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Connor would like to believe he didn't mean it. 

One minute, he was just driving, numbly listening to whatever shit played on the radio these days when he saw it.

A tree. An insignificant tree just outside Ellison State Park.

The next thing he knew he was pulling the wheel harshly, dragging the car towards the tree. He had hoped the impact would've killed him instantly, but it didn't. Connor remembers gripping the steering wheel tightly, his seatbelt restraining, keeping him from jerking around in his seat, as the hood of the car crunched up like a soda can, bunching and lumping together, his phone fell out of the cup holder along with change that spilt everywhere, as the car jostled from the impact. He doesn't know shit about cars but his was definitely fucked, and he so, was very fucked.

Connor stared at his now soda-canned Subaru, thankful that smoking wasn't coming out of it. He didn't think about the consequences his parents would unleash on him, he probably wouldn't get another car for a long time, his license might get taken away along with his phone, or he just flat out would be grounded, because yeah, sure, locking your child away from socializing definitely helps. Connor sighed, running his hands through his shoulder length long hair. There was no way out of this, there was nothing that could help him try again. Well, actually, he could try jumping out of a tree, but he's tired and hurt, so that's ruled out.

He's suddenly pulled into reality with the sharp sting of his ribs, and the forming of bruises all over his body (great, his parents will definitely think he got into a fight). He's scraped up too, but he's not bleeding, so it doesn't really matter to him. All Connor cares about is that if he broke his ribs or not. He clutched his at his ribs, wincing. 

Connor debated just going home. It wasn't too far away, but he'd have to face his family sooner. Then again, was getting it out of the way a bad idea? Of course it was, but Connor could find a way to lie. He'd just say a car came out of nowhere, and he swayed out of the way. That little fib might just work and spare him from the trouble he'd get in.

Connor turned around, about to start walking home, when he heard a loud thud come from inside the orchard.

Of course, any logical person wouldn't go heading towards danger, but Connor's curious, and curiosity killed the cat, and before he knew it, he was walking inside the orchard, using his phone's flashlight as a light source.

He walked around slowly, trying to find something, and he tried to convince himself it was nothing interesting, it was just a ball or something, but then his light shines onto a person, and they don't look so good.

The poor guy's arm (he's been able to distinguish that it was, in fact, a boy) was twisted at a strange angle, and that is definitely not how arms bend all right. He also noticed that he couldn't quite breathe correctly, like the wind was knocked out of him. He was all scratched up too, assembly from the branches. There was a broken branch beside him.

Connor just stared, because what the hell was a person doing out at that time of night? (almost three in the god damned morning, mind you. Connor's strange like that). Granted someone could ask him the same thing, but it was just so uncommon, because no one was ever out after ten (well, the occasional group of teenagers here and there, but they did stupid shit during daytime). It was obvious that Ethan (was that his name? Connor was never good with names) had climbed the tree, and the branch beside him showed he must've fallen or lost his grip or something. He was presumptuous like that.

He shook his head, snapping himself out of his thoughts, and slowly approached Evan. Judging by how Ethan jerked his head when a twig snapped, he hadn't noticed Connor just yet. He was still panting, his eyes were still red from crying, and Connor could already seeing tears form (Connor wasn't sure why, though).

"C-Conn-or..?" He whispered, and it was Evan, fuck that was it, why the fuck did he think it was Ethan? Stupid stupid stupid. 

"Hey," Connor started, kneeling down next to him, "I know all of this is pretty fucking crazy, but what the hell happened to you? Did you.. fall or something?"

Evan could only manage a slight nod, tears beginning to rush out as he desperately gripped at the strands of grass. Connor had to look away, because Evan had this looked in his eyes like he failed, like he had tried to do something that Connor would probably never understand, and he was a sympathetic cryer, god damn it (and Connor was smart, but he was only there for whatever aftermath Evan was facing). 

"Fuck, okay. Okay, I'm gonna try to get my car working, I'll be right back," Connor moved to stand, but a hand was suddenly gripping his wrist, and Evan began shaking again.

"D-don't l-leave," he pleaded, holding onto his wrist as tightly as he could, but he must've hit his head or something because he was out of it, and he really wasn't holding on that hard. 

Connor just wanted to keep him calm, so he knelt back down. "Well then... you have to come with me. Can you walk?"

"Y-y-yeah, I think s-so," Evan slowly, hesitantly released Connor's wrist, and used his good arm to try and sit up. However, his head lulled around, like he had a concussion, so Connor stopped him.

"Um yeah, no, you're in no condition to be walking," he said matter of factly, making him lay back down. "You're just gonna have to wait for me." 

"No, no no no, please. I, I can walk, just, you c-can't leave me. Please C-Connor," Evan once again grabbed onto him, and a sob racked through his chest. 

Connor was starting to get annoyed with this, but he also felt bad for Evan. It was like he thought he'd just leave after finding him with a broken arm (which would be a dick move, anyways). "Hey, I'm not going far. I'm just going to my car." 

"No, please no, d-don't go," Evan tugged his arm closer, holding onto it.

Connor grunted, kneeling back down. "Okay okay, I have a different idea. Would you be alright with me carrying you to my car?" 

Evan looked at the ground, thinking, before looking back at Connor and nodding. He let go of his arm.

Connor put one arm hooked underneath Evan's knees, and the other around his back. "This might hurt a little, so I'm sorry in advance," he warned, before slowly lifting Evan off of the ground.

Evan cried out and gripped Connor's jacket, gritting his teeth in pain. He held onto him tightly. "Fuck! Oh god.." He didn't move his broken arm, not knowing if it'd help.

"Shit, sorry! I know it hurts, like, a fuckton, but you have to put your arm on your stomach so you won't jostle it around. Granted, resting your broken arm there will hurt, trust me when I say that you don't want it flying all over the place," Connor stayed as still as humanly possible. He'd broken his leg when he was fourteen, so he knew somewhat how much it hurt. 

Evan seemed reluctant to comply, but he did, groaning and wincing as he moved his arm. He was still trying to breathe right.

"Now just focus on your breathing. I'll take you to my car," Connor looked ahead, and slowly walked to his car. 

It was hard not to move Evan around so much, but carrying him wasn't as difficult. Connor didn't consider himself a very strong person, as he only was active during gym class (that which the school required him to take for him to graduate), and whenever Larry would drag him out of the house and to the gym. Larry had read somewhere that being active helped depressed people, so he was obviously taking the chance to bond with Connor. Connor didn't like it, but it did help on bad days. Larry even told him that he looked a lot stronger than he usually did (but Connor was still fairly skinny). 

Connor stopped at his car, and carefully set Evan a little ways away from the car, and against a tree. "There. Now I'll be right back, okay? I need to see if my car will still work."

"It looks... r-royally fucked," Evan commented tiredly, watching Connor stand up.

Connor sighed, "Yeah, but it's either that, or calling an ambulance. The hospital's too far to walk to."

Evan just nodded, leaning his head back against the oak tree.

Connor approached his car, observing how damaged it was. It was mainly the front that was bad, so he had a small, unreasonable hope that the engine would still work. Even Connor would admit it was stupid, and he didn't even know why he was trying so hard to make a car work, but maybe it was because he didn't want to talk on the phone or get involved with the paramedics, so he just kept hoping that somehow it would work. 

Spoiler alert; it didn't work. 

No matter how hard Connor tried turning his car keys, the engine only sputtered and refused to erupt into life. 

"Fuck..." Connor pulled out his phone, defeated, and dialed nine-one-one. He quickly explained the situation with Evan, but left out hitting a tree, because his anxiety was telling him that they'd think his car knocked him out of the tree or something stupid like that. 

Connor exited the Subaru afterwards and went back to Evan. The dispatcher had told him to keep his arm secure, so that's what he was going to do. He slid off his jacket (of course taking his phone out before. He was glad he was wearing long sleeves) and kneeled in front of Evan. 

"Okay, I need to put your arm into a temporary stash. Doctor's orders," he said, and tried to lighten the mood by smiling.

"W-what'll you use?" Evan was too tired to protest.

"Just my jacket," Connor tied the two sleeves together and tentatively put it on his shoulder and back, allowing the injured arm rest on the main part of the jacket. Afterwards, he sat down next to Evan and asked, "So.. if you don't mind me asking... how'd that exactly happen?"

Evan bit his lip, and rubbed the fabric of the jacket. "Um- I was, I was climbing that t-tree, cause I- I wanted a b-better view of the park, you know, with the, the s-stars out, and I.. I f-fell.."

"You big on stars? Or is nature more your thing?" Connor leaned back. 

"D-definitely nature. I'm um, interning here, actually," Evan told him.

Connor scratched at his nail polish. "Cool. This is unrelated but how's your head feeling?"

"It f-fucking hurts.. so much. And, and I feel d-dizzy," Evan tried rubbing it to ease his pain.

"That's definitely a concussion.." Connor muttered under his breath, before speaking up. "Okay, lets not talk about that. Tell me about your internship."

Evan slowly but surely talked about the internship. He was an apprentice ranger and basically had to watch out for people loitering, smoking, or fighting. He also gave tours of the nature trails with a senior ranger, showing them the best places for pictures and the worst trails to get stuck on. He even talked to little kids who either had lost their parents, or was complimenting his outfit (like his shoes). 

Soon, the paramedics arrived, and they hurried to get Evan inside the ambulance. Connor watched as they moved him onto a stretcher. 

"Hey Evan, are you gonna be okay?" Connor asked, watching the paramedics settle him. 

A wave of shock washed over Evan's face, and he shut his eyes tightly, trying not to cry.

"Shit, that's a definite nope," Connor was concerned by this, because he assumed he wasn't doing so well.

"No, no no no. It's not that-" he opened one of his eyes, as the other was still shut in pain. "It's just- you... you know my n-name. You.. noticed me."

And that was all he could say, because the next thing Connor knew was that Evan was being lifted into ambulance and a paramedic was approaching him.

"Hey, you don't look so good. You should come with us so we can patch you up real quick," they told him, and ushered him onto the ambulance. 

Connor couldn't argue as he was sat down near Evan, and watched as a nurse prepared rubbing alcohol for his cuts, and how no matter how much he wanted to leave, how much he didn't want to be there, how angry he was, he only knew one thing.

He wasn't going to get out of this.