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You Could Be What I Need

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When Sister Imperator appointed you as her new assistant you nearly guffawed in the middle of her office before laying eyes on her stone face. She raised an eyebrow at your disbelieving expression, leaning forward slightly to rest her folded hands on her desk, “Do you believe I’m pulling one over on you, sister?”
You swallowed, throat suddenly dry at her gaze before shaking your head, “no sister, but I...I must admit I'm confused as to why you’ve chosen me out of all my fellow siblings.”
Sister Imperator smiled softly at you then, sensing your self doubt from a mile away, “you’re a lot more capable than you realize, dear one. You’ve helped the clergy many a time since arriving here and have kept things organized around these parts better than anyone else when called upon to do so. Do you not believe yourself able?”
You twisted your habit between your fingers, “no, Sister, but I’ve only been a member of the church for just over two years now. I would have assumed more time and experience would have been required for such a position. I'm only 23 after all.” Surely there were other more capable siblings who could handle this, right?

It was Sister Imperator’s turn to scoff, “pish posh, you’re acting as though we’ve made you the new pope,” she waved her hand off in dismissal, “when you’re ready you’re ready, Lucifer knows. You’re an obedient and kind member of the church, to your fellow siblings of sin, to your elders, and most importantly to our current Papa. We’ve taken note and believe you can handle this new task of being my right hand so to speak.”
Something in you swelled with pride at her words as you nodded in acceptance. You paused momentarily, mulling over everything Sister Imperator had just delivered, “we, Sister?”
“Papa Nihil and I came to a mutual decision on this. We both like to keep a close eye on the Siblings of Sin and Papa especially believes you will be good at taking care of things around here when Cardinal Copia replaces the Third in a few months.”
You felt the color drain from your face, no doubt as white as the veil on your head. While the Third was an overall nice man, he had a temper and could be very stubborn; you weren’t necessarily excited at being somewhat of a babysitter to the man after he was demoted. The thought was enough to send a tremor up your spine. Sister Imperator took notice of the cogs turning away in your skull.
“My child, I would not be giving you this job if you truly were not ready to handle it. We might praise Satan but we aren’t evil.” She gave a small smirk and then stood up, “Right, well I think that should do it for today. Please return to my office tomorrow morning after breakfast and we will start your training. I will also have your new uniform prepared.”
“New uniform?”
SIster Imperator nodded, “oh yes. From now on you’ll be wearing pants to work.”
After scuttling back to the abbey the rest of the evening went by quickly, though you couldn’t shake the nervous haze that hung in the air around you. While you were probably making a big deal out of nothing, being Imperator’s new, and frankly only, assistant wasn’t something to stick your nose up at. You wanted to take this seriously. You knew the Emeritus brothers had their own quirks, the Third certainly being no exception, and though you’d only briefly interacted with the current leader since joining the church the man was intimidating in his own right. He was eccentric and it worried you but that was a thought for a later date; right now your only job was to take on what Sister Imperator gave you. She wouldn’t throw you to the belly of the beast just yet and for that you were thankful.
Your self made reassurance didn’t help much in the way of sleeping easier that night.

Staring at your reflection in the floor length mirror you stifled a laugh; you looked like the spitting image of Sister Imperator, albeit with darker and longer hair, bangs threatening to cover your eyes if they got much longer. You made a mental note to trim them later before pulling the rest of your hair up in a ponytail. You couldn’t help but notice how nicely the black suit hugged your curves, much better than that awful habit ever could, though you acknowledged that was the point of the plain garment no matter how odd it might be for a Satanic church to require them. After all it's not like sex was frowned upon.
Fixing your grucifix over your head a knock on the door pulled your attention away from your reflection and you straightened your blazer before answering. Sister Imperator gave you a once over with an approving nod, “very professional. How do you feel?”
You shrugged, “Nervous...but also comfortable. I will admit, Sister, I do not miss the veil at all.” You laughed softly and smoothed a hand over the top of your head. Your senior hummed in agreement.
“Yes those things can get quite annoying. I’m sure your fellow sisters will be quite jealous. Anyway come along, bring your phone, your pager, and your planner with you.”
Sister Imperator beckoned you from the dorm you had been changing in and you followed suit down the long hallway towards the door of the abbey.
“First I’ll be showing you your new room.”
You nearly tripped over the stone floor, “new room, sister?”
She nodded and continued, “yes. Originally we were going to let you stay in your dorm with your fellow sisters but Papa Nihil and I decided that having you closer to my office as well as the Cardinal would be a better option.”
Maybe you really underestimated this new promotion you were given. You figured it would be more of a receptionist type gig. Guess you were wrong.

“Thank you, Sister.” You replied and she hummed as you finally exited the abbey and made way for the main church.
“Don’t thank me just yet. Things are about to get very busy around here. The Cardinal will be arriving in a few days and it is our job to get him settled in and to take care of all the formalities and such. Fortunately he won’t be taking over for a while so tensions shouldn’t be too high. Satan knows how horrible it was when Third took over for his brother.”
Ah yes, Papa Emeritus II. You’d never met the man but your fellow sisters had told you stories of how scary he could be. He also didn’t take too kindly to being replaced as leader of the band and carried an ominous energy around with him during his time as the church’s leader. He had since been transferred to another parish.

Once you and Sister Imperator had made your way to the end of another long hallway inside the church itself you went for the stairs before a hand on your shoulder steered you away.
“We get to take the elevator.” Sister Imperator winked at you and pressed a button for the third floor. You’d never get over just how massive the church really was as you stood inside with her.
“You are allowed to take the elevator to complete your tasks. It’s a lot quicker than running up and down four flights of stairs, no?”
“Yes, Sister, thank you very much.” So this position had some perks after all.

You couldn’t recall ever being on third or fourth floor of the church. You’d assumed it was off limits and had no reason to ever visit the area. Everything you had ever needed access to was in the abbey or on the main floor of the church, if it could even be called such at this point; it almost seemed to be getting bigger the longer you and Sister Imperator walked around.
Said woman turned to you as you walked down the hall, a look of awe plastered across your face. “Are you surprised?”
Looking at her you nodded, “Yes, Sister, the church is much larger than I had originally thought. I guess being mainly in the dorms and main chapel obscured my perception.”
“Yes it’s quite massive, and that’s not including the crypt. I don’t recommend going down by yourself, there are quite a few twists and turns. Though Papa Nihil spends most of his time in his office down there so you’d never be truly lost.” Sister Imperator mused and you raised your eyebrow at the man having an office in the basement of the church before she stopped in front of a door.
“Here we are, your new room.” She unlocked the door and ushered you in, flicking on the lightswitch in the process.

It was much larger than the dorm you shared with your fellow sisters, adorned with black features and a deep green carpet. Electric sconces were placed on each wall, a candelabra next to a small desk on one side. In the center was a coffee table with chairs and on the other side was a large bed and a dresser near one of the windows; a second window was at the other end of the room. And tucked in beside that was an armoire with a tv.
To the right was a closet and a private bathroom. You nearly cried.
“Oh Sister, I think this might be too much, I’m only an assistant afterall.” You stood in the middle of the room and she joined you, placing her hands on your shoulders.
“You are not just an assistant, you are now a part of the backbone of this church. Things around here are about to get much harder and you will be apart of the reason everything stays afloat. Papa Nihil and I as well as the Lord below are giving you a lot of responsibility. You will not let us down.” Her gaze peered through your very soul and you all but gulped before she relaxed and pulled away.
“Now I know you didn’t have too many personal items or clothes with you but they were moved here this morning by one of your siblings. Everything should be in order.”
You nodded, “Thank you, Sister.”
She offered you the key and you took it, tucking it into the pocket of your blazer before she clapped her hands together. “Now. We need to get you acquainted with Papa III. Have you interacted with him much?”
“No not really,” you shook your head, “Mainly during services and church meetings. I doubt he even knows my name.” You muttered, a slight smirk threatening to break on your lips. Sister Imperator turned towards the door with you following hot on her heels. “Well you’re certainly going to be familiar with him from here on out. I must warn you, he can be very rude when he’s hungover.”
You let out a deep breath you didn’t realize you were holding in, “Wonderful.”


The Emeritus men had all been situated on the fourth floor, though at the moment it was only the Third, Nihil, and soon to be Cardinal Copia. You’d learned that you shared a floor with Sister Imperator as well as the nameless ghouls.
“They can be noisy but as you know they’re all very friendly, for the most part." The matriarch sighed as you approached what must have been the singer’s door. It was large and ornately carved in dark wood, a gold knocker in the center at eye level. It looked more like the main entrance to a lavish house than to a bedroom, but that was the Third for you. Sister Imperator knocked a few times and called out but received no answer, a loud slam like a table being thrown over reverberated through the door. The two of you glanced at each other and she knocked again, “Terzo,” she rumbled, “I am here with our new assistant. There is much to be discussed, do not keep us waiting.”

Minutes went by and Imperator was growing impatient, clearly tired of Papa’s delay as she placed her hands on her hips. “Papa we’re coming in, I hope you’re decent.”
Surprisingly the door was unlocked, more surprisingly was the view of the Third’s buck naked ass positively driving into one of your fellow sisters from across the room as the two of you stepped in.
“Sweet merciful Lord.” You covered your eyes with your planner, moving to turn around and exit the room but Sister Imperator stopped you with a grip on your arm. Loud moans and cries that you were surprised you couldn’t hear from outside permeated the room, skin slapping on skin making you wince in embarrassment as Papa didn’t stop. Imperator was unimpressed, a stern unwavering expression on her face as she watched the pair before you. On the bed your fellow sister looked slightly embarrassed but was clearly too blissed out to properly care. Papa’s thrusts stuttered as he turned around as best he could to glare at the two of you, muttering a litany of curses in Italian.
“We’ll give you ten minutes, Terzo, try to finish up quickly,” Imperator boomed over the noise, ushering you towards the door which you all but bolted for. It was slammed closed behind you and you flattened yourself against the adjacent wall. You felt your face burn while your mentor stood across from you looking positively tired of Papa’s shit.
“That happens sometimes,” she muttered.
“Thanks for the heads up, Sister.” You rubbed your hands down the front of you blazer, flattening out the nonexistent wrinkles.

The hallway was deathly silent when the door finally opened and your fellow sister scampered out, eyes on the floor and her veil in her hands. Imperator didn’t bat an eyelash, motioning for you to follow her into the room once again.

Papa was in the attached bathroom, the faucet running with a loud hiss of water. You took a moment to appreciate the man's bedroom; it was adorned much like yours but much bigger, deep purple and gold fabrics decorated the four poster canopy bed, the plush carpet black with gold trimmings. Gold sconces glowed on every wall, black out curtains absorbing most of the natural light. The water turning off drew your attention away from the tapestries and suddenly the smell of sex hung heavier in the air. Papa walked out in a black and purple robe, running a hand through his hair before looking from Sister Imperator to you.
“Papa.” Imperator offered a slight if not clipped nod.
The Third walked closer, his lithe form seemingly drifting over the carpet. “And who might this be?” he looked at you and you tried your best to keep a neutral expression but it was hard when rivulets of water rolled down his exposed chest.
“This is Sister [y/n], she is my new assistant.”
“Papa.” You nodded. He eyed you, an indecipherable look on his face.
“She will be here when you need her, but do not abuse that access, she will be busy with the Cardinal once he arrives.”
Papa visibly bristled, opting to move towards a small bar on the side of the room. He poured himself some red wine before apologizing. “I was not expecting anyone this afternoon.”
Imperator huffed, “Regardless you have duties to attend to, Papa, you must be prepared at all times.”
He sloshed the liquid around in his glass before replying, “Is a man not allowed to enjoy the company of a woman every once in a while?” he was staring at you when he said it and you raised a brow as if to challenge him.
“Yes but we don’t want this to be a regular occurrence for Sister [y/n] here. I may be used to your shenanigans but she is not.”
“She’s always free to join in.”
“Papa!” Imperator walked closer, seemingly berating the man but all you could hear was the blood pounding in your ears as you willed the blush to stay off your face, brow remaining raised as the Third continued to stare at you with a smirk.
“Oh come now, cara mia, I was joking!” he finally looked from you to Sister Imperator, a smile on his mouth before she reminded him of the meetings he had to attend that week. The smile soon left much to your amusement.


III was a lot... friendlier than you expected. Sure he was a ham on stage but in private he was quite amusing as well; a personable man you would admit.
The three of you went over his itinerary for the upcoming weeks and you scribbled down the dates and times and any other notes you saw fit in your planner. Many a time did the man’s eyes drift to you but you never responded, opting to focus on Sister Imperator instead. She once again reminded him that you weren’t his personal slave and had other work to be done but would see to it he attended his meetings, even if it meant dragging him out by his ear. You visibly paled at that, knowing full well you didn't have the guts at this moment in time. Maybe in a few months.


When all was said and done you found yourself back inside Imperator’s office, learning of the many forms of paperwork you were expected to take care of as well as how she kept said office organized.
“Currently I take care of the band’s duties and funds and so on, so you don’t have to worry about all that.”
You exhaled in relief.
“Though one day you’ll most likely take over that department. For now your main concerns will be keeping things moving and attending to Cardinal Copia. He will be arriving earlier than expected.”
You stopped writing in your planner, “How much earlier, sister?”
Imperator rubbed at her temples, “Tomorrow.”