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My Little Freckled Angel

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He was standing on the edge of the cliff on the roof of his middle school a burned note book in the hand. He was looking at the ground; it look so close yet so far at the same time. Will he died instantly when his body will hit the ground or will he died while suffering all his bones broken? He didn’t know and he didn’t care. If the Gods didn’t deemed him worthy to get a quirk, he wasn’t worthy to live. At least not this quirkless life.

The middle school student look one last time at the ground below him, took a deep breath and prepare himself to take a step forward, a step that will hopefully lead him to a painless death.

The moment when he was about to make the big jump, he heard noises behind him; he didn’t want to look over his shoulder, it was probably a teacher who will pretend caring about his problem. If the teacher was really caring, they would have stopped the years of bullying. But they didn’t. Izuku mind was set, he was ready and it was useless to try to make him change his mind.

At least that’s what he was thinking, until he hears the person behind him talking.

“The world is ugly and need to be clean, to be purified, those insects are not worthy to live in this world. I gonna clean this world, and create a new world, a place where everyone is standing on the same level. I will get rid of those rats, of the plague corrupting the world. Not more hero, no more villain, no more quirk, everyone will be quickless. Say kid, do you want to live in a world like that ?”

Izuku was curious, everyone would be, someone was planning to create a new world, a world in which someone quickless like him could live him without being ostracized. How was this possible?

The young man carefully turned around and looked at the man who was standing behind him.

He had an average height and seem to have a slender body despite his oversized green jacket with purple fur collar; under he was wearing a black button up and a white tie. His sleeves were rolled up, uncovering his forearms and he was wearing white glove. But the thing that hit the most Izuku was the mask the man was wearing. A doctor mask, a mask shaped like a bird peak. The eyes, Izuku also noticed his eyes, golden iris surrounded by long eyes lash.

To Izuku’s eyes the man in front of him was beautiful and this man just asked him if he wanted to live in the world he wanted to create.

A part of him was screaming to just run, forget about his plan and run away from that man that smelled trouble, but the other part wanted to his this world and he wanted to help at its creation, we wanted to be useful to someone.

Izuku step back to safety and walked toward the man, uncertain.

“How will you create this world?” he asked with a shaking voice
“Follow me and you will see” reply the mysterious man before walking to the door that will lead them to the ground level.

Izuku stayed there, pondering on what he should do. The man looked over his shoulder and wait for Izuku to make a decision while holding the metal door.

Izuku looked at the notebook in his hand and thought about everything he was going through, he knew the bullying wouldn’t stop anytime soon and after today he thought it would just get worse if he didn’t run away from all this.

The young man took a deep breath and drop his notebook before walking to join the mysterious man.

Izuku was following in silence the man, leaving the sound of their step on the metal stairs filling the void. He was gripping tight the strap of his yellow backpack, looking at the floor while he was going down. He didn’t notice the man stopping on the last step and collided with him.

“So-sor-sorry” stuttered Izuku
“Don’t worry” said the man “I still haven’t presented myself, my name is Overhaul, but you can call me Kai, Chisaki Kai”
“Ni-nice to, to meet you, I’m, I’m Mi-midoriya Izuku”
“I know your name”

Izuku could almost feel like is Chisaki was smiling.

The older man continued walking and opened the door leading into the school, they then exited the building and walked toward a black berline that was waiting for them. The driver opened the door and Chisaki made a sign to Izuku to get in. The young man wasn’t sure if he should follow this man. What his mom will think?

As if Chisaki had read the smaller man mind, he told him not to worry, they were just dropping him off at this home.

Still unsure, Izuku got into the car and took place behind the driver seat; Chisaki followed and the driver closed the door.

Their way to Izuku apartment building was as quiet as when they were going down the stairs. Izuku had question, but he wasn’t sure if he could ask them. Before he got enough courage to speak, the car stopped in front of Izuku house and the driver opened his door.

Getting out of the car, Chisaki told him to take care, that they will see each other soon.

The young man stepped on the sidewalk and wait for the car to become a little dot before taking the direction leading to his apartment.

Arriving at the apartment where he was living with his mother, Izuku opened the door and heard hi mother excited voice from their living room. Wondering who was his mom guest, the young man removed his bright red shoes and walked to the living room.

A man wearing a three-piece suit was sitting in his living room, casually drink the tea his mother have made. The latter was walking around the room, speaking to fast for Izuku to understand anything, but he could catch some words, like moving and him changing schools.

Seeing his mother didn’t seem to have noticed he was back from school, he decided to make his present noticed.

“I’m home mom”
“Oh Izuku,dear happy to see you back I have a great new for you, your father got a big promotion and we will be moving soon to a bigger house. Of course you will have to finish you middle school in a new school, but I’m sure you will be able to adapt quickly and we will have our own personal driver is it that exciting” said Inko without breathing.

Izuku looked at his mother and at the man who was sitting in the living room without knowing how to react.

“See dear this man work with your father, since he can’t come right now, he sent his co-worker to announce us the new, we gonna move during the summer vacation, don’t worry about your old school they are already aware you are not going back there” said the little woman putting a hand on her son shoulder.

First the mysterious man who wanted to change the word and make it safe for him to live him, now this. Izuku wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew the only thing he could do now was going with the flow.

A few weeks after meeting Chisaki, Izuku was now moving into his new apartment with his mom. This new place was at least three times as big as the one before it not bigger; his new room was as big as their old living room, Izuku had so much space that he didn’t know what to do with it.

The young man was alone for the day, his mom was out to buy groceries and more decorations for their new apartment. He was surprised when he met their personal driver, he was sure he was the same guy that drove Chisaki and him, but he decided to not say a word to his mom, at least not for now, she seemed really happy about this change.

Izuku was in his room, taking his belongings out of the remaining boxes when he heard the doorbell ringing. Who could it be? He told no one about his new address and it’s not like he really had friend to who he could tell. Maybe his mom told some of her friend, as long as she didn’t tell his bully parent he was okay.

He walked up the door and look at the screen to see who was visiting him. It was that man, Chisaki, he was there standing in front of his door. The young man knew he didn’t have any other choice to open the door.

“Hi, Mr. Chisaki” he said while opening the door.
“Hi, you can call me Kai” said the man walking in the appartement .

Izuku closed the door behind his guest and it lead him to the living room, where Chisaki sat on the couch. Izuku asked him if he wanted to drink anything, he could make some tea if he was able to find the teapot among the boxes that weren’t unpacked yet. The taller man declined the offer while removing his mask.

Izuku watch Chisaki removing his mask, the first time he met him on the roof of his old school, the young man was really wondering why he was wearing a mask, maybe he was disfigured and he wanted to hide the scars. But it wasn’t the case at all. If Izuku find Chisaki attractive with the mask, he found him even more without it.

Izuku tried to not stare too much at Chisaki, but the latter noticed it before Izuku could look away.

The man smiled and told Izuku to sit, he had a story to tell him. Izuku did what Chisaki told him; sit and wait for his guest to speak.

“One day I was walking in the streets of the city, wandering thinking about a way to change this world, world corrupted by the plague that are the quirks; looking for a reason to never give up, to continue my fight for a better world. My feet lead me to a park. In this park I witness something to enraged me. A group a student seemed to bully one of their peers. One the student quick to create the explosion, keep making small detonation close of the face of that poor student who wasn’t able to do anything. He heard the group telling the other boy that he will forever be useless since he was quirkless. At this moment I knew I had a reason to change this ugly world. While I'm corrupted by a quirk, I still want to clean this world. The appearance of the quirk created a new division in the world. Now it wasn’t only the rich and the poor, it was also the one who had a quirk and those who don’t. The color of the skin and the orientation didn’t mattered anymore, if you had a quirk, everything was fine. This mentality needed to change.” Chisaki made a pause looking at Izuku reaction before continuing “The student left their schoolmate alone laughing, I wanted to go look at that boy wanted to help him. But before I could an old woman came to help the boy to get on his feet. It’s at this moment that I found my other reason to always fight. In this park covered by dirt was standing a young man with bright green eyes, green like a pond, a pond I that I could drown in, despite the distance, I could see freckles on his cheek, like a constellation formed by the stars in the sky. From that moment I knew I needed to know more about that green-haired young man with unruly hair. I spend the next days and weeks trying to find him, looking at the schools grounds and parks, hoping to see him again. I visit the park where I saw him for the first time again and again, without much success. Until the day where I catch a glimpse of him exiting Aldera Junior High. Now I knew at which school he was going, I just needed to know his name and where he was from which is easy when you have the money for it. Once I knew who that boy was and where he was living, I kept a close eye on him trying to learn more about him, this is when I learned that he was a big All Might fan, at the same time, I was preparing the next step on my plan which was bringing him closer to me. Once everything was ready, I decided to go pick him up at his school, I didn’t expect to find him on the roof of his school ready to jump. I needed to find a reason for him to stay alive, therefore I decided to tell him my plan.”

Izuku looked at Chisaki without knowing what to say, it was too much information at the same time. Aldera Junior High sold his information to Chisaki and the latter pretty much confess his love to him ...wait? Love? Was Chisaki was really in love with him or he was just looking for a quirkless boy that would become the mascot of his plan? And how someone like him, someone stunningly beautiful like him, some who seemed to have a lot of money could fall in love with someone quirkless and plain as himself.

Once again Chisaki seemed to hear Izuku thinking. He got up from the couch and walked to Izuku cupped his face and lift his head to look at the young man into his eyes; his beautiful mesmerizing green eyes.

“Izuku, I know it’s a lot to take at the same time, but I promise you that I didn’t brought you here with your mother with bad intentions in mind. I really want to create that world for you, a place where you will be able to live safely, I want to become the Hero of your world. The moment I saw you, you and your beautiful green eyes, your freckles cheek and unruly curly green hair, I just felt the need to protect you from this ugly and corrupt world that was so unfair to you. I will be your hero, you will be my angle, my light, my reason to continue this fight.”

Chisaki removed his glove and pass his thumbs on Izuku’s cheek over his freckles. He wanted to kiss the young man, but he didn’t want to scare him either. He decided to take a step back and wait for Izuku to digest everything he just told him.

Izuku look at the taller man, the warm feeling of his hand on his cheeks was lingering, he felt butterfly inside him, Chisaki words didn’t seemed empty.

“What do you want from me?” asked Izuku
“Nothing other than just stay by my side” replied Chisaki “You will be able to go wherever you want, make friends, you will not have to call me each time you go out to see someone, I really just want you to stay with me. I don’t ask you to love me back either.”
"You are ready to make a better world for me and you expect nothing in return?"
"Hard to believe, I know, but as long as my angel is safe and happy, I need nothing more"
" I …need time ...Mr. Chi ...Kai"
"I understand, no need to rush anything, this place belong to your mother and you now, no one will kick you out, when your decision will be made, let me know.''

On those words, Chisaki put back his gloves and walked to the apartment door. Izuku followed him, wait for him to put on his shoes and opened the door. Before going out, the older man put back his mask and walk away. Izuku closed the door behind him and walk back to his room. He looked around him, he was surrounded by All Might merchandise, All Might was his favorite pro-hero, the Hero Izuku was looking up to, he always wanted to be like him, he dreamed about it, but his dream was crushed when it was confirmed he would never develop a quirk. Despite that he never gave up on his dream until he decides to jump off that building, what was the point of living if he couldn't become was he wanted to be. This was before he met Chisaki, he made him believe he had his place in this word, Chisaki was giving him a reason to continue living. Izuku might be seen as worthless by the other, but the older man seen saw his worth and was loving him.

While the young man was still unsure about if he could love Chisaki back the same way Chisaki was loving him, Izuku began to think it was maybe a good thing to stay by Chisaki's side. Close to someone who will make him feel safe and feel like he was important to someone.

Maybe that what was love, feeling safe by someone side. It could explain the butterfly Izuku felt earlier, but how could he have fallen in love with someone he barely knows. Do not rush things, that what Izuku decides to do, at least for now.

A few weeks had passed and Izuku realized he was always looking forward for Chisaki visits or phone calls. The older man always call three or four times a week to see how Izuku was going and to hear his angel voice. But it's when Chisaki didn't call for almost a month Izuku got worried and realized how much he liked having the older man close to him.

After a month without any news, Chisaki appeared in front of his apartment door. Izuku was so happy and relieved that he began to cry and made Chisaki promise to never do that again.

Chisaki took the young man in his arms and embraced him, whispering how much he was sorry.

Once Izuku was calmed down, they sat in Izuku's room, a small space has been arranged as a small living room where the young man could receive his friend. They were sitting side by side, Izuku's head was resting on Chisaki shoulder; the latter had an arm pass around the younger man's waist. They remained like that in silence. Izuku was just happy to see Chisaki back. He didn't care about the reason why the older man didn't gave any news for almost a month, the only thing that mattered for Izuku is that Chisaki, the man that was making him feel happy and safe was there close to him.

After a moment, Izuku lift his head and noticed Chisaki eyes were close. It seemed like the older man had fallen asleep. Izuku got up the couch, making sure the not awake him and got a blanket to cover him.

"Sleep well, I love you" he said before leaving a quick peck on the man's cheek. He walked to the door and when he was about to open it, he heard a rustling sound behind him.

"Did you really wait for me to fall asleep to tell me you loved me?"

Izuku froze, the hand on the doorknob. He slowly turned and looked at a perfectly awaken Chisaki.

"I ...hmmm …you weren't ...sleeping?"
"No I was just listening to your breath, it's a calming sound, you didn't answer my question"
"I guess I spoke without thinking ...I probably unconsciously thinks about saying it and today my emotions were all over the place and ...I guess I said it in fear I wouldn't be able to say it again ...I mean you left without giving any news for almost a month, what if it happens again before I can tell you that I love you ...what if the next time you never comes back?"

Izuku was looking at the floor playing with the hem of his shirt. He heard Chisaki getting up from the couch and walk towards him. He felt the older man hand caressing his cheek.

"Say it again" said Chisaki keeping his hands on Izuku cheeks.
"Say what?" mumbled Izuku without looking at the man standing in front of him.
"That you love me, I'm here in front of you awake, say it again ...please."

Izuku lift his head to look into Chisaki golden eyes, took Chisaki hands into his and said it:

"I love you Kai, I really love you and what to say by your side until death do us apart."
"Izuku …"

Chisaki bend down a little, closing the gap between his lips and the young man lips and softly kissed him. It was a part of his dream becoming reality, his angel was finally his and no one and nothing could take them apart.

Chisaki broke the magical kiss and look at his little blushing angel:
"Again" ask Izuku
"Again what?" replied Chisaki
"Kiss me again" answered Izuku
"Everything you want my little angel ." said Chisaki before pressing his lips against Izuku again.

This time the kiss was longer, Izuku felt Chisaki tongue licking his lips, trying to part them open. It was the first real kiss Izuku ever had and if felt good. The young man wanted more.

"I love you Kai" he murmured against the lips of his lover.
"I love you too, Izu" replied the older man before pressing his lips once again against the soft lips of his boyfriend.

Izuku passed his arms around Chisaki neck and brought him closer.

"Let's not go too quickly." said Chisaki when he felt Izuku parting his legs to let the taller man knee to go between them. "Sure we will get there, but let's take our time, okay?"

Izuku nodded, hoping it will not get too much time before he get to taste more of Chisaki love for him.

When the time for Chisaki to take his leave came, Izuku accompanied his boyfriend outside the building and kiss him goodbye before the older man get in the car. Izuku watch the black berliners until he couldn't see it anymore before going back to see apartment.

Time passes and the young couple was spending more and more time together. Once Izuku even managed to convince Chisaki to stay overnight promising him to behave. The young man really wanted to wake-up him in the safety of his boyfriend arms. That night nothing happened, they did kiss and cuddle a lot, but Chisaki made sure neither of them crossed the line before he felt it was the right time.

Then came the summer vacation, Izuku had nothing planned, however his boyfriend had a lot of plans for them. The first was a vacation away from the city, in a villa he rented for two weeks.

The villa was clashing with its surrounding, the modern looking building was sitting in the middle of the forest. No neighbors around. They would be alone for two whole weeks. The only person who will come to see them was those who will bring them food and other stuff they might needed.

The arrived at destination after a few hours of drive, after everything was settled and the driver gone, the couple made a quick tour of the villa to see where everything where before eventually sitting and cuddling in front of the big window of the living room.

Now that they were alone, Izuku felt like he could question Chisaki about the mask and the gloves he was always wearing when he was around other.

"I'm mysophobic, I fear to be contaminated by any germs, the mask filter the air, this way I will not breathe the air the other breath."
"What about the air I'm breathing?" asked Izuku.
"It's different, you are my little angel and the air you are breathing is pur" replied a very serious Chisaki

Izuku chuckled, thinking about all the time his lover cleaned his face with his bare hands.

"Is it also for that you want to change the world?"
"The theory want the quirk come from rats and rats are filthy creatures, therefore quirk user are unclean. To clean this ugly world, it needs to be back at its original state, the quirks need to disappear. My beautiful angel, you got bullied because you didn't have quirk, but you are pure. That probably one of the reasons why I was drawn to you, you and your beautiful green eyes, your freckled cheeks and unruly hair."

Chisaki brought Izuku closer to him and kissed his forehead.

"My little angel, will would stay by my side forever?" asked Chisaki
"Of course Kai" replied Izuku leave a pack on his lover lips.

Their first day at the villa pass quickly and the time to get to bed came quickly, but before chisaki suggest to get in the hot tub that was next to their room. Izuku shyly agreed, it would be the first time he would show himself naked in front of his lover. While Izuku actually worked out to tone his body, he wasn’t fully confident in himself show is body completely naked.

Chisaki undressed himself first and wrap a towel around his waist and then waited for Izuku to the same. Seeing Izuku seemed a bit shy, the older man give a gentle smile at his young lover and walked to him.

“You are okay Izuku?” he asked the young man.
“... yes ... go ahead I will follow you soon” replied Izuku.
“Lift your arms, I will be gentle I promise”.
“O-okay …”

Izuku left his arm and let his lover undressed him. The feeling of Chisaki touch on his bare skin make him shiver, but not an unpleasant feeling, it was more a shivering caused by the excitement and expectation. Chisaki was gentle, he didn’t rush while undoing Izuku’s belt and then unbuttoned his pants before pulling them down. Then he passes his hands under the waistband of the young man boxer to slowly slide them down. He told Izuku to put a hand on his shoulder to keep his balance while he was finishing to undress him.

Once the young man was completely naked, Chisaki looked at him a smile:
"You are beautiful." He said while wrapping a towel around Izuku's waist.
"Not as beautiful as you" replied Izuku getting on the tips of his toes to kiss his lover.

The couple walked to the hot tub and slide in the warm water, Chisaki passed his arms around Izuku's waist while the latter rested his head on his lover chest.

They remained like this, listening to the wind ruffling the leaves and watching the sun setting above the trees. Chisaki closed his eyes listening to the music of nature.

Izuku stayed quiet, not moving, listening to his lover heartbeats. He then lifted his head and began to kiss Chisaki jawline. To get more comfortable, the young man decided to straddle on his laps. This way he could he even closer.

After a moment, Izuku felt something poking under him, between his legs. He was about to get up and see what was wrong when Chisaki grabbed him by the wrist while telling him to stay there:
"Don't worry, it's totally normal, this reaction this caused by you after all" said the older man before kissing Izuku.
"Oh ...ah ...hmmm Kai do you want me to ...hmmm"
"Want to take it in your hands?"

Izuku blushed and slowly nodded

"Okay, here touch here"

Chisaki directed Izuku hands toward length that was half hard at the moment, but after Izuku began to stroke it, it was fully hard and the older man began to moan:
"Izuuuukkuuuu hmmmmmm yes, continue like that"
" really feel good?"
"Hmmm yes my angel, this feels really good he replied looking at his lover with this half opened eyes.

Izuku continue to stroke Chisaki, the latter moans were becoming louder, feeling every movement Izuku was doing, the young man began to move is hand faster, tightening his grip a little.

Chisaki had his hand on Izuku’s hips, gipping them, grip that might leave bruises later. Leaving the hips, he slowly moved his head toward his lover ass, gripped them to bring him closer. While Izuku was still stroking his length, they began to kiss, long suave kiss, deep and passionate. Their tongues were tangled swirling around, licking the teeth of the other, biting lips.

It was maybe Izuku’s first relation where sex and this level of skinship was involved, but he was learning quickly, following what Chisaki was going, kissing him the same way his lover was kissing him, following his instructions on the way to touch him.

“Kaaaaiiii….hmmm touch me more” moaned Izuku between two kisses
“Don’t worry babe, I will touch you more, replied Chisaki leaving kisses mark on Izuku shoulders.

The older man spread his lover buttcheek with one hand while the other started to play with his entrance without putting his finger in, making him shiver.

“Want me to put my finger in?” he asked

Izuku nodded, pressing his body against Chisaki’s chest, keeping his hand on the older man dick.

A lot of people would have been surprised by how Chisaki was acting with Izuku; him who his disgusted by the simple view of dirt on his shoes, him who go enraged when he is covered in blood, was about to push his fingers inside the ass of someone.
It is true Chisaki would normally have been disgusted by that, but Izuku is different, Izuku was his pure little angel, nothing related to the young man was soiled. Chisaki didn't feel like he needed a mask when he was around him and he surely will not stop himself to finger the hole of his precious lover.

Chisaki press on the hole and let his finger slipping inside making his lover him letting out cute noise, he was pleased to hear from his little angel.

“You are okay? You don’t feel uncomfortable?” he asked.
“I’m okay Kai, don’t worry” replied Izuku.
“Good, I shall continue then”. Said Chisaki moving his finger, rubbing his lover wall.

“Kaiiii hmmmm” softly moaned Izuku “This is soooo good”.
“You really seemed to feel that, sweety” murmured Chisaki.
“Hmmm yeah, never thought it would feel this good” replied Izuku.

Chisaki continue to massage Izuku’s inside, pressing on the wall, making him feel thing he never felt before, while the latter was still stroking him. The young man was moving his hand up and down faster, he felt this lover cock twitch in his hand, sign he would come soon. He felt the length in his hand getting bigger and in a last long moaned, Chisaki came into his lover hand,filaments of semens was floating on the water.

"Kai? Are you okay?" asked Izuku.
"Yeah, sorry, now it's time for you to really feel good" replies Chisaki while adding a second finger inside Izuku.

While he was stimulating his lover behind, Chisaki began to stroke Izuku's dick who needed some attention. It was rock hard ready to burst.

"Put your arms around my neck" said Chisaki "and let me do the magic"

Izuku did what his lover told him and let him do everything he wanted to do. As he felt the second finger moving along the first one inside him, Izuku unconsciously start rocking his hips, while moaning in his lover ears that he wanted more.

While the older man certainly wanted to put his length inside Izuku, he still didn’t want to rush things, he really wanted to make sure Izuku felt fully comfortable to have something moving inside him.

“Not yet, babe, we gonna wait a little before getting there, I really don’t want to hurt you”

Izuku whine, saying he was ready, but Chisaki didn’t flinch and continue to pleasure his little angel with his fingers.

After a moment, he felt Izuku hole clamping on his finger and his cock getting bigger and then Izuku let out a long moaned and came. The young man rest his head on his lover shoulder panting, searching his breath. Chisaki slowly removed his fingers from inside Izuku and then embraced him, waiting for his lover to calm while massaging his lower back.

"Izu, sweety, you are alright?" he asked to the young man. He felt Izuku nodding on his shoulder. "Do you think you can get up? I will help you" he added.
"Yeah ...I should be able to get up." replied Izuku slowly getting off his lover laps.

Chisaki stand up and got out of the hot tub and reached for Izuku to help him to get out of the water. He the towel around his lover waist before doing the same for him and then walked to their room where Izuku could lay down and relax.

Chisaki laid down beside him and Izuku immediately cuddled him.

"How do you feel?"
"When you are there, I always feel good"

Chisaki smile, he felt really lucky to have been able to get what his heart desired.

"Time to sleep now" he said kissing his lover forehead "Good night Izu"
"Good night Kai, love you"
"Love you too"
Chisaki turned the light table off and both slide into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Chisaki woke-up with the smell of the delicious breakfast his lover was preparing. He walked to the kitchen where he found a really cute little angel wearing a button up shirt too big for him and an apron. Chisaki passed a finger on his lips thinking he would take his boyfriend on the table as breakfast if he wasn't so afraid to hurt him. He started to be hungry for Izuku and he wasn't sure if he could hold back himself any longer.

With the way Izuku reacted and acted yesterday, the older man began to think that his lover was maybe ready after all. He did enjoyed having his ass being played with and he was even asking for more. Tonight maybe, he will test the water and see how it goes; if Izuku feel too uncomfortable, he will stop and only use his fingers until he feels comfortable enough to get penetrated by more than two fingers.

The couple spend the day around the villa, while Chisaki wasn't a big fan of nature, Izuku really enjoyed walking in the woods. They sat by a lake looking at the reflection of the clouds into the waters. When they came back the older man taught his lover how to play shogi. They really had a good time and Izuku really enjoyed spending his day by his lover side even if there wasn't much to do. They had the radio but no TV and the internet connection wasn't really reliable.

After dinner they read books cuddled against each other until the sun disappeared and let the moon goes up in the sky. Izuku told Chisaki that he wanted to go stargazing, his lover followed him outside. Chisaki brought a blanket with them and lay down on it the eyes looking at the sky, looking for constellations.

Izuku was so concentrated on looking for shape made by the stars into the night sky that he didn't notice Chisaki staring at him. The older man was laid on his side looking at his lover. He lifted a hand and traces the freckles on Izuku's cheeks. The young man giggles:

"It tickles Kai …"
"Oh really? And this does it tickles?"

Chisaki started kissing Izuku's jawline going down the shoulder with soft kiss. He slides his hand under his lover t-shirt, caressing his skin, detailing his abs, slowly going up to finally reach the nipples. He pinch one of them and delicately rolled it between his thumb and index.

"Kai… hmmm"
"Like that?"
"hmmm yesss"

Chisaki was satisfied, Izuku was responding to his touch. The older man get over his lover, spreading his leg and continues to kiss his soft skin while playing with the nubs. Chisaki lift Izuku shirt to uncover his chest and start licking around Izuku's nipples before sucking on them.

They rolled over, Izuku was now on top of him keeping his shirt up between his teeth while Chisaki was still playing with his nipples. He soon began to make cute sound Chisaki really like to hear.

After a moment, Chisaki stopped and asked Izuku if he wanted to go in their room before going any further. Izuku agreed and let this lover guide him.

In the room, Chisaki asked to Izuku to get undress while he was doing the same. He then took out what he would need next from the drawer of the night table: a box of condoms and a tube of lub.

Izuku, who was sitting in the middle of the bed fully naked look at the items and blush a little, he perfectly knew what his lover was planning. He was a little bit nervous but excited at the same time. After almost a year and now they would finally have sex.

"Ready?" Asked Chisaki making sure Izuku was okay with this.
"Yes" replied Izuku.

Chisaki got on top of Izuku, left a kiss on the pink lips of his lover and continued what he was doing outside. But this time while he was sucking on his boyfriend nipple, his hand was stroking his length.

Izuku wanted to make Chisaki feel good too, so he lifted his hand and grabbed the shaft that was already quite hard. He starts to move his hand up and down, happy to hear Chisaki enjoying what he was doing.

Chisaki was still stroking his lover cock when he felt pre-cum leaking on the tips, this was the sign he was waiting for before going to the next step which was preparing Izuku to receive him.

He sucked on his fingers and lifted Izuku leg to have better access to his entrance, he played around it a little, pressing on the hole without sliding his finger inside, teasing his little angel, provoking delightful sound from the young man. Then once he was pleased by what he was seeing, he pressed on the pinky hole and pushed his finger inside making sure to rub Izuku's wall. He waited a little before moving his finger and once he was sure Izuku was comfortable, he started moving. It's only when he felt like his lover was ready to get another finger that he added a second one and then a third one. He was stretching him, preparing him to be certain that he will not hurt his little angel.

"Kai hmmm Kai ...please ...I think you can enter me now" said Izuku, almost begging to feel his lover dick inside him
"You are sure? I don't want to hurt you my love"
"Yessss go ahead, I want you in me"
"Alright then"

Chisaki slowly removed his fingers and took one of the foils packed from the boxes. He carefully tear it to take the condom out for then unroll it on his length.
Then he took the tube of lub and squeezed the product out to spread it all on his member and added some on his lover entrance after warming it a little.

Then Chisaki position himself, raised Izuku legs and hips and aligned his shaft to Izuku hole.

He first delicately pressed on the entrance, looked at his lover who nodded to give him the green light, for then pushing his clock inside Izuku.

The young man was holding the pillow under his head, squeezing it until his joint became white, arching his back. Making sound that was half whines, half moans.

Once he was fully inside, Chisaki waited before moving, letting Izuku to get comfortable. He didn't want to go hard on the young man. When Izuku felt ready, he told his lover that he could start moving. Chisaki started to thrust in Izuku, making him moans softly, saying his lover name.

The older man was going slowly, making sure Izuku felt every inches of his dick rubbing on his wall. He got closer to his little angel face, closing the gap between their lips. The kisses were passionate, the tongue swirling around in each other mouth.

"Faster" said Izuku against Chisaki's lips
"As you wish my little angel"

Chisaki thrust faster inside Izuku, each time he was going a little bit deeper, reaching the prostate. Deeper he was going loader Izuku was moaning. Soon the moans turned into screams, screams of pleasure. Izuku grabbed his lover shoulders and dug his finger in it.

"Izu….. babe… my little angel ...It feels so good inside you" whispered Chisaki between to kiss "you steal clamping so hard on my clock, sucking me inside you"
"Kaiiiiiiii hmmmmm"

Chisaki's dick grew bigger inside Izuku, his hole become tighter, Izuku was feeling it even more than before.

Chisaki was going on and felt his lover length twitching against his stomach. Izuku's dick was clearly neglected and needed some attention. Chisaki grabbed with one hand and began stroking it.

"Kaiiii if you do both at the same time, I will come" moaned Izuku who felt his mind going blank.
"That's the goals my love" replied Chisaki smiling accelerating his hand and hips movement. "We're gonna reach the climax together babe"

Chisaki tightens his grip a little, increasing the sensation, Izuku hole became tighter. Every movement was procuring a great pleasure to both of them.

One last thrust, one last pump, both lover reach the orgasm at the same time. Chisaki semens filled the condom, while Izuku cum was on his abdomen. Panting and shaking, coming down from the excitement, the older man lay down beside his boyfriend, waiting from his breath to come back to the normal. Then he slowly got up, removed the rubber, made a knot before throwing it in the waste basket next to the bed. Chisaki asked Izuku how he was feeling, the young man give his lover a weak smile and say his small of his back was hurting a little.

"Okay, wait here the time I grab a washcloth, gonna clean you a little and then I will give you a massage before we get in the shower"

Izuku nodded watching his boyfriend walking away to the bathroom. He came back with a warm washcloth and Chisaki slowly passed it on Izuku's body, between his tights. Izuku relaxed to Chisaki's touch. Once he was relatively clean. The older man asked him to lay on his tummy and he gave him a massage relaxing the muscles of his back.

Once Izuku felt better, Chisaki carried him in his arm to the bathroom where they took a warm and look shower before finishing in the hot tub.

Izuku was sitting between Chisaki's leg, resting on his lover chest the eyes shut, close to fall asleep.

"Don't sleep here love" said Chisaki caressing Izuku's cheek

His lover whine a little when he tried to move him, but once the young man opened his eyes, he was easier to move around. Helping Izuku to get out of the hot tub, Chisaki carried him back to their room, guided by the moonlight filtering through the windows, where he laid Izuku on the bed.
Chisaki lay down next to Izuku and the young man cuddled on Chisaki side

“We will do it again right?” whispering biting his lover earlobe
“Of course, but not tonight, you need to rest, it’s your first time after all”
“Silly, I’m yours I will do anything you ask me, as long as it’s not tonight”

Soon after Izuku fell asleep his head resting on Chisaki’s chest, the older man pass is arm around his lover shoulder, kissed his forehead and then fall asleep.

The next day, Chisaki was awakened by a strange sensation coming from his lower body, he slowly opened his eyes and saw Izuku stroking and licking the tip of his cock.

“Izu...what are you doing?” asked Chisaki trying to hold back a moans
“Good morning Kai, it’s obvious no? You said that as long as it was not the last night ... it’s a new day today, so we can do it again”
“You little …” Chisaki tried to act little if he was mad, but just couldn’t he was feeling to good for that. He sat in the bed and reach his lover bottom “If you are this horny in this morning, I need to prepare you right” he hummed.

Izuku looked at him smile and turned around to present his ass, Chisaki spread the buttcheek, lick his finger and pressed on the pinky hole in front of him to enter inside his lover. He pressed on his wall, rubbed his insides, making his little angel moans. A second finger joined the first one and Chisaki began to stretch the pinky hole. Izuku bottom was still a little stretch from last night, it wasn’t long before the older man could add a third finger.

Chisaki stretch his arm to reach the box that was still on the table with the tub of lub, Izuku stopped him saying he really wanted to feel him raw.

“You sure? Cleaning will not be pleasant after”
“Just for this once, please”

Izuku looked at him with his big round eyes and Chisaki just couldn’t say no to that and he let his freckled angel spread the lub on his dick. Once it was done, Izuku straddled over his lover, hold his dick to align it with his hole and slowly lowered his hips until the this of the shaft penetrate him. When he felt the tip passing his entrance, Izuku let out a moan that harden Chisaki even more.

“Kai~~~ you are so big now, going deeper than yesterday” said Izuku panting once his lover cock was all inside.
“It’s the position babe” replied Chisaki grabbing Izuku’s hips. “Feel good?”

Izuku smile and nodded and began to move his hips with a circular motion increasing the pleasure, Chisaki was thrusting in the same time, making sure his lover was feeling real good. Izuku’s shaft was twitch between their abdomen, asking for attention. Chisaki took the matter into his hand to make his boyfriend to feel even more better.

They were going on, for hours, not too fast making the pleasure last, Chisaki was still pumping Izuku’s cock while the latter was rocking his body over him. The young man grabbed his shoulder and dug his finger in his skin. While stroking him, Chisaki left a trail of kiss mark on his little angel neck.

“Kaaaaiii hmmm I’m so close”
“Not the only one, keep moving like that babe”

Izuku clamp on his lover shaft when he felt it growing bigger, given both of them more sensation, then they both came, Chisaki let out inside of his lover while Izuku came in his hands.

The young man was shaking and panting after reaching his orgasm, Chisaki wrap his arms around his waist, massage his lover low back. Once Izuku stopped shaking, he slowly got up, making Chisaki length slipping out and before he had the time to lay on the bed, the older man caught him telling him he needed to clean and empty his inside now before he got an upset stomach.

Tired, Izuku reluctantly let Chisaki carry him to the bathroom, it’s only once they were both clean that the young man was allowed to rest.

While Izuku was sleeping, his lover got to the kitchen to make some food, he knew the young man would be hungry once he woke up and decided to make him a good meal.

Chisaki was please about how their vacation was going, surprised by how Izuku was acting, but happy to see his little angel enjoying the time they were passing together.

Izuku woke up to the smell of the food his boyfriend was preparing, he slowly got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen. When Chisaki saw him appearing in the room, he told him that he should have waited in the room for him to come pick him up. Izuku replied that he was okay to walk, at least in the house if there wasn’t any stairs. Chisaki sigh and help the young man to sit and then served him is food.

The remaining of the vacation days were similar to the prior day, walking in the forest, enjoying the nature and having sex. Izuku couldn't be more happy to spend time with the man he loved. On the last day of their two weeks at the villa, Izuku took a stroll to the lake and wished to have a great life with Chisaki. He didn’t know what his love was doing in life, but he knew it wasn’t always safe and really hope to never get separated from him.

But life wasn’t always easy and Izuku wished wasn’t granted. A few weeks after they came back from the villa, Chisaki came for his weekly visit and told Izuku that he would go away for a few days for work and that he wouldn’t be able to call him. Izuku wasn’t quite happy about that but understood. It’s only when he saw the news that he became really worried and understood what his lover was doing in life.

Izuku knew he should have been mad at his boyfriend cause everything he did, but he couldn’t, he loved Chisaki from the bottom of his heart and he wasn’t able to imagine his life without him. Izuku decided to stay by Chisaki side even if the latter wasn’t the nice guy he was with him.

Months passed and Izuku didn’t had any news from his boyfriend, he was constantly looking at his phone, hoping to receive a phone call from him. He tried to question his driver without any success, no one could or would tell him where Chisaki was and Izuku began to think that the older man just decide to abandon him and get away, which made the young man really sad, however he didn't allow himself to cry as long as he didn't know what was happening.

One day he received the visit of a mysterious man called Kurono Hari. The man told him that he was working for Chisaki and that he was there to reassure him. The older man didn’t abandoned him and while is plan to create for him a safe world in which Izuku could live had failed, he still loved him more than ever, the reason why he couldn’t contact him would be explained when they will meet which would be soon. Before leaving, Kurono told Izuku that he would come back to pick him up next week to see Chisaki.

The time of meeting Chisaki came and Kurono was there to pick Izuku up. The duo leave the apartment in silence. Izuku had a lot of questions but he feels like the other man would not answer them.

The driver parked the car in front of a japanese traditional house, Izuku look the building with apprehension, not knowing what was waiting for him on the other side of the door.

Kurono opened the door and lead Izuku to a room at the back of the house.

“He is waiting for you there” simply said the man.

Izuku nodded and Kurono slid the door to let Izuku in.

The room light was dimmed and Izuku eyes had to adjust a little before he could see Chisaki sitting on the bed, he was looking at his hand, he lifted his head to look at Izuku once the door was closed behind the young man. An awkward silence filled the room, Izuku despite all the questions he had, he didn’t know what to say.

“Hey …” he simply said.
“Hi, welcome to my place” replied Chisaki
“Thanks for having me”
Chisaki pat the mattress beside him, sign he wanted Izuku to sit next to him. Izuku walked and sat in silence

“Izu….I’m really sorry, I couldn’t keep my promised”

Izuku eyes start to burn, he managed to not cry for the past months despite how worried if was, but now Chisaki was in front of him he couldn’t hold back anymore and just let the tears fall.

“Kai ...I don’t care about that world you wanted to create, I just want you to stay beside me and never go away” said Izuku with a shaking voice.

Chisaki look at his lover and pass his arms around him, bringing him closer. Izuku rest his head on his boyfriend chest and cried all is heart content. The older man rub his back, repeating how sorry he was and that Izuku wouldn’t have to worry anymore since he wasn’t planning to go anywhere out of his sight.

“If I ever go away again, I will not show myself to you ever again. I don’t want to hurt you and worry you anymore.”
“You will forever stay by my side, not more trying to fight the system?”

Chisaki rub Izuku tears away and the young man noticed how cold was his love hands

“Kai ...your hands, they are so cold”

The older man sighs and remove his glove to uncover his prosthetic hands

“The reason I couldn't call you was because I could hold any phone". He removed his white gloves and rolled his sleeve to uncover his prosthetic hands and arms. "It’s only temporary, the permanent one are not ready. They will be covered by material similar to flesh and I will be able to control their temperature, but for now I have to do with these cold piece of metal”

Izuku took his lover hand into his and put them on his face, and kiss the metal forming the palm.

“I don’t mind if they are cold, I love all of you and these are part of you”

Chisaki smile and close the gap between him and his lover to kiss him

“I really don’t deserve someone like you in my life”
“I’m your angel Kai ...I’m here to be in you life”

Izuku smile at him and kiss him back.

Chisaki was relieved, the thing he was most afraid of is Izuku not wanting him anymore after everything his had done. But his angel was still there by his side and he would forever be there by his side until they died.

Izuku stay by Chisaki side until he fully health, he was there when his lover received his new arms and hands. He was there to help him get adjusted with these new limbs. Like a guardian angel, Izuku look after his lover, stay by his side, he was his little freckled angel.