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◗ Foreword ◖

Xenoglossy — also known as xenolalia; "putative paranormal phenomenon in which a person is able to speak or write a language he or she could not have acquired by natural means."

We speak to each other in many strange ways.

Thus is the language of dreams—cryptic, hieroglyphic—echoes and ripples of wishes, made and unmade.
Whispers of Warriors, of Light and of Darkness, of friends and of villains, of things that are, or never will be.

After Shadowbringers, I wanted a way to write about some WoL/relationships that matter to me.
I thought this would be a good method, and hopefully enjoyable to others.

Some will be more "serious" pairings; might stop at the Seven Deadly Sins! We'll see.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

 ☙ Table of Contents  


  1. Foreword & Table of Contents
  2. "Antediluvian Hourglass" — Emet-Selch
    Deadly Sin = Sloth.  Spiritual connection, implied physical sex.  Mildly mature.
    His ancient pulse thrums with everlasting darkness, unbreaking, never changing.
    Will you ever remember? Will you ever shed this pale likeness of truth? 
  3. "My Wishes" — Thancred
    Deadly Sin = Envy.  Mildly mature, mostly fluff, slight angst.
    He told you to forget, and yet it’s he that reminisces.
  4. "Gemini" — Zenos
    Deadly Sin = Gluttony.  Warning for gore and [sexually] violent thoughts, more metaphorical/implied than explicit.
    Even the bloodiest beasts seek their equal—
    The one sole consort that would make them submit.
  5. "Immemorial" — Crystal Exarch/G'raha Tia
    Deadly Sin = Greed.  Borders on tooth-rotting fluff.  Slight angst.
    For the future, ever occurring, he would boldly make that sacrifice.
    He would give all he had to give.
    All but you.
  6. "Hellbent" — Estinien
    Deadly Sin = Wrath.  Mildly mature, heavily implied rough sex.
    His body burns with the smell of you—your skin, your sweat.
    He licks his lips and realizes he yearns to taste you. Fury.


◖ ✦ ◗