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“Please tell me you’re going to appeal to my humanity.” The tall blue-eyed god drawled before him.

‘Blue eyes? Best I remember Siofra was bitching over how terrible a customer he was because he was to please because he insisted on a particular shade of green. Something about his mother insisting it was the colour of his eyes…’ The shorter male shrugged, pulling a bottle of bourbon out from beneath his bar, “Dunno. It’d be a bit hypocritical for me to do that.”

Loki tensed, “What?” Green momentarily sparking from within the frosty blue depths.

“Mhm.” A snarl was his only response as Loki slammed his sceptre against the jewel glowing in the other’s chest. Tony arched an eyebrow as it failed to do anything, “Performance issues? Not that uncommon…”, ‘Okay, I probably deserved that.’ Tony let out a whoop as he freefell towards the bustling street below… the Armour catching him just in time. A grin pulled at his lips as he rocketed back up to the penthouse window, where a plainly annoyed Loki was staring down at him, “I mean, honestly Lokes…” He swerved to one side to avoid the fireball, “…just because the fall wouldn’t have killed me… doesn’t mean I want the mortals to know I’m not like them.”

Tony beamed at him, stepping out of the armour onto the floor before him, and letting the truth of his nature show in his suddenly draconian eyes, “I’ve been playing mortal since the Romans conquered my territories, little Jotnar.” As Loki stared at him in increasing horror, Tony cocked his head to one side, in a startlingly reptilian manner, “But I don’t think you’re the one at the helm, are you?” He hummed, blue-glazed green caught by goldshot red, his voice deepening and hoarsening as he pulled the fire burning in his soul forward, gold starting to visibly gleam within his veins, “I suggest you release the little godling Titan… or do I need to remind you why it is your race feared me?” At the lack of immediate response, he took a step forward, grasping hold of the stunned Jotnar’s face, letting the fire of his nature burn through his flesh.

Loki let out a shriek of pain, wrenching himself out of the other’s hold, his skin bleeding blue as his Jotnar nature forced itself out of it’s chains in order to sooth the burn of Dragonfire, “How dare you?”

Tony snorted, “You’re welcome.”

“Why in the Nine would I thank you for burning me and forcing me into this form?”

Tony let out a mild hum, arching an eyebrow, “Dragonfire is a purifier you know.” He cocked his head, “He still rattling around in your skull? Or are you alone now?”

Loki froze, staring at him, “How?” He shook his head, “What are you?”

“Sugoi, god of fire, the sky and storms.” He grinned at the younger god, “Pleasure to meet you at last Liesmith. My friends keep refusing to introduce me to you… something about Unholy Chaos if we met up or something.” He shrugged, and strolled back over to the bar, “So, I reckon we have about five or ten minutes before Thunder and the rest of the boyband show up… you want that drink?”

Loki stared at him in shock for several moments, before bursting into hysterical laughter, “Yes, I’ll take that drink.” He snorted, tossing his sceptre aside and sinking onto a barstool, “If nothing else, Thor’s face should be a picture.”

“True that.” His companion toasted him with a bottle of vodka as he mixed the younger god up a cocktail, “Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m going by Andoni Edward Stark at the moment, though I assume you did the research.” He grinned, “I’m seeing how long it takes SHIELD to work out I’m not human.”