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For Good

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Erik still felt like being trapped in a wonderful dream when they came back to Marco's lodge after their long walk in the forests. Time had flown by during their long talk about their childhood and their families, and Erik was sure that Marco's interest in him wasn't feigned but for real. The blond midfielder had listened to him with his unique crooked smile and sparkling eyes, and Erik had told him everything about his beloved home, the home he still missed so much. Plus, Marco had answered Erik's curious questions about his own family and childhood memories in return with endless patience, and Erik felt equal to the young star of their club for the first time.

He was already a world champion, but he was also still so young, just at the beginning of his career, and he still thought that Marco would deserve to be a champion instead of him so much more. Erik could even forget about Mario for a little while, and he felt anticipation tingling in his belly when Marco looked him deep in the eyes and asked: “and maybe we should have a bath to warm us?” after suggesting that he should make a fire because they were both freezing after their return from outside.

Erik felt his cheeks heat up at the look in Marco's beautiful amber-green eyes. “Who's the first in the bathroom this time?” he murmured, not daring to believe what he could read in the older one's passionate gaze. They'd kissed and made out several times so far, but their relationship was still so new, and Erik hardly dared to call Marco his boyfriend even in his own thoughts, let alone say the magical word out loud. Could it really be that Marco wanted him for good?

Marco's cheeks turned red like Erik's, but he returned Erik's gaze firmly. “Both of us if you want to join me?” he inquired softly, and the desire Marco felt for him was clear to see in his eyes. A hot wave of sheer want and powerful longing rushed through Erik at what he could read in Marco's passionate look. There was another question visible in Marco's beautiful eyes, and Erik nodded his head ever so slightly, his heart hammering hard and fast in his chest.

He'd dreamed about Marco making love to him so many nights when he'd lain in his bed and sleep had fled him because of his hopeless love for the fascinating blond, and tonight it would actually happen. Finally. Erik could hardly breathe for a moment, but he was sure that he wanted this, that he wanted Marco to be his first man tonight; here in his secret shelter, the place that had become the symbol of their love for Erik so quickly.

Marco took him in his arms to kiss him passionately, and Erik returned his deep kiss like a man dying of thirst, his mind spinning when Marco guided him into the bathroom to fill the tub and undress both of them very carefully. Erik felt shy at first, even though they'd seen each other naked before, but this had been under different circumstances. But Marco's passionate and adoring glance assured him that there was nothing he needed to be ashamed of, and the hot water warmed him from the outside like Marco's love and passion warmed him from the inside.

“Let me indulge you,” Marco whispered into his ear when they were seated in the rather large and comfortable tub with Erik sitting between his legs and his back pressed against Marco's chest. “Close your eyes and let me do the work.” Erik obeyed with a happy smile, closing his eyes and focusing on Marco's fingers rubbing the fragrant soap over his arms and his shoulders in tender circles. Every stroke seemed to shoot right into his groin, and he was already hard between his legs, excited and nervous about what would come later that night at the same time. “Uhm, this is good, so good,” he murmured when Marco's hands traveled deeper to his abdomen, and he was glad that Marco wasn't unaffected either, his desire for Erik poking against the small of his back.

“I want you so much, Süßer, you don't know how much I want you.” Marco's voice was husky, close to Erik's ear, and Erik answered him with a loud and hoarse moan.

'More than you wanted Mario?'

The thought came into his mind unbidden and unexpected, and Erik flinched, but he pushed it aside with all the strength he possessed. He didn't want to be reminded that Marco wasn't as innocent when it came to being with another man as Erik was, not tonight. Mario was Marco's past, and Erik was his future, he had to believe that and not let Mario come between them again.

“What's wrong?” Marco asked, and Erik could feel his eyes on his face. He craned his head to smile at him. “Nothing, I'm just so happy,” he said, and this was the truth because Erik had never been happier in his life, even not when he had lifted the trophy into the dark night of Brazil together with their teammates from the National Team.

“I'm happy too, Süßer,” Marco murmured against Erik's lips, and Erik let himself be kissed, melting against Marco's slim but strong frame. Their desire for each other burnt higher and higher, and they made short work of washing each other and toweling one another off afterwards, their skin still damp and partly wet because they were too impatient to feel each other close to really care about getting dry properly.

Erik didn't feel any cold when they stumbled over to the bedroom sharing more heated kisses, and he didn't feel any fear when Marco gently pressed him down onto the bed and kissed his way down on his heaving chest.

“Are you sure?” Marco made certain again in between his ardent kisses down south, peering up at him. Erik let his hands run up and down all over his back in urgent caresses and looked at him. “Yes. I want you so much.”

Marco smiled tenderly at him. “I'll make it good for you, I'll make you feel good, Süßer, I promise you.”

“I know,” Erik said simply, trusting Marco that he wouldn't hurt him. The air of their bedroom was filled with lust and heavy with pheromones, and Erik let himself be carried away by Marco's passion and desire. He felt loved and cherished, and he flinched only for a brief moment when Marco entered him with his finger to prepare him for his first time after more kisses and tender caresses that had followed his words to show Erik that he wanted their first time to be perfect for him.

He clung to Marco's shoulders and craned his head up for another kiss, and Marco bent down and kissed him passionately, licking his way inside Erik's mouth and dancing around Erik's tongue with his own. His finger moved back and forth in time to the movements of his tongue, and Erik moaned into his mouth and instinctively arched his back up to feel Marco's finger deeper inside him. “Is it good?” Marco whispered, and Erik chuckled breathlessly, his dick throbbing with need. “So good!” he brought out in between their heated kisses, and Marco pushed deeper than ever before, brushing over the small bundle of nerves hidden inside Erik's virgin channel and making him cry out in surprise and lust. The blond chuckled very pleased and repeated his motion, pulling more choked cries and gasps from his aroused boyfriend.

Marco was poking so hard against his thigh, and Erik stroked over his back and his butt cheeks feverishly, caressing each spot within his reach with passion and longing. He felt like burning alive, and he lost all tracks of time while he surrendered himself to the sensations Marco's tender ministration awoke in him. It was better than any dream he'd ever dreamed, and he pulled Marco over his trembling body when the latter pulled his fingers out to roll the condom over his hard length and line himself up at last.

Marco looked down at him with glowing eyes, his pupils so dilated with his desire for Erik that the amber-golden color of his irises was hardly visible any longer. “I will be gentle and careful,” he murmured, his gaze roaming over Erik's flushed features. “I know, love.” Erik murmured, and it felt so good to call Marco his love.

“Just try to relax, Süßer.” Marco made himself be comfortable between his spread legs, and Erik breathed in and out, concentrating on Marco's lips on his mouth when the blond slowly and carefully searched his way into his tight heat. It burnt much more than his fingers had burnt, and Erik let out a small gasp of discomfort and surprise. Marco stopped instantly, soothing him with tender kisses all over his face.

“Shhh, it's okay. I'm sorry.” he breathed against Erik's closed eyes, and Erik pulled him closer and bucked his hips up, craving to be one with the man he loved so much and feel him deep inside his body. “Don't be. You feel amazing,” he assured Marco, and it did feel amazing to finally be so close to him. “I want it, don't stop.”

“I won't.” Marco waited for another few seconds before he started to move, slowly pulling out and pushing back in again in a steady rhythm to give Erik time to adjust to his size and his thrusts. Erik was sweating, and he pulled his knees up and braced his heels against the mattress to be able to move together with Marco and feel him even deeper inside his pulsing channel.

Their moans and gasps of lust filled the air, melting to a symphony of love and passion, and Erik's short nails left thin marks on Marco's back where they dug into his skin because Erik needed something to hold onto. He felt like flying and drowning at the same time, drowning in a sea of passion and desire as Marco made love to him with so much passion and tenderness.

“You're so tight, Süßer, so incredibly tight,” Marco gasped, and Erik rewarded him with another moan when Marco snaked his hand between their bodies to caress his neglected cock. He changed the angle of his thrusts and stars were suddenly exploding before Erik's closed lids when Marco found that special spot inside him again, brushing over it again and again with every powerful push in.

“Jesus, it's so intense! Do you like it this way?” Marco groaned, small droplets of sweat falling down from his forehead. One fell onto Erik's lips, and he licked it up. “Yes! Please don't stop!” he croaked out, heat pooling deep in his abdomen, becoming stronger and stronger until it reached every part of his body and Erik felt his toes curl with the force of his desire. Marco's hand around his aching dick felt heavenly, the blond knowing exactly how to drive him crazy with his skilled fingers. Every up and down on his twitching dick brought him closer to his orgasm, and Erik was sure that he would go insane from the sheer intensity of his feelings.

“I'll keep it up, love. I'll keep it up,” Marco murmured huskily, driving in and out of Erik with wanton abandon now. He was so hard inside Erik, so big, and he grew harder and bigger with the next thrust, ready to jump over the edge and fall into the abyss of sweet oblivion with the next thrust.

The thought of Marco coming inside him and filling the condom with his ecstasy was too much for Erik to take. He'd waited so long for this, so very long, and he couldn't hold himself back any longer, even though he truly wished that it would never end but last forever. He exploded into a million glittering pieces when Marco pushed into him again, his sweaty fist stroking up and down on his cock feverishly, and hot pleasure was erupting from his dick and coating Marco's fingers in several spurts before he even knew what was happening to him. Erik shuddered with another wave of his release, and he arched into the next thrust and clung to Marco's shoulders. “Oh god, Marco!” he cried out, slumping down on the mattress when the painfully intense waves of ecstasy faded to the softer ones of afterglow and complete satisfaction.

Marco stared down at him with burning eyes as he watched him come undone beneath him, and when he was sure that Erik had found his satisfaction, he squeezed them shut and went rigid above him with one last push inside him. Erik could feel him tremble in his arms, and he pulled him down and held him close when Marco shook through his own release with a hoarsely whispered “Erik,” promising silently to himself that he would never let him down, never leave the man he loved more than anything like Mario had left him for the questionable sake of fame and money.

They lay like this for a long time, listening to each other's slowly calming breathing. Finally, Marco lifted his head from where it had been buried in Erik's neck to look down at him. “Did I hurt you, Süßer?” he asked tenderly, and Erik shook his head and smiled happily at him. “No, you didn't hurt me. It was wonderful. I'm so happy that it was you, that you were my first man, I mean,” he said shyly, and Marco bent down and kissed him.

“I'm happy that I was your first man, too,” he gave back, stealing another kiss from him. “Being together with you is like a wonderful dream to me.”

“It's the same for me,” Erik admitted with a blush, fearing that his heart would burst with the sheer bliss he felt right now.

“It will always be like this with you, Erik,” Marco said, lying down beside him and taking him in his arms. “Everything changed for the better since you came into my life, and it'll always be like this, I know that for sure.”

“So we're really together now?” Erik murmured, nestling against Marco's side and pillowing his head on his shoulder. “You and me together for good?”

Marco pulled him closer and pressed a gentle kiss onto his hair. “You and me together, Erik. For good, I promise you,” he whispered into the darkness, the echo of his promise still audible in the quiet of their bedroom when both had fallen asleep in each other's arms, happy and sated after their amazing first time and dreaming of a wonderful future where they would always be together.

Marco and Erik.

For good.