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When Midoriya Izuku was born, time stopped in its tracks as the universe stared in awe. It watched as the giggling bundle of green was held to his tired mother’s chest, a fire in his soul burning brighter and hotter than any star yet born. And the universe knew he was going to be incredible.

Izuku had not been blessed by his genetics, getting the quirkless gene from his mother’s mother, but the universe gave him other gifts, knowing he would come to wield them in time.

In his mind was a black hole, to leave him with an endless hunger for knowledge. In his ears was the vast emptiness of space, leaving even the smallest of sounds to echo and amplify. His body was given a push and pull like a star to match his fire, drawing people and altering gravity to his will. In his eyes, an ever-shifting blend of greens, silver stars were placed, turning them into nebulae more beautiful than any other.
And in his heart was placed the flint from which was struck the first spark which ignited the Big Bang, and in his hands was placed the steel that struck it.

The universe wept in mourning when he could not use his gifts yet, the fire driving him still cut off from his reach, but warming him nonetheless, and when he reached it, evil would know true fear. The world would know true passion and care. Those caught in his orbit would know true love.

The universe looked at the child, the brightest star, and loved him.