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Bakugou’s sleeping habits are his own damn business

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“It’s 2 AM. What could you possibly be doing at this hour?”

Bakugou flinched and turned his head almost painfully so he could stare at Todoroki over the edge of the couch.

“…not sleeping. Obviously.”

Todoroki blinked at him stupidly. “But, don't you... always go to sleep at 8 PM?”

It was completely absurd how Bakugou’s heart decided to skip a beat. Like those words meant his stupid attractive classmate paid any special attention to him or something. Which he didn’t. Everyone on the damn building was aware of Bakugou’s sleeping habits, it was hard not to when he had made adamantly clear he would rip their heads off if they dared to make noise near his room past 8 PM.

Still, his stupid heart skipped a beat, because it was a stupid organ and Todoroki’s voice had a barely-there worried note in it.

“What’s it to you?” Bakugou huffed, because he was an absolute master at avoiding talking about bullshit that kept him up at 2 AM. “Aren’t you fucking awake too?”

Todoroki stared at him and Bakugou clenched his teeth together, ignoring the restless itching that made him want to look away. Bakugou was the one that had been moping for who knows how long in the emptiness of the dorm's living room. That, to Bakugou’s judgment, gave him priority over the room and the fucking right to be there without having to explain himself.

Unlike Todoroki, who had almost given Bakugou a heart attack by appearing out of nowhere, with his white socks muffling his steps, his totally stupid peppermint hair completely disheveled and having the nerve to look concerned about Bakugou’s presence.

Todoroki broke eye contact first, sighing in that way of his that was gentle and quiet and everything soft. It made Bakugou want to rip his skin off... but he still managed to only keep glaring at him in silence as Todoroki took some hesitant steps and sat down on the other end of the sofa where Bakugou had comfortably shaped himself into a human ball.

Realizing he must look like a fucking kid, Bakugou slowly lowered his legs so he had them crossed instead of pulled against his chest. He itched to snap at Todoroki as the silence between them stretched, but at the same time, he stubbornly refused to be the one to speak up first. Bakugou had asked a question. And he was getting an answer even if he had to stare straight into Todoroki’s skull.

A couple of seconds later, Todoroki sighed again and gave in, looking down at his hands. “I go down here... when I can’t sleep.”

The way he phrased it, it made it sound as if it happened often. Did he get nightmares or something? Bakugou himself had had some of those lately too. Sometimes. Definitely not every single night. They sucked.

“I would have guessed the tatami heaven you have for a room would help you relax or some shit.”

“It does.” Todoroki left out a tiny puff of air, almost smiling. It wasn’t a happy smile. “But some nights, it’s too much like home.”

Alright, that was sad as fuck, and Bakugou was officially pissed he couldn’t externally express how much he despised that thought. He wasn’t supposed to know anything about Todoroki’s awful childhood after all.

“Okay... if you need to be uncomfortable to get back to sleep, I’m happy to oblige.” Bakugou let tiny explosions spark over his fingers, just for effect.

He wasn’t actually serious about getting into a fight this late at night. Deep down he had to admit, he was just trying to somehow cheer the other boy up. Bakugou didn’t know why he wanted that, not with Todoroki, who always got on his nerves with his cold exterior and composed wit... All of him pissed him off. But the possibility of having Todoroki look like a kicked puppy pissed him off even more.

“Thank you, you always do a great job at that,” Todoroki deadpanned, chill as ever, but Bakugou could swear he saw mirth shining in his mismatched gaze.

Bakugou would have screamed back at him in outrage at any other time of the day... but now, with only the two of them, blanketed by the silence of the night and soft pillows, Todoroki’s cool sarcasm felt way more charming than offensive.

Bakugou scoffed, not wanting to admit to himself he was probably smiling back. “Well, fuck you too.”

And Bakugou’s traitorous heart straight up stopped pumping blood to his body when Todoroki’s eyes softened —who even does that when being insulted?— and his lips curved into a much more sincere smile.

Bakugou was starting to notice a pattern with his heart here.

Apparently, he had a thing for when Todoroki broke his perpetual poker face. And maybe this was why he screamed to everyone so much, so he didn’t have to fucking keep in check with any cheesy feeling that might bloom inside of his teenage mess of a body.

It was his own fault for letting his guard down anyway.

So, Bakugou put it back right up. He broke eye contact, he didn’t say another word, he didn’t return the favor and shared what had taken him out of bed.

But Todoroki didn’t seem bothered by it, he didn’t sigh or huff in annoyment at Bakugou’s sudden change of behavior, he didn’t ask... he only laid back against the couch and kept the silence going. When only a minute later Bakugou risked stealing a glance in his direction Todoroki had closed his eyes. It took him a few seconds watching the slow up and down of the boy’s chest to realize Todoroki was fast asleep.

Bakugou blinked.

“What the actual fuck, half-and-half...”

As much as this was fucking absurd though, Bakugou found that he couldn’t really stay mad at his classmate. Not when Todoroki looked so relaxed with his features softened, with his head slightly tilted and his lips parted... not when somehow the boy could fall asleep so damn quickly beside Bakugou.

Okay, Todoroki had said he went down there to relax, but Bakugou hadn’t thought he could get himself to sleep soundly in only a handful of minutes. Not when Bakugou was sitting mere feet away from him.

“You lucky bastard.” He huffed, turning his body and making himself right back into the comfortable ball he had been for the past hour or so.

Probably he would have to retreat back to his room now, after all, there was no way Bakugou could rest his mind when there was a moron snoring —he actually doubted Todoroki would snore but whatever— in the same couch as him.

But, for some reason, the room around them felt warmer now, less constricting, each shadow less menacing... Bakugou only half-realized that the walls inside of him that were supposed to keep him in high alert around other people were slowly melting down. As if he only needed someone he wasn’t expecting to trust him enough to relax by his side, for him to be able to do the same.

Stupid, it was so stupid.

It didn’t take long for his eyes to close and his mind to drift away.