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I LOVE Kimberly Hart

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Kimberly, to the confessional cam: Yo, it’s the one and only Kimberly Hart. You may recognize me as the girl who got her heart broken twice on national television. Oh Tommy Boy. On season one of Swipe Left 4 T.O I made it to the final round only for him to choose Kat over me. Me! Could you believe it? America was stunned. Only for them to break up three months later. Season 2 came around and he brought me back, not as a contestant but as a friend. ...Old feelings die hard...being around him, wow it brought back old memories. Good times. Over better judgement I entered the competition for the second time...

So for him to pick another girl over me? AGAIN. Made me feel like a damn fool, an absolute chump. The network at AGN decided it was about damn time for me to have my own show and a real chance at finding my true love. 


A bright pink stretch Hummer limo pulled up to a mansion in an undisclosed location. The door opened and one by one each eligible bachelor stepped onto the scene and lined up on the steps, sussing out their competition. They were each carefully screened and selected by Zordon and Alpha 5, the main producers behind a line of reality television shows. I LOVE Kimberly Hart was going to make ratings soar, the entire country was invested in Kimberly finding love. Ha, that or they wanted to watch this train crash into the station. 

“Heey boys” Kimberly opened the front door of the mansion, greeting her suitors with a smile. Her eyes darted from one strapping man to the next, oh, it was going to be a difficult choice to eliminate any of these fine men based on their appearance. “I wanted to come out and say a couple of things before this journey really begins”

Zack: Oooh when Kimberly stepped outside I think I felt my heart stop beating. That is one fine woman.

“I know what it’s like to be in your shoes” The host sighed, recalling painful memories that have become meme culture. “So I want to take this moment and appreciate each and every one of you, just for making it this far.” She clapped for them and soon the thirteen men were mirroring her, clapping along, hollering, ready to get their lovin’ and their partying on. “I’m going to give you twenty minutes to find your bedrooms, set your stuff away and meet me in the grand hall” 

This was going to be one helluva ride.

In order to let the men introduce themselves, Kimberly had the contestants for her heart stand in a line, complete with a red carpet. Like the princess of reality tv, she sat in an obnoxiously too tall chair painted gold. She put a finger up to halt the first man in line, as he was eager to make himself known, “Hold it right there! I want to introduce you boys to two very important people in my life.” 

Jason: *looking at the ceiling, his hands together* please don’t be her parents, please don’t be her parents.

From behind the golden chair, out stepped two women to flank Kimberly’s sides. One was a short Latina girl with cheetah print pants, a black tank top, dog tags, and a backwards snapback. The other a tall, slim, white lady with very sharp features, a green leather dress, a dark smirk, and thick black hair tied up in a high ponytail. Eyes went wide, anyone who was anyone knew who these two were...Kimberly’s best friends. Rapper Trini G, and DJ Rita Re-Pulse. 

Kimberly: I had my heart broken TWICE. Like going to the mall and trying on the perfect dress, I wanted to get a second and a third opinion so I asked two of my girlfriends to come out and help me make some important decisions. 

Trini: Hey, I’m Trini G and Kimberly’s best friend. Best believe I’m here looking out for my homegirl. All I see in front of me is a buncha losers. I’m not easy to impress. Kimberly’s been blinded by love before, her heart speaks louder than her mind. One of the best things about her...but it’s what gets her hurt. This won’t be another T.O situation. Not if I’ve got anything to say about it. 

Rita: I’m pretty sure these idiots shit their pants when they saw us coming around the corner. *cackles* this is going to be FUN. 

Jason: I think I’d have better luck impressing her parents

Zack: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Billy: This just got ten times harder

Despite her lack of height, Trini was intimidating as hell to these romantic hopefuls, folding her arms and glaring each and everyone of them down. She was not thrilled with the AGN for their selection...while Rita, she was licking her lips, appreciating this line up like a little kid in a candy shop.

“Don’t be shy” Kimberly urged the first man in the group with a sweet voice, beckoning with a motion of her hand for him to step forward and set the ground for this competition to really begin. 

“First impressions mean a lot, don’t forget that.” Trini stated cooly, gladly stepping up into the role of bad cop. Not that Rita really made for a good cop...she was more... horny cop. While the DJ was mostly judging by the physical, the rapper was looking more about a man’s character and how he presented himself.

The first man stepped up to the plate. He wore a simple plain white t-shirt, jeans, a hefty belt buckle and most notably a cowboy hat. “My name Aiden, but everyone calls me Levi” Kimberly could get lost in those amber eyes and that award winning smile…

“I know you” Trini pointed out, “Levi Romero.” She could put two and two together real quickly, “You were on The Voice.” Clearly the aspiring country star didn’t win if he was coming on a dating show. 

“That’s why you look familiar” Kimberly snapped her fingers, country wasn’t exactly her thing so it took her a few moments to connect the dots. It made her lean back, her eyes narrowing, “So are you here for me or for those cameras?” 

“I’m 100% into you. In fact…” The man pulled a guitar from around his back, “I wrote a song for you that I’d like to sing now”

Trini: *rolls her eyes* Oh here we fucking go. 

Kimberly: I don’t know what to think, I can’t really judge a guy for having a music career. My best friends are both in the industry. A nice southern country boy…

Levi: Yes I was on The Voice last season and made it into the final 10. My heart beats for Kimberly Hart. Woo that girl makes my heart sing. No, I’m not here to promote my upcoming album

Zack: We’re really believing this bullshit? 

The aspiring country song wanted to start out strong, kneeling before Kimberly and singing a verse. 

Kimberly: A man that can sing? Ohhh romantic, he can serenade me ANY day

Trini: I’m gonna need a drink.

Jason : *Staring wide eyed at the camera* What the fuck?

Towards the end of the chorus the other men didn’t want to hear his dirty lyrics and started clapping him off. Camera hog, he clearly wanted all the attention for himself. There were 12 other dudes in this house and they weren’t going to get a good word in if he took up all the time. An Asian man in a black leather jacket, the next in line, stepped forward, resting a hand on Levi’s shoulder. 

“Why don’t you let someone else go?” He cockily smirked in Kimberly’s direction, sending a playful wink when they made eye contact. “My name is Zack Taylor and I’m a paramedic” He licked his lips, “I’ve got the tools necessary to jumpstart your heart”  

Kimberly: I like Zack. He’s bold. He’s confident. He’s sexy. He saves lives for a living. I want to put a pin on this one.

The next man that stepped up was everything Kimberly wanted, tall, tan, spiked up hair, dressed to the nines. This man had money and it showed from his shoes to his watch. He even wore sunglasses inside the house. “I’m Lucas Kendall, I race cars, and you Kimberly Hart are the finest make and model. See I like to collect the finer things in life and if you choose me, I can treat my girl to whatever she wants”

Trini: *with one hand beside her mouth to call out* DOUCHEBAG

Kimberly: I don’t know what to make of Lucas. On one side, he compared me to a car...on the other side...I DO like money. He could be my sugar daddy if he treats me right. I guess we’ll have to see

Rita: He talks a big game, buut I bet he’s a pussy. Not that impressed.  

Bachelor number 4 and 5 stepped up at the same time, thus confusing the panel of women there to judge them. What was going on? One was tall, blonde, a dopey looking smile on his face, while the other man was much shorter, darker, had a more intense aura about him. The two didn’t dress up for the occasion, just wore a crimson and navy hoodie respectively. 

The taller one spoke, “I’m Hunter, this is Blake. We’re brothers and-”

“Wait” Kimberly pointed from Hunter to Blake and back, clearly confused, “How?”

“Yeah we get that a lot.” Blake rubbed the back of his neck, “Adopted”

“Adopted or not, you guys are brothers, both competing for me? Is that going to be a problem going forward?” Oh Alpha and Zordon must’ve had a field day when they found a set of brothers to fight for Kimberly’s heart. “I don’t want to come between family”

“Tsh it’s not going to be a problem” Blake seemed confident that he was the better man, that his brother wouldn’t make it very far. “I’ve spent years of Hunter trying to take what’s mine, girls, bikes” He shrugged, “Game on. To me he’s just another guy”

Kimberly: Did he….no. Kimberly Hart is NOT exchangeable. A BIKE? Come on. 

“Question” Rita raised her hand for a moment, taking the attention away from Hunter before he could respond to his brother’s cockiness, “Can the show end in a threesome? Or only one has to win?” She only further commented when Trini had to lean forward to give her a look, “What? You’re telling me these players haven’t gotten dirty?”

“Nonononono” Hunter was quick to shut that down as quickly as possible, much to Rita’s cackling. “That’s not” He put a hand on Blake’s chest to push him away, “No. If I’m lucky enough to have a girl like Kimberly Hart in my life, oh I’m keeping her to myself”

“Now that is an answer I like” Kimberly stepped forward, having to lean up to kiss the blonde on the cheek. 

Levi: I sing a song to her and this fool gets a kiss on the cheek for NOT wanting a threesome with his brother? Oh come on. Clearly I’m the best one here! 

The next man to take a swing and introduce himself was absolutely thick. Rita’s jaw dropped, her pupils dilated oh she wanted to take this one home. Trini couldn’t be more disinterested, but the DJ was sitting next to Kimberly fanning herself. He purposely wore a muscle tee to show off his strongest asset, literally. His body was all 100% American beefcake. 

“My name is Zedd” He nodded in Rita’s direction, knowing he easily had the best body in the room. A physical challenge? Oh he had it in the bag. “I’m a personal trainer and-”

“Ooh you boys can go home” Rita licked her lips, this was one lollipop she could suck dry. “I think we have a winner”

“You know you’re not allowed to fuck the contestants” Trini narrowed her eyes at the other consultant. Rita only exhaled and waved it off. It was clear who she wanted to stick around the house. 

Billy: Is this guy serious? I-I know I’m not the strongest guy here, but I’m quite frankly concerned. He is huge. I’m scared for Kimberly...he’s going to crush her.

“Well it looks like we know who Rita’s frontrunner is” Kimberly laughed, her eyes raking over the way his pecs clinged to the tank top. 

Kimberly: What. A. Man. *long thoughtful pause* But me finding love isn’t just about looks. I’m looking for my soulmate. Inside is what matters to me. Do we connect as people? I guess we’ll have to see. 

Outside of their height, the next man was the polar opposite of Zedd. Tall, lean, a bit shy, the African American boy in a blue suit, came over and shook Trini’s hand, then Kimberly’s hand then Rita’s hand to properly introduce himself. “My name is William Cranston, but that’s my dad’s name, you can call my Billy. I'm the lead developer for the future of Apple products” He nodded enthusiastically, while his physical appearance may not be impressive, his mind and his wallet most certainly were. “Sorry, I’m kinda nervous. I don’t really do this kind of thing, put myself out there but...”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay baby” Kimberly felt compassion for this man, clearly going after a guy like Zedd was affecting him. She stepped away from her throne to get close to him, much to the eye rolls and displeased looks of the men around, “I know the cameras can be scary but you’re okay, you’re okay”  

He glanced down to the ground, too scared to look Kimberly in the eye. “My heart broke for you, and then it broke for you again. I hope I’m the one who can make you happy. T.O’s a damn” He paused, staring wide eyed into the camera, “Sorry mom” He apologized for swearing, a moment that earned a chortle from Rita. “He’s an idiot for letting you go”

Kimberly: What a sweetheart. I’m just- oh he couldn’t even swear. I know for sure Billy’s heart is in the right place. He came all the way out just to compete for me...but I wonder if he can handle Kimberly Hart. I don’t want to be the one to corrupt a sweet boy…

The next man that stepped up sent Rita into an instant fit of laughter. He wore a straight up gothic coat tailed suit, with a chain for a pocket watch hanging out, the look complete with fingerless gloves, brown hair wasped up with a blue streak in the bang. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” The devil in green cackled, resting a hand on her chest, “Are you a fucking magician?” She motioned up and down his body, “No. No way.” Rita tilted her head, asking a point blank question, “Have you slept with a man?”

The man in question didn’t even get a chance to introduce himself and already he was feeling the heat from Rita Re-Pulse. “I have not.” He tilted his head to the side, folding his hands, as if he had nothing to hide.

“Really?” Rita was unconvinced. “Sucked a dick or…”

“Back off” Trini, as being an open lesbian to the public was not going to be apart of Rita’s witch hunt for a man’s sexuality. “Let the magician speak”

“Hi, I’m not actually a magician” He put up a finger to try and stop that train of thought. He didn’t want the image of the top hat and a rabbit. “I am Heckyl a performance artist” His arms stretched out, “I am a master of theatre and production”


“Rita!” Kimberly snapped back, trying to shush her friends taunts. “I’m sorry about her”

“Apology accepted” He stepped forward, approaching Kimberly’s throne and taking her hand, kissing it. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

Trini: Is he really going to bust out Shakespeare? *rests her head back, pulling her snapback down over her eyes* uugggggh

Rita: I still say he fucked a guy *stops filing her nails*. Correction was fucked by a guy. Important distinction. *pause* What? Oh I’m not anti-gay. Please, I fuck women all the time. I’d just rather him own up to it. No. I don’t believe he’s straight. There’s no way. NO way.

“Oh hi sorry, sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt buuuuuut I didn’t want everyone to fall asleep” A man with a wolf tattoo on his arm stepped up and tapped Heckyl’s shoulder, motioning with his head for the other man to move, “Dude this isn’t English class” That earned a small smile from Kimberly, one he took in stride, “M’lady. I’m R.J and I am the owner of Jungle Karma pizza...s’a small little place in Ocean Bluff California”

“So...not a chain?” Kimberly wanted to clarify, now a little skeptical on what this guy could provide for her. Owner of a pizza place in a college town didn’t really scream the lifestyle Kimberly was used to.

“Mmm” He closed his eyes and shook his head, “No, no. I’m not selling out my grandfather’s recipes. Becoming a chain means trading away your soul y’know?”

Kimberly: I can respect that. It shows that he’s loyal, but...It won’t make him much money...which could be a problem. I like nice things. I know my truth. I’m worried about that one. 

The next bachelor had a dozen roses to give to Kimberly. An African American boy, wearing a nice blue sweater, and pants. His smile was to kill for, and polite charm? He wasn’t doing too bad in making a first impression. “Hi I’m Kevin Barron, I’m a swimmer and I’m training for the 2020 Olympics”

Kimberly: An Olympic athlete? A swimmer oh under that sweater is a body...better watch out Zedd. You’ve got competition.

Zedd: Olympic athlete psh, whatever. It’s SWIMMING. There’s no contact! Talk to me when we get someone who plays a real man’s game.

After him came a stoic individual in blue, “My name is Sky Tate, and I’m an officer of the LAPD” At the drop of the word police many of the guys, as well as the three girls instantly felt a bit on edge. They were not the best of people. Most likely had a record.

Kimberly: Oh FUCK no. I know I shouldn’t judge based off of a man’s career but...

Trini: Well, he’s gonna fit in well…

Rita: Re-LAX he has no jurisdiction here in ---beeeeeeeeep--. He can’t arrest us for shit. That being said and out of the he’s damn good with handcuffs if you know what I mean.

The next bachelor on the list had bright red hair, a cocky confident smile on his face as he approached the judgement table. “My name is Ty Flemming, and I play for the Kansas City Royals” That was all he needed to say to impress Kimberly.

Kimberly: Oh we’re talking MLB. As in the professional level as in million dollar paychecks. Ohhhh *fans herself with hundred dollar bills* 

Trini: I follow baseball and I’ve never heard of this guy. Must be a relief pitcher or a pinch hitter. Psh I’m not impressed. This douchebag is not a baller in my eyes. Kimberly is not a trophy wife.

Rita: Who the fuck wants to go to Kansas City?

Last but not least a blonde man in a red t-shirt and jeans approached the three. He had his hands in his pockets and sighed, “You’ve got a lotta guys to choose from here” Professional athletes, a guy with a music career, a tech guy from Apple, whatever the fuck Heckyl was.

“I don’t care about them right now” Kimberly shook her head, “Don’t talk about them, don’t worry about them. I want to know you. What’s your name?”

“My name is Jason Scott” He managed a smile, “I’m a high school football coach for the Stone Canyon Eagles. I can’t offer you money, or cars, or shiny things...but I can offer you my heart, my love”

“And at the end of the day, that’s what I’m looking for” 

Kimberly: Jason is an average Joe, and maybe that’s the kind of man I need to balance me out. Who’s to say? There’s just something about him that I connect with...

“Well, what do you think ladies?” Kimberly asked once all of the men relined up for their next instruction.

“It’s going to take a lot more than a little one liner to impress me” Trini was brutally honest and not wavering. If these guys were going to be touching the likes of her best friend, they better be worthy of her.

“I’d fuck ‘em” Rita shrugged, in particular waving in the direction of Zedd. “You have a tough choice to choose just one” If it were up to Rita...god only knows how many men she’d take home with her. 

“Because tonight is all about first impressions, I’ve decided to host a mixer” The men cheered at the sound of spending time with Kimberly...and more importantly the promise of free alcohol. “But don’t get too comfortable. I’m eliminating three of you tonight”

Ty: Game on.  


In the back of the mansion was a very spacious backyard. Plenty of benches, a pool, a hot tub, a table for eating meals, gorgeous. This house alone was worth more than some of these guys would make in a lifetime. The AGN network really pulled out all the stops to make this place look as luxurious as possible, a nice trade off for these men to put their lives in a box for everyone in America to view. 

Kimberly on the other end was sitting at a table with a tall margarita in hand. Around her at the very start sat Jason Scott the football coach, Billy Cranston the tech guy, and Zack Taylor the paramedic. She was having fun with small talk with the three guys, having a chance to get to know them more on a conversational level. Everything was fine, they had her laughing and she genuinely felt comfortable around them. It wasn’t until Blake Bradley, the motocross guy and Lucas Kendall the racer approached their little table at the same time. Lucas pulled out a $100 dollar bill from his wallet to hand to Blake, a bribe for him to back the hell off and give him more time with Kimberly. He had enough competition as it was between Zack, Jason and Billy at the table.

“What the hell is this bro?” Blake shoved the money back at Lucas, clearly offended by the complete disrespect from the other man.

“Did you just pay him?” Kimberly broke from her conversation with the three boys around her in order to pay attention to the fight brewing. An argument that was far too close to her. 

“For your time? Worth every penny” Lucas smirked, but that only enraged Blake even more. 

Lucas: Kimberly is looking for someone with class. I can be that man. I’m not here for brotherhood. I’m here for one thing. This fine woman. I’ll ruffle whatever feathers I have to in order to get her.

“Oh fuck you dude!” There was fire burning in Blake’s eyes. He was out for blood now.

“Whoa” In an instant, Zack and Jason were both up and out of their chairs. Zack stood in front of Lucas while Jason had to rest his hand on Blake’s chest to push him back.

Lucas, being a much taller man put a hand up to his shoulder, “Sorry dude but you’ve gotta be this tall to ride this ride” That was what really set off Blake. Jason had to physically hold him back as the other man screamed at Lucas. Billy could only look with wide eyes.

Blake: Fuck Lucas. No one. NO one disrespects me like that. In front of Kimberly? That’s low. This guy is a snake. A mother fucking Medusa *producers murmuring* What? That’s not a type of snake? You know what I mean! *motioning with his hand* Serpentine! 

Kimberly: It took maybe about five minutes and these boys are really fighting for me. On one hand, I don’t like the idea of my time being bought….on the other...Zack and Jason really stepped up to want to protect me. *glances down* It’s nice to be on the other side of this for a change.

Off by the poolside, Zedd had taken off his shirt and his pants in order to grab everyone’s attention and flip into the pool. He had a damn nice body and he wanted to show it off. This was Kimberly’s out to clap and walk away from the drama unfolding around her to walk over to the pool. Kevin the Olympic swimmer decided this was a prime opportunity to take his shirt off and dive into the pool with Zedd, earning laughs from Kimberly. 

Heckyl: Like animals most of the men wanted to crowd Kimberly for attention. Why yes, she’s the most important judge but...there’s two other women here that can decide our fate or put a good word in. I’m playing this game smart. 

The theatre actor approached Rita Re-Pulse and Trini G who were sitting by the pool at their lonesome. With a charming smile he asked them, “Can I get you ladies a drink?”

Rita: I don’t like this guy, he comes across to me like a little bitch. That being said, I like a good bitch. A bitch can become a snitch, know what I’m sayin? He’s going to be our eyes and ears into what’s happening with the other guys

Trini already had a bottle of beer in her hand, she easily downed it and handed him the empty bottle. “You can get me another one of those” She relaxed back into the bench, her legs open her posture wide. For not being the one these men were going after she was a bit on edge, and the alcohol wasn’t kicking in quick enough. 

Rita picked up on it instantly, “You okay girl?”

The rapper gazed at the sight ahead of her, men were everywhere, all competing for Kimberly’s attention. Some of them were already shouting at one another, ready to throw blows at one another. This wasn’t something she was ready for. “Yeah, course….course” She leaned back, tilting her head to the side, “What the fuck?” R.J the man in purple decided that he would order fifteen pizzas and entertain the masses. He seemed to be the only one caring more about making friends with everyone than going after Kim. “Is he for real right now?”

“Hey! Abra Kadabra!” Rita snapped her fingers, grabbing Heckyl’s attention, “Get me and Trini G somethin’ to eat!” 

Kimberly: I think the best thing about this journey is being the center of attention. I can feel that these men will do anything for me.

Trini: There’s some fake ass punks in this house, and I’m going to sniff them out.

Rita: I just wanna get drunk and have a good time

“Let’s fuckin’ party!” Rita didn’t waste any time to stand on the bench, and shout at some excitable men. They were in agreement. Drinks right before an elimination ceremony would be a damn good idea. Kimberly wanted a chance to get to know each and every one of these men so she sat between Ty Fleming and Hunter Bradley. 

Kimberly: I’m really feeling these guys. Well...some of these guys. At first I wasn’t too sure on Ty, him being a pro baseball player means a lot of travel but---touring around the country with my man? I don’t hate that. Bonus points that he’s the only ginger man I’ve met that’s hot. 

Kimberly was famous for being an instagram influencer, and youtube star. She gained tons of followers even before going on Tommy Oliver’s dating show...only for her accounts to blow up in popularity afterwards. With there being 30 baseball teams in most of the major cities in the country, she could get a lot of great content for her channels. Travel wasn’t an instant no for her. Like hell would she stay in Kansas City during a lengthy baseball season to wait for her man. 

Kimberly: Though there are other guys I can just tell aren’t going to work out. On this night, I don’t think I’m going to even need my girls. I have to make the first cut myself.


The first elimination. 

13 men lined up on the staircase, Kimberly Hart stood in front of them with a briefcase. Inside said briefcase rested 10 gaudy chains, each one with a giant bedazzled heart that read I love Kimberly Hart. Trini and Rita sat in throne like chairs at the side, there was nothing they could do now at this point but watch as their best friend made the eliminations. 

“I’ve been in your shoes” Twice. “I know how nerve wracking this can be, so I want to take a moment to say that I respect all of you guys for coming out here and throwing your name in the hat. But at the end of the day, someone’s gotta go home.” She picked up the first chain out of the box, “Ty, come on up and get your chain”

The baseball player grinned wide, being picked first meant he was the early front runner of the competition. He had to keep this going. Behind him men shook their heads, Heckyl downright rolled his eyes. It was clear the man with a hefty paycheck was disliked among the middle class guys behind him.

Ty: Am I surprised Kimberly picked me first? Not at all. I can provide her a kind of lifestyle she wants. These boys better watch out, I’ll be sliding into home soon enough. 

Trini gripped onto the arm of the chair, unamused by her friend’s choices as she started to call the other guys down. 









Kimberly held the last chain in her hand, “I have one chain, and four men before me” She glanced to Rita and Trini. “Blake? Does your heart beat for me?”

The shorter man stepped up to her, a wide smile on his face for being chosen. Trini brought a hand over her eyes while Rita was on the edge of her seat. If Kimberly didn’t want the Olympic Swimmer….she could take him for a spin. Right? That was part of the rules? All of these attractive men, it was hard for Rita to be on her best behavior.

“Hell yeah my heart beats for you” Blake was relieved that his temper tantrum didn’t get him eliminated on the first episode. That he would be able to face off with Hunter another day.

“I’m sorry boys” Kimberly knew that elimination people was going to be hard, but this was only the beginning. She hugged each and every one of the men, who seemed to take it pretty well. 

Kimberly: I chose Blake because there was a spark inside him. A passion. A thunder. He fought for me. RJ? He was ordering pizzas...despite having the perfect body Kevin bored me to fucking tears, and Sky? Ah. I don’t think we had chemistry

RJ: Yeah, I’m bummed I didn’t end up with Kimberly. But I met a lotta cool guys here, this house is beautiful. I had a good time. No waves. If she wants to stop by my neck of the woods, I’ll welcome her with open arms

Kevin: Am I upset? No. Do I think she made the wrong choice? Yes. She needs a good man in her life, not a punk with a short fuse like Blake.

Sky: Honestly. I’m pretty okay with this. I don’t really associate myself with thugs.

“Alright we have our top ten!” Kimberly clapped her hands, the competitors visibly relaxing, but before she could gather all of the guys together for one last toast of the night. She truly was hopeful that the love of her life was standing somewhere in this room. 

Trini got to her feet, a determined look in her eye and stopping Kim in her tracks. “Don’t go celebrating anything just yet. I’m not impressed with any of you.” She made sure to make eye contact with each and every one of the men, sending a shiver down their spines. “None of you showed me you have what it takes to be with my best friend. So step up.” She had no interest in toasting with ten men to Kimberly’s happiness, she wanted out of the room. 

Trini: I’m not here to be friends with them. I’m not here to like them. I’m here for one thing and one thing only. Kimberly. She’s...ah *rubs the back of her neck* she’s my best friend. *looks to the camera* That’s all…*sighs* that’s all.