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My Lover Has Been Returned to Me

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Long ago, two different races roamed the planet: wizards and magical beings. Now, one might think...both possess magic, so are they technically two different races? They’re not in the same category of ‘magical beings’? Well, yes. They were different races. 


Wizards were still technically human, magical beings were individuals that had creature blood in them. Wizards need wands to expel their magic while most magical beings were able to go without (things like casting spells were situations where it didn’t matter what you were, you still needed a wand). Depending on the creature, magical beings were also just stronger physically. 


Examples could include vampires and their superior strength, speed, and sense. Werewolves and amimagi, with their ability to morph into dangerous predators (not all were predators, just the majority). Veelas and sirens, who were skilled in the art of manipulation via beauty and seduction. 


So on and so forth…


Two different races, each on the same land sharing the same resources. At one point, they were able to coexist harmoniously. Freely conversing with one another, sharing equal rights, and just being at peace with one another. Easily the perfect life. 


Unfortunately, nothing in the world can stay perfect. A fact only proven as wizards began to notice the power imbalance between them and their ‘friends’.


Wizards were powerful, but they needed their wands to conjure and control their magic. Wands that could be broken or lost (it’s easier than it sounds). No magical beings needed an outside device to control their powers. They were built in. And in the case of vampires and werewolves, they were also physically stronger without magic. 


It took some time, but eventually, these seemingly minor differences led to a fear that couldn’t be contained even if tried. Paranoia grew and eventually, wizards began seeing the worst in almost everything magical beings did. 


Magical beings excelling at anything in life? It was seen as them trying t push wizards out of the way. Magical beings trying to make suggestions on improvements that could benefit the magical world? Easily seen as them trying to implant laws that would only benefit one side and not the other. Magical beings being stronger because of a few genes and blood cells? Wizards were more than threatened, even if magical creatures didn’t really do anything to initiate that feeling of fear. 


The list went on and on. Though if one with sense took a look, most of the list comprised of things that were thought up from a delusional mind (more likes multiples delusional minds). 


Like what always happens when fear takes hold, wizards only lasted so long before lashing out. They no longer coexisted peacefully with magical beings, they felt that they no longer could. Violent public outbursts (things like public duels for the smallest of conflicts) and small cases of vandalism began to take place (vandalism as in messages like ‘magical beings are monsters and should leave’ were literally carves into buildings). 


Now as one would imagine, magical beings that were stronger than wizards (not bragging at all) were all too prepared to defend themselves. Defend their friends, defend their families, defend their species. The problem? There was this lovely group of individuals called a council that had made a pact with the wizard council long ago when wizards and magical beings first began to interact with each other. 


How else would they have lasted so long without a war occurring without the guidance of a council, where laws that were fair and just could be created? 


One thing the pact stated was that since magical beings were more powerful than wizards, there were certain boundaries that every magical being had to stay within. Translation: magical beings weren’t able to really fight back otherwise they’d break the pact by injuring or killing a wizard or witch. It acted as a sort of shield for wizards against the magical beings. A shield that was shattered when one wizarding group stepped too far out of their own bounds. 


They killed an innocent magical being. A werewolf to be specific. 


Not hexed for eternity, not cursed for eternity, not leave a physical mark that would never fade. They killed someone. They killed a female werewolf who was pregnant with her first litter of pups. 


Now killing someone was pretty bad in itself. You took someone’s life, you stained your hands with their blood, it wasn’t something popular to do. However, in a world where various werewolf packs, vampire clans, and veela clans shared a space, conflicts did arise. 


So a killing, while not encouraged, wasn’t entirely knew. What made the death of this female werewolf so different, so disgraceful, was the fact that she was pregnant. 


Magical beings had their own set of laws outside of the pact made with the wizards. One of the most important ones, one that was held above all others, was the one that the unborn children were not to be harmed. 


There were two exceptions, of course. You could abort your child if their very existence was killing you (taking too much magic from your body as it was developing or if your body wasn’t mature enough to handle it, which would lead to the child killing you). Or if you were sexually violated and didn’t consent to having a child. Those were the only reasons one would even think of harming an unborn child. 


Other than that attacking a life that wasn’t yet brought into the world, was completely helpless and vulnerable, was a disgrace to the magical being world. It was a sign of cowardice and a lack of a conscience. 


Combine that with the fact that the wizarding world was slowly turning on them and, well...the council of magical beings saw no more reasons to withhold the right to fight back. The pact was broken by the wizards and witches, a once long ally now an arch nemesis. 


War broke out, if it could even be called a war since there were obvious victors. Magical beings now held little mercy in their hearts for the wizarding community. So much so that even those who were neutral and didn’t get involved at all weren’t spared from the harsh punishments. 


Wizards and witches were no longer equal to the magical being community as they had once been. Magical beings who practiced wizardry and witchcraft were left alone, but those without creature blood in them? Yeah, they were screwed. 


Jobs became harder to acquire and once you got a job, you had lower pay, less benefits, and were almost guaranteed to be physically mistreated by pretty much everyone around you. Your boss, your coworkers, and even your patrons. 


In school or just in general, children with creature blood were also given special privileges just like the adults were. One that was popular was the use of school provided materials. Children with creature blood always had first dibs, no matter what. So if materials ran out, then the wizard and witch children were just left there with no way to do their assignments while the creature children successfully completed their work. It reflected horribly on their grades, which would later affect them in their adult life when getting jobs. 


As for getting your own materials, it could be difficult. Robes weren’t too difficult to gain, yes they could be expensive and not the best quality, but it was good enough. Cauldrons for potions class, those weren’t too hard either. Brooms, as a witch or wizard, you’d be lucky to legally be able to fly one. Magical beings didn’t like the idea that their enemies could fly alongside them and all that. 


Which left apparating and floo powder. Floo powder wasn’t too bad and wasn’t the best since only the adults could safely do it. But it was alright. 


Textbooks were the main problem. They were pretty expensive and the amount you needed for your various could be seen as adding insult to injury. 


Basically, your childhood was most likely going to be hell and your adult life was going to be long and hellish. 


It was a nightmare. One that the future generations of wizards and witches without creature blood in them would have to endure because their ancestors allowed fear to control their actions. 


This is where young Harry James Evans Potter found himself hundreds of years later. Born a half blood, a mix between his veela father and his (human) witch mother.