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Kiss Me Once

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Steve’s arm was wrapped around your waist, fingers digging into your skin when Bucky cleared his throat and turned the lights off. “You two promised to keep your hands to yourselves,” Bucky said, eyes fixated on both you and Steve.

“We are just sitting here,” you replied, Steve’s head resting on your shoulder. 

“Just a warning, if I see you two swapping spit, I will make myself barf. Literally, I will vomit all over your carpet.”

“Geez, what a drama queen,” you rolled your eyes as Steve chuckled, enjoying Bucky’s bickering with you.

“I dunno, last time we watched a movie with you, you two almost got pregnant on my couch,” Bucky said, getting comfy on his seat. “I don’t want to see that again,” he grimaced, trying to forget the memory of you on Steve’s lap, completely flushed and flustered.

“Just focus on the movie then,” Steve sassed and dug his fingers deep in your skin, Bucky’s disgust made him want to get handsy. Very handsy, you realised as he trailed his finger on your skin, leaving you shivering and put in your place. You liked your carpet very much. And watching a grown man vomit was not on your to-do list. Not ever.

“Stop it,” you whispered and Steve nuzzled his nose in the crook of your neck, letting you know he had no intentions to stop it whatsoever.

“I will if you kiss me once,” Steve dared, checking Bucky as you sighed. Deeply.

“Listen, I will kiss you once and you will stop it, deal?” you replied and Steve leaned in, closing his eyes and leaving himself to you. To your mercy.

You grabbed his cheeks with your hands, checking Bucky to see if he was barfing yet, and pecked a soft kiss on your husband’s lips. No tongue, no ulterior motive, you were not trying to arouse him. You were simply enjoying your night with your friends, being married to a perfect man, and that alone needed a kiss to celebrate.

“You two are getting close,” Bucky warned, his eyes still on the screen and Steve dropped his shoulders, clearly hoping for more when you rubbed your thumb to his lips. A promise to continue this later. “I will vomit if you get any closer,” 

“Just get laid and leave us alone,” Steve grabbed the pillow and nailed his best friend’s head.

And kissed you once more, just until Bucky started watching you again.