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If we knew

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~ 2 years after High school~
"Harry" Louis whined, rolled over to his back and threw his head back looking at Harry who was sitting on the floor writing his essay. "Yea, babe" Harry said still working on his essay. “I’m so bored!” Louis pouted, still looking at Harry. “Yea well its uni babe. Have to deal with it to get a good job” Still working on his essay. Louis groaned and sat up, looking at Harry still doing his essay. Harry had his eyebrows scrunched together in concentration. He looked over at his notes and continued typing his essay. Louis looked over to his and realized that he wasn’t as close as being done at all, he only had a paragraph, while Harry had five paragraphs already. How long is he planning for that essay to be? Louis got up from his position, sat on Harry’s legs, and looked up at him. Harry still didn’t even glance at him. One of Louis’ hands were holding Harry’s bicep and the other was holding the other side of Harry’s neck and started kissing his neck and under his jaw. For some really odd reason Harry wasn’t throwing Louis on his bed and ripping his clothes off; but instead he kept working on his essay. “Louis, come on. I really got to finish this essay today. Its due in two days and so is my report which I haven’t done yet. I really need to start getting all these things done. And you should too.” Harry said, putting Louis next to him on the floor. Louis sighed “Ok, I’ll go make tea and buy something at the store, want anything?” Harry shook his said “No thank you”. And Louis left

Louis picked up muffins of all flavors and frozen pizzas and sweet potato fries and some other food that they are lacking of because knowing how busy Harry is, he doubt that he’ll make dinner tonight and he doesn’t feel like getting a takeout or even calling for a delivery. “Hey Louis!” A boy with pink hair runs up to him. “Michael, hey how are you?” Louis said before hugging him. “I’m good thanks, you?” Michael asked “I’m great, just doing some grocery shopping” Louis pointed at his cart filled with food. “Something I thought I’ll never see” Michael joked, Louis laughed “Hey, I may suck at cooking, but I still know what to get” He lightly smacked his arm. “Yea, Harry probably made you a song; so you won’t forget what to bring. Oh, before I forget; I would like for you guys to come to my party this weekend” Michael said, Louis thought it was a great idea; hopefully Harry was done with his work and has a day off as well. “Yea, we will be there, well I got to back to my prince” Michael smiled “Ok see you, tell Harry I said hi” and left after Louis said, “Ok will do, bye”.

“Here’s your tea” Louis handed Harry his tea, who had finally finished his essay and started working on his report. “Thanks, love” Harry said kissing Louis and taking the tea from his hands. Louis sat back down and started to finish his essay, while the frozen pizza is cooking in the oven.
Louis woke up to an empty bed, he sighed. Harry worked today and so did he, but it’s in two hours, so he decided to just finish up some homework and head over to Harry. Walking into the bakery, Louis was greeted by Nick Grimshaw, Harry’s boss. “Hey Louis, how are you?” Nick was cleaning off the glass counter with a purple rag. “Nothing much, decided to stop by before going to work, you?” Louis smiled politely. “Same old, same old. Let me get Harry for ya” Nick said while going to the back. Harry came to the front, smiled as soon as he saw Louis.
He looks so cute Louis thought; the way how his curls pokes out of his grey beanie. Not until Harry was in front of him is when Louis realized they both are matching. Louis was also wearing his grey beanie and they both were wearing their white converse. Harry was wearing his dark denim jeans and Louis was wearing his black skinny jeans; Louis was wearing Harry’s red sweater and Harry was wearing a black sweater with a red giant heart placed in the middle, with a quote.
“I love how alike we are, its actually scary too” Louis laughs, Harry laughs, smiles and kisses Louis. “Don’t you have to go to work today?” Louis fake frowns “Are you trying to kick me out?” Harry laughs, takes Louis’ hands with his own and goes to sit down at one of the tables. “Of course not, just wondering” Louis smiles at Harry. He loves this boy so much it scares him. “Unfortunately yes, until late” Harry frowns, “I’m sorry baby if there was something I could-“Louis interrupted him “I know, but let’s not talk about that now” He leans forward and kisses Harry. “Oh and let’s go to Mike’s party, it’s this Saturday” Louis says then goes and kisses Harry, again. Harry mumbles an ‘Okay’ without really pulling away from Louis’ lips, but instead brings Louis’ face closer; Louis moaned lightly. They pulled away once they heard the door chimed.
Harry gave Louis a quick kiss then got behind the counter. Harry took a deep breathe, “Hello, how may I help you today” Just as the woman was about to order, her son was asking to order. Harry looked at the little kid with a smile so big that his dimples looked deeper than it was. The little boy was concentrated to what he was about to order “Tree fru tar peas” Louis smiled from the table, he really fucking loved Harry. Harry pretended to think “Hmm, I don’t think I understood what you said…was it three fruit tarts?” Harry asked the little boy, the boy nodded confused. Harry laughed, “Ok little buddy” grabbed a tiny little box, big enough for the tarts to fit in and put them all in a bag; placing it in front of the woman. “Will that be all?” The woman gave him money and asked for a small hot chocolate. He took the money to the cash register, gave her the bag and change; she told him to keep. He walked over and got the small hot chocolate and a cookie monster cupcake. “Here you go and here’s something else from me to you” He gave the little boy the cupcake, which he shyly took it and smiled. “Now Aiden, what do we say?” The woman asked her little boy “Tank you, Hawy” Harry smiled “No problem, Aiden” The woman smiled “Thank you” Harry laughed and waived “No problem”.
“I really like you” Louis said, walking towards him once the woman left. “Good because I really like you too” Harry placed his hands on Louis’ waist and kissing him. Louis wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck, bringing their face closer. Louis’ hands then dropped to Harry’s shoulder and slid down to his chest. Louis caught Harry’s bottom lip with his teeth; he tugged a bit before he let it go. “Fucking tease” Harry said. “Sorry babe. I got to go already” Louis said against Harry’s chest with his arms around him. “Oh ok, see you later then” Harry said kissing Louis one more time before he left.

At home, Louis came back from work to see Harry watching TV in the living room with an empty plate and cup in front of him. He turns and sees Louis gets his dish and walks over to him, kisses him. “I made spaghetti and lemonade” Harry yawns and puts his dishes in the sink. “Yum, I’ll eat some right now; I’m starving. But you should go to sleep” Louis said kissing Harry on the lips and getting his plate of spaghetti and glass of lemonade for himself. Harry walks over and leans his head on his shoulder and sighs “I wanted to, you know” Louis gives a small smile because yup he wanted that too. “Tomorrow we both have classes in the morning which leaves us the whole afternoon to ourselves” Louis smirked, which made Harry smiled “Ok, I love you. Good night” Louis kisses him “I love you too, sweet dreams”. Harry left and Louis ate by himself. He washed the dishes and took a shower before going to sleep. Harry as a reflex wrapped him arms around Louis’ body bringing him closer to him.

“Fuck!” Harry woke up after checking the time on his phone. They were both late to their classes. “Louis, babe wake up” Louis stirred in his sleep and then woke up “Why?” Harry started to change really quick “Because we are 10 minutes late” Louis got up and ran to brush his teeth “Shit” Harry then followed him as well. Louis ended up getting clothes to change on the ride there. Harry almost crash, Louis joked about dying because of him and Harry said, “It’s not my fault, my gorgeous, sexy boyfriend decided to change in the car”. After Harry parked, they both kissed and went different directions. Harry went to culinary classes and Louis went to theatre.

After classes, Harry got to the car and noticed Louis leaning against it. He just went over and kissed him “Hello” Louis smiled “Hi how was class today?” Harry unlocked the car and opened the door for Louis. “It was ok, tonight I’m making crème brûlée for dessert” He closed the door and walked over to the driver’s seat. “I can’t wait” Louis licked his lips “How was your class?” Harry asked Louis, driving home. “Good, though we are supposed to write a play for next month and we have to rehearse our parts for the play for ugh I don’t even bring myself to care when the play is” Louis laughs and Harry, laughs with him. In the elevator of their building, Louis was against the wall with his head thrown back, fingers in Harry’s curls, while Harry was kissing his neck and squeezing Louis’ ass, pressing both of their clothes cocks together. “Oh, Harry” Louis whined with his eyes closed. When they heard the elevator ding, they separated and walked to their apartment Louis was trying to open the door, but Harry kept pressing his dick to his ass. “Wait do you hear that?” Louis said suddenly, stopping his movements, Harry did too. They both leaned in to listen a little girl saying, “Mom, I’m hungry” then a woman’s voice saying “Wait, until Louis gets home”

After being greeted by Louis and Harry’s family, they both had told the family to stay in the living room while they make some dinner. They all laughed when Louis mentioned about helping Harry cook. All Louis said, was “Well I have gotten much better”. Harry started putting everything to make lasagna on the island. Louis put the lasagna noodles to boil while Harry was preparing the meat. Louis sighed, looking at Harry then down to his still hard penis. He bit his lips, shaking his head he decided to make lemonade, he was glad that he got the powder one, where you just have to add water. He opened the top cabinet and tried to reach the lemonade powder, he got on the counter and standing on his knees. He put the lemonade powder next to the juice jar, bending down to put his leg down. Then Harry appeared behind him, holding Louis by the hips he pulled him down from the counter. He turned Louis around and kissed him, still holding Louis waist. Louis kissed back and gasped when Harry squeezed Louis’ ass. “Umm hello” Both looked turned to the door and saw Gemma standing there. “You guys are acting as if you were 16 again” She laughed and left the kitchen to tell the family that they are still preparing the food.

By the time everybody left it was already 10, they finished cleaning up almost around 11. They were so glad that tomorrow is Saturday and they didn’t have to wake up early for it, but they did have to go to work. Louis was glad that he could manage to get the same schedule as Harry does, just so they can both spend time and so they both don’t have to be alone if the other is working. Other times, he just wishes he didn’t have the same schedule as Harry since Harry worked at the bakery they usually like to open early in the morning, Louis worked at a restaurant as a waiter so he could go in at any time in the afternoon. “Fuck” Louis yawned, “I wish” Harry replied. Harry went over and carried Louis to their bathroom to brush their teeth and put on their pajamas. In bed, they both made out lazily until the both mumbled “Good night” and fell asleep.

When Harry got home Louis was already home, taking a bath. Of course, he joined him. Harry sat behind Louis and Louis rest his head on Harry’s chest, while he bathes him. “How was your day?” Harry asked him, Louis sighs, “It was so busy today. I have no idea what was the special occasion. This one guy yelled at me because he was going to proposed to his girlfriend and I end up putting the wrong ring in her champagne. I apologized and told him that he wasn’t the only one who was planning to propose and somebody messed up my champagne glasses, since I already knew which ones will go to which table. He said that I was supposed to be a good waiter and remember everything. His girlfriend didn’t like the way he was treating me and made him apologize to me and that mistakes happen; she also tipped me really good.” Harry kissed his neck “I’m so glad there are still nice people in this world and you didn’t deserve that at all” Louis turned around and started washing Harry’s hair; he stopped and looked at Harry, smiling. Harry looked at him smiling too “I can’t believe you’re mine since 4 years ago when I met you at the bathroom. That day I never thought that you’d be mine. I still wonder how do I have you. I expect for you to be with someone more masculine, blond, tall, blue eyes, smart, but fuck. You fell for me a small, lanky, curls all over my head and an awkward phase guy. I still thank Gemma for taking me to see The Script concert. Otherwise, I’d still be lonely, living with mom, wondering if I ever will find someone who will love me as much as I love them and I think I did.” Louis cried a bit, smiling and kissed him “I love you too, Harry” and hugged him tightly. After washing themselves, they both started to change for Michael’s party.

“I’m glad you guys made it!” Michael yelled over the music “There’s food and drinks at the kitchen, help your selves out” and disappeared after someone called him. They both decided to have one drink, but it turned into two then three then four until they were drunk enough not to remember how many they actually drank. Louis was currently grinding his ass against Harry’s penis. He placed his back to Harry’s chest and his hands up to Harry’s neck while Harry’s hands was holding his Louis’ hips and moved to Louis’ pace. Louis then slowly bends over and shook his ass against Harry, who let his hands roam all over Louis’ back and ass, squeezing it a bit. Louis got back up and pushed against the wall by Harry, who lifted Louis’ leg up to his hips and started grinding. Some sexual song was playing in the background, but the air in the room was too thick to think. The air smelled of alcohol, smoke and sex. Michael always knew how to throw a party. “Home?” Louis asked Harry, who was biting Louis’ neck.

Harry had Louis pinned down on their bed, making out with him. Louis starts to undress himself and Harry. He pushed Harry and started kissing from Harry’s lips to his neck and licking, biting with his nipples. “Four nipples!” Louis giggled into Harry’s chest “I love it!” Louis continued to play with him, as Harry moaned every time Louis touches them. Louis kept kissing down Harry’s body until he got to the penis. Louis kissed the top and smiled every time he kissed it. “It’s so happy” Harry giggled too “To see you silly” Louis almost took Harry whole. “Oohh” Harry gasped; Louis giggled still blowing and sucking on Harry. “Hmm” Louis moaned still sucking on Harry. “Louis I’m getting close” Harry moaned, pulling on Louis’ hair. Louis pulled away “Nuh uh, I want you in me” Harry flipped them once again, took the lube and started to open Louis up. “Go with two fingers” Louis said before Harry started, Harry smirked and started with two fingers. “Ohh ha that feels good more” Louis moaned loudly when Harry added one more finger. “Fuck me, fuck me now” Louis chanted, Harry quickly applied lube to his penis and slowly entered Louis. Both boys groaned “You feel so tight” Louis huff “Because your penis is huge” Harry start thrusting Louis slow, but hard, until Louis demanded him to go faster. Harry was lying on top of Louis, fucking him harder and faster and biting his neck. Louis let out little ‘ughs’ and “fuck” and pulled on Harry’s hair and scratched his back as soon as Harry started hitting his prostate. “Hmm Haar Hazz” Louis was fucking speechless; he couldn’t even tell Harry how close he is. Harry noticed and kissed him, Louis whined. Harry gripped Louis’ waist tighter and went even deeper “Oh Oh Oh Yes! Ah Oh hmm, Harry!” Both hands scratching Harry’s back, his whole body shook and he came both of their chest. Looking at Louis’ face, thrown back and silently moaning, he could help, but to cum deep inside him. “That..felt so….good” Louis said after Harry pulled out of him. “Yea, it did” Harry pulled the covers and covered themselves.

“Ugh! My head” Harry sat up and was holding his head. “What about my head and my ass,” Louis remarked “I never should let you fuck me, when drunk” Harry smiled and kissed him “Stay here, I’ll get you something” He went to the bathroom to brush his teeth real quick and went downstairs to make Louis eggs on toast and some advil to take. While Harry cooked, Louis painfully stood up to brush his teeth. He realized how dirty he was, but decided just to stay in bed till the pain died down. When Harry came back up, they both ate in smiling and playful touches. Harry took the dishes into the sink down at the kitchen and came back up to start a bath, he carried Louis to the bath and even put bath bombs just for the fun of it. Harry returned to the bedroom and changed the sheets. The whole day consists of Harry and Louis having a lazy day then going to work later at night.