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Yet Another Cliche Story

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From: BirchYouWeren’tExpectingATreePun

To: fuckificare

Sent: 10:38 AM 22 April 2017

Dear, fuckificare

I didn't actually mean to send that message, I meant to delete it but then I clicked the wrong thing..? That sounds like a really stupid excuse, but it's what happened! I didn't really think you would respond…

It's nice to meet you! Hopefully we can keep talking..?

I wouldn't have minded if you had just launched into an explanation of your life, if that's what you wanted to talk about.

If you want, you can do that now I guess? If you want! You definitely don't have to.

That sounded really stupid, huh?

I'm trying not to censor myself, otherwise I would spend three weeks typing and retyping a message, but everything I write just looks awkward and forced and stupid to me.

I'm sure more people will reply to your post, you should probably just block me now.

That will save you a whole lot of time and energy and anger. Because I'm really difficult to deal with.

Sorry, I’ll just stop now, I'm rambling again.

Sincerely, Me