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Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

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Part One

Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

Steve Harrington knew that he could be a dumbass sometimes…

Okay, a lot of the time… But there were four things that Steve knew without a doubt in his heart.

He knew that he would never again be considered the most popular guy at school.

He knew that liking girls exclusively wasn’t something he was into anymore.

He knew that Billy Hargrove was his soulmate.

And he knew that Billy Hargrove was responsible for all three of the things he knew for sure.

Actually… Scratch that. Steve knew five things. Because he also knew surely, that Billy Hargrove would kill Steve Harrington if he were to ever figure out that the name written directly over Steve’s heart was his own.

The small black letters, much neater than Steve ever expected of Hargrove, matched the California King’s own penmanship perfectly: WILLIAM HARGROVE.

He’s convinced that they etched themselves onto his skin the moment that Hargrove’s gaze met his own, but he’d never say that out loud, at risk of sounding like a complete pussy over the whole thing. At first he wasn’t sure what to make of them, because there had to be a ton of different William Hargroves in the world… Just tons. The name on his heart didn’t necessarily have to be this Billy Hargrove in Hawkins.

Not to mention, that Hargrove showed plenty of fucking skin every god damn day of his life, and there wasn’t anything on his body to indicate he had a soulmate. Not a single name, or half name or letter on his golden tan skin.

He’d heard Hargrove once murmuring to a girl that she could put her mark on him with her teeth since he wasn’t bound to anyone. And he’d heard Hargrove sneering with superiority to the other boys in the locker room that he was free to fuck whoever he wanted instead of being stuck with the same worn out cunt for the rest of his life. And he’d heard Hargrove at different parties in Hawkins, (not that there was anything else to do for the older youth of the town), holding a girl’s body up against a wall, hand disappearing under her skirt and letting her writhe and moan while he did unspeakable things to her, and groaned in her ear that she could be the one meant for him, if only she gave it all up.

It was a shameless tactic, pulled by a shameless whore of a teenage boy.

It made Steve Harrington fucking sick to his stomach.

Every time he saw or heard about anything Hargrove said about his lack of name on his body, he wanted to throw up.

The skin over his heart itched where Hargrove’s name was perfectly written. In typical “spoiled King Steve” way he wanted to scream and cry about the world not being fair. It wasn’t fair that he had this assholes name on his chest. Destined to be so close to the one person that would complete him, and have his own soulmate not share the same path in life.

Billy Hargrove might revel in the fact that he was not tied to a single soul on earth and could do as he pleased for the rest of his life. But Steve Harrington nursed his broken heart over a boy that would never see him as anything worthy of his attention…

So, scratch that. Steve Harrington knew six things.

He also knew that he would always be alone.

And that was Billy Hargrove’s fault too.