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What Kind of Dream Would We Be?

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At work, HwaShin and Pyo NaRi had to force back their smiles when they saw each other. They held hands under tables as they chatted about work, the latest story, changes in the company. But never about their love life. 

HwaShin and Pyo NaRi came home, each pressing a hello kiss against JungWon’s lips. The two settled on either side of him on the couch, breathing in his warmth and sighing in comfort. They didn’t quite know what the future had for them. And the mens’ mothers were constantly nagging them to get married. But the three had each other. 

When HwaShin went to his next checkup, wearing pink in the hall of the breast cancer ward, both JungWon and Pyo NaRi waited on either side with him. As Pyo NaRi was finally promoted to a news anchor, JungWon and HwaShin both celebrated her success. And JungWon’s favorite models were always eager to display his new designs. Throughout everything, they had each other, encouraging each other with unrelenting faith, and supporting each other during their unspoken struggles. There were many questions they did not know the answers to, having never seen a relationship like theirs before. Life was not perfect for them, but it was beautiful and filled with love. 

Despite all they had to endure, they shared a love that was honest and unconditional. They dared to dream of a love between three.