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How to Break the Internet: Dabihawks Edition

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“You’ve been doing disgustingly well lately, haven’t you?” Rumi playfully slapped Hawks’ shoulder. On the rare night when they were both off of work, they usually could be found in Hawks’ apartment binging Netflix, playing videogames, and eating as much greasy take-out as they could stomach.

“What?” Hawks rubbed his shoulder. Rumi was obnoxiously strong, and even her lighthearted roughhousing packed a punch.

She whipped out her phone and tapped a few times, grinning as she found the article she was looking for. “Hawks, chart-topping musician and Instagram’s posterchild, continues to write love songs for an unknown lover.”

“What can I say, I’m just full of lovey feelings.”

“Your fans are still running around in circles trying to figure out who you’ve been writing those mushy songs about. Think you’ll ever tell them?”


There was a short silence during which Rumi squinted at Hawks.

“What’s going on, chikadee? You seem down.” She reached over and smoothed some of the feathers that had fluffed up when she brought up his boyfriend.

“Ah, we….had a fight.”

New Upcoming Band Releases Single “Come For Me” and Breaks the Internet

[Photo: The League spilled across a couch, in varying positions and amounts of invaded personal space]


If you haven’t heard League of Villians’ new single Come For Me, then you’re missing out on some spicy goodness.

The League of Villains has been around the block a few times, founded six years ago by the frontman mononymously known as Dabi and rhythm guitarist Shigaraki Tomura. The five-piece set consists of lead vocalist Dabi, lead guitarist Toga Himiko, rhythm guitarist Shigaraki, bassist Bubaigawara Jin (“We call him Twice for our sanity.”), and drummer Spinner. The former master magician Mr. Compress runs the light show, and their manager Kurogiri wrangles them all back into the van at the end of each night.

Come For Me is an aggressive call-out song, demanding the listener “come for me, say it to my face when you talk about me, come for me, I’ll have you screaming when you come for me.” The double entendre is clever and sharp, sung in the raw, raspy vocals that define the League’s sound.

What really broke the internet was the music video they released, which is shot with live recorded footage and features plenty of fake blood and Dabi himself practically making out with his mic. The heated looks and seductively suggestive gestures steam up the video, but the true piecé de résistance is when he lights himself on fire and burns off half of his clothes.

[GIF #1: Dabi staring into the camera, eyes glinting with something insane and slightly demented. Blue sparks dance in the air. Text reads: You think you know me, you haven’t seen my type of crazy. Don’t think I’ll put up a fight ]

[GIF #2: Dabi snarling into the mic, escalating into a scream, blue flames pouring off of his body. Text reads: I fucking dare you. I fucking dare you to try! ]

[GIF#3: Dabi grinning widely, tatters of his jacket and shirt clinging to his body, revealing the extensive deep purple marks covering his body. Text reads: I’m fucking ready, I’m waiting for you ]

You’re really going to have to watch the entire video yourself to get the full effect.

When we asked the band about the story behind the song, Toga enthusiastically explains how Dabi had come to a writing session “soooooo angry, pissed about something that happened with his boyfriend. He rage-wrote the whole song in a day."

To which Dabi threw his head back and cackled for a good two minutes straight.

“Yeah,” He admitted, “We had a bit of a lover’s spat, if you wanna call it that.”

When asked how he and his boyfriend were faring currently, he only replied “We’re fine now.”

“Whenever they get into fights the really angsty love/hate songs get written.” Spinner says, “Other than that though, the League of Villains is about speaking out for the disenfranchised and starting movements.”

This checks out, as the songs False Heroes, Stigma, Tower of Babel, and many others give voice to those who have fallen through the cracks of an unforgiving society or are left behind because of their quirk, disabilities, or mental illness. The group is also notably active in LGBTQIA+ advocacy.

“Society is corrupt. We couldn’t let it go without saying something about it in the language we knew best, which was to let Dabi rage about it with a microphone while we made noise in the background.” Shigaraki gestures with a hand, which is covered in a glove protecting only his pinkie and ring fingers. He has one on each hand. “I have a destructive quirk that I control by wearing gloves, yet I’m still demonized and frowned upon. All of us are rejects, for one reason or another.”

“Same for mutation type quirks. If you don’t look either cute or mostly human, people look down on you.” Spinner’s mutation class quirk gives him the appearance and abilities of a gecko.

When I bring up former pro hero Hawks in relation to mutation class quirks in the music industry, Dabi huffs a laugh.

“The chicken cannibal? He’s done more for quirk stigmatism advocacy than most. For someone so beloved by his adoring public, it’s nice to see someone aware of their privilege.”

Bunny Bitch

What the hell have you guys been fighting about??
He’s almost completely comatose. He hasn’t
touched Instagram in a week

None of your business.

That's childish as hell

Oh really

Both of you suck at communication and need to
get the sticks out of your assholes and TALK

Did you really just leave me on read?!

JimmyTims im just gonna come out and say what everyone is thinking….he’s basically deep throating that mic

Ukelooloo @JimmyTims what I wouldn’t give to be that mic

acespacerace well he’s at least confirmed to be into guys, even if he is taken 💔

jezebels-ballsack that hand motion when he drags his hand from his neck to pull down the neckline of his shirt tho 🥴

125seamonkeysinabag @jezebels-ballsack im up for more skin flashing. I wonder if those scars and staples are real though

[Instagram photo: Shouto Todoroki leaning against a wall, wearing an uncharacteristic black tee shirt with League of Villains emblazoned across the front. It looks old and worn-in, the graphic cracked and slightly peeling.]

Natsuo.yaboi My little brother and I have been repping the LOV for years now, it’s cool they’re getting the recognition they deserve!!!


“Hey guys, sorry I’ve been absent lately, I just had some personal stuff come up and had to take care of it.”

Hawks makes sure his phone is sitting steady on top of the bendy handheld tripod he’s perched on a shelf next to his mirror before he steps back.

“I’ve got an interview later today, so I figured I’d do a live stream hangout thing while I get ready. Kinda like a double whammy, I guess!”

He disappears behind the doors of his closet, digging out some overly sparkly gold disaster shirt. As he holds it up in front of himself, evaluating, the comments section goes wild.


MirukosWife13 hawks did you see the League of Villains interview?


TumblrPsychos That guy dabi said something about you


youremy12thshot have u heard of the league of villains??? They talked about u


56bananas dude yer wig got snatched


“Huh? Wow lots of League of Villains stuff, I see.” Hawks tosses the shirt aside and goes digging in the closet again. His voice can be heard as he slides hangers around. “Yeah, I read the article. Dabi's pretty hot, not gonna lie. Come For Me is impressively angry and horny at the same time, I’ve listened to it a few times.”

He comes out with some ripped jeans draped over one arm and a varsity jacket on the other. Not camera shy, he strips down to his boxers and pulls the pants on.

“I love it so much when you have a pair of pants you've owned forever so they're so soft. Look, the bottom hems are shredded cause apparently I'm too short for Saint Laurent and can't be bothered to tailor anything." He hikes his leg up and bounces around, wings flapping to help keep his balance, shoving his foot into the camera and tugging at the hem of his jeans.

"So nice. So soft. So Shoneys." He chuckles, scrolling down the comments. "Yes, Belletastically, my day's been going pretty good so far, thanks for asking. I got up really early cause I had a craving for the chicken karaage from a vendor down the street."

Swiveling his head around, his face lights up when he spots something on the chair against the far wall. Bounding over to grab it, he returns to sit in front of the camera with a ratty old white shirt. He pulls out a pair of scissors and goes to town on the back.

"Xeenataurs_butt, I do in fact know there are fan pages dedicated to my feet. You guys are really underestimating my internet sleuthing skills." Turning the shirt around so everyone can see the holes cut open in the back, Hawks pulls the shirt over his head and pushes his wings through. "Sorry not sorry to the friend whose shirt I just ruined. I look better in it anyways.”


SushiGambler when’re you going to release that song you’ve been teasing us for weeks with?


“Oh, the new song's coming out soon, promise. You guys will just have to wait for the day I decide to drop it. Kidding, kidding. Jeeze you guys are vicious in the comments. The song is called If I Can’t Have You and it’s coming out in about….three hours.”

Picking up the tripod, Hawks takes his phone into the bathroom, watching the chat log flood with people.


Limpnudel89 that sounds…..really lovey


Dizzzy I bet its Miruko, theyre always together




justinehawks who???????


koffeekrumbz even the paps haven't been able to catch him with anyone….who is this crypid partner???


"Still not ready to tell who my partner is, sorry. We're still not in a good place to reveal that kind of stuff yet." Hawks flashes a winning smile. He's been deflecting questions like this for two years now.

Hawks banters with his fans and goes through his daily routine. Clothes, face, cereal, hair check. As he wraps up and put his jacket on, he checks the comments one more time.

"You guys are really all up in the League's business, huh? They seem cool, I just wanna hear more of their music. 'Any advice for the League?' Can't go wrong with proclaiming your undying love, that's my go-to. Ya hear me, Dabi? That's my secret to success. Take it or leave it!"

He winks at the camera, then the feed ends.

If I Can't Have You


Streams: 32,000,000

Dabi @LOVcremation
New song out.
[Video link: White Noise by League of Villains]

Hands Off @LOVdecay
@LOVcremation we do in fact have whole other albums other than his emo boyfriend stuff
[Link: League of Villains Webstore]

Happy Stabby @LOVtransform
Awh let him pine shiggy @LOVdecay! It's cute and the fanservice attracts new people 🔪🖤 @LOVcremation

Twice @LOVdouble
@LOVcremation @LOVdecay @LOVtransform It's so dumb! "Love song" doesn't mean mopey and depressing!

Twice @LOVdouble
@LOVcremation @LOVdecay @LOVtransform It's cute! He's allowed to miss his boyfriend. And mopey and depressing is his default anyways!

Dabi @LOVcremation
@LOVdecay @LOVtransform @LOVdouble you guys are noisy. I can hear you screaming your tweets in the other room. Some of us are trying to sleep.

White Noise

The League of Villains

Streams: 15,000,000


Hot Stuff

I guess you were right.

나는 항상 난😝

You know my Korean reading is shit.

너는 버스 야

Something about a bus??

It's okay to say it in Japanese.

닭 튀김이 필요해

If you eat any more fried chicken you’ll have
a heart attack and die.

You’ll miss me though?😢😗


You totally used google translate for that

When are you going to be in Mustafu again?

Nice deflection. When are you going to
be in Fukuoka again?

Not all of us are constantly on tours, 
birdbrain. Not anytime soon.

I’m not scheduled for Mustafu for another 

two months

You have wings and a hero license.

This is true. What am I going to get out of
this egregious violation of the usage laws
regarding my license?

Chicken, cooked in a healthy way with 

And your shitty kdramas.

Awh, you do care 😍😋💕💕💕💕💕❤

And maybe a blow job depending on how
appreciative of my cooking you are.

How charmingly blunt 💕

ETA two hours 🐓

I’m taking a nap. Don’t wake up Shigaraki, he’s
been holed up playing some new release for three
days now and I think he finally passed out.


[Instagram story video: The camera is pointed at a small porcelain figure of a chibi chicken, and Hawks can be heard loudly belting out a Kpop song in the background in the shower.]


[Story video: Still pointed at the chicken, Hawks is attempting to rap Akali's part in Pop/Stars. "Sorry I'm not great at rapping guys!"]


[Story video: More singing, this time the League’s new song, overexaggerating the sliding vocals. "Coooooooooomeeee for meeeeeeee, there's no escaaappppeeeeeeee…."]


[Story video: "I can't write one song that's not about you, can't drink without thinking about you, is it too late to tell you that everything means nothing if I can't have you!!" Excited squawking and flapping sounds in the background, followed by sounds of Hawks falling in the shower.]


[Story video: Groaning sounds, shower squeaking off. "Guyyyssss I've fallen and I can't get up."] 



“Helllllllooooooooooo my crazy awesome listeners! I’m Present Mic and welcome to this years’ Music Hall Awaaaarrrddddssss!” Present Mic’s swooping hairstyle dominates half of the shot, though it doesn’t stop him from shoving his face in the camera. “We’ve got loads of awards to give out tonight, and tons of performances that are totally out of this world!”


The ceremony goes on for half an hour, performances and awards flying by in a whirl of theatrical artistry. Miruko, with her long-time girlfriend Fuyuumi Todoroki on her arm, presents the award for Best Newcomer to the League of Villains. They’ve been on the mainstream radar for less than a year, but they’ve captivated the nation and their breakout single combined with their subsequent album release has shot them to new heights.


People instantly begin speculating on why Dabi accepts the award from Miruko but henceforth ignores her in favor of gathering Fuyuumi up in a crushing hug. He relents the microphone to Shigaraki for the acceptance speech.


After several other awards, Dabi steps onto the stage with Shigaraki and Toga. Fashion critics the world over zero in on Dabi’s suit, a masterfully shredded and singed black Rococo style jacket over a loose silken shirt, eschewing the traditional vest in favor of high waisted pants that accentuate his long legs. The staples on his face, collarbone, and hands glint in the light, his eyes glowing blue.


“Quirk inequality is a topic that has been a subject of intrigue this year. It started with one Hitoshi Shinsou at the UA Sport Festival, who was predetermined by a quirk-focused world to be a villain and relegated to General Studies when he did not meet the standards of what is considered strong by society, particularly hero society.” Dabi opens, his normal low drawl more pointed than usual.


Toga’s gown of shimmering red catches the light as she steps forward to take Dabi’s place, crimson crystal drops dangling from her twin buns. “And it continued with the Anti Quirk Discrimination protests in Mustafar. Really, there isn’t a lot of support for people whose quirks either don’t match up with their bodies, or who are talked down to and thought lesser of because their quirks are stereotyped as villainous. Resources for those people are limited and usually outdated.”


“The League of Villains has always stood for those who felt ignored, defeated, or thrown away. The disenfranchised, who feel like they don’t have a voice. We want those people to know that we will always fight for them, regardless of who they are, or where they come from, or whatever their quirk, or whatever makes society think they don’t belong.” Shigaraki finishes, eyes boring into the crowd. “The winner of this next award is someone who embodies all of these ideals, and has been active in advocacy for many years.”


Dabi returns to center stage, tense silence falling as the category nominees wait with bated breath.


“The winner for Song of the Year….is Thinking Out Loud, by Hawks.”


The artist name is immediately drowned out by the roar of the crowd as they rise to their feet, the people seated around Hawks turning to smile and congratulate him. The camera barely has time to capture Hawks’ slack-jawed expression before he shoots up in a flurry of red feathers and flies to the stage. As the song in question plays through the amphitheater, he slams straight into Dabi, who seems to be handling the blubbering former pro-hero fairly well for two people who have never met before.


“Wow, you guys, I….I won Song of the Year. That’s pretty cool. I’m so freaking happy so many of you enjoyed what I wrote, it really was a labor of love and I hope to see many more first dances and confessions and happy moments in the Thinking Out Loud Insta tag.” Hawks says into the microphone, his eyes watering as he beams, award in one hand and arm still looped firmly around Dabi’s. “I’ll see them all, you guys know I’m an Instagram creeper. Thank you to my manager and my producer and everyone who’s helped me get this far. Thank you.”


He and the League vacate the stage for Present Mic to announce a commercial break, with a special performance by Hawks himself coming up next.


In the brief intermission, the #dabihawks tag begins climbing the trending ladder.


At the end of the commercial break, the camera fades back in to Hawks in a suit standing alone on the stage with a single microphone stand, the scenery transformed into a fancy faux restaurant with partygoers chattering around him. The music starts, and he looks around uncomfortably.


"I'm at a party I don't wanna be at, and I don't ever wear a suit and tie. Wondering if I can sneak out the back. Nobody's even looking me in my eyes." Hawks is playing with his tie, looking around disinterestedly, the line of his shoulders and wings stiff. "Then you take my hand, finish my drink say 'shall we dance?' Hell yeah!  You know I love you, did I ever tell you? You make it better like that."


He pulls off his tie and tosses it to the side, undoing the top few buttons of his shirt, just enough to breathe, shaking his wings out.


"Don't think I fit in at this party. Everyone's got so much to say. I always feel like I'm nobody mmh, who wants to fit in anyway?" Casting another disinterested look around the restaurant, he shrugs and faces the audience. His trademark lazy smile begins brightening his face.


"Cause I don't care, when I'm with my baby, yeah. All the bad things disappear, and you're making me feel like maybe I am somebody. I can deal with the bad nights, when I'm with my baby, yeah. Cause I don't care, 's long as you just hold me near, you can take me anywhere, and you're making me feel like I'm loved by somebody. I can deal with the bad nights when I'm with my baby yeah."


Hawks suddenly pulls the tear-away dress shirt out from under his suit jacket and rips his pants off, revealing a familiar low-cut white tee shirt and frayed jeans underneath. The partygoers in the background speed off the stage, wheeling the chairs and tables away with them as the lighting changes to a low-light ambience with softly pulsing strobe effects, casting Hawks in a spotlight. 


"We at a party we don't wanna be at." The audience quiets in confusion for a moment, trying to place the new (also familiar?) voice rasping through the speakers, then redoubles in screaming as Dabi swaggers onstage, changed into his signature worn-out white shirt, black pants and boots combo. "Tryna talk but we cant hear ourselves. Read your lips, I'd rather kiss 'em right back, with all these people all around I'm crippled with anxiety, but I'm told it's where I'm supposed to be. You know what? It's kinda crazy cause I really don't mind, and you make it better like that."


He's wildly out of his genre and branding, but he wears Hawks' pop lyrics and melody with confidence. Sauntering right up into Hawks' personal space, he leans in close, an almost predatory grin slowly curling the edges of his lips as he sings. Hawks himself is fully smiling now, staring directly into his eyes with playful challenge.


Rolling his eyes with a smirk, Dabi spins around and walks in the opposite direction to interact with the people at the other end of the stage, leaving Hawks gaping. A second spotlight breaks off to follow him. "Don't think we fit in at this party. Everyone's got so much to say, oh yeah. When we walked in I said I'm sorry, mmh. But now I think that we should stay." 


They duet the chorus again, slowly moving back towards each other. Dabi seems to only have eyes for Hawks, who is still all smiles and entertaining the audience but is slowly turning red as the other man draws nearer.


“I don’t like nobody but you, it’s like you’re the only one here. I don’t like nobody but you, baby, I don’t care.” It’s apparent to everyone that the two onstage are now in their own world even as Dabi continues singing. Anticipation is rising, the way he prowls towards Hawks with intent is enough to silence the crowd.


They’re now chest to chest, practically sharing a mic, similar heights allowing the former pro to eye Dabi with mounting suspicion. “I don’t like nobody but you, I hate everyone here. I don’t like nobody but you, baby yeah.”


And in the brief silence between verses, Dabi surges forward and kisses Hawks.


It’s light and quick, lasting less than a second.


The audience explosively unmutes in a cacophony of sound, completely drowning out the first few lines of the final chorus. The online live feed briefly stutters from the sudden influx of comments.


Dabi for his part looks unaffected as he returns to working the crowd, a self-satisfied smirk on his face, clearly enjoying the way Hawks almost missed the first couple of words. Which is why he doesn't see the mischievous look that overtakes Hawks’ expression, and fumbles his rhythm when he is suddenly swept off his feet into a princess carry and hoisted fifteen feet off the ground.


“Cause I don’t care, ‘s long as you just hold me near. You can take me anywhere, and you’re making me feel like I’m loved by somebody.” The shock on Dabi’s face quickly melts away as he realizes how close he is to Hawks, whose grin is shit-eating yet euphoric. “I can deal with the bad nights, when I’m with my baby, yeah.”


In the final fading moments of the song, Dabi sarcastically waves his hand, a fountain of blue sparks arcing through the air and tumbling down onto the stage.


Hawks just draws him even closer, touching their foreheads together and closing his eyes for a moment before addressing the audience.


“Ladies, lads, and lovely LGBT folk, my partner, Dabi.” He adjusts his hold on Dabi so the man can somewhat face the assemblage and give a two finger salute.


He lowers them both to the ground to riotous applause, where they are congratulated by Present Mic, who claps a hand to Hawks’ shoulder. They are met with equal vigor and excitement from the crowd as they are announced once more and exit stage left.


(The internet is currently losing its shit, comments and reaction images flying everywhere. The average comment reads “asdjdkfwewul”, with variations of “when your crackship becomes canon” and “pastel and goth boyfriends” sprinkled in.


It takes two full weeks for the hype to die down somewhat, and people will talk about how Twitter crashed for thirty whole minutes for years to come. GIFs are made, articles written, and #dabihawks turns up in the year in review on New Years. The great mystery, the identity of Hawks’ secret beau, is Dabi of the League of Villains.


When later asked how he feels about having so many chart-topping songs written about him, Dabi only shrugs and replies: “I love him too, even when he’s squawking in the shower.”)


Later in the night, Hawks wins one more category, then both he and Dabi completely vanish off the radar. The rest of the League turns up at the afterparty, but the couple, true to their newly debuted song, have disappeared.

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IRL Lopunny

You’re sure you’re doing alright,

Never been better!! I haven't
done this kind of stuff in ages!!
They don’t skimp on the crazy
pyrotechnics and light show
around here, so I’ve got my hands
full with the learning curve

Your manager keeps texting me,
so I gotta make sure everything
is alright.


Takahiro? Sorry Bun, I can ask
him to back off if he’s really
hounding you

Nah I’ll be fine.

I’m just worried about you. You’re
off who knows where and it’s a
miracle nobody’s recognized you

qualifiedtomato So let me see if I got exactly what the fuck is going on in here on this day…..Dabi kisses Hawks live in front of millions on millions of people on international television, Hawks literally sweeps him off his feet, then they both disappear. Dabi resurfaces two weeks later on a tour with the League, but Hawks is still missing.

Pomergranate @qualifiedtomato Pretty much.

qualifiedtomato @Pomergranate Are we sure he didn’t kill him or something?

Burtoss @qualifiedtomato Hawks keeps posting random places on Instagram but nothing is location tagged. He’s alive, just hiding from the media probably

Qualifiedtomato @Burtoss This is one of the longest dry spells for public appearances for him I’ve seen since he had that media lockdown tho

2wispers @qualifiedtomato media lockdown?

Justinehawks @2wispers *since he retired

Hawks, Former Pro Hero, Saves Audience from Faulty Equipment


A disaster was averted last Tuesday when pop musician Hawks caught a falling lighting rig mid-concert, saving the lives of band members as well as the audience.


Hawks, formerly known as the Wing Hero: Hawks, has been retired from pro hero work for several years. Debuting at the record shattering position of #9 at age 18, he announced his decision to retire only two years later. He’s since transitioned into the music industry, and been instead releasing billboard topping songs.


[Photo: Hawks at 20 in his hero costume next to Hawks at 24 onstage at a festival]


Though he’s been out of the heroing business for four years, first-hand accounts report him acting with his trademark speed, catching the falling equipment and pushing bystanders out of the way with his quirk. He was also able to calm and evacuate the panicking crowd before the authorities arrived.


Notably, he has retained his hero license through his retirement upon special permission granted from the Hero Commission, and is legally allowed to use his quirk under specific conditions.


No injuries or fatalities have been reported.

Stage falls apart at League of Villains concert

[Cell phone footage of the League performing in a mid-sized venue, packed wall to wall with an ocean of fans. The camera has trouble keeping up with the flashing lights and heavy bass lines Twice is laying down, overmodulation distorting the recording. There’s a sudden metallic screech, followed by a large chunk of the overhead lighting equipment plunging downwards. The holder of the phone screams and flinches backwards, but before anything makes impact, a swarm of red shoots through the crowd, pushing people out of the way and snatching the fixture out of the air. The camera steadies, focusing on the large crimson feathers holding the groaning metal aloft, then panning down to the stage, where Dabi and Toga have been yanked away from the danger zone.

"Holy shit." Someone breathes.]


[Instagram photo: Toga, wearing Dabi’s signature stitched up jacket and some of Hawks’ smaller feathers sticking out of her buns, with two fingers hooked into the corners of her mouth, pulling it up in a wide smile]

[Video: Dabi holding Toga up with two hands under her arms, dangling her like a cat. His jacket hangs off her, oversized, falling past her feet. He looks very unimpressed, and she’s still smiling unnervingly.

“Why do you always go after my clothes?”

"They're soft and smell nice!"

"I can vouch for that." Hawks' voice floats over.]

Hello my cute sinners! I’m taking questions for our lovely in-house couple, #dabihawks 🔥🐓
Leave your burning questions below! 🔪🖤



"Okay, so out of the stabby kindness of her heart, Toga has scrolled through all of your guys' questions and written me up a FAQ. She read through about eight thousand questions, so you guys should go say thank you." Hawks brandishes a paper covered in loopy, red handwriting.

Sitting back against Dabi, who he is using as a pillow, he snuggles in (much to the squee-ing of the comment section) and scans the paper. 

"I give you full permission to spam her." Dabi says. Hawks lightly smacks him, chiding something about "don't encourage the internet."

"'Are you and Dabi together?' Yes in fact we are! I know I'm pretty hard to get--"

"I offered you some of my chicken wings at a shitty dive bar in Osaka and then you started talking and didn't stop."

"Lies and slander!" Hawks wraps a wing around Dabi, blocking him from the camera's view. "Anyways! I met him pretty soon after I had retired, and my music was just starting to be released. We've been together for around four years now."

"And just like now, you had run away from your schedule."

"Next question! 'Why are you and Dabi together?' Because he's a space heater and my little bird body is cold. And also because he's my best friend, among other reasons."

A scarred hand pushes Hawks' wing out of the way, plucking the list out of his hands.

"'What is Dabi's quirk?' Fire. My quirk is fire."

"That's lit, fam." Hawks snickers. "Why does Dabi only ever wear white shirts?'"

"Easy to replace and cheap. Next."

"'Are Dabi's staples and scars real?' Wow guys. I'm really not feeling the love here, why are all of these about Dabi?" Hawks scans through the list, pouting a tiny bit.

"Because everyone knows everything about you from being a hero. All of your stats and info are already on the internet, birdbrain." Dabi deadpans, though he runs a reassuring hand over his boyfriend's wing. Then he stares straight into the camera, "You wanna know how I got these scars?"

With a snap of his fingers, his hand bursts into blue flame.

"My scars and staples are real. I got burned because of quirk elitism. Pure and simple."

Hawks shuffles to the side, leaving most of the camera shot to Dabi, who looks like he's gearing up for a Monologue™. There's a tense set to his mouth and a gleam in his eyes.

"Each of the League has a different reason for their stigma. Mine is because my quirk doesn't work with my body. Quirk incompatibility isn't common, but it goes unaddressed when it does happen because of the normalization of compatibility. It's assumed. So when someone doesn't match that assumed ideal….they fall through the cracks."

The fire goes out, a wisp of smoke rising from his fingertips and a faint sizzle all that remains.

"Even for civilians, who by law aren't allowed to publicly use their quirks, it changes how people treat you. My quirk is a regular fire quirk, my body just can't keep up. That's all." He finishes, sitting back again, expression sliding into his usual aloofness.

"That’s why quirk advocacy is important. Everyone deserves an equal chance, regardless of what quirk they have. We don’t get to choose our quirks, so they shouldn’t determine our worth.” Hawks chimes in. "Next question, ‘who dives headfirst into dicey situations and who has to fish the other out?'”

“Running into bad situations without thinking, that’s definitely you.” Dabi says flatly, tone brooking no argument.

“What can I say, I’m the full package.” Hawks preens. “‘Who is taller?’”

The immediate deflation in his mood is all the answer needed.

“I’m two centimeters taller than him.”

“But I can fly so really, I win.”

“Keep telling yourself that, birdbrain.” Dabi’s voice drips with playful derision. “‘What was the inspiration behind I Don’t Care?’”

“It’s literally what it says on the label. We were both at this party and I was just so uncomfortable, I was crawling out of my skin. Then Dabi comes over and swipes my hard-earned booze out of my hand, downs it in one go, then drags me over to the dancefloor and starts tearing it up.”

Humming thoughtfully, Dabi nods. "I hated everyone there and was drunk off my ass. And tweety bird looked miserable."

"You puked over the edge of the balcony into Endeavor's garden."

There’s a hard glint of satisfaction(?) in Dabi’s eyes as he replies "Worth it."

“‘Who is the clothes thief?’”

“Remember how I said white shirts are easy and cheap to replace? Once birdbrain here gets his hands on your shit, unless you’re okay with two giant holes in the back of your shirts, you have to give up on them completely.” Dabi tweaks the fabric of the shirt Hawks is currently wearing. Which, incidentally, is the one he cut up in his livestream a while ago.

“Toga wasn’t kidding when she said his clothes are really soft though. Even if they smell a little smoky.” Hawks directly addresses the camera. He reaches over and rustles around off camera, using his wings to balance and thwapping Dabi in the face. Returning with the jacket from Toga’s Instagram post, he drapes it over his legs and busies his hands with picking apart the frayed ends even more.

“Easier on my scars and staples that way.”

“‘What is it  like being in a high-profile gay relationship?’ Ignore the haters and carry on. It’s an oversimplification, but that’s what it really is. Plus so many of you guys have actually sent us stories and so many kind words about ways one or both of us has inspired you to become more comfortable or confident in yourself.” Hawks chirps, happy but sincere.

“Neither of us are moral paragons, we just do whatever and whoever we want.” Looping an arm around Hawks’ shoulders, Dabi grins sharply. “I’m nobody’s hero, but if the League or Hawks and I can inspire you, then that’s great.”

“‘Who fell for who first?’ Me. I was pining for so long, Miruko called me disgustingly in love and said that I should confess before she got secondhand diabetes from reading our texts.”

“The League found out because Toga stole my phone. Nosy gremlin.”

“‘Was the kiss during the awards show planned?’ No, no it wasn’t. I was gonna announce us at the end anyways, if me singing “you know I love you” didn’t do the trick, but someone got greedy.”

“I hadn’t seen you for two months. Cut me some slack.” Dabi grumbles, pulling Hawks closer. 

“Uhhhh I know that look.” Hawks glances at the list, quickly scanning. “How about this, we’ll do a speed run of questions, then we can go get something to eat. Or something.”

“Or something.” Dabi agrees, making far too much direct eye contact to be talking about food.

“‘Does Hawks snore?’”

“Like a fucking chainsaw.”

“‘Does Hawks get feathers everywhere like people with long hair get hair everywhere?’”

“In the sheets, clogging the drain, in my goddamn mouth every morning.”

“‘How many piercings does Dabi have?’”

“Eleven on my skull."

“‘Can Dabi speak Korean?’”

“예. 유창하게.”

“‘Who cooks better?’”


“‘Do you have nicknames for each other?’”


“‘Are you--’” Hawks is cut off when Dabi plucks the paper from his hand and ashes it with his quirk.

“Oh well, can’t do any more questions. Time to go eat.” Dabi’s wicked smile pulling at his staples is the last thing the audience sees before the feed cuts.

League of Villains
Streams: 19,000,000

[Instagram story: Toga giggling behind the camera, poking her phone around a corner to see Hawks on his stomach in bed, asleep. One wing is haphazardly flopped over the edge of the bed, half resting on the floor, the other extended out over the other side. He’s got his face shoved in a black jacket and is completely dead to the world, breathing deep and even.]

[Story video: Withdrawing the camera, Toga flips the view back into selfie mode, walking away and talking quietly. "We're on a short break between legs of the tour, so everyone's at the League compound right now. Dabi's been out running the press circuit so Hawks has been chilling with us and napping. We don't have any shows today, and Shiggy's arguing with Dabi in interviews, so it's quiet around here. Which is kinda weird."]

[Story video: Toga flops backwards onto a red and pink bed, holding her phone above herself. "I'm thinking I might do another self-defense tutorial video later this week. Maybe I can get Hawks to help me again! Dabi gave me a new kubotan for my birthday last week, and I’m dying to try it out!”
A deep blush has taken over her face, and she seems giddy at the prospect of attempting to stab Hawks, albeit with a blunt instrument.
“Anywaaayyss, we’re heading out on the second leg of the Signal Flare tour tomorrow! First stop is Hosu City, let’s have lots of fun together!”]

Hands Off @LOVdecay ✔
Hosu City, we're sorry to announce that LOV will have to reschedule. Stay safe. We'll be back.

Dabi @LOVcremation ✔
Any of you in Hosu, stay inside. We'll come back.

Happy Stabby @LOVtransform ✔
We love you Hosu City! We'll always loop back around for you guys, promise! 🖤

Hawks 🐓 @wingedchickennugget ✔
Hosu City, please stay safe. Concert tickets are renewable, human lives are not. 


"We're live here in Hosu City, where monsters are rampaging through the streets." The news reporter yells over the wind, hair tousled in the gale created by the helicopter she is in. "Citizens are advised to stay inside until the all-clear us given."

The camera pans down to where Endeavor is currently engaged with a hulking monster, blasting it with piercing flame and jumping back as it regenerates.

"The number two hero Endeavor is on the scene, no word on the positions of any other heroes. We will keep--" The entire helicopter jars, throwing everyone to the side. The reporter is saved only by her harness.

"What was that?" someone in the background can be heard asking as the helicopter jerks to the side again.

An inhuman scream distorts the audio, and the head of a half-pterodactyl monster appears next to the reporter, eyes bulging and one chillingly human arm grasping for purchase.

Just as it wraps its fingers around the shrieking reporter's arm, it jerks back with it's own shrill, its arm severed at the shoulder. 

A shock of familiar windswept blond hair pokes around the monster's back.

"Hi, Minamoto-san! I'll take this guy off your hands--please get out of here!" Hawks chirps, though shaky camera picks up on the fierceness behind his usually blithe smile. He kicks at the monster’s exposed brain and it reels backwards, releasing its grip.

"H-Hawks! What're--"

The pilot must get the message, because the helicopter turns away and speeds off in a different direction. It doesn't get too far before it slows to a stop once more, allowing the cameraman to refocus on the aerial battle behind them.

Hawks hasn't seen active hero work for four years, and it shows in his sloppier motions and less accurate strikes with his feather blades (upon thorough analysis at a later date by one Midoriya Izuku, posted on his rapidly growing YouTube channel). It takes him a total of two minutes to dice the monster up into irreparable chunks, which he catches with his feathers before they can fall onto the city below.

"Remarkably, former number nine hero Hawks retains almost no damage to himself, but seems to be breathing harder than usual." Minamoto whispers.

Hawks must see something below, because he turns sharply and dives towards an alley. Nearly to the ground, he gives one powerful flap of his wings and shoots backwards, furiously backpedaling.

A violent rush of blue flames explodes in the alley below, the power and scope of the move enormous enough to dwarf the buildings surrounding it, spilling out into the street. The heat is searing, creating wavy illusions in the air.

"Aim the directional mic over there!"

The sound is fuzzy at first before sharpening, homing in on voices through the roar of the fire.

"--uto, I'm telling you now, take your friends and get the hell out of here!" A voice yells hoarsely.

"And I'm telling you, Touya , I'm not going anywhere!" A second male voice retorts. The view of the camera is blocked by the buildings.

"Brat, you--"

The sounds of a fight begin, and Hawks hovers for a second before landing on the roof of a building, watching the fight unfold below. The helicopter moves around, trying to get a better angle for the camera. 

"Fancy knives you got there, Hero Killer." The unknown voice drawls again, dripping with disdain. "Too bad I can incinerate steel."

Another wave of fire washes out of the alley, this time alongside a plume of orange and red flame and large ice spikes. A man covered in bandages and wielding half a sword tumbles out, landing in a fighting stance.

"At least two unnamed heroes are currently engaging the Hero Killer Stain." Minamoto says, still hanging onto a grip bar above her head, leaning out the door as far as she can. The telescopic lens of the camera zooms in on Stain, broadcasting his countenance to the world.

Hawks abruptly drops out of the sky, landing feet-first into the back of Stain's head. He meets Stain's reciprocal sword swing with one of his own feather blades, and from then on it's a battle of speed and endurance. The blows they exchange are rapid and jarring, half-baked plans thrown about haphazardly in an attempt to get the edge over one another. Neither is able to land a hit and Hawks is beginning to flag, frustration in the scowl on his face. 

"You're going to have to do better than that to best me, hero." Stain leaps towards Hawks, swinging with his sword.

Hawks brings his feather blade up to parry, not noticing the switchblade the hero killer slips out of his sleeve. In the helicopter, Minamoto yells Hawks' name, panicking. A quick swipe and Hawks not only loses his grip on his weapon, he’s suddenly collapsed to the ground and is not moving. Stain moves to stand over him, sword tip aimed downwards at his throat.

“I’ll admit, you put up much more of a fight than I was expecting.” He says, sounding almost respectful even as he presses the blade up against Hawks’ skin. “There aren’t many people who can match me for speed, but you’re badly out of practice. Something tells me you’ll get in my way again, even though I don’t like unnecessary bloodshed.”

“Fancy quirk you got there. Get away from Hawks.” Dabi appears at the mouth of the alley, blood staining his shirt and running in a stream down his left arm. His own formidable glare meets Stain’s in a clash of wills.

“He is a liar. He claimed to have the public’s best interests at heart, then abandoned them to chase pipe dreams. That is not a true hero.”

In a word, Dabi looks murderous.

“I don’t care what he is or who the hell you are. You’re outmatched. Get lost.” The blue fireball he fires off misses its target, though it refocuses the hero killer’s attention onto Dabi himself, and he leaves Hawks unharmed but still immobile.

“I must continue on my path, regardless of who stands in my way. Those kids behind you that you’re protecting...they’re too weak to help you. And your quirk is eating away at your body, I can smell your flesh burning.” Stain hefts his blade and steps forward. “You’re the one who is outmatched.”

A swirling purple portal appears out of nowhere to Dabi’s left, giving everyone pause.  First a head then a body emerge, until man in a trench coat with shaggy light blue hair steps through.

“Well isn’t this interesting. Hero killer Stain, it appears you’ve been antagonizing our friends here. I don’t suppose we’d be able to convince you to retreat?”

In the helicopter, Minamoto finds her voice again, having been taking in the extraordinary chain of events with the same wide eyes as her audiences at home.

“Is that--is that Shigaraki Tomura from the League of Villains? It is! Shigaraki Tomura has appeared on the scene and is trying to convince the Hero Killer to stand down!”

Shigaraki’s presence just seems to aggravate Stain further. “More backup? From the supposed leader of his band of misfits, selling music to millions without lifting a finger to fix the problems you make your living off of? False apostles!” 

His next lunge is for Shigaraki, who whips out of the way much more gracefully than Dabi and flashes out a pale hand to grab the blade of the sword. His quirk rapidly crumbles it to dust, eating away at the hilt until Stain is forced to let it go and jump back to avoid Shigaraki’s other hand grasping for his face. The exchange happens within a single second.

“I’m no Hawks, but I’m fast enough to handle you.” He flexes his (for once bare) hand, taunting. Decay ate through the sword fast enough that he wasn't even cut.

"What the hell are you doing! Go get help, Shigaraki!" Hawks yells from the ground, body tense as remains under the influence of Stain's quirk.

"Worry about yourself, Hawks. I've already figured out how this guy ticks."

Between Dabi and Shigaraki, Stain seems to reconsider for a brief moment, weighing his options. His arm is a blur when he draws one of his throwing knives from a side holster and sends it Dabi's way, bounding towards Shigaraki with a more calculating countenance. Dabi barely jerks far enough to the side to avoid getting brained.

"Kurogiri!" Shigaraki bellows while dodging, only managing to decay Stain's red scarf. Grating sounds fill the air as the street begins cracking beneath Shigaraki's feet, racing towards his opponent. 

Another portal suddenly opens above the hero killer, and none other than Toga Himiko is deposited unceremoniously onto his shoulders, destroying his momentum. She's got a manic, somewhat unhinged expression on her face, full of glee as she wraps her legs around Stain's neck and wrenches him to the side, away from her friends.

"Mister Stainy! It's so good to finally meet you! Wow, I'm actually meeting you for real, this is so cool!" She giggles, digging her fingers in behind his ears. "You've got so many pretty knives and your quirk is just like mine!"

When Stain tries to throw her off, she vaults off of his shoulders with the fluid motions of a gymnast, landing in a neat crouch.

“Ohh, your knives are so much more well-balanced than mine!” Toga gasps, delightfully brandishing a dagger she’s somehow lifted from one of Stain’s side holsters. It’s too big for her palm, but she shows no hesitation when she rushes him, slipping fluidly past his defenses and slicing into his bicep.

A blast of blue fire covers her as she retreats, raising the knife to her mouth. Gray mud slides down her body, and then there are two hero killers on the street. Only a few viewers watching the (increasingly implausible) broadcast from the safety of their homes notice Hawks’ wings begin to jerkily move in the corner of their screens.

"I don't know exactly how your quirk works, but I can still do this!" Toga's wide smile looks at home on the hero killer's face, and with another swipe of her tongue along the blade in her hand, the real Stain drops to the ground.

“Hawks? Can you get up?” Dabi walks over to Hawks and slowly crouches down with a wince.

“His quirk is starting to wear off, I think.” Hawks fluffs his feathers out experimentally. “Still can’t move, though.”

“I’m fine, really Todoroki.” A young hero in a green costume emerges from the alley, followed closely by Todoroki Shouto. He approaches the group and stops in front of Hawks. “Stain’s quirk paralyzes people whose blood he tastes. I haven’t been able to deduce the specific order, but it looks like the longevity of the effects are based on blood type, Type B being the longest and Type O being the shortest.”

“So I’m somewhere in the middle then.” Hawks groans, smushing his face back into the concrete.

“You’ll be fine.” Dabi scoffs before turning his attention to Stain. “What are we going to do with him, then? Toga’s transformation isn’t going to hold much longer, she didn’t get enough blood from him.”

“I’ll be the one to handle him.”

The entire group turns to see Endeavor approaching, glaring balefully down at the Hero Killer. Notably, Dabi and Shouto exchange some sort of look before refocusing on Endeavor. Identical expressions of aloof blankness fall over their faces.

“Does that mean you’ll also do all the paperwork for the property damage and arrest report?” Hawks visibly perks up.

“Do your own paperwork.” Endeavor replies gruffly. “You’ll also have to account for all of the people you provisionally allowed to use their quirks.”

“Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Dabi, Shigaraki, Toga….isn’t it two pages per person?”

“Ooh, time’s up!” Toga’s Stain facade begins melting. “Whatever we’re going to do, do it now!”

As soon as the last bit of sludge falls off of Toga, Stain leaps up and withdraws a knife from somewhere in the folds of his clothes. In the same motion, he sprints towards Endeavor like a man possessed. A malefic aura rolls off of him, his killing intent suffocating and all-consuming.

“A man self-obsessed with his own strength has no right to call himself a hero! I will be the one to restore the name hero to its true form!”

Dabi, Shouto, and Endeavor all draw back their arms instinctively, preparing to blast the hero killer.

The camera is barely able to catch the moment that Hawks flares his wings wide and shoots several feathers at Stain, the few frames it does catch display small red blurs digging into the villain. As he stumbles and begins to fall, several strategic tendons severed, more feathers snap onto his limbs to restrain and support him.

“Yikes, that’s a nasty quirk.” Hawks rises to his feet, stretching his wings out and flapping them a few times. He finally seems to remember he’s being broadcasted, and looks up towards the helicopter, smiling directly into the camera from three hundred feet away. “Minamoto-san! I think we’ve got this under control now. Endeavor-san is going to make me do paperwork.

[Photo: Hawks holding his feather blades in two hands post-nomu battle, wings extended to their full breadth.]

[GIF #1: Toga on Stain's shoulders, displaying impressive strength for someone her size, yanking the much larger Stain around by the ears and neck. She's obviously having much more fun than he is.]

[GIF #2: A gargantuan wave of blue flames exploding dozens of meters above the surrounding buildings.]

“mY quIrK iS a ReGulAr FiRe QuiRk”
[Photo: Spongebob meme]

Dude wtf
Regular fire quirks don’t make blasts three times taller than houses

that was probably the most downplayed description of power ive ever heard. this guy’s quirk is stupidly OP. why isnt he a hero

It probably has something to do with his quirk incompatibility. 

Toga's quirk tho. Blood quirks that aren't healing related are usually classed as villainous on sight

@Pnkdmnd my quirk is blood related too….I get why she hasn't released information about her quirk now

Stain said he could smell Dabi's flesh burning creepy is that

@fibsfindschocolate quirks powerful as his usually have some kind of drawback. That's definitely the incompatibility he was talking abt

@demonology102 @fibsfindschocolate if I remember my high school chemistry class right blue flames are 1000 degrees hotter than red/orange flames
If his body can't handle his own flames, he must be roasting himself alive every time he uses his quirk

@flandersphalanges to be able to project that much fire hot enough to probably ash someone on contact. What does that feel like?

Are we not gonna talk about Shiggy though?? Did y'all see what he did to solid concrete????

[GIF #1: The entire street beneath Shigaraki's foot cracking wide open in a shocking display of power, racing towards Stain.]

Or how he was fast enough to grab a sword and disintegrate it before it was able to cut him

[GIF #2: Shigaraki's fingers closing around the blade of Stain's sword, Decay consuming it so rapidly that his hand closes on dust.]

I don't know what the rest of the League has up their sleeves, but Dabi and Shigaraki are serious powerhouses. And Toga outmaneuvered the Hero Killer, who is known for his speed and strength. Who are these people even????

Real question: Who is Touya?

Chapter Text

[Instagram photo: Natsuo on a toy ride outside a shopping mall, brightly peace signing at the camera as he perches his bulk on the tiny space rocket.]
Natsu.yaboi Hey guys now’s a good time as any to remind people that celebrities are people too! They deserve their privacy when they’re trying to deal with their own stuff and having thousands of people and the media look at them under a microscope and harass them constantly is just rude and invasive. They’re humans, and everyone’s got their breaking points. Let’s not push people to them with pointless negativity!


Spinner and I are going out for
bubble tea and snacks! 🍡 You
want to come with?


I’m good.

Awhhh come on you barely
hang with us any more! It’ll be
good to get out for the day~💖

Not hungry. Go on without me,
I’ll get something later

[Photo #1: A headshot of Dabi's typical aloof expression, taken from the Music Hall Awards red carpet. His eyes stand out starkly from his otherwise relatively monochromatic appearance, highlighted by the purple of his scars and the silver glint of his staples.]
[Photo #2: A headshot of Todoroki Shouto at the UA Sports Festival shortly before his fight with Midoriya Izuku. The sun's angle casts a shadow over the left side of his face, a single splinter of light igniting his turquoise iris.]

Is it me or do they have the same resting bitch faces

[Photo: Edited image of the right half of Dabi's face matched up to the left half of Shouto's face.]
Anyone else notice  how they have the same bone structure and eyes? Not to mention the whole fire thing???

[Photo: The monstrous blast of blue and orange fire spilling out of the alley during the Stain fight, accompanied by large ice spikes erupting from the ground.]
Definitely got the OP quirk thing

@scahnd12324 and when dabi, shouto, and endeavor all made the same arm motion when they were about to blast stain!!! arent quirks and quirk localization hereditary ??

Going a step further:
[Photo: Close up of Endeavor next to the edit of Shouto and Dabi]

They all have the same eye shape and color. Endeavor’s got a stronger jaw tho. And is all around built much more heavy duty. Shouto probably got most of his looks and build from his mom. And if the Todoroki Theory that’s been everywhere lately is true….then both he and Dabi definitely take more after their mom.

Remember when Natsuo and Shouto made that Insta post with Shouto in an LOV shirt?? I might be a Hawks fan acc but I looked into those shirts, the LOV made those by hand as the first run of their own merch way back at their beginning. They cost thousands now, and Shouto Todoroki has one that has clear signs of extended wear.

Dem leggy Todorokis though

#dabi is a todoroki

Question is: If Dabi is a Todoroki, then why is he hiding it? Not wanting to be associated with Endeavor I get on some level (even if he is an okay hero, he’s kind of….an asshole about it), but to go so far as to use an alias for literally everything, and never talk about his family in interviews? Eye yam suspicion.

Lead singer of the League of Villains seen at a bar ALONE with pro hero Miruko! Is this the end of #dabihawks?

[Photo: A blurry paparazzi shot of Miruko and Dabi in casual clothes in a dark, crowded bar alone together in a booth.]

Hawks vs. Hero Killer Stain
192,000 subscribers

Deku does it again. Hawks definitely wasn’t at the top of his game when he was fighting Stain, but he’s been posting a lot of gym selfies lately. Maybe it got to him?

[Photo: A photo of the month of February Charity calendar. A wide eyed, uncharacteristically shocked and blushing Hawks is dipped low to the ground by Dabi, who is looming over him with a wide, salacious grin. Their faces are close, Dabi's inky fringe dusting Hawks cheeks. His red wings are fluffed out, legs crooked awkwardly beneath him. To add to the absurd image, the pair are dressed in tightly corseted red and black Bunny costumes, bunny ears perched atop their heads and feet crammed into impractically high heels that Dabi has somehow gracefully balanced on.

Text at the bottom reads: "Happy Valentines Day Heroes Villains" in large handwriting; "Heroes" is scribbled out messily and "Villains" written in chickenscratch.]

Hands McFuckface

I’m still laughing cause they don’t
know how much of a whipped
asshole you are

Laugh it up while you still can,


“Hi my cute sinners!” Toga waves excitedly, adjusting the angle her phone sits on its tripod. She’s swaddled in a thick hoodie with a scarf.  “You guys got the album art promo to 100,000 likes, soooooo--” She sing-songs, making a dramatic gesture to the side, frowning when whatever she’s expecting doesn’t happen. She reaches over and pulls on a scarred arm, dragging Dabi into the shot with her. “As promised, I’ve gotten Dabi mostly naked and he’s gonna get treated to a spa day while he answers some questions you guys left on Instagram!”

Dabi’s been stripped down to his boxers and is mostly expressionless, letting himself get pushed and pulled around by Toga with a nonresistance that implies that this has happened before. Or that he’s got siblings.

She drags him over to a tub, which is overflowing with some kind of white fog, and watches eagerly as he lowers himself in. The fog swells momentarily as it makes way for him, and he sighs happily and wiggles lower into it.

“Of course taking the proper safety precautions, I’ve filled the tub with liquid nitrogen! Dabi likes it cold.” Toga winks at the camera as she pulls a metal bucket from somewhere that’s also spilling white vapor, reaching in with a pair of long metal tongs, dropping a white chunk into the tub. The swirling fog nearly triples in size, boiling over the edges of the porcelain tub. “Dry ice is actually warmer than liquid nitrogen, which is so cold that dry ice can make it boil!”

She drops piece by piece of dry ice into the tub, giggling to herself, until Dabi takes the bucket from her hands and upends it over his head.

“Fuck, that’s good.” He groans as the chunks hail down on his head, handing the bucket back to Toga. In what must be nearly -360°F, he seems perfectly content.

Toga reaches over to somewhere behind her phone, returning with a bottle of black nail polish. “Fingers or toes first?”

“Toes.” Dabi picks up a piece of paper from the floor, settling himself back into his supernaturally cold bath. One lanky leg rises out of the smoke to extend over the edge of the tub, far enough away that Toga can safely grab it and start applying the base coat to his nails. “First question; ‘Are you and Hawks okay?’ Yeah, we’re both okay. I’m assuming you mean the Stain thing. We got some basic first aid and were fine, nothing to write home about.”

The Q&A continues like this, with Toga slowly working her way around Dabi with basecoat, polish, and topcoat, rubbing cuticle oil into his fingertips and freehanding cute designs in pink on the black canvas of his nails. His voice drones on, answering questions routinely, only occasionally snarky. The whole thing is rather soothing.

At some point, Toga drags Dabi out of the bath and sits him down in front of the bathroom vanity. She then proceeds to pull his unruly hair back and smatters a charcoal face mask on his healthy skin, carefully avoiding his seams. As he continues to talk, she begins braiding small chunks of his hair, tying the ends off with brightly colored elastics. Dabi glances up every once in a while to check his reflection in the mirror, but seems content with letting her have free reign. He even lets her apply eyeliner after she’s scraped the face mask off.

"Hime, I look like mid-2000's emo now." He deadpans, blinking away the residual feeling of eyeliner in his waterline.

"It looks good! Eyeliner highlights your eyes, since they're such a pretty blue!"

The way she’s painted on the eyeliner, lines ruthlessly clean and sharp, escalates his typical heavy-lidded expression into something dangerous. Dangerously hot or dangerously close to lighting someone on fire is up to viewer interpretation.

“Yeah sure.” He rolls his eyes as he pulls off the headband, letting his spiky hair spring free.

The door opens somewhere off to the side.

“Hey guys--why is it so cold in here?” The edge of a red feathered wing can be seen at the corner of the camera. It fluffs out, attempting to preserve body heat.

Dabi practically whines at the intrusion. “It’s positively tropical in here. Get out, you’re letting the warm in.”

“But my shining personality lights up wh--” The voice obviously belonging to Hawks stutters and dies. When it restarts, it’s with a kind of forced normality. “Are you wearing eyeliner?”

Dabi blinks.

“What does it look like, bird brain?”

The noise Hawks makes is strangled and sounds painful.

Dabi blinks again. “I broke him.” 


You have permanent eyeliner.”

“That's my skin! It’s part of my quirk!” Hawks squawks finally, indignant.

Toga quietly grabs her phone, flipping the view around and capturing Hawks' fully blown pupils and slightly flushed face.

Dabi blinks again, pointedly.

"Now you're just….blinking!!" Hawks protests. "You're totally doing that on purpose!"

"No shit, birdie."

An awkwardly charged silence falls, where Hawks just stares at Dabi, face in full smitten-but-panicking mode, and Dabi just continues to blink.

Suddenly, Hawks' head whips around in apparent realization, making eye contact first with Toga behind the camera, then her phone. He starts in protest.


There's a wild, manic giggling before the feed cuts.

My Vow
The League of Villains
Streams: 26,500,000

Grabby Hands @LOVdecay ✔
Lineup for the second leg of the Signal Flare tour is up! We've added a new opener this time around @IconForHire.

Julelle @hart2heart
@LOVdecay there's nothing on that page? It's just the band name and a few pink and red splatter graphics

Grand theft yeet @gta5eva
the league are debuting a new artist?? DURING a concert?? Fucking ballsy

New evidence claims that the LOV bought their victories and songwriting credits
Label to drop LOV?!

Hot Stuff


Hey hot stuff, you okay?
Haven't heard from you in a
while ❤🐓

Fine. Just writing.


Hime told me you haven't left
the studio in like a week 😯

I had some ideas I needed to get


You sure it has nothing to do
with all the media attention
you've been getting lately?



You'll tell me if I need to come
back, right?

No need for drastic measures,
pretty bird. 

A Band of Homicidal Maniacs
The dark histories of the LOV’s Tomura Shigaraki and Himiko Toga


What the hell is going on with all of this shit talking in the media lately against the LOV???? Week after week this shit is on replay

easy they pissed sum1 off in th foodchain and now there paying 4 it

If there’s tea to be spilled, better make it scalding I guess

They’re really piling on top of Dabi tho

This whole thing is a three ring fucking circus. It’s a smear campaign, let’s call it what it is.

Hey….Hawks has two helix piercings under the industrial in his right ear.

@cary💍 Only you would notice a tiny detail like that, cary


he’s got a lot of them in each ear now
how do you keep track of them??? Kinda weird

It's not weirder than you knowing exactly how  many staples are in Dabi's face, @dill

Listen I can eXpLaIn--

No, what’s weird is in that video of Dabi in the bathtub and the bunny calendar photo, he’s only got one.

토끼 🐇

Your boy isn't doing too well

I dropped by a few times to
check in on him

He's saying he's alright, but
he's full of shit

Fuck, Miru

I'm almost done, I finally
got what I needed to end it

You’re seven weeks past your
due date

Isn't shit like this why you
ditched them in the first place?


He hasn’t given me the
word yet. I have to trust
that he knows his own

Coming back now and
making a big deal might
just make it worse

I don’t think it can get much
worse than it is right now,

[Video: Shigaraki and Toga stretching in a parkour warehouse. Toga’s wearing a tank top with shorts and knee-length leggings underneath, and Shigaraki (for some unknown reason) is clad in a Silver Age All Might onesie, hood pulled up and yellow hair tufts raised to the ceiling. He looks comfy in it, with his trademark red sneakers sticking out the leg holes.

“All right my cute sinners!” Toga chirps at the camera, “Time to start the Quirk Support Charity Drive! Shiggy and I are going to go best out of three courses, so place your bets in the comment section who you think will win! Loser gets a pie in the face! All proceeds donated towards our little race will go directly towards Quirk Support, a leading organization in anti-quirk stigmatism support!”

Twice is the referee for the three rounds Shigaraki and Toga run, making sure no foul play runs afoot. As expected, Toga runs the course with fluid grace, a continuously moving path of movement ducking under and flying over obstacles. What’s surprising is how much Shigaraki gives her a run for her (donated) money. He bursts through the course with a kind of raw power and manic adaptability that actually quite suits him. Unbothered by his oversized onesie, he seems to barely touch the obstacles, feet and hands only briefly touching down before throwing himself to the next contact point with ironclad surety.

Toga wins in the end by only a hairsbreadth, and Shigaraki peels off his onesie and carefully folds and sets it to the side, only to get a whipped cream pie lobbed into his face the second he turns around.

There's a loaded silence for a few moments as he processes what just happened, reaching up a hand to scrape some of the mess off.

“Hime.” His voice goes low and dangerous as he steps towards her, cream falling in chunks off his face and slicking his hair into a greasy mess.

Toga just shrieks in glee and sprints off through the course, laughter echoing off the walls of the warehouse. The video cuts just as the blur that is Shigaraki in his boxers takes off after her.]

Pretty Bird

I just saw that article. Are
you doing alright?

You know as well as I do
the tabloids are full of shit.

Yeah but I figured they might
be cutting a little too close?

I'll be fine, pretty bird. Finish
your thing and come back

I'm worried, Dabi.

Don't be. Worry about yourself

I've been out a lot longer than
I was promised. All you have
to do is say the word and I'll
fly back to you as fast as I can

You know that, right?


Dabi: Riding Hawks’ coattails to international infamy

The darkened stage, currently in between opening acts for the League, is bustling with people. A banner is slowly raised in the background, Icon For Hire in messy block letters, covered in wild splashes of pink and red paint.

The house lights go down again, and an electronic beat lined with eelctric guitar starts pulsing through the amphitheatre as the audience begins screaming in excitement. The lights flash on and off a few times, and on the third flash Himiko Toga appears center stage.

As she begins singing, the audience roars.

“Ashes, ashes, dust to dust, and it doesn't hurt enough yet, does it, does it? I'm gonna make you feel it, gonna make you want it. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down, half of you's still underground. I'm gonna make you feel it, gonna make you want it!”

The eye-searing pink tips of her hair fly as she works the stage. Even as a solo act, she’s got just as much charisma and stage presence as Dabi, and the audience is eating it up.

"Don't you want to feel something in those heavy little veins of yours?  Clock's ticking now, get your body off the floor. This is your addiction, so you can play the victim, but you can't make me play along.”

She jumps up onto the risers at the front of the stage, leaning out into the crowd as she belts out the chorus into her microphone. Even though nobody knows the words, they all surge forward, a mass hungry for their grinning idol.

“Oh, fight back your demons, don't let them take you down, down. Oh, scream like you mean it, make me believe you now, now!”

In one quick motion, she backflips off the riser, short pink skirt ruffling. She sways, grabbing at the air.

“Ashes, ashes, in the air, remains of dead dreams everywhere. Ashes, ashes, could be you, but you're still beating aren't you?” She plants a foot on the riser, a fist pounding into her chest, "I'm gonna make you feel it, I'm gonna make you want it. Aren't you gonna do something with that pretty little heart of yours? Get up, move, get your body off the floor! This world is twisted, it's the human condition, but you don't have to play along.

“Pain didn't change me, I changed my pain. Pain didn't change me, I changed my pain!” The feral smile that is her trademark lights up her face as she drops to a crouch, staring into the audience as the music begins to repeat. Her golden eyes rimmed in black kohl and cyan glitter glow in the spotlight. “ You didn't come this far just to get this far, you didn't come this far just to get this far. You didn't come this far just to get this far, you didn't come this far just to get this far!”

Springing up, she begins chanting, gesturing wildly as she ramps up the intensity of her vocals. Her words bolster the audience, whipping them into a fervor.

“You didn't come this far just to get this far, you didn't shoot for the moon just to hit the stars! You didn't work this hard just to fade to black, cuts me in half to see you hold back. And you'll know when you're lost 'cause I won't let you sleep through the night, I won't let you sleep through the night. I promise you I'll be here screaming at you, fight baby fight baby FIGHT! "

She’s punching the air, eyes aflame and fangs bared in a victorious grin as the roar of the crowd reverberates off the walls.

“Oh, fight back your demons, don't let them take you down, down! Oh, scream like you mean it, make me believe you now, now! Oh, fight back your demons, don't let them take you down, down! Oh, scream like you mean it, make me believe you now, now!”

Icon For Hire
Streams: 10,000,000

[Photo: The cover of a music magazine. A close-up shot of Dabi from the shoulders up against a dark background. He's wearing his signature white shirt and black stitched-up jacket combo. A hand is reached up to rub away a smear of glimmering gold liquid dripping from his nose and all of the seams on his face. It runs down his neck and pools in the gap between his collarbones, falling from his fingertips. Atop his head a crown sits, messily scratched in post-production in a kind of artsy style. His expression is aloof, made mysterious by the hand blocking his mouth and most of his face.

The cover story typed in a crisp bronze font across Dabi’s right shoulder : DRIPPING IN GOLD: The Rise of the League of Villains, with guest interviewer Present Mic]


FINALLY some good press for the League
Good on Present Mic for being fair and polite
really gotta admire how all of them are being dragged through the mud but they’re still out on tour and recording….that’s so manly!!
Hopefully the media lets up though...all that pressure can’t be good for them

And as usual even though it’s Dabi on the cover, Shigaraki’s doing most of the talking ^^’

I’ve gotta say...even on paper, Dabi’s sounding worn-out
He barely even argues with Shigaraki in this interview

@LOVcremation ✔
Malevolence out now
[Link: LOV webstore, new album Malevolence]

[Instagram video: On the set of some photoshoot or music video. Dabi sits in a tub in a dilapidated warehouse while people flutter around, checking lights and doing minor adjustments. His white shirt clings wetly to his body as he splashes in the tub, looking bored.

"How you doing, Dabi? I really don’t care though!" Twice asks from behind the camera.

"Fine I guess. This stings like a bitch." He says, scrubbing a damp hand through his hair.

"You wanna tell the nice people at home what you're sitting in? Please don’t tell me you peed in it!"

Dabi stares straight into the camera with his unblinking deadpan.

"I'm sitting in a tub of antibacterial solution because I'm covered in open wounds in a grimy-ass warehouse."

Twice dissolves into two sets of cackles, the camera shaking.

"I bet that hurts, doesn't it Dabi-chan! He deserves it!"

Dabi doesn't take the bait, only raising the temperature of his glare slightly.

"Laugh it up, Twice. Just wait till I eat the rest of your snacks on the bus later."]


Is anyone else concerned about the lyrics in Malevolence?

Is the age gap too much?

[Photo 1: Dabi and Toga onstage mid-set. His arm is hooked loosely around her neck as he yells into the mic in his other hand, and she’s snuggled up to him with a wide grin, blurry fingers caught mid-shred.]

[Photo 2: Seconds later during the same set, Dabi drops a kiss onto the top of her head.]


These headlines are completely fucked

Please don’t leave me on read

A replacement sister for the family he abandoned? Dabi is Touya Todoroki and why he left his family behind


Hey….just checking in with you
Everything alright?

The Todoroki Theory

Little Firebug



How Dabi manipulated Hawks in a spiral of lies


Six missed calls

Pretty Bird 

I'm coming back now. I just saw
the music video.


The music video opens on a pair of distinctly gloved hands strumming a guitar, a much softer song than the League usually pens flowing from its strings. The camera pans up to Shigaraki's face, red eyes trained downwards and partially hidden behind his wispy blue hair.

The shot cuts to Dabi, standing between Shigaraki and Toga, glaring at the mic in front of him like its personally wronged him. A muscle in his jaw clenches before he opens his mouth. 

“Oh, dear mother, I love you. I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough. Dear father, forgive me,  'cause in your eyes, I just never added up. In my heart I know I failed you, But you left me here alone.

“If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain? 'Cause I remember everything. If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets? 'Cause I remember everything.”

Taking a step back from the mic, Dabi jerkily runs a hand through his hair and takes a few shuddering breaths. His frame is rigid with tension as he reaches for the mic in its stand and squeezes his eyes shut. He just barely opens them, blue slivers begging for absolution.

“Oh, dear brother, just don't hate me. For never standing by you or being by your side. Dear sister, please don't blame me, I only did what I thought was truly right." Potent shame fills his voice. "It's a long and lonely road when you know you walk alone.”

The aloof, loose-limbed Dabi, who endured endless public criticism of himself and his boyfriend and his band is nowhere in sight. He's been replaced by a tense, pensive creature crawling out of his skin with regret.

“If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain? 'Cause I remember everything. If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets? 'Cause I remember everything.

I feel like running away, I'm still so far from home. You say that I'll never change, but what the fuck do you know? I'll burn it all to the ground before I let you in.” It’s the first tinge of rage in the entire song, but it quickly crumbles. “Please forgive me, I can't forgive you now.”

He sounds haunted, holding onto the mic in the stand with a white-knuckled grip, as if it’s his one tether to reality. “I remember everything.”

Toga steps forward, a mournful melody pouring out of her guitar. She’s devoid of her usual grin, plucking out notes and easily relenting the spotlight to Dabi again when he steps forward and repeats the chorus.

“It all went by so fast, I still can't change the past. I always will remember everything!" Shame, regret, grief. It's all painted across his face in raw clarity. "If we could start again, would that change the end? We remember everything.”

The anguished expression fades away, leaving just the dying embers of his blue eyes staring hollowly into the camera. He looks burnt-out, empty.