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Six for Hell

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It all starts with Flash jumping out of his seat and pointing out the classroom window, “Look! The Avengers!” The class, forgetting about the history lesson, dashes to the window like a herd of elephants. They watch with large eyes as the Avengers fly by fighting some sort of wizard hooting purple and green magic, well everyone except Peter. Peter stays seated at his desk and he quickly digs his phone from his pocket.

He holds the phone to his ear after pressing call, “Come on, pick up, pick up...” He mutters under his breath.

After a moment his mentor answers, “Kid I know why you’re calling me and the answer is no.” Tony’s voice is even and directs.

Peter rolls his eyes, “But I’m so close!” Peter looks over to his classmates, none of them are paying attention to him. “Please? What if you need help?”

“Stay on the ground, Pete, I mean it,” Tony says sharply.

“But what if you get hurt?” Peter exclaims, trying to keep his voice low while his classmates are distracted.

Tony sighs, “Kid, we’re all going to be fine. I promise. Stay at school and I’ll see you in a few hours, okay?”

Peter nods, it’s pointless to fight, “Okay. But call me the minute you need my help.”

“Will do.”

Tony hangs up and Peter sits back in his seat as the teacher calls the class to order. He keeps his phone on his desk, sure that the teacher is too distracted to notice. Throughout the rest of the day, Peter’s phone remains silent. Not even a text telling him they’re alright. But sighs in relief when he sees Happy’s car outside. If Happy’s here then nothing must be wrong.

“Is everyone okay?” Peter asks when the door shuts behind him.

“Yeah,” Happy says, pulling away from the curb. “Everyone’s okay, a little banged up and they’re all feeling pretty down, but okay.”

“Feeling down?”

Happy nods, “The guy got away.” Happy is silent for a moment before Happy says, “Hey when you get there, don’t say anything about it, okay kid?”

Peter nods. With that, the conversation stops and Peter is content to gaze out the window, watching the city pass by. Only a few minutes later, Happy pulls into the garage and Peter is bounding out of the car to the elevator.

When Peter arrives in the elevator, FRIDAY doesn't greet him like normal. He shrugs it off quickly, Tony is constantly making updates to FRIDAY. Maybe he just hit something by accident and is working on fixing it. So instead, Peter presses the button for the resident floor, planning on dropping off his bag and grabbing a snack before going to work in the lab. When the doors open, Peter senses something is wrong. He doesn’t hear any voices. Normally after missions, the whole team gathers in the kitchen to order take-out. There’s nothing. But then he shrugs, Happy said they were upset, maybe they didn’t feel like food.

Peter’s instincts tell him to tread carefully, but he dispels his thoughts. He’s safe in the tower. So he continues walking as normal. When he turns to the kitchen he is greeted by none other than Natasha Romanov. She is sitting on the counter, cleaning her nails with a sharp knife. Something about her is off, but Peter can’t place it.

As Peter walks into the room, Natasha looks up at him with a wicked smile, “Hello Peter.”

Peter gulps, his body is screaming at him to run, but Peter fights it. Natasha would never hurt him, “Hi, Natasha. How’s your day going?” Peter musters up a small smile.

Natasha walks slowly over to him, her strides long and dangerous. Her knife dangles casually from her fingers, “Much better now that you’re here.” And her knife in suddenly flying towards Peter’s face, Peter’s body forces him downwards, away from the incoming knife. It slams into the wall behind him with a loud thud.

“Natasha?” Peter asked, his voice rising in pitch. He scrambles away from the wall and to his feet. “Natasha, what are you doing?”

The woman smiles a deadly smile as she rips the knife from the wall, “Killing a spider.”

Peter’s eyes blow wide and he lets his instincts take over. Natasha runs at him, slamming her foot into his chest. He crashes to the ground. He forces himself quickly to his feet, but before he is fully standing, Natasha swipes a cut to his cheek with a knife.

“Natasha! It’s me, it's Peter! What are you doing!” Peter screams as he ducks away from Natasha. Natasha grabs him around his waist and throws him to the ground. She laughs and leans above him. She is about to say something, but Peter cuts her off by sweeping her legs out from under her. While she falls, Peter snatches the knife from her hands and backs away.

“Need some help, Tasha?” A sly voice asks from the hallway. Peter looks over to see Bucky and Wanda standing in the doorway. Wanda smirks, red magic twirling at the tips of her fingers.

“Help me! Wanda, please!” Peter cries as Natasha stands up. “Bucky, don’t hurt me, please, I don’t know what’s happening!” But his words fall on deaf ears. Wanda narrows her gaze at Peter and flings him upwards and into the ceiling, red magic wrapped around his waist. Peter groans at the impact. And then he finds himself falling back to the ground. But before he hits the floor, Bucky grabs him by the neck and starts to squeeze. Peter’s legs dangle above the floor.

Peter kicks his legs at Bucky and pulls as hard as he can against Bucky’s metal hand to no avail. Bucky’s eyes are cold and empty. He looks like a shell. “Bucky...please,” Peter gasps. He strikes out his legs again and manages to land both his feet on Buck’s chest. He pushes off with all his strength. Peter flies out of Bucky’s grasp. His back hit the edge of the counter, but he ignores his pain and forces himself to run. He lets his spider-sense control his movements as he ducks away from Natasha’s swipe, dodges Bucky’s punches as he stands back up, and shrinks away from Wanda’s magic. He finally gets into the hallway where he books it to the stairs.

He stands at the top of the stairs, looking down several floors. No time to run down all of them. He needs to find help.

Peter quickly slips on his web-shooters and webs the railing of the stairs. He jumps over the railing and falls rapidly down the middle of the stairway, keeping his arms and legs together so he doesn’t hit the dies. When his feet land the ground he looks up and comes face to face with Iron Man, Captain America. He sags in relief, “Tony! Thank god! Something really weird is going on with Nat-”

Peter cuts himself off when they start walking quickly towards him, “Steve?” He asks looking to the man, but then he sees his dead eyes. “Tony, what’s going on?” His voice is quiet, almost a whimper. He takes a small step backward. Tony would never hurt him. Would he?

Peter shoves his emotions down into his gut. He turns tail and begins to run, knowing he can’t fight off both of them at once. Thankfully, next of the last step on the staircase is a window. Without even thinking, Peter slams into the window. It shatters at the impact and Peter crashes onto the sidewalk, thankfully he was on the ground floor. He doesn’t look back as he sprints away from the tower.