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The Birkin's Omega

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His first day at the Raccoon City Police Department was supposed to be the most exciting day of his life. Fresh out of the Police Academy and top of his class, Leon S. Kennedy was ready to take on the next adventure. The Omega thought he could handle whatever life threw at him. He even was able to transfer into the RPD earlier than scheduled and make it there on time. Irons gave him his first assignment after about a week or so, a very special assignment so “Top Secret” he was not allowed to know the nature of it until Chief Irons and him reached the destination. 

Leon wished something, anything, had delayed his arrival and made him late. He wished he never found out. 

When he had first arrived, Irons hadn’t paid him any mind at first. He simply let Leon get settled in, the rookie kept mostly to desk duty with the occasional Meter Maid patrols. He had also been sent out for coffee and doughnuts for the rest of the station. The whole week was not at all how he pictured his first week at the police station. He was restless in his apartment as he unpacked his things, constantly thinking and worrying about whether he had done something to deserve this treatment. 

At the end of his work week, Friday night to be exact, Chief Irons approached him about an assignment just as he was packing up for the day. Leon had been all too eager to accept, thinking that he was finally about to get a taste of some action that did not involve pastries, paperwork, or meters. 

Monday morning came around, his whole weekend spent imagining what he was supposed to do. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, he had been taken to the local orphanage, where he had met Dr. Annette Birkin. He also got to assist in the arrest of Ben Bertolucci, a reporter who had been harassing the good doctor and the Chief. After his arrest, Leon had been in charge of helping Annette with whatever she needed. The Omega had been under the false pretense that he would be providing her with protection or something. Maybe even acting as an escort for her on the way back to her lab. 

He had been half right, he did escort Annette back and forth to the lab the entire week, the doctor interviewing him about very...odd questions. Mostly about health habits, his biology, hygiene, allergies, and childcare…which he found weird and totally random. That Saturday evening, she told him he couldn’t leave. He had protested and argued when guards stopped him. He also had been sedated and knocked out cold. 

When he awoke, he had been strapped down to an examination table, stripped of his uniform and instead in a hospital gown, his legs spread and strapped in stirrups. There was a man with blonde hair who had drawn a sample of his blood, using a syringe to drop a tiny bit on to a little glass thing underneath a microscope lens. The man examined his blood as he mixed it with a purple substance. He then withdrew a vial with a translucent blue liquid, mixing that with the concoction in the dish. He examined it once more. 

“Fascinating.” the man had said, watching his blood sample while scribbling notes on the notepad next to him. 

Leon had demanded an answer at the time, noticing that Annette had been in the room with them, watching over a fleshy looking sack of some sort in a giant glass tank filled with fluid. The scientists ignored him, talking amongst themselves. He had managed to pick up the words “Embryo”, “Insertion”, and “Surrogate”. He did not get much protest as Annette filled another syringe with a sedative. She flicked the air bubbles out of it before inserting the needle into the IV tube connected to him via his hand. 

It had taken a little bit, but Leon’s eyelids began to feel heavy, fluttering open and closed, shaking his head as he fought to stay conscious. The Beta stroked his hair, coaxing him to stop fighting and to just go to sleep. 

That had been week one...since then, he was aware that there was something inside of him, could see the faint bump where his womb was. He remembered waking up in a different room, one lined with what he thought were windows, but upon touching them, he realized they were screens, playing out a scene of soothing rain along the beach. His whole body aches and he felt off. He barely made it to the wastebasket in the room before promptly vomiting what little contents lie in his stomach. 

He felt like he had been cramping up and everything hurt. His insides forcibly rearranged to accommodate the little intruder now inside of him. He felt sick. Annette took his temperature and he had been put on a liquid diet at first, unable to stomach actual solid foods. 

He had to admit, he was being well taken care of and watched over. Despite the circumstances, Annette was doting over him as much as she doted over needs of the baby. Even going so far as to send someone out to get Leon whatever he wanted to eat or for clothes that were his size. 

Week two, the experiments started. He had been injected with something that had come out of a purple vial and then with something out of a blue one. Annette explained that it was to help him support the child, an added protection should they ever encounter danger. Leon didn’t feel good after that either, kept on bed rest for a couple more days. His body adjusting to the changes happening to him.

Annette stayed with him until he fell asleep at night, usually playing the rain scenes on the giant screens to make sure he was okay. The other scientist, whom he knew as William Birkin, Annette’s husband, encouraged light physical exercise around the facility. He was given a wrist band so he could have access to the different areas.

William often had to grab him before he went into a “Restricted Area”. The scientist scolded him, seemingly annoyed or mad at the Omega. Annette later explained that William was just protective, his attitude and “meanness” was for Leon’s own safety. Neither Annette or William wanted anything to happen to the Omega or the baby. 

He also had regular daily check-ups and exams, to make sure he was doing alright. Which is what led him to where he was now going on to week three; now upright and clothed in a loose-fitted t-shirt and sweatpants. Though, the pants currently were not on him, sitting folded next to him on the examination table. His shirt pushed up as the William listened to his heartbeat via a stethoscope. He moved to his back, having Leon breathe deeply so he could listen to his lungs as well.

“Nothing unusual,” William said aloud, Annette standing not too far behind, “He’s actually holding up quite well.”

William took off the stethoscope scope, putting it around his neck before drawing his pen light. He told Leon to follow the light with his eyes, to which the Omega did. 

“Motor function appears stable, and his eyes haven’t changed from their usual color, which is good.” William said, lifting the younger’s shirt and looking at his front and then his back, moving to examine his legs, “Besides the baby bump, I don’t see any odd growths either, which means his body has successfully accepted G.” 

Annette took a sigh of relief, “Good. He’s not mutating.” 

Leon looked between them in confusion, “Not mutating?” He repeated, “Why would I mutate?” 

Annette offered a friendly smile, “You wouldn’t. We injected you with the virus and the vaccine. They counteract each other but together, they make your body stronger. The baby has both, but we didn’t know what would happen to you after the baby had attached itself to your uterus. We didn’t want to risk a miscarriage and another dead surrogate so we decided to treat you with the virus and vaccine too.”

The brunette’s eyes widened in horror, “What...why? What does the virus do?” 

“It’s a weapon used to create monsters.” Annette explained, William correcting her and saying “Enhanced soldiers”, “The virus makes unstoppable creatures, but the combination of the vaccine is what really makes the enhanced soldiers.” 

“...I don’t follow…” Leon whispered, “Am I supposed to be a soldier? Am I supposed to birth the soldiers? I don’t understand…” 

“You’re a test subject.” William explained, “And a surrogate. You were supposed to be just the latter, but given what happened in the Arklay Mountains and what’s going to happen in Raccoon City, you and the baby need some added protection.” 

Leon furrowed his brows, “You know about the Cannibal Murders? And what’s going to happen to Raccoon?” 

William sighed, “A sloppy and foolish mistake on the part of careless scientists. Don’t worry, you’ll be long gone by the time anything happens.” 

“What do you mean by that? And how is this virus going to-OW!” Leon screeched as William abruptly cut his wrist open with a scalpel. Annette gasping and momentarily scolding William. 

The Omega looked from the scientist to his wrist, demanding to know why he did that. William did not answer, lifting Leon’s wrist to show him instead. Leon went to protest once more, but the words were caught in his throat. Eyes watched in shock as blood seeped from the wound, but his skin began to knit back together, seemingly healing itself. In a matter of seconds, the wound disappeared entirely, as though never there to begin with. 

William wiped the excess blood away, Leon touching the skin where the Alpha had previously cut him, “Like I said,” the blonde man said aloud, looking to his wife, who looked just as relieved, “His body has successfully accepted G.” 

The brunette was dressed in a white t-shirt that actually fit him and a blue button up shirt, jeans and white tennis sneakers. Annette held a jacket in her arms while William spoke to Chief Irons. Annette fixed the collar of Leon’s shirt, fretting over him like his own mother had when he still lived with her. 

“Things are going to Hell faster than anticipated.” Brian reported, “Those freaks have gotten into the police station. The people there are holding them off, but right now, the only safe place is the orphanage.” 

William hummed, looking to Annette, who looked concerned, “We can take the train out. Or at least get Leon and the baby to safety.” 

“We could,” William proposed, “but for now, Brian will take him to the orphanage until my contact is able to get us an extraction outside of the city. No doubt, Umbrella is going to take advantage of the situation and send mercenaries here to extract samples of all the viruses.” 

Annette gave a sigh of frustration, “And no doubt other mercenaries will show up as well once news gets out about what’s happening here. Are you sure we can’t keep Leon here until then?” 

“Positive. He’ll be put in harm’s way down here.” 

“But he isn’t any safer up there. There are T-Virus infected up there. He and the baby…” Annette left the sentence unfinished, looking back to Leon with concern. 

The Omega honestly couldn’t wait until he was out of here, but he was grateful that they were at least concerned for his safety too and not just the baby’s. While Irons talked with William, Annette pulled Leon aside. She pulled a pendant from her jacket, unlinking the chain and putting around his neck.

“What’s this?” Leon asked.

“It’s a gift.” Annette lies, “’ll know what it’s for when the time comes.” 

“It’s for the baby, isn’t it?” Leon asked, “...You don’t think you and William will be leaving you?” 

Annette gave a small smile, “...No.” an honest answer, “Which is why it’s up to you to protect the baby and get yourselves to safety.” 

“And what makes you think I want the baby?” Leon asked.

“You would have found a way to terminate the pregnancy while wandering around the NEST by now if that were true.” 

“Maybe I was afraid.”

“Maybe...but if I’m being honest,” Annette answered, “Nothing bad would have happened to you while you were here. William and I share a different view of Omegas than Umbrella.”

“...Which is…?” 

“Your kind is too precious to be expendable. Out of all sexes, the Omegas are the most precious. They don’t suffer from fertility complications and have a much stronger immune system. They also have an unwavering parental instinct. A need to nurture and protect.” Annette explained, “They’re also good of heart and strong willed...most of the time...two things one of your superiors at the police academy mentioned in your evaluation.” 

Leon gave a shy smile, “I don’t suppose Irons told you about that?” 

She chuckled and shook her head, handing Leon his jacket and giving him a hug, catching the brunette off guard but he tentatively hugged her back. William gave careful instructions to Irons, telling him to protect Leon until the time was right. William would call when it was time for them to come back to the NEST for extraction. 

He hated traveling with Chief Irons. Even though the man was supposed to be his boss back at the police station, the man was a creep. Not towards him, thankfully, but he heard the way Irons talked about women in general. Specifically the mayor’s daughter, who was around Leon’s age, maybe a bit younger. Either way, no man old enough to be her father should ever speak about her the way Irons did. The man was definitely a pervert, talking about her nonstop since they started driving.

They were taking a patrol car over to the orphanage, having already stopped at the gunshop and picking up enough ammunition to supply an army, or at least a small police unit. Either way, the amount they were carrying made Leon wonder just how many cannibalistic freaks were going to be out wandering the streets. 

“So, speaking of the devil, Katherine is going to be at the orphanage with us.” Irons informed Leon, “Her father wants me to look after her and the children of the orphanage. There will be one other teacher there with us. Why don’t you help them watch the children while I keep an eye on Katherine?” 

“Probably not going to be the only thing you attempt to put on her…” Leon muttered under his breath, drawing little circles on the inside of the foggy window. 

“Y’know, for a pregnant Omega, you stink.” Irons complained, “You smell too fruity and flowery.” 

Leon merely gave the Beta a look, rolling his eyes once more. He merely shook his head as they continued their drive to the orphanage. He noticed a homeless man in one of the alleyways they had passed. It had been quick, but Leon could still see him, the man a haunting image ingrained in the Omega’s brain. A grotesque figure, standing perfectly still and swaying slightly on his feet. His clothes were ragged and in ruins, and he was pale and looked sickly. 

He didn’t know if it was the rain or the shadows of the alley, but the man looked like he had blood seeping from his neck and shirt. 

They parked around back, Irons helping the young Omega out of the patrol car and into the orphanage. Once inside the building, children crowded around them, the teacher at the top of the stairs with two more children at her side. Leon noticed a beautiful blonde woman was there as well, her golden tresses tied back into pigtails, wearing a white dress and gold sandals. The Omega couldn’t help but compare her likeness to that of an angel. 

“Is everything alright, Brian?” the blonde woman asked, “We heard that there was a city-wide emergency and curfew put in place...does this have anything to do with those murders? Are the murderers in the city?” 

“Andy says there’s boogeymen outside!” a little boy said, gripping Katherine’s hand tightly, “They gonna eat us!” 

The blonde, now confirmed as “Katherine” shook her head and bent down to the child’s level, shushing him as she pulled him into a warm and comforting hug, promising that they were all safe and that no one would hurt them. She round them up and had them follow the teacher up to the main room upstairs, promising to read them another story. 

Once they did as they were told and followed the teacher out of the room, she turned back to Irons, “What’s going on, Brian? Who is this?” 

Irons cleared his throat and pushed Leon forward, “This is the rookie officer in my department. Leon Kennedy. Started a couple weeks ago. He’s going to help keep this place safe.” 

Katherine gave a friendly smile and held a hand out to Leon, "Hello there, Leon. I'm Katherine Warren. Daughter of Mayor Warren? Anyway, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m sure a big, strong...Omega is going to help keep us safe.” She said with an awkward chuckle, before smelling him once more, “Although, I don’t think it wise that they sent a pregnant Omega to protect us...mainly because you would need protection yourself.” 

Leon blushed bashfully, shaking her hand, “...I honestly don’t know how to reply to that.” 

He really didn’t know how to reply to that one at all.

Later on, Leon sat in the main room with some of the older children, Katherine having left to talk to Irons about everything that was going on. There was a little boy, Jaime, who sat with Leon, adamantly telling him about his dream parents and a dream home. He was drawing all of his dreams on the piece of paper in front of him with some crayons. The Omega listened intently, feeling sympathetic for the orphan. 

"Why bother?" Andy asked, "They don't go for people around your age, or my age. The parents always go for the babies. It's very rare that they adopt anyone older than three." 

"That's not true," a girl, Lisa said, "Oliver was adopted, and he's around ten or so." 

"Yeah, but that's the one exception." Andy pointed out. 

Leon gave Andy a look before looking to Jaime with a hopeful expression, "I'm sure someone would be happy to have you. There are lots of parents put there who would adopt a little boy like you, Jaime." 

"Reawwy?" Jaime asked, brown eyes wide with a wide smile. 

Leon nodded and was about to tell them all that they could be adopted, until they heard a loud, insistent knocking at the orphanage door, panicked yelling could be heard just outside.