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If I Have a Face, You Have a Throne

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It would have been a lie to say that Noctis had sprung this on you. Most of his pick-up lines (delivered with either a fox-like grin or a rosy blush) were related to him eating you out. The prince enjoyed foreplay, and seemed to delight in bringing you to the peak of pleasure several times a night, but he did it with his hand and cock alone.

The night that he pulled you on top of him did not feel different from the outset. Noctis like to have you on him, reveling in another person’s weight on him the same way he loved being covered heavy blankets. Tonight he guided you up his body, gently pulling your hips closer and closer, until he was face-to-face with your dripping sex. Noctis was smiling, both sly and sweet at the same time, before he pulled your hips a final time. Your knees hit the mattress on either side of his head and the smile disappeared between your legs as his lips made perfect contact with the slit of your vagina.

The shock of contact nearly jolted you off the bed, but Noctis’ grip held you in place over him. Your hands curled into fists. Noctis’ tongue took slow, long licks up the length of your pussy. The tip of his tongue ghosted over your clitoris, sending another jolt through your body. You threaded your fingers into his hair, tugging him against you. Most of the time, you would have never dared to be so savage with him, but Noctis was inviting it. He sucked and lapped as if he were starving for you.

Noctis rolled your clitoris on the tip of his tongue. He kept your attention with the rapid motion of his tongue, and his fingers were another surprise. He kept his grip on one of your hips, not holding you down as much as keeping his grip on you. He slipped two fingers from the other hand inside you. He pushed them up into you, drawing out your moans and sighs. You tightened your grip on his hair, pulling his face closer to you.

As you rocked your hips against his face, Noctis withdrew his fingers from you and held onto your ass, pulling you against him as his jaw moved and his tongue labored against you. The pleasure was building in you. The orgasm rushed through your body, rushing and surging through you and dragging screams from your throat. Noctis was relentless, moving through your waves of pleasure and milking every cry from your lips.

When he emerged from between your legs, his hair was stuck to his face with sweat and the redness had risen into his cheeks. He panted for breath and brought a hand to his jaw, massaging the joints. “How was that?”

“Great,” you breathed. “It was… You were amazing…”

“So are you.” Noctis pressed a kiss to your neck. “Round two?”