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you can request shit if you want. but despite my range of kinks there are a few that i won’t write, whether for personal reasons or otherwise. i’m either not comfortable with it or do not condone it or just don’t really know how to write it because ehh.

i don't write;
- paedophillia
- watersports
- overdone abuse
- necrophillia / pretend necrophillia
- somnophillia, consensual or not
- deprivation of necessities
- age-play
- con non-con or any variant
- incest (step-relations count too)
- extreme degradation (nicknames are okay but someone as a 'fucktoy' n such is ehh)
- daddy/mommy kink
- any of them being trans

again, i have my reasons for not wanting to write these kinds of things and i don't have a problem if you're into watersports or age-play or somno shit as long as it's all consensual and you know the difference between age regression/dreaming and age-play. age reg is a coping mechanism and age-play is a kink. as an age dreamer myself it makes me very uncomfortable when people turn their 'regression' into something sexual and thinking it's the same. i also am just not comfortable writing sexual shit when one of the characters are trans as a trans person myself.
please respect my boundaries and other people’s boundaries okay?
we're not gonna turn into a shit show here. that's exclusively my job.