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Oh bOy

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God: Ash Ketchum / Satoshi

Meadow: Mallow

Save the turtles: Lana

Lillie: Lillie

Sopht: Sophecles

H e a t: Kiawe

emo: Gladion

RotomDex: Rotom

Jesus: Gary / Shigeru

Rock: Brock

Protect the starfish: Misty

Prof. Kukui: Kukui

Burnet: Burnet

I miss INKAY: James

Beauty itself: Jessie




UwU Kanto Friends


Jesus: Ash


Jesus: Ash Ketchum




Rocks: What did he do this time?


Jesus: Mm I forgot


Jesus: I just felt like he needed to be threatened


God: w h y


God: i'm in Alola and it's like 3 am shut uppp


Protect the starfish: First of all, why are you awake??????


Protect the starfish: And second of all


Protect the Starfish: weren't you supposed to come back from Alola last week


God: oh did I not tell you guys?


Rocks: ?


God: im staying in Alola


Jesus: You already met the Legendary Pokemon?


God: yeah lol the first day I was here


God: Tapu Koko stole my hat :/


Protect the Starfish: Only you Ash,


Protect the Starfish: O n l y  y o u


Rocks: So you're starting a journey there?


Rocks: I thought Alola didn't have a league


God: that's bc


God: it doesn't


Jesus: Then why are you even there




Jesus: What


God: they have a pokemon school here!!!!!


God: and it's so coooool like you wouldn't even bELIEEVEEEE


God: and there's also this weird thing called the island trial


God: kinda forgot what it was but I get to battle people or smth so idc


Protect the Starfish: How are you going to school somewhere you don't even live?


God: i'm somebody's ward now


Jesus: yOU'RE A WHAT


Protect the Starfish: You mean to tell me


Protect the Starfish: That you,


Protect the Starfish: Satoshi Ash Ketchum


Protect the Starfish: Are being supervised


Protect the Starfish: In a house


Protect the Starfish: By an adult????????????


God: yus ik i was surprised too


God: but professor kukui is reeeeally nice I like it here


Jesus: Oh my gosh you guys


Jesus: Can you believe it?


Jesus: He no longer has the ABILITY to randomly throw himself into danger


Jesus: At least without consequence


God: i've already thrown myself off a cliff 


Brock: Ash, no


Jesus: He should've been allowed to fall to his death


God: rude


God: Tapu Koko saved me tho ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


Protect the Starfish: Never EVER use that face again,


Protect the Starfish: Also stop trying to die 


Protect the Starfish: Is Team Rocket already there?


God: yuh


Protect the Starfish: Then it looks like you've fully moved in


I miss INKAY: should we be offended or


Beauty itself: I think we should be


God has smited Team Rocket


Jesus: They've blasted off again


God: stop


Rocks: That's like the seventeenth time they've done that how in the w o r LD


Protect the Starfish: let them stay next time


Protect the Starfish: see how it goes


Jesus: Wait Satoshi wth go to bed 


Jesus: You have to go to school riiiighhhhht?


God: i did NOT go to SCHOOL for yOu to mAke FUN of me for it


Rocks: Ok ok but Ash go to bed fr


God: fine fine gnite guys


Jesus: Tell us all about your day when you finish class!


God: shut uuuuUUUUPPP


Protect the Starfish: Night, Ash