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Yet Another Cliche Story

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From: BirchYouWeren’tExpectingATreePun

To: fuckificare

Sent: 5:32 PM 22 April 2017

Dear, fuckificare

No, it's okay. It's not your fault I suck at existing or anything. I just… I'm breathing. I'm okay. Not panicking.

Usually I go on walks? That sounds kind of stupid. I just… I like trees? That sounds even more stupid. There's a couple of parks nearby where I live so I just go there, walk around a bit. Maybe climb some trees. I don't really like being near people, so I go somewhere that isn't really poplar. Or if I'm at school, I guess I'll go to the nurse. She's nice and let's me stay in there for a while. If it's really bad, I just go home early.

My therapist gave me a print out of a bunch of different coping mechanisms, but they don't really help?

Yeah. What about you?

You said you get really angry? Do you try to ‘take deep, calming breaths’? Sorry. It's not really my business.

Sincerely, Me