herself she didn’t deserve a woman like Esmeralda. But it was Esmeralda herself who often reminded Meg that her past does not define her. To Esmeralda, Meg was nothing more than perfect in her eyes. To have someone like Meg in her company for the past three years is nothing but a little slice of what Heaven might look like, and it was as if Meg’s aura was an elixir. And Esmeralda had made a promise not only to Meg, but to herself, that for as long as she was still roaming this earth, that she would love Meg until the day she died.

Nothing was going to stop her from doing so.


Esmeralda refuses to take her eyes off her beautiful girlfriend. How could she? She was like a gorgeous painting that deserved all the looks and stares in wonder. All attention deserved to be put on her. As her eyes graze over her curvy figure, the events of last night suddenly enter Esmeralda’s thoughts. Painting her brain with the images of their lovemaking in the moonlight from the gorgeous city of Barcelona. It was intense, heavy and beautiful, like it always was. But if Esmeralda was being honest, last night was even more amazing than ever. They had certainly grown a lot together intimately over all previous times they’ve made love. Esmeralda was absolutely certain that she and Meg had both discovered a whole other level of intimacy. For Meg, it was way more than she what she had been given in the past. Esmeralda would agree with that for herself also. Esmeralda couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of pride swelling inside of her, feeling grateful and proud of herself for winning this woman’s heart and being the one to take on her on a whole new journey, to give her a fresh start and a newer perspective on life.

And love most importantly.

The symphony of birds chirping in the sky was loud enough to send the Grecian beauty rustling about beneath sheets yet again. A muffled groan against the pillow could be heard, and she stretches out her limbs…yet her eyelids are still closed shut. The siren of chirping continues, causing her thin brows to merge into frown, her face scrunched up in annoyance and irritation, her hands balled into fists, looking like she was ready to send a fist flying through the window to punch a bird in his head, and Esmeralda has to put a hand to her mouth to prevent the snort from coming out of her mouth.

‘My grumpy, sleeping baby…’ She thinks to herself. Because if it was one thing Esmeralda knew about Meg, is that Meg was by no means a morning person.

Unable to control herself much longer, Esmeralda gently places her mug to rest on the window sill and gracefully swings her legs over and rises from her temporary seat. She slowly strides towards the bed, carefully shifting her weight on the mattress. At the impact of feeling the mattress sinking slightly beneath her, it causes nothing but a small murmur to slip past the woman’s lips, and Esmeralda finds herself chuckling. The curly fringe of her bang rests on her nose, and Esmeralda reaches her hand to gently brush the hair from Meg’s face. She keeps her hand near her face, her thumb and forefinger caressing her cheek so sweetly, a slight shiver shakes Meg’s body and her lips purse. The frown still etched deep onto her features, causing Esmeralda to chuckle and shake her head.


She whispers delicately as she leans down to replace her hand with her lips. Esmeralda places a sweet kiss on Meg’s cheek. The woman mumbles incoherent words, groaning. Esmeralda’s husky chuckle vibrates against the skin of Meg’s neck.

“Meg? You awake, sweetie?”

Esmeralda’s hand rests against the small of Meg’s back, her finger nails lightly running up and down the curve of Meg’s spine. She shivers again, with a deep groan rumbling against the pillow. A snort erupts from Esmeralda, wondering if Meg was just about ready to punch her right this very instant. But she doesn’t stop tracing little patterns against the skin of Meg’s bare back. Bu after Meg manages to still herself, just to be spiteful, a grin creeps on Esmeralda’s lips and she doesn’t hesitate to lean down and replace her fingers with her lips.

A jolt of electricity courses through Meg’s body as Esmeralda’s lips press sweet and deep kisses climbing slowly up her back. Another groan from Meg.


She giggles. “Is someone a little grumpy this morning?”


“Sorry…what was that?” Esmeralda teasingly leans close, hovering over Meg’s body, placing her hand on either side of her. She leans her close towards the pillow. “You want me to tickle you?”

Meg’s back immediately stiffens at this. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Esmeralda giggles. “You sure about that?”

Another groan. “You do that…and I will cut your fingers off.”

A menacing grin. “Challenge accepted.”

Before either a chance to react, instead of feeling the invasion of fingers attacking her body like she anticipated, Esmeralda wastes no time in leaning down to press her lips against the crook of Meg’s neck, sucks in some air and blows a big, loud, fat, raspberry against her neck. Meg only jolts and mutters curses into her pillow and growls, again attempting to swat her girlfriend away from her.

“Ugh! Esme!” She groans. “What the f-“

But she’s cut off by a sharp gasp laced with a delicate moan as Esmeralda softly nips and places kisses amongst her neck, knowing full well that it would drive her girlfriend over the edge. Not long after, Esmeralda’s hand slides down, trailing the soft silk of covers over the curve of Meg’s body, and her reaches down to gently grab Meg’s derriere, which earned another moan from Meg.


“You awake now?” Esmeralda softly murmurs against Meg’s skin.

“Mmph…ugh!” Meg miserably lifts her head from the pillow, yawning as she reluctantly turns over and roughly rubs the sleep from her eyes. “For Gods’ sakes, what do you want?”

Esmeralda merely grins down at her beautiful girlfriend with a loving smile. Meg on the other hand, thinks otherwise. Wearing nothing but a scowl on her face. Esmeralda merely grabs Meg’s wrists to pin them just above her head as she leans down to press a kiss amongst Meg’s lips.

“Morning Beautiful.”

Meg gives her a deadpanned expression. “Why’d you wake me up?”

“Because…” A grin. Then she leans down and places another kiss on Meg’s pouting lips. “I love you.”

Meg scoffs. “That’s what you woke me up for?” Her brows manage to dent themselves deeper. “To tell me that?”

Meg manages to mumble words of gibberish as she uses her hand to try and swat Esmeralda away from her. But unfortunately for her, her girlfriend was too fast for her, and luckily for Esmeralda, she manages to move her head just as Meg’s hand had swung towards her. Esmeralda snorts again, bringing a hand to her mouth as Meg miserably buries her face flat into her pillow.

Esmeralda merely giggles. “Yup.”

A loud groan. “Why’re so annoying?”

“Because it’s fun.” A wicked grin, another kiss to her lips, then to her nose, and to her forehead. “And plus…it’s my job.”

“Of course, it is.” Meg rolls her eyes and lets out a yawn. “Can I go back to sleep now?”


“Ugh! Babe…” She whines and pouts her lips. “I’m tired! Just…please let me go back to sleep!”

Esmeralda smiles. “Only on one condition.”

“I’m not giving you another strip tease.”

Esmeralda arches a brow. “You can do that for me later tonight.” Then she bites her lower lip, fighting back the smile. “But that’s not what I was going to ask.”

Meg sighs in frustration. “Ugh! Will you just tell me what it is?!”

“Alright, alright. Sheesh.” Esmeralda shakes her head and giggles. “One condition.”

Meg waits patiently with a glare. “And what’s that…?”

“You agree to marry me first.”

This time, the glare immediately erased itself from Meg’s features. Her brows that were dented just seconds ago are now both raised and her violet eyes are widened like golf balls. Her jaw dropped open.

“What-“ She cuts herself off. “What…what did you just say?”

“You heard me.” Esmeralda chuckles and leans down to place another kiss, a deeper one that lasted much longer against Meg’s mouth. “Say you’ll marry me, and then…I’ll let you go back to sleep.”

Meg blinks once, and then another. “But…Esme…I-“

Her words are cut off when Esmeralda presses her lips to Meg’s. They kissed and it was like the world fell away, slow, soft and always comforting in ways that words would never be. Esmeralda’s hands rested on either side of Meg’s face, her thumbs caressing her cheeks as their breaths mingled. Meg can’t help but find herself lifting her own arms and wrapping them around Esmeralda’s waist, pulling her close so that her body was resting amongst hers until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of her heart against her own. She ran her fingers down Esmeralda’s spine over the soft fabric of her robe, both sharing sweet moans with one another. And when they finally managed to slowly pull apart, Esmeralda rested her forehead against Meg’s.

“Marry me, Meg.” Esmeralda whispers.

Meg swallows down a large lump. “You…really mean that?” Her voice cracks slightly, tears begin to well up in her eyes, immediately beginning to feel overwhelmed by everything.

At that question, Esmeralda finds herself leaning back slightly for a moment to take a good look at the woman laying beneath her, who now had tears streaming down her face. A soft smile spreads across Esmeralda’s lips and she brings her thumbs to gently stroke the tears from Meg’s cheeks.

Because, of course she meant it. Esmeralda wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with Meg, the woman that she loved and absolutely adored. And for as long as she lived, she would continue to keep loving her, to keep spoiling her with affection until the day she died. Because a woman like Meg only deserved love. A woman who has been told her whole life that she was never good enough, who was often tossed away like last night’s leftovers, who was only used for personal pleasure for others and treated like she was nothing, to Esmeralda, Meg was everything to her that the world convinced her that she wasn’t. And if it was one thing Esmeralda will admit, is that the world had lied. They didn’t know what real love was all about.

“I love you, Meg.” She says quietly, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to her forehead. “I love you more than anything.” She rubs their noses together in an eskimo kiss. “You’ve given me so much happiness, and…I only want to give you the same.”

A wet sniffle. “Y-you…you really love me?”

“I do.” Another kiss to her forehead. “I always have, and I always will.” Then she gently kisses her lips. “And I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, and I want to continue making you happy.”

Meg can hardly hold back the many emotions swirling about inside of her. Her heart beats in her chest, her eyes glimmered with more watery tears. The words that were on the tip of her tongue had disappeared, though she desperately tried to search for them, almost as if she owed it to herself to give her girlfriend an answer. But Esmeralda wanted her to say nothing. Instead, she preferred to let her words sink into Meg, because she needed to hear those words of love. Those words of reassurance and honesty that she’s been craving her whole life. And Esmeralda was more than willing to keep giving Meg exactly what she needed.

“Esme…I…” Her voice trembles, and she shakes her head. “I…”

“Meg,” She sighs and kisses her lips again, “Say you’ll marry me.”

“I-I will!” Meg manages to mumble through her quiet sobs, nodding eagerly. “Yes, oh gods yes! I will marry you, Esme.”

Without hesitation, they both moved in. Their lips finally united together, with Meg’s velvety lips compelling against Esmeralda’s full, warm ones, dancing around and soon bonding together. Epiphany and elation percolated into their veins and soon the entire system as Esmeralda continued to press her lips more impenetrably rougher onto Meg’s. Her insistent mouth immediately began parting her trembling lips, which only sent wild tremors along her nerves and inflicting sweet sensations that Meg had grown addicted to. For the moment, it was just them. Meg and Esmeralda. No one else.

It was always kisses like this one that was unique in all the world. It was the deep love they had for one another that reached down to the depth of their souls – a sacred bridge between two strong minds, two unbreakable souls and two beautiful bodies. Their love was incomparable to any other, and it was a love that they both craved for.

Neither was never going to let the other one slip from their fingers. Ever.

Because they were bonded together as one.

Nothing would ever tear them apart.

It didn’t take for Esmeralda to climb onto the bed. Her body was now resting against Meg’s, soft breasts pressed against one another’s, straddling her girlfriend’s hips as their mouths were still connected together. Their tongues dancing delicately with one another and Meg held desperately onto Esmeralda’s waist, tracing every curve of her figure. They share sweet moans, composing their own harmonies. As they reluctantly pull away from another, their foreheads are rested against each other’s. Esmeralda doesn’t hesitate to nuzzle their noses together, using her finger to brush the fringe of Meg’s curly bang from her face. Meg runs her fingers up and down the curve of Esmeralda’s spine, her legs wrapped around her waist.

“Gods, I love you.” Meg croaks through a tearful smile. “I love you so much.”

Esmeralda smiles sweetly down at her girlfriend – fiancé. “I love you more.” Then she presses a kiss to her forehead. “Forever and always.”

It was the perfect start to their morning.

And the both of them were ecstatic to see where their next adventure would take them.