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Dancing with the devil

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"What's your poison?"

Jimin glanced towards the source of the voice, the purple lights of the club and the fake glasses Jimin's wearing obscuring the stranger's face. Jimin lifts his glass, smiling a careless smile.

"Apple juice." The words roll off of his tongue easily, making it clear that he's sober. The stranger chuckles, a low smooth sound obviously meant to entice.

"Why?" The stranger leans in while asking, his tone remaining playful.

Jimin ponders for a moment. Which excuse would a man like this buy? This admittedly handsome stranger does not seem like the kind of person who'll be fooled by any of Jimin's usual lies, so a half truth will do.

"Alchohol makes me feel vulnerable. I'd rather not be drunk in a public place." Jimin sips his juice, resisting the urge to look into the man's eyes to see his reaction, instead keeping his gaze on the rim of his own glasses. No slip ups.

"Interesting. So you would rather let everyone around you be vulnerable while you yourself stay alert, like a true predator. Do you enjoy being the sharpest one in the room? Is that why you come here?" The man scoots even closer, fascination seeping into his voice. The seductive huskiness is almost gone, like the man has somehow abandoned his mission of getting into Jimin's pants in the pursuit of something far more exciting.

Jimin knows that tone of voice. He's heard it from so many shrinks in his lifetime, he can recognize it anywhere. Professional interest.

"Don't psychoanalyze me." Jimin makes sure his voice is cold like ice, wanting to get his message across as quickly and clearly as possible. "I'm just enjoying some juice, doctor."

The man's interest only grows, and Jimin can see his smile turn into a grin. "Oh no need to fear, I'm no psychologist, although I did study psychology for a short period. The doctor's correct though, just a different medical field."

So a bragger. Maybe slightly narcissistic. Looking at him again, the stranger does seem to be dressed sharply, too sharply for a place like this. His suit looks hand tailored, and the watch around his wrist looks like it could pay off multiple months of Jimin's rent.

The bartender sets a glass of red wine in front of the stranger, which he sips delicately before turning back to Jimin. Jimin barely sees it coming when the man reaches forward and takes off his glasses. The action startles Jimin enough to make him look at the stranger's eyes. The man doesn't hide his glee as he meets his eyes for the first time. Jimin feels fingers under his chin, the stranger lifting his head up to make the eye contact more direct. To get more control.

"That's better," the man says, voice dripping honey. "Do you have a problem with eye contact?" Jimin snaps out of his daze looking away once more, his head almost spinning.

"I see too much."

It slipped out. Jimin shouldn't be telling this to a stranger at a club, much less one with a background in psychology and something lacking in his gaze. Somehow he finds himself not caring. He sips his juice again.

"I was expecting something like that."

Jimin glances over and sees that the man is extending his hand.

"Jeon Jungkook, pleased to meet you."

Jimin knows that name. Everyone in Baltimore knows that name. Jungkook is obviously counting on it, using his full name just to see Jimin's face when the shorter man realizes he's been chatting with Baltimore's wealthiest bachelor. Jimin refuses to give this man the satisfaction of getting the reaction he's clearly looking for, so he keeps a straight face. Barely.

However, he still has to awknowlege the fact that he knows this man's status, if just to keep an air of honesty. He grabs the man's hand firmly. "Jimin. What's a top class surgeon like you doing in a place like this?"

Jungkook grins. "I was just looking for something to eat."

Jimin raises a brow. "And you just so happened to stumble upon a trashy club?"

"Maybe it's fate," Jungkook says, using that low, seductive voice once more.




Despite all the warning signs, Jimin goes home with Jungkook. If just to get the guy to give him back his glasses.




Jimin wakes up alone, his body aching all over. He takes in his surroundings, noticing the high quality of the sheets and the beautiful, expensive looking paintings on the wine colored walls. There are three different doors in the sizeable bedroom, which piques Jimin's interest. He didn't have much time to look around last night and the master of the house could come in and tell him to leave any second, so he's getting all he can out of this now. He jumps out of the bed, and opens the first door to the right.

Behind it he finds a large bathroom. Jimin's eyes widen. He's never seen a bathroom with a jaccuzi before. And there appears to be a sauna, too. Jimin walks further in and notices himself in the mirror. Goddamn, no wonder he's sore.

Jimin's neck is covered in bitemarks and hickeys, like Jungkook had been trying to eat him alive. His hips are covered in bruises, and- are those fingerprints?

To be honest he should've been expecting this. The possessive glint in Jungkook's eyes combined with the sheer amount of muscle on the guy obviously means loads of marking. It's still strange seeing himself like this, clad in nothing but boxers, covered in the evidence of a rough night. He'll have to buy a whole tub of concealer to keep these hidden from the kids in his dance class tomorrow.

Jimin makes his way to the second door, which reveals a wide balcony with a view of a beautiful backyard. Jimin can see a water fountain and multiple greek statues decorating the large area. The fresh air is delightful, and Jimin can picture himself sitting here in the evenings, watching the sunset with a cup of hot coco in his hands.

"Watch it Jiminie, we don't want to cause a scandal."

Jimin jumps at the sound, whirling around instinctually. Jungkook is leaning on the doorframe, watching his handiwork on Jimin's exposed body. This doesn't make Jimin feel self-conscious in any way, though something about Jungkook's hungry gaze makes him want to cover up.

"There could be reporters anywhere. Now come in, I made breakfast." Jungkook gestures for Jimin to follow and makes his way inside. Jimin wasn't planning on staying for breakfast, but thinking of it now he does feel hungry. Maybe he could eat a bite.

On the way to the kitchen Jimin notices how Jungkook's house is decorated very... intimidatingly. That should probably be expected of someone of his social standing, but there's still something off about all the graphic paintings and the antlers covering his dark walls. Jungkook wants to watch his quests squirm. This becomes even more evident when Jimin steps foot into the dining room.

A painting of Leda and The Swan is hanging proudly at the end of the table. Such a painting at the obvious heart of the house... it's unheard of. Jimin almost chuckles as he imagines Jungkook's high siciety friends sitting at this dark wooden table, glancing at the graphic painting, visibly uncomfortable but unable to do anything about it. This painting is Jungkook asserting his dominance.

Jungkook leads Jimin past the dining room, into the kitchen. The kitchen is the only light area in the house, the walls and the tile floor both stark white. Looking around the room Jimin sees that it's spotless. This must be a room Jungkook keeps to himself, the walls stripped of any paintings or artwork, only professional looking cooking tools decorating the space. Jimin should probably feel honored to be allowed in here. He does.

"Hope you don't mind eating in the kitchen. I made protein scramble." Jungkook pushes a plate towards Jimin, the smell of the food almost intoxicating. Jimin is more hungry than he thought.

The meal looks simple; eggs, meat, mushrooms, vegetables. The taste, however, is complex and amazing.

It must show on his face, since Jungkook is looking at him almost smugly as he eats another piece of meat. It's too early in the morning for Jimin to properly analyze the man's gaze, so he lets it go and keeps eating.

"This is so good. What meat is this?" Jimin finds himself asking.

Jungkook smiles an oddly wide smile. "Pig."




Jimin leaves the Jeon estate with a full stomach and an invitation to the opera next sunday.