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Help Me Heal My Soul (Harringrove)

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It was the third time in just one night, the third time in were Billy woke up sweating and screaming in his room.

He was alone in the dark until his door was opened by Max.

Billy looked at her.

Max didn't wait for a "come in" or some shit like that, she just enter to the room and closed the door behind her.

-Nightmares again?

She already knew the answer but, she liked -or needed- to talk with her half-brother to tell herself that he wasn't under that monster's control.

That he was a good person who almost sacrifices itself for El.

Max needed to hear Billy's voice to be sure that he survived everything and she wasn't just dreaming with a "happy ending".

And Billy knows the needs of her half-sister, so, he just murmured "Yes. Nightmares"

Max walked towards him and sits in his bed.

It's the twelve time in this week -and it's just wednesday- that they are in this situation, layed in the bed, back to back and in totally silence.

Billy waits, until Max falls into Morpheus arms, to turn around and see her face.

He loves her half-sister and he just accepted it, Max worries about him and she demonstrate it when he was in the hospital for one entire month.
Max was almost all the time with him. Well, she wasn't the only one that visited him in that awful room -Billy saw the other kids, the princess Steve, the female Wheeler and her boyfriend. He saw Max's mom too but his dad didn't visited him- but anyways. . .Max cares about Billy and she always did

He was still seeing his sister's face when he decided something.

"I promise you that I won't wake up screaming anymore. I'm gonna overcome this shit and you will sleep in peace, I swear to God, Maxine, I will do it¨

And he fell asleep.