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Castiel’s monotone, channeling Go The Fuck To Sleep, as an inebriated Dean lays widthways on the bed and won’t.


Castiel’s long-suffering sigh at Dean’s out-of-tune singing as Dean carries on the evening by himself.


Castiel’s eyes, so-very-fucking-done, inspecting the back of his skull as Dean, so-very-fucking-loudly, recites his wedding vows in earnest.


Castiel’s resolve attempting to not falter--and retain justified exasperation at Dean, because dammit, drunk Dean ruined date night.


Castiel’s heart unexpectedly jump-starting, as Dean’s words squirm under his ribs and remind him.


Castiel’s face, cracking a traitorous smile that begins with chapped lips and spreads to blue eyes, bringing tears that threaten to drown them.


Castiel’s every fibre feeling Dean’s words and being won over by overwhelming love.


Castiel’s forgiveness, kissing and caressing, and loving Dean back with reprieve.


Until Castiel has Dean simmered and settled down and can now hopefully Go The Fuck To Sleep.


Castiel and Dean, still wearing clothes, Dean quietly humming Zep as Castiel cards long fingers through his husband's hair; buried deep in sheets, whiskey breath and each other--precisely where they both need to be.