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An Amari Always Shares

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Jesse McCree certainly hadn’t expected his Saturday to wind up with him sitting in Captain Amari’s home with a glass of whiskey in one hand and her daughter between his legs, but as watched young Fareeha begin to unbuckle his belt he certainly couldn’t complain. “I’m starting to think the captain isn’t the one who sent that message asking me to come over.”


“Mmm, you’re pretty smart. Hopefully your brain isn’t the only thing big about you,” giggled Fareeha as she peel back his jeans to expose the boxer briefs underneath, not to mention a very prominent bulge.


“You know you’re not supposed authorized to use Overwatch’s emergency channels. How did you get the access codes anyways?”


“Let’s just say when I want something, there’s nothing that’s going to get in my way.” She need to elaborate on what that something might be as she reached into the fly and wrapped her slim fingers around the member lying within. The soft flesh of his cock felt so hot in her hand that Fareeha practically shivered in anticipation, and she wasted no time in pulling it out into the open air.


Fareeha couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of it. Even soft it defied her modest expectations, and she couldn’t stop herself from stroking the full length as his cock slowly came to life. “You’re so big,” whispered Fareeha. “I had no idea.”


“I imagine not,” said McCree with a grin. “Probably the first one you’ve ever seen.”


“Oh please,” replied Fareeha with a roll of her eyes. “I may be 18, but I’ve seen plenty of dicks before.”


Jesse shrugged and took another sip of whiskey. “Then I’m sure you know what to do with it.”


Fareeha hesitated for a moment before finally mustering up the courage to lean in with her tongue stuck out until it touched the tip of his dick. Rather clumsily she wiggled it against the bulbous head, her tongue sliding back and forth as if to find the right way to lick it, but eventually she settled for just polishing the tip with her spit. With her lips parted exaggeratedly wide, Fareeha leaned further in and slathered her tongue over the smooth flesh as his entire shaft slowly grew to full length.


The young girl pulled back to take in the sight of the fully-hard American cock standing before her, and if she look uncertain before then Fareeha looked downright intimidated now. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hanging open as if awestruck. But she wasn’t going to back down from a challenge, and with her hazel eyes flicking up to stare at him with determination, Fareeha dove back in and boldly engulfed nearly half his cock with her lips.


With one hand cradling the drink, he gently placed the other on the back of Fareeha’s head as it bobbed up and down at a steady pace. For what Fareeha lacked in experience she made up for with enthusiasm, and whenever she seemed to falter or hesitate Jesse added a bit of pressure to encourage her to take him deeper. A quick yet harsh heave told him that his cockhead had arrived at the girl’s throat, but she quickly recovered and pressed on dauntlessly. 


All the while Fareeha never once broke eye contact with him, staring straight up at McCree as she sucked his dick. She wanted to make sure he didn’t forget who was blowing him, to ensure he’d never mistake her for a little girl again. Her lips tightened around his fat girth as they slipped lower and lower, eager to gobble up every inch possible. Yet no matter how much she struggled to push herself, Fareeha’s inexperienced throat simply would not budge.


McCree certainly noticed the young girl’s difficulty as she strained to open up her throat even as tears gathered in the corners of her eyes from the strain. “Relax,” he said as he combed his fingers through her black hair. “Deepthroating isn’t something you can force in a day. Just use your tongue, take it slow.” Once she finally calmed down and began to wiggle her tongue against the underside of his cock, McCree nodded. “That’s a good girl. Just like that.”


Fareeha’s cheeks blushed red from the praise, but she felt a lot more comfortable all the same. She relaxed just as instructed and focused on methodically sucking what few inches she could fit into her mouth using just her lips and tongue. Any shame she might have felt in failing to take down his entire cock instantly disappeared as she felt Jesse’s fingers tighten within her hair and the pulsing of his dick quicken. Fareeha didn’t have time to guess what that might mean as, before she knew it, her mouth was filling up with  thick, hot cum.


The young teen, upon receiving her first taste of cum, tilted her head back to give his cockhead more room to spurt its entire load into her mouth. Fareeha didn’t quite know what to do; pulling off him entirely certainly wasn’t an option in her mind, but neither did she feel brave enough to swallow. Thankfully, McCree’s orgasm lasted more than long enough for her to make up her mind, the creamy ejaculate filling her all the while until her cheeks were bulging outward from the load.


A loud and familiar voice from the doorway broke the moment. “Fareeha! Just what in the world do you think you’re doing!”


‘Mother!’ thought Fareeha and instantly her stomach filled with dread. She quickly pulled back and dragged her lips off his dick, and they snapped shut just in time to prevent any jizz from spilling out. From her place between McCree’s legs, Fareeha looked up with a mouthful of cum to see her mother looking down at her disapprovingly.


How Ana Amari had managed to sneak up on the two was anyone’s guess, but she certainly hadn’t become one of the most deadly women in the world without knowing how to approach undetected. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine catching her daughter on the floor with a coworker’s dick in her mouth – a Blackwatch operative nonetheless! Ana would have been impressed if she wasn’t so outraged.


Fareeha’s eyes darted around desperately. Sensing her dilemma, Ana held up a stern finger. “Uh uh, no! Do not spit out that mess all over my clean carpet. You swallow every drop right this instant, young lady.”


The color of Fareeha’s cheeks drained away, and she nervously shook her head for lack of how else to respond. She certainly couldn’t voice her reluctance with her mouth full.


“Fine. If you won’t take care of it then I will.” With a swiftness rarely seen off the battlefield, Ana moved to Fareeha’s side and joined her on the floor at McCree’s feet. Before anyone knew what was happening, she leaned in to press her mouth against her daughter’s. Fareeha was so stunned that she put up no resistance as Ana’s tongue insistently pried open the younger girl’s lips just before slithering inside. With lips locked together and tongues dueling, mother and daughter shared an intimate moment that left McCree more than entertained. However, Ana’s tongue moved with purpose and she quickly scooped out any bits of the cowboy’s cum she could find and pulled it into her own mouth.


Once her daughter’s mouth had been sufficiently cleaned out, Ana pulled back and promptly swallowed the borrowed load. Fareeha could only look on with a wide-eyed expression as her mother made a lurid show of it, extending her tongue out to show not a single drop remained. “That’s how you do it, habibti.” Not bothering to wait for a reply, as Fareeha was still too astonished to speak, Ana turned toward McCree and leaned in to press her own lips against his cock, still dribbling the remains of his orgasm down the shaft. “My daughter has always had trouble cleaning up after herself. Allow me.”


“You’ll get no argument from me, ma’am,” said McCree as he downed the rest of his drink and set the glass down. Having Fareeha’s hot mouth wrapped around his cock had been a joy, but Ana instantly set herself apart from the way she swabbed his shaft with practiced efficiency. Her touch was gentle, understanding just how sensitive he still was so soon after ejaculating, yet she made sure not to neglect him. When Ana finally pulled away, the only thing left on Jesse’s dick was her spit. 


Fareeha quickly launched into her defense. “Mother, I can explain! See, I went outside for a brief run and Jesse just so happened to drive by…”


“Save it, Fareeha. I know what happened. Do you think I don’t monitor all Overwatch communication channels, especially those coming from my own home?” Ana shook her head. “You’re too clever for your own good, child, but you’ve got a lot to learn about covering your tracks.”


Whereas just a few minutes ago Fareeha had all the confidence in the world, now she suddenly looked crestfallen and perhaps even a bit ashamed of herself. But admonishing her daughter seemed to be the last thing on Ana’s mind as she gave McCree’s cock a few more pumps with her hand before shrugging off the straps of her tank top. “Well, as long as you’re here Jesse, feel like you’ve got a few more rounds in you?”


A knowing smile crept across McCree’s face. “While I can certainly say this day has panned out quite differently than I expected, you know I’m already ready to stand and deliver, ma’am.”


“Good.” Ana was on her feet in a flash, and she made quick work of removing her own pants and undergarments before tossing them aside. She hadn’t bothered to wear a bra either that day, which left the captain fully nude with her brown skin glowing in the sunlight through the windows as she bent over the back of a recliner and presented her ass. “Do a good enough job and I’ll give you a positive review on your next performance report.”


“Mother!” gasped Fareeha as she watched her mom position herself to receive another man’s cock. “What about father?”


“Hush, child. You’ve had your fun, now let me have mine.” Ana couldn’t help but purr seductively as the younger man kicked off his own clothing and took up position behind her, grasping her hips possessively. “I don’t want you holding back just because I’m your superior officer.”


“The thought hadn’t crossed my mind,” replied Jesse as he pressed his cockhead against her very wet slit and, in one smooth motion, buried himself with the deadly sniper.


The living room was immediately filled with the harsh slapping of flesh, and Fareeha sat back with a stunned expression as she watched her mother getting fucked bareback. Yet as shocking as the scene was, the young girl was overcome with immense jealous as she had intended to lure McCree here to do just that with her instead. Now having her man stolen away, Fareeha had few options but to watch it happen and hope to quell her own burning lust with a hand down her pants.


Ana was soon panting roughly from the furious pounding she was receiving from behind. Her full breasts were bouncing freely each time she was shoved forward, and she cooed with delight when one of Jesse’s hands reached around to squeeze a free tit. Clearly he knew just what to do, as she had hoped. Ana wasn’t shy about how much she needed his dick to the point of pushing her ass back against him, encouraging the cowboy to slam into her full-force without holding anything back.


“My god!” Ana hissed as a particularly deep thrust sent a shiver up her spine. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a man so young and virile!”


Jesse nodded as he flexed his leg muscles to drive up into the captain’s sweltering snatch. “Well I never imagined myself fucking a woman older enough to be my mother.”


“Is that – huugh! – a problem for you?”


“No ma’am. Anything but.”


“Then do it,” moaned Ana as she whipped her hair back and forth in the throes of pleasure. “Fuck me with everything you’ve got. I want you to fill up mommy’s pussy with your hot load.”


McCree reached forward and took firm hold of her flailing black locks, tugging back hard enough to make the Overwatch officer scream out in joy. He didn’t need to say anything else and instead let his cock do the talking from the way it reamed her quivering pussy. Her held onto her hair like the reins of a horse as she bucked against him like a wild animal.


“This is so embarrassing,” whispered Fareeha as she watched with fingers buried within her own dripping snatch. The teen was hard at work diddling herself as fast as possible, but it was proving only more frustrating as she realized it couldn’t compare to what her mother was getting. “But so fucking hot.”


“Watch your language,” gasped Ana with her tongue hanging out from exertion, but a hard slam against her womb made her a hypocrite. “Fuuuuck! How are you so deep!? You’re breaking mommy’s pussy!”


“Yeah but you love it.” McCree didn’t cease in his battering assault upon the Egyptian beauty’s cunt, and he pulled her hair hard enough to arch her entire back, but Ana only gave a moan of pleasure rather than pain. “Say it, mommy. Tell me how much you love this cock.”


Ana’s eyes rolled upward as she lost herself to the raw bliss of getting so fully fucked and dominated. “I do! I love your cock! Oh god, you’re ruining my pussy but it doesn’t matter! I never want anyone else after this!”


A small whine came from the sofa as Fareeha witnessed the tall cowboy breaking down her mother into such a submissive slut. But as humiliating as it was to watch, the young teen desperately wished it was her instead.


“Cum, cum, cum!” babbled Ana deliriously as her orgasm finally crescendo’d and she crashed headlong into numbing pleasure. “Fill me up! Give my little Fareeha a sibling right now!”


With gritted teeth, McCree gave one final thrust into her clenching pussy and held against her thick ass as he came. Shot after shot of hot, creamy cum filled Ana’s depths in the most delightful way, extending her own orgasm from the euphoric trigger. Her ripe body, still in the prime of its life, craved every drop of seed as it rushed into her womb, and her inner walls clamped down hard to milk Jesse’s cock dry. Naturally he had no intention of pulling out, and so he pumped the moaning sniper to the brim with thick spunk until the excess was running down her inner thighs.


When he finally pulled out of Ana’s cunt and stumbled back, Fareeha couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of his limp cock that had very likely just knocked up her mother. The way it looked smeared with their combined juices and small droplets of cum leaking from the tip, she instantly recalled the memory of his taste upon her tongue. Fareeha’s mouth salivated, and she couldn’t stop herself from crawling forward on her knees until she was looking up at him with her cheek nuzzling against his wet dick.


“Please, Jesse?” she begged perhaps more pathetically than she intended. “I want… Can I taste it?”


As winded as he was from two back-to-back orgasms, McCree certainly wasn’t going to turn down her offer. “Go on ahead, darling.”


Fareeha’s lips were around his soft cock in a flash, sucking down whatever bits of leftover cum she could get. Gone were any inhibition about swallowing the salty cream, and she drank it down like she were dying of thirst. But there was another taste there aside from cum and cock, and quickly Fareeha realized she was tasting her mother’s own pussy on his dick. Rather than recoil, she pressed on and savored everything she could get, guzzling it all down like the obedient whore she wanted to be for him.


“Not bad,” came a voice from behind as Ana watched her daughter suck dick. “But you’ve got a long way to go before you can truly please a cock as magnificent as his.”


Fareeha pulled off with a gasp, long thin strands of saliva bridging from her full lips to his tip. “I want to learn.” She leaned in and gave an earnest kiss on McCree’s shaft, looking up at him with adoration in her eyes. “Oh god, I want to learn so badly.”


“They grow up so fast,” remarked Ana as she stroked Fareeha’s hair then met McCree’s eyes with a smoldering gaze. “How about it, hotshot? You ready to make a woman of my daughter?”


Jesse smiled and looked down at the young girl who was busy licking his rapidly-hardening cock. “It’d be my honor. Though I think she’s been a bit rebellious today, wouldn’t you agree? Going behind your back, luring men in under false pretenses. I think it’s about time she learned her lesson before I go poppin’ her cherry.”


As if her pussy wasn’t already so drenched, a fresh surge soaked her crotch as Fareeha listened to McCree talk so brazenly about taking her virginity. She had never felt so needy and desperate, and more than anything she wanted the rugged cowboy to wholly dominate and fuck her as hard as he had her mother. It was her idea to invite McCree over with the intent of seducing him, but now the tables had turned and young Fareeha found herself little more than a pawn swept up in the intense sexual energy.


“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” purred Ana as she petted her daughter’s head. “What did you have in mind?”


“Go on and lay down on that couch right there,” said McCree to the older Amari as he pulled Fareeha up to her feet. Jesse leaned down and captured the girl’s lips in a hungry kiss, making her practically melt in his arms. He brought Fareeha in close, his rockhard cock pressing up against her flat stomach, and whispered into her ear. “You see your mother over there?” he asked. “Her legs spread? Showing off that nice creampie I just filled her with?”


Fareeha nodded mutely, too horny and compliant to say anything else.


“You want that, don’t you? You want that big load in your pussy.”


The thought of McCree cumming inside her hadn’t been the plan that day, especially since she wasn’t on any protection, but in such a sorry state with her brain so foggy with lust, Fareeha couldn’t help but nod again.


“Then go get it. Earn it. I want you to eat my cum out of your mother before you deserve any for yourself.”


Fareeha’s eyes widened in shock. “Wh-what? No, I… I can’t.”


Ana spread her legs wide, showing off her stuffed pussy with the white spunk visibly seeping out. “You should do as Jesse says if you want his cock, my child. You started all this. If you want to be his slut, then start acting like one.”


She did want this and, as much as the idea repulsed her, Fareeha was willing to do anything for more. It didn’t take any further convincing to get Fareeha back on her knees but this time between her own mother’s dark, glistening thighs. She got a good close-up look at Ana’s battered pussy, still red and puffy from the brutal pounding it had just received from McCree, with the creamy white seed bubbling from within. Fareeha imagined how her own womanhood might look so used and utterly fucked, and that single thought pushed her to dive in.


As soon as her tongue slipped between her mother’s folds, Fareeha was overwhelmed with the powerful scent and taste of McCree’s cum combined with the older woman’s juices. Whereas she had only gotten a brief taste of their lovemaking on his cock, now she was drinking directly from the source. It was so intoxicating that before long Fareeha found her face pressed up against her mother’s crotch, tongue digging deeply to shovel out as much cum as possible just as Ana had done to her before.


She didn’t have to wait long until Fareeha felt McCree’s hands on her hips, pulling her up into a doggystyle position where he had ready access without impeding her oral service. Jesse at last peeled the yoga pants off her legs, which was no small feat considering how they clung to her like a second skin. Fareeha’s soft thighs were so drenched with arousal that it dripped onto the carpet, and she whined into her mother’s pussy as she felt his thick cockhead teasing her slick folds. Fareeha worked harder at cleaning out her mother’s cunt as if to convince McCree of what a good job she was doing in hopes he’d finally end her torment. She wanted that cock, and she was willing to eat as much pussy as necessary to get it.


Lucky for her, McCree had decided the both of them had waited long enough, and he pushed forward until he was sinking balls-deep into her tight little pussy. Fareeha shivered and squirmed as he held nothing back, determined to give her every inch right from the start. The young teen had expected her first time to hurt, but she was so unbelievable horny and dripping wet that not only did his massive cock slip in with incredible ease but it felt incredible along the way. Once he was fully hilted, Fareeha never imagined anything could feel so good. That was until he started to fuck her properly, his hips clapping against her jiggling ass, and the young teen realized the ecstasy had only begun.


“Fuck her harder, cowboy.” Ana goaded him on as she softly petted Fareeha’s head down between her thighs. “I want you to shoot the fattest, thickest load you’ve got up my daughter’s pussy.”

“Mother!” squealed Fareeha as McCree pounded into her. She was suddenly much more aware of how unprotected she was and could feel every bump, every vein of his enormous cock as it fucked her silly.


“Shush now,” cooed Ana, her thighs squeezing gently around the young girl’s head. “You think you’re old enough to handle a cock? Then you must learn to also deal with the consequences.” The older woman looked up into the eyes of the man slamming up against her daughter’s plump ass. “Do it, Jesse. Knock her up. Maybe then little Fareeha here will learn some responsibility.”


“I ain’t one to argue with a lady,” replied McCree with a quick tip of his hat before returning his hand to the mewling teenager’s hip. “One teenage pregnancy coming right up.”


Fareeha couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but she was in no position to contest any of it. With McCree fucking her young pussy loose and Ana smothering her with a creampie-soaked muff, Fareeha could only endure the furious assault and her own creeping climax in the hopes that her fertile womb would come out the other end of this ordeal unchanged. But that prospect seemed less and less likely as the horny cowboy, following the orders of his superior officer, pulled Fareeha’s hips back to meet each and every thrust that beat his cockhead up against her cervix.


Any misgivings Fareeha once had about letting Jesse cum inside her vanished as soon as he did so. The flood of his cream splashing within her hot pussy felt so good as to be indescribable. All Fareeha knew at that moment is that she was made for this, made to be fucked and filled by this stallion of a man until every hole was dripping with his seed.  Fareeha’s eyes crossed and she squealed into her mother’s pussy as her own was pumped with an unending tide of virile seed that settled deep within her womb, signaling an absolute end to her virginity, and she couldn’t be happier for it. Her thick hips pushed back against his in a yearning desire to be so utterly owned and defiled by cock and cum.


Not one to go easy on his conquests, McCree swatted a cheek of the girl’s thick rump, forcing a red handprint to rise against her bronze skin. Fareeha rode out her climax without complaint, sobbing aloud in sweet surrender as each spank upon her ass brought another fucked-silly gasp to her lips. Only once his balls had been fully drained for the third time did McCree finally pull out to observe the fruit of his efforts and admire the second Amari snatch dripping with his seed.


Ana immediately pulled her dazed daughter up into an intimate embrace, arms wrapped around her smaller body, and once more captured her lips in a soft kiss. Fareeha reciprocated this time and lazily kissed her mother back as McCree collapsed into the cushy recliner utterly exhausted. “I’m sorry about that,” whispered Ana as she caressed the young teen and showered her with sweet aftercare. “You should be happy to know I’ve been slipping birth control pills into your breakfast the last few weeks.”


As much of a relief as that was, Fareeha also couldn’t believe the sheer audacity of her mother, first in tempting McCree into knocking her up and then walking back on it. “Mother! How could you?”


“You’ve always been so willful, my love,” chided Ana as she gave her a quick kiss on the nose. “Maybe this lesson will actually stick with you for once. And as for you,” she said looking over at the half-asleep Blackwatch operative, “If you have any plans to continue fucking my daughter then you’ll have to include me. We’re a package deal after all.”


McCree could only nod sleepily with a wide grin on his face. “Wouldn’t dream of it otherwise.”


“Good,” murmured Ana as she gently caressed her own flat belly, which hopefully would soon begin to grow in the coming weeks. “Because if this doesn’t take then I expect you to keep trying until my Fareeha has a new sibling. Won’t that be exciting?”


Fareeha could only nod with half-interest, far too distracted with her eyes glued to the flaccid cock between Jesse’s legs still glistening with her juices. Already her thoughts were on the near future and when she would feel him inside her again.