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How to Rumple Those Sheets

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Luo Binghe thought he could wait once he had escaped the Abyss.

That once he proved himself at Hua Hua Palace, he could carve himself a status worthy enough to cool Shizun’s disdain for his demon nature. He thought he could take the time he needed to build his reputation. That it would be worth it to collect enough merits so Shizun would not, at least, openly reject his suit for courtship.

He was wrong. 

To see his Shizun at Jinlan City, after so long was excruciating. He was breath-taking. To see him surrounded by others, by Peak Lord Liu Qingge, by Gongyi Xiao like unworthy insects preying upon a flower. So thirsty for his Shizun’s sweet nectar as they hover. As they dare touch his arm? As they steal Shizun’s smile with their soft words. How could the sight not raise Binghe’s ire? 

It’s only logical that Binghe would snap. 

That he would find the place where Shizun would rest for the night. 

That he would storm the room when Shizun answered his knock with, “Liu Qingge? It’s the middle of the night, why are you–” 

The fact that it’s Liu Qingge he expects only infuriates Binghe even more. 

How could he not block the windows so Shizun couldn’t escape? How could he not corner Shizun? However, his interrogation of Shizun’s misdeeds, his confession of Binghe’s hopes and dreams is derailed by Shizun’s seductive beauty once again.  

“You have no idea how tempting you are,” Binghe whispered, stalking forward until Shizun’s back hits the wall. Like always Shizun is only in maybe one or two inner robes when he’s out of sight. His bad dressing habits have continued without fail.  

Shizun’s eyes are so wide. “Binghe, what are you doing here?”

“Look at you. I was tortured in our bamboo house. Never knowing if it was heaven or hell. Not whenever you moved I could see these shadowed peaks, calling for me. Calling for my touch.” Binghe reaches over to gently rub a nipple through that fine silk. Shizun gasps. He circles the bud and flicks it to get another sound. 

Delicious. Shizun should make more. Binghe needs to know what pleasure does to that voice. 

“They’ve always been pink through your robe. What would it take to make them red, Shizun?” Binghe teases with a smile. Shizun’s hands fly to his chest scandalized, his face already blooming with color. Though unfortunately for Shizun it puts his wrists in range.

“Binghe!” It’s too easy to collect both of his wrists in one of his hands. They fit well. “L-Let go of me!” 

Binghe hums pressing Shizun’s hands against the wall high above his head. It forces Shizun’s back to arch in a way Binghe appreciates. It also thrusts his future husband’s chest outward so Binghe fingers can continue to play. 

“Why? Shizun hasn’t answered this disciple’s question yet. Besides what does he like best? Does he desire these rubbed? Twisted? Pinched?” He illustrates with each action and Shizun gives such a lovely moan. “Teach me, Shizun.” 

He starts to squirm against the wall, especially when Binghe realizes that his other nipple must be feeling neglected, it must be shown the same level of devotion. 

Otherwise, Binghe would be a useless disciple. 


(Best Fanart Ever)

“Ah! Enough, please— “ Shizun’s voice cracks on a mewl. 

Binghe tuts, “It seems Shizun cannot make up his mind...that’s fine. This disciple will be sure that these are played with often until Shizun is less indecisive.” He pauses his ministrations, to take in the view. Shizun’s arms stretched, pale jade forearms peeking out of the sleeves that fell to his elbows. A flush covering his face and descending down his neck. Confused, dazed eyes and bitten lips. Oh, has Shizun been trying to hold back his noises? That won’t do. Binghe will have to correct that soon. 

His eyes land on those delightful nipples that pebble and poke through the fabric like small tents. He can’t discern the color yet. He’s going to need to do more. 

Binghe doesn’t mind. 

“How many times did I imagine this?” He murmurs. “Your form torturing me as you lounged around like a spoiled lover. How many times did your skin call out for someone’s touch, someone’s mouth?” His touch. His mouth.

He pecks Shizun on the cheek. He does it again when Shizun’s face twists into anger. “You mean your young mind was full of such depraved fantasies? How dare you! You, you pervert!” 

Binghe retorts by twisting his fingers hard. Shizun chokes. “It’s not my fault Shizun is so lewd. Striping the moment he’s indoors. Leaving only one layer to hide his soft flesh.” 

Just like now. 

Shizun struggles more violently. Desperately he demands, “Let go of my arms.” 

“As you wish.” Binghe releases them, decides to bring up both of his own to cup Shizun face for a better kiss. 

Shizun gives a startled squawk, but it turns into a muffled groan the longer Binghe sucks at his lips. He traces the seam of them with his tongue, pleading for entry if Shizun chooses to do so. 

Binghe prefers him willing after all. 

Shizun’s own hands move to clutch at his wrists, his fingers faltering between pushing Binghe away or pulling him closer. Binghe struggles to suppress a chuckle. 

“Open your mouth so I may please it better, Shizun.” 

Shizun expression is destroyed, “You—“

And the word is the only opening Binghe needs. His tongue slides in to explore how Shizun tastes, Shizun’s whole body jerks once before melting against his, of course, Shizun is delicious. 

It is so good to finally kiss him. Binghe could kiss Shizun forever. 

He angles Shizun’s jaw for a better angle, so the kisses are deeper and drugging. He swallows every reluctant moan and sigh like the delicacies they are. He kisses Shizun until that lovely body sags, relaxing unconsciously due to Binghe’s persistent actions. Just like it did the longer Binghe massages those aching shoulders in his youth. 

Shizun’s body remembers how good Binghe is to it. 

Now all he has to do is convince his mind. 

“Allow me to serve you.” Binghe pulls back to breathe against that swollen mouth. He pleads, turns his eyes wet, recalls past tricks to get Shizun’s walls to fall. “That’s all I ever wanted. To be by your side and serve you in every capacity.”

Shizun’s eyes grow conflicted at his watery tone. Good. 

He continues pressing their foreheads together. “Was I not a decent disciple? Did I not tend to your needs enough? Was I such a terrible servant? Is that why you pushed me into hell?” He lets his tears flow freely now, some fake...some real. 

“No! No, that’s not it!” Shizun is too weak when he cries. His delicate hands coming up to brush away his tears. “That’s not it at all. Binghe was a wonderful, perfect disciple!” 

A large part of Binghe preens, another pushes Shizun forward. “Then why?” He sobs quietly, rubbing his forehead back and forth.

Shizun’s body tightens with guilt. His teeth bite his lower lip and Binghe wants to pull it free and soothe it with his mouth but this isn’t the time. He wants to devour Shizun. 

But he needs to wait. 

“Shizun. Please answer me?” He begs with a tremble in his voice. 

It’s enough of an addition to make Shizun crack. “I had to. I had no choice. You don’t understand  I—“ Shizun tries to twist his face away and Binghe barely holds back a growl. He doesn’t like it when Shizun looks away. Shizun’s gaze darts around as if he’s trying to find an explanation. “I-I was scared. Emotional. You’re a heavenly demon after all and I just...acted.” 

“Are you scared of me now?” Binghe coaxes. That won’t do. He doesn’t like the idea of Shizun being frightened. Shizun should feel safe and protected while in Binghe’s care. What evidence is he required to provide? 

“I don’t know.” Shizun stammers. Binghe can’t help but kiss Shizun again for that. He’s so cute. He remembers how tall, how almost beyond reach his teacher seemed to be. Now, Binghe’s towers above his master by a few inches and he will touch him any way he desires. 

“Let me prove I bear you no ill will.” A line of saliva connects them. It’s better than a red string of fate. He whines just like he did when he was just older than a boy. “I promise never to bring you harm. I promise to devote myself wholly to your your pleasure.”

A slap to his shoulders. “Binghe! Don’t be so shameless. That’s not needed. You’re in your prime, there’s-there’s plenty of beauties out there for such attention and this teacher is old and—“

“And everything this disciple’s ever wanted.” Binghe purrs. Shizun resistance will crumble soon, he can feel it. 

He lets his hands fall low, towards Shizun’s waist. Gingerly, carefully he takes each hip in hand. They fit perfectly in his hold. 

“But-but you’re so—“ Oh, Shizun stuttering is adorable, but he has to interrupt. 

“Please? Let me show you.” Shizun’s fingers curl into his robes. His brows furrowed and Binghe pecks the space between them. “Please?” 

Binghe can beg for as long as it takes. 

“Please. I’ll be so good to you.” 

“Please, Shizun? I’ll bring you bliss.” For the remainder of their lives.

“Please? Let me have you.” He gets an answer in Shizun’s lips hesitantly opening to his when he needs another taste. Binghe rewards Shizun with the most gentle and tenderest kiss he can give. 

Then he shocks him. 

He lifts Shizun by the waist, high against the wall so it puts Binghe’s face right where it needs to be. Right in front of those nipples that have been left alone for too long. 

A demonstration of Binghe’s devotion is most clearly needed. 

“What are you doing?” Shizun’s scrambles for balance, silly Shizun, Binghe would not let him fall. Yet it doesn’t take much to lead Shizun’s wonderful, wonderful legs around his waist. Shizun’s ass fits divinely in his palms. “W-Wait I didn’t—“ 

Binghe doesn’t wait. 

He sucks one of those nipples straight through the silk.

Shizun throws back his head to keen.

It’s beautiful.

Shizun twists in his arms, Binghe makes sure to give him something to squirm about, his hands squeezing, his teeth coming to play to wring more cries from the man. It’s only karma. Binghe has had too many wet dreams to make a reality because of Shizun. It’s only fair Shizun starts playing his role in them. 

Shizun’s hands can’t keep still. One shoving at Binghe’s shoulder only to claw at it when Binghe switches sides, the cloth is more translucent with spit, yes those buds are red now. White hides nothing. Shizun’s other hand weaves itself into Binghe’s hair and pulls.

...He likes that. 

Binghe sucks harder. 


He gets his hair yanked again, dragged closer and Binghe loves his Shizun even more. Especially when Shizun loses control of his hips, and accidentally brushes against Binghe through his clothes.

Shizun freezes. 

Binghe laughs and grinds them together. “How forward, Shizun!” And he can feel Shizun’s desire against his own, proof that Shizun feels, that Shizun isn’t made out of stone that Shizun wants. Shizun wants him. 

“No. I didn’t mean to!” Shizun protests. 

“You never mean to. I’m sure you never planned to seduce your disciple so thoroughly.” He noses open the front of Shizun’s robe, widening it, and breathes in deeply his scent. Shizun still smells of flowers. Binghe must be the one to apply the lotions Shizun likes best next time. “You never meant to drive this Binghe insane with lust. You never meant to react.” 

He pulls their hips together again. His cock pushing against Shizun’s and wonders how it would feel without the barriers between them. Shizun’s cock must be so pretty. He can already tell it’s the perfect size, just right for a graceful man like Shizun. When his love gasps again and Binghe decides exactly what he wants to do first. 

“Just like you won’t mean to soil your own robe with cum.” 

Shizun smacks Binghe across the head sharply. Too bad Binghe likes that as well. “Binghe! Be-Be quiet. Stop talking! Stop–” His scolding breaks when Binghe rubs him through their layers, once he finds the right curve for Shizun to writhe on. 

“It’ll probably soak through, get this disciple’s clothes wet too,” Binghe notes, giving a nip right over Shizun’s heart. A heart he will court, and earn and own. He sucks a mark there as a solemn oath. “Yet do not fear, this one has not forgotten how to do our laundry.” 

Shizun hits him again. “Please. Please. Just stop talking. ” Embarrassment wracks his entire frame as his body curls and shudders when Binghe continues to rock back and forth. A rhythm that’s sure to destroy whatever composure he’s managed to grasp. 

Binghe will ruin him. 

He hums in the back of his throat, face nuzzling the robes to be opened wider, more flesh for kiss marks while his hands turn wicked. “Only if you come for me.” 

He lets his fingers grope freely, the single robe doing little to nothing to disguise his Shizun. A digit traces his crack, while the others spread those cheeks greedily. He finds Shizun’s entrance and rubs. 

Shizun wails at the stimulation. 

Binghe sighs happily using the texture of the silk against Shizun’s defenses. He makes every touch maddening. He circles, he teases, he presses in. 

A centimeter is enough to make Shizun break. 

It’s violent. How long has Shizun denied himself? The man collapsing with sobs over Binghe’s shoulders, his body going lax as it shakes out its release. Binghe doesn’t take much to follow. Satisfaction helps him over the edge. He grinds a moment more before he’s spent. The barriers between them must be absolutely soaked and in a thought of depravity, he wonders if their seed is now mixed, embedded in the cloth...and how it would taste.  

“Shizun feels so wonderful in my arms,” Binghe admits to himself he may have lied about ending his speech, his praise any time soon. He carries Shizun to the guest bed, sweetly lowering him so he can be draped artfully over the sheets. The oil lamp illuminates his worn figure. How his dark hair spills over the covers like ink, his chest still heaving with half-glazed eyes. He looks like a celestial maiden, fallen from grace and bullied without mercy.

Shizun will kill Binghe with his beauty.

“You humble this disciple.” Binghe’s blood stirs again as if it ever settled that is, his veins have always ran like fire for his teacher. “Let’s get you out of those messy clothes.” 

It’s telling that Shizun doesn’t fight him. That he just lays there as Binghe peels open his robe, like the imperial concubine the dream demon once compared him to be. He lets Binghe tend to him, just like he should. Binghe sighs. The robes stick at some places but the sight of his Shizun, debauched and his, is one he will remember forever. 

His skin is paler than the moon. 

His nipples are like red ripe fruits that call for his bite.

A blush stains and spreads from his cheeks to the center of his chest. His thighs can be coaxed open so easily so the robe can be pulled from under him and dropped to the floor. 

Shizun’s cock is gorgeous.

It drools filthily on Shizun’s lean stomach. Binghe needs it in his mouth. Immediately. 

Even Shizun’s chrysanthemum winks at him, twitches! Tempting Binghe to continue his torment and all Shizun has done is just lie there and Binghe is absolutely seduced! 

“You’re going to be so beautiful taking me in,” Binghe says dreamily. Fear flickers, tries to worm itself on Shizun’s tried face, which is reasonable he supposes. Binghe’s size may be intimidating so he comforts Shizun with his plan. Binghe...made a lot of those in the Abyss. 

“It’ll take days to get you ready. Hours to stretch you out, to play with you so you feel no pain. Do not worry, this disciple will use every tool from his tongue to his fingers and toys until Shizun wants more. My Shizun deserves only pleasure and he will have it.” Binghe has trained with succubi, learned, prepared himself just for his husband-to-be. It wouldn’t do if his skills were lacking.

His courtship needs to be perfect after all.  

“B-Binghe.” Shizun pants still trying to get his breath back, lifts one hand as if to reach for him. Binghe takes it, presses soft kisses to the back of it.

Shizun will be his greatest treasure. So precious and loved. 

“Ah, forgive this disciple’s inattention. Later, you surely must think of some proper punishment for his incredible laziness. It’s far beyond time to clean...Shizun...up.” 

And it’s time to put his mouth to good use. 

Shizun screams.