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Monday, 4:30 pm.


Mina Ashido created Meme 1-A


Mina Ashido  added Kaminari Denki and 19 Others


Mina Ashido: Wait guys hold on.


Mineta Minoru: What's going on?


Mina Ashido has kicked Mineta Minoru from Meme 1-A


Katsuki Bakugou: HAHAHAHAHAHA


Tenya Iida: Mina! That is not how you treat a classmate!


Mina Ashido: He isn't our classmate anyway.


Tenya Iida: What do you mean?


Yaoyorozu Momo: And why is Hitoshi in the chat?


Kaminari Denki: You remember when Me and Mina got detention?


Katsuki Bakugou: When you almost destroyed the dorms trying to see what Acid and Lightning do mixed? yeah, we all do Pikachu.


Mina Ashido: Hush it Bakugou.


Kaminari Denki: Well, we overheard that Mineta was being kicked out.


Mina Ashido: More like being transferred to Class 1-B, which is sad since I thought he would be outta here.


Tsuyu Asui: Darn.


Jirou Kyouka: And here I thought Christmas was early.


Hagakure Tooru: Can you guy give us uplifting news, please?


Kaminari Denki: Aizawa Sensei was talking to Vlad King, and he said that Shinsou was joining our class!


Izuku Midoriya: That sounds great! @Shinsou Hitoshi


Ojiro Mashirao: Oh.


Tenya Iida: If you are right, we should make sure Shinsou has a very warm welcome here.


Sero Hanta: You didn't object or anything Iida, it looks like you're also great Mineta is gone.


Tenya Iida: I always try to see the great in people, Mineta was pushing it.


Izuku Midoriya: Yeah, same here.


Shinsou Hitoshi: I am trying to sleep.


Jirou Kyouka: At 5:10? 


Katsuki Bakugou: Sleeping early is good for the body.


Jirou Kyouka: Of course, Mr. I-Sleep-At-8:30.


Katsuki Bakugou: It's not weird, you're weird.


Mina Ashido changed their name to Meme Queen


Meme Queen changed Bakugou Katsuki's name to AngryPikachu


AngryPikachu:...You're lucky I tolerate you.


Meme Queen: UwU.


Meme Queen changed Kaminari Denki's name to ZappyPikachu


ZappyPikachu:...It's accurate?


Meme Queen: Duh, that's why I picked it.


AngryPikachu: Should've named him DumbPikachu.


ZappyPikachu: No u.


Meme Queen changed Kirishima Eijirou's name to RockHardBoi


RockHardBoi: Mina...why?.


Meme Queen: What? I picked it out just for you VnV.


AngryPikachu: It honestly fits, in a sense.


RockHardBoi: I like it, it's just surprising, Thanks Mina OwO.


Tsuyu Asui: Stop that.


Meme Queen made ZappyPikachu, AngryPikachu, Sero Hanta, and RockHardBoi Admin


Meme Queen  changed Tsuyu Asui's name to Kermit


Kermit: Mina, pardon my language but why the hell.


Sero Hanta: You're a frog...and you wear green.


AngryPikachu: Yeah, imma call you Tape-Dispenser. 


Sero Hanta: God Dammit.


AngryPikachu changed Sero Hanta's name to Plain Soy Sauce


AngryPikachu: Both of my favorite nicknames mixed into one, keep it.


Plain Soy Sauce: Fuck off.


Plain Soy Sauce changed their name to SpiderTape


AngryPikachu: Buzzkill.


Jirou Kyouka: Mina? why is Bakugou named AngryPikachu? Kaminari I can get, his Quirk is lightning, but Bakugou?


Meme Queen: Well he's always angry, and his hair reminds me of Pikachu, ya know? 


Jirou Kyouka: Not really but okay.


AngryPikachu: Sure, it reminds you of Pikachu.


Meme Queen: Shut your up.


AngryPikachu changed Izuku Midoriya's name to Dumbass#1


AngryPikachu changed Todoroki Shouto's name to Dumbass#2


AngryPikachu: There, good as new.


Dumbass#2: Bakugou, you know that's not my name right?


AngryPikachu: Like I give a damn, you IcyHot bastard.


Dumbass#1: Kacchan No.


AngryPikachu: Kacchan yes, and stop calling me that you damn nerd.


Meme Queen changed Dumbass#1's name to AllMightSon#1


Meme Queen changed Dumbass#2's name to IcyHot




Kermit: Not ENTIRELY inaccurate.


AngryPikachu: Raccoon eyes, you could've left me with ONE thing today, just one!


Meme Queen: Bakugou I left you with Todoroki's nickname since I didn't know any to call him.


IcyHot: What about Hot&Cold?


Meme Queen: It was getting old.


IcyHot: But...I just...Said a suggestion..?


AngryPikachu: Stop...With...The...God...Damn...PERIODS.


SpiderTape: But Bakugou, you used a period.


AngryPikachu: Shut it smartass.


SpiderTape changed Shouji Mezou's name to TentaPussy


TentaPussy: What the shit man!?


SpiderTape: You say that like I'm wrong?


Meme Queen changed Uraraka Ochako's name to JigglyKirby


JigglyKirby: I mean it ain't wrong, Thanks Mina OuO.


Meme Queen: Your welcome, Uraraka UuU.


Jirou Kyouka: Mina I swear if it's stupid...


ZappyPikachu  changed Jirou Kyouka's name to Spotify




ZappyPikachu: You threatened Mina, not me UwU.


Spotify: Touche.


Meme Queen: I had the perfect name for Mineta, but Alas he isn't here.


Meme Queen: Moving on.


AngryPikacu: Did you just seriously say 'Alas'?


ZappyPikachu: Did you just seriously put Alas in quotes?


AngryPikachu: Am I seriously gonna put my hand, upside your head?


ZappyPikachu: Am I seriously gonna zap you if you do it?


Spotify: Okay boy's, pull your pant's back up.


SpiderTape changed Tokoyami Fumikage's name to DarkNight


SpiderTape changed Satou Rikidou's name to ManOfSugar




ManOfSugar: Sero, why?


SpiderTape: Those are good names, I saved those for you smh.


Shinsou Hitoshi: I am now starting to hate this.


ZappyPikachu changed Shinsou Hitoshi's name to NoSleep




ZappyPikachu: UwU


NoSleep: Denki you will be the first person I murder tomorrow.


Spotify: Join the club.


Meme Queen: Press F in the chat for Kaminari.


Meme Queen: F


AllMightSon#1: F




Yaoyorozu Momo: F


Tenya Iida: F


SpiderTape: F


RockHardBoi: F


AngryPikachu: F...Just kidding.


Ojiro Mashirao: F


Kouda Kouji: F


Hagakure Tooru: F


DarkNight: F


ManOfSugar: F


Kermit: F


Aoyama Yuuga: F


TentaPussy: F


IcyHot: Why is everyone saying, F?


Meme Queen: We GOTTA teach you internet slang, buddy...


Kermit: No, not like how you 'Taught' Momo it last time.


Meme Queen: What? it was fun.


AngryPikachu: more like Funny, I STILL laugh when I think of the time when she dropped her toast and said with the utmost serious face.


AngryPikachu:  Mood.


Meme Queen: Mood.


Spotify: Mina, pray we aren't alone.


Meme Queen: Kinky OwO




JigglyKirby: To be fair, you walked right into that one.


Spotify: Shut.


Spotify: Wait.


Spotify: I'm...gonna lay down now.


ZappyPikachu: You go do that.


Meme Queen: So, who wants to play truth or dare?


Yaoyorozu Momo: Sure.


Meme Queen: Okay Momo, Truth or Dare?


Yaoyorozu Momo: Dare


Meme Queen: Okay then, Kiss the person you are in love with.


Yaoyorozu Momo: Truth, I switch to Truth.


Meme Queen: Okay then Momo, who are you in love with?


Yaoyorozu Momo: I plead to the fifth. 


Meme Queen: You can't do that!


Yaoyorozu Momo: Why?


Meme Queen: First of all that's an American thing, second this isn't a court!


Yaoyorozu Momo: Well you use American memes and slangs right? so I can use American amendments.


Meme Queen: Hmph, I will find out who you're in love with!


Yaoyorozu Momo: I thought you were fixated on Uraraka?




Meme Queen: Oh I found out months ago, I'm just waiting for her to say it.


JigglyKirby: YOU KNOW?!


Meme Queen: It was obvious.


AngryPikachu: Yeah it is Round Face.


JigglyKirby: DAMMIT.


Meme Queen: Who taught my child to swear?!


AngryPikachu: Not me.


ZappyPikachu: Someone help me!


AngryPikachu: No


ZappyPikachu: Okay...Thanks, asshole...

Chapter Text

Tuesday, 5:15 am.


ZappyPikachu: So have you guys ever asked yourselves, why are we here? Why are we on this floating rock flying through space, spinning 67,000 miles per hours next to a flaming ball of gas that might erupt, killing all of us, but we with that? 


AngryPikachu: Okay, what the FUCK does this mean?!


ZappyPikachu: Yeah that's what I'm asking.


SpiderTape: I am frightened.


Spotify: Why are all of you awake?


ZappyPikachu: Hitoshi's cat scratched me awake.


AngryPikachu: I always wake at five, wdym.


SpiderTape: I awoke to hear Denki screaming so, yeah.


AngryPikachu: why was the cat in your room, Dunce face?


ZappyPikachu: It ran out last night, so I opened a window in case it wanted to come in.


AngryPikachu: Sure.


Spotify: I saw a cat run through the halls so he might be telling the truth.


SpiderTape: Doesn't Aizawa have a ton of cats?


AngryPikachu: How do you know that.


SpiderTape: every time class ends I see a tail hanging from his scarf.


SpiderTape: And you never ask.


AngryPikachu: I normally ignore plain things.


SpiderTape: Check a mirror lately?




Kermit: Never do that again Tooru.


AngryPikachu: Are you wishing for a funeral Plain Face?!


SpiderTape: Not if you're gonna be there.


AngryPikachu: Goddammit.


Kermit: Sero, you know Bakugou can and WILL hurt you, right?


SpiderTape: Oh I know, at this point it's a game, so if he maims me I win.


SpiderTape: And he knows that.


AllMightSon#1: That hasn't stopped him before.


JigglyKirby: Wanna talk Deku?


AllMightSon#1: No it's fine Uraraka.


Flash: Why is my name like this?


AngryPikachu: You go fast, Flash goes fast, come on Four Eyes it ain't that hard.


Meme Queen: OwO


AngryPikachu: What the fuck.


Flash: Bakugou, Language!


AngryPikachu: Sorry.


AngryPikachu: WHY the fuck.


Flash: No.


Meme Queen: I didn't knyow you wewe captain amewica, Iida


AngryPikachu: Raccoon eyes keep talking like that and I break up with you.


AngryPikachu: Wait...


Meme Queen: Bakugou!


xXJohnCenaXx: Oh Mina, ✧w✧


Spotify: Oh? I thought it would take for hell to freeze over for him to date anyone.


ZappyPikachu: Bakugou, I thought you were dating Kirishima? and Mina told me she was dating the girl named Camie?




TentaPussy: Really? I though Bakugou was dating Camie, Kirishima and Mina were together.


JigglyKirby: I thought the three of them were together? this the first time I'm hearing of Camie.


AngryPikachu: NONE of you are right, I meant to say I was gonna break Mina's legs.


Spotify: Sure you were.


Spotify has added Camie Utsushimi to Meme 1-A


Camie Utsushimi:???




Camie Utsushimi: Fam what is this place?


AngryPikachu: Nothing sorry, we added the wrONG PERSON.


Camie Utsushimi: Is that you Blasty? 


AngryPikachu: Who is Blasty? never heard of him.


Spotify: Yes he is.


AngryPikachu: They will not find the body.


Camie Utsushimi: It sounds like him.


Spotify: Oh look at that, cute little Blasty is threatening me.


RockHardBoi: I hear Bakugou yelling, what happened?


RockHardBoi: And why is Camie here?


Meme Queen: Bakugou let it slip...some of it slip


AllMightSon#1: Why is Kacchan trying to murder Jirou?


Camie Utsushimi: 'AllMightSon#1'? 


AllMightSon#1: Oh...hey Camie.


Camie Utsushimi: Hey?, so why am I here?


xXJohnCenaXx: We were just wondering, who are you dating right now?


DarkNight: You don't ask people who they're dating, Tooru, that's rude.




RockHardBoi: Say what? what's there to say? nothing so Camie can go now.


Meme Queen: Who's Camie? 


ZappyPikachu: Who are all us really?


SpiderTape muted AngryPikachu, RockHardBoi, Meme Queen and ZappyPikachu


SpiderTape: That's better, they are probably coming to kill me now, The-Girl-Who's-Name-I-Forgot tell the truth, Jirou is in charge, so play nice.


Camie Utsushimi: I'm dating three people not one, but they told me to keep it secret but now this is happening.


Camie Utsushimi: So yes I am dating, Bakugou, Mina and Kirishima.


Spotify: I am still in disbelief that Bakugou of all is dating not one, but three people. 


IcyHot: Better him then Mineta.


xXJohnCenaXx: You're right about that.


DarkNight: So...who's gonna help Sero.


TentaPussy: Not it.


KingAnimal: Not It.


Kermit: Not it.


DarkNight: Dammit. 


Spotify has added Hatsume Mei and 99+ others


Spotify: @Flash You're welcome.


Kermit: Oh my god Jirou


xXJohnCenaXx: Oh this...this will be fun.


Takeyama Yuu has created Heroes Of Memes


Takeyama Yuu added Hawks and 99+ others


Usagiyama Rumi: What the hell is this place.


Aizawa Shouta: Hell.


Aizawa Shouta has left Heroes Of Memes


Fukukado Emi has added Aizawa Shouta to Heroes Of Memes 


Aizawa Shouta: Emi, quit it.


Aizawa Shouta has left Heroes Of Memes


Yamada Hizashi has added Aizawa Shouta to Heroes Of Memes


Aizawa Shouta: Hizashi I am telling you now, quit It!


Yamada Hizashi: Come on Shouta, it might be fun.


Aizawa Shouta: Fine, but if anything happens I'm blaming you.


Takeyama Yuu: Hawks and I decided to make this chat so we can all be in touch.


Hawks: And memes


Takeyama Yuu: Mainly memes but yeah.


Aizawa Shouta: That is a great idea, and whatever Hawks said.


Takeyama Yuu changed their name to Mount Lady


Aizawa Shouta changed their name to Eraserhead


Yamada Hizashi changed their name to Present Mic


Usagiyama Rumi changed their name to Miruko 


Fukukado Emi changed their name to Ms. Joke


Nemuri Kayama changed their name to Midnight


Midnight: Aizawa, Bakugou is trying to maim Sero, I need your help.


Hawks: Yeah Eraserhead, go discipline your children.


Eraserhead: They aren't my kids.


Present Mic: Sure they aren't.


Eraserhead: Shut it Hizashi.


Mount Lady: So how is Katsuki? 


Hawks: Why do you need to know?


Mount Lady: Well I need to know how my little cousin is doing.


Hawks: I didn't know that, what else aren't you telling me?


Mount Lady: if you tell me your name, and I'll tell you more.


Hawks: Sure, it's two words, four words in the first one and three in the last and it rhymes with bunk two.


Mount Lady: Dumb Ass?


Hawks: Oh fuck off.


Mount Lady: Take me to dinner first.


Miruko: Is that a challenge? 


Mount Lady: If you want it to be.


Miruko: Sure, meet me tomorrow at 6:00 since that's the time I get off, I heard a restaurant has opened near your house.


Mount Lady: Sure.


Miruko: So it's a date, don't be late ;)))


Mount Lady: Wait.


Mount Lady: Hold the fucking phone.


Hawks: I am fucking laughing, oh my god.


Mount Lady: GODDAMMIT.


Midnight: Language.


Mount Lady: I don't remember you being America's ass


Miruko: Of course she ain't, because you are Japan's ass.


Mount Lady: Oh fuck you, you Rabbit bastard.


Miruko: Love you too~


Hawks: Get a room.


Todoroki Enji: What the hell is this?


Hawks: Heaven big guy, the pearly gates has opened.


Ms. Joke: And unfortunately you walked through.


Eraserhead: Emi!


Ms. Joke: What? we're all thinking it.


Eraserhead: That doesn't mean you have to say it.


Midnight: Guys it's past eleven, god to sleep!


Mount Lady: So you can say it's


Mount Lady:  Close to Midnight


Midnight: I hate you.


Hawks: Go to sleep!


Todoroki Enji: Go to sleep!


Ms. Joke: Go to sleep!


Present Mic: Go to sleep!


Mount Lady: Oh fuck off, the lot of ya.


Midnight: Langauge, Takeyama!


Mount Lady: Okay Cap.


Hawks has muted Heroes Of Memes