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Felicity did not have a lot of experience kissing anyone, much less girls. Much less girls with experience kissing other girls. Sure, she experimented in high school and a little in college. But that was only after a few drinks (and that one time with a pot brownie) never sober. And sober was so much better.

Not surprising, Sara was more of the dominant one. She pushed Felicity up against a wall with a thunk, clashing their mouths together. Felicity’s hands were on Sara’s hips, her nails digging into the denim of her jeans. Something didn’t feel right with her.

As amazing as this was, Felicity could feel herself getting tense. It was a habit of hers. When she got nervous or stressed, her body tensed and she began to shut down. Of course, working with the extreme stresses that came with Team Arrow helped her immensely, but the habit was still there.

Sara pulled away, staring into Felicity’s face. Her expression was a mixture of nerves and fear. “Babe, you’re tense. What’s wrong? Is this not okay? Do you wanna stop?” She cupped Felicity’s face, feeling the smooth skin.

Looking at her feet, Felicity took a deep breath. She moved her hands from Sara’s waist to cover the other woman’s hands on her face. “It’s just…I just, I’ve never had sex with someone I love even a fraction as much as I love you and I want it to be perfect and amazing and unbelievable. Because that’s how I feel about you. I don’t want to disappoint you, Sara.”

“Felicity. Felicity, honey, look at me.” Sara whispered.

When Felicity didn’t comply, she forced Felicity to look at her. “You could never disappoint me Felicity. Okay? You’re one of the few people that haven’t disappointed me. I know that you’re a perfectionist and you want everything you do to be perfect. But you’re only human- a spectacular human- but still just a human. And that’s one of the reasons why I love you so much, you’re perfectly imperfect, as cliché as it is.”

Sara sealed her words with a kiss and she still felt how tense Felicity was. Once they broke off, Sara leaned her forehead against Felicity’s and murmured, “So relax. I’ll help you through this. First times can be scary, so I’ll help you. Mhm-kay?”

Felicity filled her lungs with air then let it go. She allowed her muscles to relax and her mind to clear and both of them could feel the tension in her body being expelled. Sara kissed Felicity’s cheeks. “There you go. You ready to keep going?”

Her response was a passionate kiss on Sara’s lips, which of course Sara returned with equal vigor. Felicity tangled her hands in Sara’s tresses, loving how soft they were. Sara’s hands ventured to the curve of Felicity’s hips.

Neither of them could deny the lust coursing through them much longer. “Mmm… bedroom.” Felicity purred.

“Yeah.” Sara agreed.

They kissed their way into the bedroom, nearly tripping in the process.

The backs of Felicity’s knees clanked against her bed and Sara gently pushed her down, crawling on top of her. While Sara gently bit down on the especially soft skin of her neck, Felicity kicked off her shoes and slid her hands up Sara’s back.

She hissed when the tips of Felicity’s fingers made contact with her scars. She stopped working on Felicity’s neck and propped herself up on her elbows. It’s not like Felicity had never seen her scars before, it’s just she’s never touched them. No one had really touched them since Nyssa. And Nyssa wasn’t exactly as tender as Felicity always was.

“Hey, little bird. It’s okay.” Felicity whispered. She traced circles in the Canary’s back, occasionally coming across tough grooves, lumps and bumps, and other such marks.

Sara stared into the other woman’s eyes. They were no longer that adorable soft shade of blue. Instead, they were a dark, almost black, color, tainted by lust and desire. Carefully, Sara reached behind Felicity’s head and unleashed her hair from the ponytail in was currently in. Felicity sat up, so she was in Sara’s lap.

They locked their lips in a kiss again, turning their heads for better access. In the midst of the kiss, Sara clamped her hands at the sides of Felicity’s oversized t-shirt. Felicity nodded at Sara’s unasked question and pulled the shirt over Felicity’s head and tossed in into a dark corner of the room.

If Felicity had known she was going to be having sex, she would have put on something a little bit more tasteful than a plain shirt, gym shorts, and an uninteresting white bra with unmatching black underwear. Damn it.

Sara looked rocking in her black jeans, black shirt, and signature leather jacket. Speaking of which, Sara was shrugging off the jacket and ready to pull off her shirt. However, Felicity clucked her tongue and told Sara that she wanted to undress her.

This earned a blush from Sara, something that rarely came about the girl’s feisty composure.

In the many, many, many, sweaty and sexy workout sessions that Sara had in the Arrow cave, Felicity always snuck more than a few peaks. Though, it was all ‘look but can’t touch’. Now, she got the best of both worlds. The hardness of the girls’ muscles felt like heaven underneath her fingertips and she gently traced the few scars that marred the perfect skin.

Sara graced her hands across Felicity’s back to unhook her bra while Felicity worshipped her abs. Goosebumps raised up the newly exposed skin and Felicity mewled when Sara’s hand grazed across her breasts. Sara laughed and kissed her lips, then traveled down her neck, nipping and biting hard enough to give her more than a few hickeys, before reaching her breasts.

Her tongue made contact with the hardened stubs that were Felicity’s nipples and Felicity was putty in Sara’s hands. Out of the few romantic partners of her past, not one had a tongue that came anywhere near Sara’s in terms of how good it felt.

The moans coming from Felicity’s mouth were savory and Sara continued her sweet, sweet, torture. Eventually, Sara pushed Felicity back down on the bed, taking her tongue lower and lower down Felicity’s soft, yet still strong, abs. The extra training Felicity was doing was paying off.

Once Sara was at Felicity’s hips, she moved back up to her face, whispering softly, “You’re so beautiful.”

Sara could feel a fresh warmness on Felicity’s cheeks as she kissed her again and again and again; each time more passionate than the last.

It was safe to stay that two stayed up to a not so decent hour, catching up on lost time.

When they fell back, sweaty and panting and filled with love and joy, they laid, sprawled out and staring at the ceiling. Felicity was halfway on top of Sara, one hand over heart, finding comfort in the steady rhythm.

Sara caught sight of Felicity, whom was absentmindedly tracing circles over her heart. Her eyes were soft and warm, like always. Except now, they seemed even more perfect and more wondrous than ever before. Sara began smiling, ear to ear, like a gigantic idiot.

“What?” Felicity asked, upon seeing the other girl’s face.

“Nothing I’m just…. I’m just really happy right now.” She exhaled. She pulled Felicity in for a lasting kiss, rolling them over so she was on top once again, and echoed, “Really happy.”