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Animorphs: New War - #57 The Abduction

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Chapter 21


The Andalite cloaking system shielded us from Kelbrid radars. Their ships filled the skies like a plague of locusts, but in the dark of the night they would not locate us as we zigzagged through at a hurried speed.

The technology was a secret held from them for the time being. Maybe it wouldn't remain that way for long. Right then, it was the only thing saving us from the wrath of the Kelbrids whose citizens we had abducted. They were being held in a storage compartment, tied down with metal cables and cloth.

Only once we had exited the Kelbrid atmosphere and breached the dense emptiness of space could we reflect on what had occurred on the surface, but the reflection became inflective, and we each succumbed to silence. Whatever happened in the cells in my absence must have had an effect, and Marco was the center of it. Jake had his own issues to worry about, and he became the self-assigned supervisor of the infinitely confusing Jeanne. The intervention would occur soon.

The mission was a partial success. We had a Kelbrid General, but that wasn't our mission. Our mission was still missing, somewhere unknown on the vast alien planet. Maybe even somewhere else. Maybe we'd never find it.

I couldn't let myself think like that. I looked back at my reasons for being on that horrible old ship, and I realised that it was all I had.

Or all I could find. I continued my search, again on that maze of a vessel that spiralled through foreign space.

The corridor was quiet. Only the distant hum of the engines threatened the peace of the claustrophobic tube. I felt the itch, and I scratched it.

My feathers shrank and withered back to my naked skin, replaced by the short blue fur. Talons became hooves, wings became legs. Two more limbs sprouted with a squelch from my chest and rose as my spine extended in both directions. Pygostyle became tail, beak became nose. My mouth apparatus faded to nothing.

A wicked blade unsheathed at the tip of the tail that wavered and curled around me. It shone a dangerous orange glow, reflecting the grim atmosphere of The Shadow.

The Andalite body was so strange to me, after so long, and despite the history I loosely held.

I had only met the War Commander once. He was confident. Self-assured. More than comfortable in a body that was no doubt full of stress and loss. Surely, I could find similar comfort.

I moved his legs and his arms. I rolled his head over his shoulders and stretched his stiffened muscles. And then I wandered, searching for that something that I knew I would never find in the space-bound prison that was our ship. I tried, nonetheless.