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The Alpha King's Downfall

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Chapter One: Rise of a King

Peter Hale was as alpha werewolf long before he killed his niece Laura. When he was a young man of 21, he performed his duty as the packs left hand and killed a rouge wolf that was in Hale territory. Of course, if any of the feral wolves were alphas, Peter was expected to either call his sister Talia, the reigning Hale Alpha, to come kill the wolf or he was to capture and subdue the feral beast and bring it to the house for Talia to kill. No one else was supposed to become the alpha. There should only ever be one Hale alpha, as it has been for generations before.

This time around, young Peter may have neglected to mention that the wolf he found and killed was in actuality an alpha wolf. It took massive amounts of control but Peter made sure to never flash his eyes or use more strength then needed. No one suspected he was now as powerful as his sister. Peter had always wanted power. He craved it from a young boy. He felt cheated out of being the Hale alpha. His parents always said it was because he was too young, there was a 20-year age gap between him and Talia, but Peter knew it was because his parents sensed his bloodthirsty need for power. They never said aloud these thoughts but, in little gestures and turns of phrase, the underlying reason was there for Peter to see. With his new found alpha status Peter began to plan. He would build an army, an empire of wolves that would rule the world and bow down to no one and no thing. He discreetly bought some land a few states over in a very fortified and secluded area. He hired contracts from all over to hide his project. They would build him a castle worthy of an Alpha King.

Five years later, his budding empire came to a screeching halt. Peter had built a small but loyal network of betas. They found potential targets for new recruits and Peter would scout it out and decide if he wanted. He had an inner circle of 5 and a pack of 15 betas, most of them unwilling at first but they are learning their place. Five years of building his reputation and ruling his pack with an iron fist has been exhilarating yet Peter still felt a need for a mate. Someone of his equal, well, almost equal, he couldn’t have them trying to take over. He was just coming upon these thoughts during the bi-annual Hale family pack meeting. If he had been paying more attention, and been home more, he may have realized what was happening with Derek. After the tragic incident with Paige, apparently Derek had fallen for the first pretty face he saw. Of course, this information of his imbecile of a nephew having let a hunter into his bed came to Peter much later.

On the night of the pack meeting, after everyone was tucked away, there was a blazing heat. The house was on fire. Mountain ash ringed the house and no one could escape. Peter ran as far from the flames as possible and managed to get partially outside before he lost consciousness. The next time he came too was in his mind. Pain, nothing but pain from scorched skin and broken, ripped apart, pack bonds. Being trapped in his mind drove Peter insane. He didn’t know how long it had been when suddenly a voice filtered through.

It was young, sarcastic but witty, swirled with a smell of cloves, lightning, and honey dipped in deep sadness. In a moment it was gone and Peter was suddenly more aware then he ever had been. He finds out he has a nurse named Jennifer, who knows what he is. Together they work on getting him to come out of his coma. That voice, the one that pulled him from his trapped mind, would filter through randomly. It kept Peter focused on his task to better himself so he could get back to his castle and rightful rule. When Peter found out about who actually started the fire he raged. He had a harder time pretending to be a coma patient until he fully healed. He wanted revenge. Jennifer jump started the last of his healing by luring his niece Laura back to Beacon Hills. He crept out in the night and eviscerated her with no remorse. He couldn’t have her finding out his scheme and the added Alpha power finalized his recovery. The power boost drove him slightly mad with the need to bite and he took off deeper into the forest. Peter smelled the cloves and honey - lightning, and heard the voice he revered, in the forest. He took off after it, chasing down the young man and bit. Unfortunately, when he calmed down, he realized he had the wrong boy. He howled and ran back to the hospital to keep his cover.

As the days passed he saw his traitorous nephew visit along with the whelp Peter had bitten in the woods. He watched the young beta, stalking him to know more and see if he could be corrupted. Eventually his creeping shed light on his savior. The young beta has a best friend, Stiles Stilinski, son of the Sheriff, and local troublemaker. He has skin pale as milk, with moles dotted like chocolate across his skin. Eyes like warm whisky twinkled with mischief. And the bravery, lord, the courage Stiles showed when facing Peter’s alpha form while being hunted in the school was divine. Stiles figured out things faster than even Peter himself at times. Loyal, ruthless, and smart; all the qualities He had been searching for. Six years in a coma and he finally found his match. He would have Stiles as his no matter what.

Peter had called his number one, Victor, once he was able. Victor assured Peter that he and the other four main betas kept the pack under control and ruled it as Peter would have wanted. Eager to return, Peter escalated his plans and made a move no one expected. While most expected he would strike at the homecoming dance, Peter stealth attacked two nights before. He slipped into the Argent’s house, drugged Kate Argent, the bitch who burned his family, and kidnapped her from her bed. He slipped out with her and tied her up in the family tunnels. The next day, while the Sheriff, the Argents, and his idiot nephew and beta were frantically wondering what was happening, Stiles showed up at the hospital. Peter isn’t sure why Stiles was there but he figured it was fate. He clamped a hand over Stiles mouth and pulled him into the room, closing the door behind him. Before any exchange could happen, Peter stuck a needle into the young boy’s neck and caught him as he slumped unconscious in Peter’s arms. Laying him on the bed, Peter called Jennifer to bring her car and some rope. He tied Stiles hands and ankles and put duct tape on his mouth. He lifted Stiles up and put him in the trunk. Peter then discreetly slit Jennifer’s throat and left her in his room to be found later. In the end, Peter tortured Kate then burned her alive for her family to find. He drove for a good few hours, most of which had a soft thumping sounding in the background from Stiles waking up. Once out of California Peter pulled over next to a limousine that was parked off to the side on the service road he was on. The back door opened and Victor stepped out. Peter opened the trunk and scooped a struggling Stiles up. Peter sat himself and Stiles in the back of the limousine and with a final look he said, “welcome to your new life Stiles” and plunged the syringe deep in his boys’ neck.