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Izuku was your lovable boyfriend, but he was also someone that didn’t know how to relax. Ever. Ever since he had gotten hired by a hero agency straight out of high school, he had constantly been on the go, taking on this mission and that, helping fledgling heroes acclimate to pro-hero life, even picking up patrols when he didn’t need to.

Of course, you’d always support him, but you yearned for his company at times. It was growing quite lonely to fall asleep to and wake up to an empty spot every night. Izuku of course always had the decency to text you when he was staying late, and in the mornings, you woke up to ruffled sheets and a handwritten note of apology and a promise he’d spent time with you on the weekends.

But even on Izuku’s days off, he was so exhausted from hero work that you felt bad. He tried his hardest to stay awake, but you noticed his dropping eyes, his steadily growing eye bags. Recently you’d been letting him sleep the weekends away.

Not only were you missing the emotional side of your relationship, but you’d been craving physical intimacy as well. Sure, Izuku had no problem with ah… sleepily fingering you in the middle of the night when you were feeling particularly frisky, but he practically refused for you to do the same for him. He felt bad enough that he’d been spending so much time away from you; he didn’t want you to do the same for him.

It was a good thing you were persistent though.

When you visited his office under the pretense of dropping off his lunch, Izuku saw nothing of it. He even sheepishly thanked you, because he had rushed that morning. He expected you to leave after you handed it over and pressed a lingering kiss to his lips. But then you walked around his chair, leaning down to loosely drape your arms around his neck, and nibble on his ear. He stilled, face reddening when he felt you your lips trail the sensitive part of his neck. His pen fell to the floor.

“(Y-Y/N), what are you—?”

“Let me get that for you,” you said, voice sultry. You “accidentally” kicked it farther away, and Izuku gulped when you got down all fours, crawling under the desk. The space was cramped, but you managed to squeeze your way in there, pausing.

Your hand brushed against his thigh, and Izuku nearly jumped in his seat. He swallowed, growing keenly aware of your plan as the room suddenly got warmer.

“D-Did you find it yet?”

“Hm… Nope. Guess I’ll have to keep looking.”

You were definitely… intentionally… brushing against his thigh now, bracing yourself against his leg as you searched. Izuku tensed, especially when your hand moved further up…

“Ah! (Y/N). N-Now? Are you—”

“I can’t seem to find it, Deku,” you sighed, sounding just disappointed enough that he almost believed you. “But ah.. It seems I’ve found something else.” Your voice turned devious and he caught sight of you waggling your brows, a mischievous grin plastered on your face as you cupped the growing bulge in his hero costume.  

He bit back a moan, facing you with a frantic look. “(Y-Y/N), we can’t just—what if someone walks in! Or hears us,” he squeaked, face aflame.

“C’mon ‘Zuku, I locked the door. Plus… you’ll just need to keep quiet.”

You unzipped his costume down to his thighs to get to your prize. Izuku’s cock bobbed, already half-hard, before you. You licked your lips.He bit down on his gloves to stifle his moans as your tight, wet heat enveloped him. It didn’t take long for him to cum, bucking into your mouth as he spilled down your throat. As he panted, laying back in his seat, you made a show of licking every drop until he was squirming against your touch. You smiled, zipping his costume back up before getting to your feet.

“Thanks for the treat,” you teased, before leaving his office.

That was only the start.

Izuku came home early a couple days later to find you at home… touching yourself. You definitely knew he was there too, if the increasingly loud moans of his name were any indication. He flushed, especially when he got closer to the source and found you arching against your fingers.

His mouth went dry as he watched you pleasure yourself, thoughts running through his mind of how… how beautiful you would look lying under him, his hands and mouth bringing you to the edge. When you cried out his name, your thighs clenching around your hand, he realized with a start that he had been palming himself. His hand fell to the side as you lay there, panting.

Then, in an entirely too casual motion, you turned to face him.

“Oh! Hi there, Izuku. Didn’t, ah…see you there.” You almost looked… surprised to see him there, but any notion of modesty was offset by your grin.

He… he was so flustered and confused and turned on, but you were acting so entirely unaffected. You casually slipped a shirt over your naked form, pressing a kiss to his lips before heading to the shower.

You usually weren’t like this. You usually didn’t tease him this much…!

While you innocently took your shower, Izuku had tangled himself in the sheets, pressing his face to your pillow as he bucked into his hand. He had never felt as dirty and depraved as he did then, especially when you came out of the bathroom to ask him where your panties had went. Little did you know…

Perhaps he should’ve been expecting it at this point, but you were full of surprises.

Izuku stumbled into the apartment late one night, after doing a round of patrols. He was rubbing his eyes, exhaustion creeping up on him, when he was tackled into the wall.  He was immediately on edge, his fist clenched. But then he heard a familiar voice call out his name. He briefly caught a whiff of your shampoo before you were kissing him hungrily, pressing his body to the wall.

His eyes widened, his fist falling. You… what were you doing?!

Just as he moved his thigh between the two of you, trying to get some distance, he stilled once you started… rubbing yourself against him. His eyes clenched shut. You were moaning and making the most sinful sounds. Before he knew it, he was rutting himself against your thigh too.

It had been such a long day, and the friction of his costume and the warmth of your skin felt so nice. That, combined with your lips trailing gently down his neck, murmuring praises about how good he was for you and how you loved him so much, had him cumming. In his hero costume. Like some kind of horny teenager. The humiliation set in fast, and then he was darting to the bathroom, slamming the door shut despite your hasty protests.

Changing out of his hero costume was always uncomfortable, but even more so with how sweaty and sticky his skin felt. He splashed cold water on his face to diffuse some of the heat from his cheeks. Why were you being like this?

As he thought about it more, staring into the bathroom mirror, Izuku did realize… when was the last time you two had been intimate together? Had enough time for an actual session, and not just a quick romp? Could this perhaps be the reason you were teasing him so much?

Either way, he had to do something about it.

“Hey sweetie. How was work?” You asked once you heard the front door open, signaling Izuku’s arrival. He had texted you that he’d get off early for the holidays, and you felt a little bad for teasing him so much the other day. As a result, you were baking cookies, the smell of chocolate chips wafting in the air as you hummed. Izuku pressed a quick kiss against your forehead, murmuring his answer against your skin, before heading to his room to change.

When he came back out again, you were surprised when we went straight for you. He wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, his chest to your back. He leaned his head on your shoulder, his breath warm against your skin.

“It smells good. What are you making?”

“Your favorite. Unless… you’re not referring to the cookies?” you said, pressing your ass against his hips suggestively.

He groaned, burying his face into your shoulder. You laughed.

“Why are you being so mean to me?” he mumbled.

“What do you mean?” You did your best to keep your tone innocent.

His hands tightened on your waist. “The teasing, t-the office visit, when I walked in to see you… A-And the other day, when you made out with me….”

You turned in his grasp to see the furious red tinting Izuku’s cheeks, the slight furrow of his brow. Wow. You really had him flustered. You pressed a kiss to his nose, but when he pulled back, he surged forwards to capture your lips in a needy kiss. His hand crept up your shirt to rub slow circles onto your sides.

“(Y/N),” he mumbled against your lips. “I-I want you.”

“Here? The bedroom’s that way.”

“I—I want you here.” His voice was hesitant. “I-I don’t think I can wait any longer.” He was squeezing your hips now, and when he turned to you, his pupils were blown wide with lust.

You smirked, staring up at him through your lashes.

“You can have me wherever you want, Izuku~”

Izuku groaned, pressing his lips against yours as he hoisted you up onto the counter. You wrapped your legs around him, drawing him closer to you till his hips were flush against yours. His cheeks were pink as he pulled away, gazing upon you.

“Something wrong, ‘Zuku?”

“I-I’ve always…” He swallowed. “Thought about this. Just… doing things with you here.” His hands were nervously skimming the edge of your shorts. “I… I don’t want to forget this.”

You were touched. You cradled Izuku’s chin in your palms before kissing him gently. Izuku slowly yanked your shorts and panties off. Your hands trailed downwards to yank off his sweatpants, slipping them off. Izuku groaned once you cupped him through his boxers, thrusting slightly into your palm.

You smiled, slipping the material off before he was hot and hard against your palm. He gasped when you started pumping him.

“(Y-Y/N),” he stuttered, his head resting on your shoulder as he groaned. You were surprised; Izuku’s cock was practically twitching against you. You’d never seen Izuku this worked up.

“I-I want to be inside you so bad,” he admitted. “But ah, first things first….” You were about to urge him he could, but then he was lowering till his face was level with your entrance, his hot breath ghosting your folds. His finger circled your slickness before he sliding inside you slowly. You whined, bucking against him as he simultaneously licked a stripe against your clit.

Izuku was always slow, almost methodical about eating you out, but his steady persistence still drove you crazy. He inserted two fingers, scissoring you while sucking gently on your nub. When you tensed against him, he squeezed your thigh, not stopping until you went limp around him.

He smiled as he got back up, only for you to press your lips against his hungrily. When he lined himself up at your entrance, before sliding in, the both of you sighed blissfully. Izuku pulled you closer to him as your legs curled around his waist. He leaned over you, bracing his hands against the marble as he rocked into you. His forehead on yours, his eyes were clenched shut at the feel of your tight, wet heat around him. When you leaned your head back, whining out his name, his snapped his eyes open, wanting to commit your pleasure to memory.

The breathy moans and cute expressions you made had him throbbing against you. He was eager to see you untangle before him, and tilted your hips upward, so he could press against your clit. The new angle had you seeing stars, your mouth falling open as you keened. His fingers were shaky as he rubbed your folds. He jerked his hips against yours, stilling when you tightened around him, as your orgasm pulsed through you. Izuku groaned, hips stuttering against you as he filled you with his cum.

He sighed weakly as he slumped his head in between your breasts. You held him there, the two of you coming down from your highs, until you heard the ding of the oven.

“My cookies are ready,” you said, as Izuku lazily reached out to turn off the oven. “But uh,” you grinned, ruffling his hair affectionately.

“Looks like you already had dessert.”

He whined against you.