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What GOD does with his spare time

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Music resonated off the walls in God’s office. The clapping of ol’ Johnny Cash echoed out of his door. Gabriel stood visual guarding his door, making sure no one disturbed him. There was nothing to guard, he was just a shut in who enjoyed his own company. His children were always on his heels asking for permission to do this and that. He had enough and retired to his office, his children could take care of themselves. They were certainly old enough to be their own persons. The only reason he had his son Gabriel outside his door was to make sure the little shit didn’t start a fight with Michael. Those two were always at each other's throats.

The music continued to fill his room. God hummed to his favorite Cash song, he loved it when his creations wrote songs about him or had him in it. Johnny was a talented boy that made him proud and by God he did enjoy this song. God sang to himself as he paced around his room, “tell ‘em that God’s gonna cut ‘em down, tell ‘em that God’s gonna cut ‘em down.”

He clapped and danced his way around his room to the music. He was in a Johnny Cash mood and he was sure that train wasn’t going to stop for another few decades. One of these days he was really going to have to get out of his room and go find the young man. He’d love to hear him play live for him. He chuckled to himself, perhaps they could have that boxing match Johnny said he’d lose.

He shook his head and continued to dance around his office. His office was dark and homie. There were cherry wooden panel floor that complemented the rugs perfectly. It looked lived in. The smell of cigars filled the room along with bourbon. It looked more like a den than and office. A low light filled the room all the time. God liked the quiet and peacefulness that came with his atmosphere.

Once the song ended he seized the music, it was time to get back to work. He walked up to his desk and sat down. He’d been procrastinating a lot lately and needed to modify his calculations on his current project. He lined himself up with the magnifying glass and began tinkering with some wires. The sound of buzzing and electricity bounced off the walls. Sparks flew across his work station and into his beard. He was happy with his progress he’d achieved so far.

“Ok, almost there. Just need to connect this” he aligned the wire “with this one, and” spark spark “shit shit shit” he dropped the wires and watched as it caught fire.
“Dammit. Well looks like that won't be happening for another thousand years” he sighed and put out the fire. Okay maybe he shouldn’t of spoken so soon.

The waves his wrist and the project in front of him disappeared. He ran his hand threw his shaggy curls and tried to figure out what to work on next. He looked at the mirror in front of his desk and took in his face.

His face was still covered in scruff, he needed to shave. White and grey whiskers covered his beard. The signs of a smoker could be seen upon his upper mustache. The once brown was a golden yellow. Either he needed to shave or dye his beard. He ran his hand along his jaw.

He wondered if his children were starting to grey. They did age but he didn’t know if they ever got wrinkles or grey hair. Bless the endless for not turning his hair grey, he’d definitely be going through his midlife crisis if a single grey found its way on his luscious brown curls.

He described against shaving. He stood up and made his way over to his observatory. He decided procrastination could be put on for a bit more. He called forth the planet Earth and locked in on to the United States and simplified the magnification to Los Angeles, California. He giggled to himself once again.

Of course he was spying on his son, he wouldn’t be a noisy parent if he didn’t check in on his children every now and then. Samael was his favorite to spy on ever since he retired himself. The boy had finally managed to leave the Hell hole he created and decided to pull a him. He did it in record time as well, his little Miracle wasn’t going to wait around for him forever.

He’d been closely watching the two for a few years now. What sue him. He knew Samael needed a pick me up, and what better way than a playmate. A playmate that could ground him and turn that Devil into an Angel once more. He had to admit, he really put the extra charm in on this one.

He zoned in on his search and found a suitable time stamp to look in on. It looked like his estranged son was currently with his playmate. He sat down and watched as his son watched her from afar. “What are you doing Samael? She can see you, you know?” He chuckled.

Indeed she was watching him from the corner of her eye. Lucifer turned his head and pretended like he didn’t just get caught. God shook his head, “Hmm told you.”

It wasn’t a straight forward mirror to his son’s personal life it was just highlights of the two’s greatest hits. The next scene to play out was a tender moment between the two. They were currently snuggled on the couch in each others arms enjoying a movie. The offspring was laying on his son’s side as well making a Devil sandwich. The scene was adorable, oh how he wished the best for his son. He had endured too much in his time in Hell, he hoped this would make up for the time rotting there.

God leaned back into his chair and watched with a smile. They looked perfect together. They were a tiny family of their own. A band of misfit toys that were unique in their own way. He hated that his son took his time abandoning his position in Hell, because his dear Miracle had gone off and had a family of her own. That all changed when she noticed she wasn’t happy being with Daniel. Cross his heart and hope to die, he had no hand whatsoever in that breakup. It did make him happy his Miracle was once again available, she was made afterall for his son. Sure it took years for the two to finally get on the same page, but they were together now. He was definitely shipping these two hard, Deckerstar all the way. His little star deserved the world and more, all of his child did. Amenadiel, his first born had finally graced him with a grandchild. Anytime now, his little star would do the same. For now he held off on that news, these two were in the very beginning of their relationship.

The two complement each other more than God would of liked. His son was quick to action and had no self-preservation whatsoever while his Chloe was equally as frustrating but level headed.

More than once he’s had to intervene and save them. It’s like the two were trying to one up the other. It was a game of hot potato between the two.
“No I’ll jump in front of the gun”, Lucifer.
“No I’m the cop I’ll protect you”, Chloe.

These two children were going to give him grey hairs. He sighed and continued to watch over them. It was a full time job keeping these two from dying. He was starting to think he should of made her immortal. Things would of been easier, but no. His son just had to become Mr. “I’ll protect you” and fling myself in front of an axe. Like why would the idiot even do that, he knows he’s vulnerable around her. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. These two were going to be the death of him.

“Why can't you kids pick a less dangerous job?!” He yelled at the globe. He didn’t expect an answer, they couldn’t hear him he knew that. It just frustrated him he had to keep an eye on the two at all times. He secretly enjoyed it, but it could be so time consuming sometimes.

He looked back at his son and saw the smile on his face. He was glad he made Chloe Decker, she brought out the good in him that he lost. His little star had lost his way and needed someone to guide him back home. Chloe would straighten him out, he knew she would.

So he continued to stalk his favorite couple and watch as they goofed around and saved the day. It was a way better way to spend his time than trying to make an artificial intelligence.