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Panic! At the Butterfly Estate

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Recovery and training at the Butterfly estate had become commonplace for Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu—common enough that no servants paid Zenitsu’s whining any mind when he arrived injured and needing rest. He was injured, yes, but not grievously as Aoi had pointed out, but that didn’t mean she had to be so cruel to him! Still, even the cruelty was commonplace, and overshadowed in favor of a bath and a clean yukata to sleep in...Though Zenitsu did still sniffle his way through cleaning his bruised body as always. By the time he made it to the sick bay, he barely grumbled a greeting to the familiar breathing pattern his ears picked up before faceplanting right into a pillow.

His knees were bent, spine arched awkwardly like a cat and really, Zenitsu should move or be sore tomorrow, but moving was hard! Life was hard, and it was a miracle he was still alive, being a part of the Demon Slayer Corps and being so weak...he had barely made it through this solo mission! Zenitsu felt like he was walking a tightrope above a great chasm, doomed to fall...At least, he figured, he could have some restful time alone with his thoughts! 

Forgetting the other person breathing heavily in the room, Zenitsu wiggled himself into a relaxed position on his tummy, arms at his sides. Maybe sleep wouldn’t be too far off...if something heavy and warm didn’t suddenly descend over him. 

On reflex, Zenitsu shrieked. 

“Shut up!” Inosuke grated through clenched teeth, directly above Zenitsu. He was instantly less scared and more annoyed.

“W-what do you think you’re doing?! You’ll give me a heart attack! GET OFF!” The boar faced idiot was breathing heavily, practically plastered to his back with his bare chest heaving—what was wrong with him?!

Inosuke grunted, dropping his superior weight as Zenitsu tried to bring himself off the bed. “No.” 

He noticed through his annoyance Inosuke wasn’t wearing his boar mask—his hair tickled Zenitsu’s nose as Inosuke’s breath was fanning over his cheek. Plus, he weighed a ton. “ Why are you crushing me, pig face?!?” Zenitsu protested further, putting his strength actually into bucking this idiot off of him. 

He raised up on his elbows, tried to bend his knees, trying to get enough space to roll to the side when Inosuke made an odd sound in the back of his throat. Zenitsu paused; it was a new sound he’d never heard from Inosuke, as the other boy gripped the linen of the bed sheets around Zenitsu’s torso in both hands and moved his hips—ground his—his pelvis down against—

Inosuke made another mysterious sound. Zenitsu, for once, was speechless.

“You interrupted me.” the boar said, with his hard dick against Zenitsu’s ass. His hard dick that he had rubbed on the swell of Zenitsu’s backside while he squirmed to get Inosuke to move off him, that dragged warm and solid at his lower back robbing him of human speech. 

Zenitsu’s shock did not transfer to Inosuke obviously, as he humped him again. The smaller boy shook as his thoughts restarted—“ Inter-rrupted?! ” True, it was hard to find time alone with oneself as a demon slayer to take care of, ahem , business, but Zenitsu didn’t see why that meant he had to be—be punished or something! “ Then get off me and do it yourself! ” 

Inosuke grunted, leaning heavily onto Zenitsu’s upper body to drag both hands to his hips. “No!” he said, irritatingly petulant. Zenitsu was working up enough annoyance to elbow him in the face when two large palms groped his asscheek causing another heart attack-inducing shock and robbing his strength all at once.

Hands kneading at flesh through Zenitsu’s thin yukata, Inosuke slid his cock between the cheeks slowly, breath huffing. “You looked soft here,” he said, lips snug to Zenitsu’s ear, the only thing even he could hear, “‘s nice.”

Ahhaha ,” Zenitsu giggled giddily, flattered. He was weak to praise but internally even he knew this was a pathetic thing to be flustered about! Who cares if some pig faced imbecile thought his butt was nice, there was an erection there and it wasn’t his! Of course, Zenitsu did have an erection, but it was a coincidence he was sure. The blushing from being complimented must have left the blond light headed, because he didn’t struggle when Inosuke’s hips began moving against him again. The breathing in his ears must be why, since Inosuke was so loud and so close and his hearing was sensitive—that’s why Zenitsu was leaning into his panting breath and matching pace with his own lungs! It was all perfectly logical and normal here, yep. 

To better position himself, Inosuke’s hands moved to Zenitsu’s thighs, spreading and flattening him against the linens. He propped himself up and humped Zenitsu’s again, thighs bracketing his own and the blond broke his dizzy silence with a moan as his own cock was rubbed against the bedding—a coincidence, of course, Zenitsu should clarify with Inosuke it wasn’t him who was making him feel good but the bed! It was the bed laid out by a pretty girl who he was sure had curves and a beautiful face and soft hair tickling his neck and hot breath in his ear—

Inosuke was thrusting him into the mattress at a new rhythm, rapid with his panting in Zenitsu’s ear. He licked his lips so close to tender flesh Zenitsu did him a favor and leaned his head over—Inosuke licked the shell of Zenitsu’s ear and he felt like he would combust. He thought he made a noise, but why would he listen to anything that wasn’t the lewd, wet panting coming from Inosuke? Something between them—sweat, discharge, both—was making the yukata cling between his cheeks, Inosuke’s cock rutting there again and again. Zenitsu was moving his hips back with the boar, if only so he’d fuck his own down harder against the soft sheets.

There must have been something said or communicated somehow because as Inosuke’s pace picked up, he reached between Zenitsu’s stomach and the bed to palm at his aching dick. Zenitsu gasped like it hurt, Inosuke made a mad animal sound and stuck his tongue into the blond’s ear. The wet appendage thrust in tempo with his hips, slick sounds and a warm palm and ohgodyesdon’tstop— Zenitsu climaxed with a full body tremor, ass arched up for Inosuke to rut against. And he did, for another solid few seconds before letting loose a long groan and a discharge of fluid Zenitsu could feel on his back. 

Most of Zenitsu’s view had been a pillow, and a little bit of Inosuke’s hair this whole time. As the boar relaxed, he observed in profile the flush on his cheeks, the spark in his lidded gaze. As Zenitsu was collapsing into slumber, their eyes met for a moment full of lingering heat. Zenitsu thought he was beautiful.