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Bikini Warriors: Dungeon

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Meanwhile, Paladin just woke up and found herself in a strange dark empty room with dim lights.

Paladin: Where am I?

She looks around the room and realized that her party members are missing!

Paladin: Fighter? Dark Elf? Mage? Guys! Where are you?

Paladin look around the room again to find a way out of this chamber, then she see a gate with a lever next to it.

Paladin: Yes, a exit! I need to find the other!

She walks towards the gate and pull the lever opening the gate, but a large dark figure was behind the gate as it opens up! Paladin hops back to avoid the figure in front of her and draws out her sword!

Paladin: What the?!

The large figure stepped into the light, Paladin gasped. The figure is reveal to a oni, he is as tall as Orcs and Trolls, standing at 9 feet, with thick, muscular bodies layered with leathery blue skin. They wore nothing over their flesh save for flimsy tiger skin loincloths, which did little to hide their long, thick ten inch cocks that were already erect from the scent of females nearby.

When Paladin see the oni, she shows no fear but instead its was joy in her face!

Paladin: Oh my god, what a big dick you has!

She is most perverted one of her group, she get joyed by sexual activity but her teammate stop her to do so! She threw away her sword on the ground and approach toward the oni standing in front the exit. Oni see her getting closer so he raise up his mace ready to attack her, but Paladin raise a her hand to stop him!

Paladin: Wait, it is no need for you do that!

Oni was confused by her actions, so he lower his mace, Paladin grabs her top and undo it letting her bikini top to drop off on the floor showing her large breasts to him!

Paladin: I won't resist or do anything!

The oni drops his mace and walks towards her towering over Paladin with massive size body!

Paladin: I am all your now!

The Oni growled and reached down to pick her up in its large hands. It lifted her up like a doll and held her up. Its face was eye level with her breasts and glistening in the light. She felt the Oni's warm breath over her flesh as it leaned in to take her breasts into its mouth, biting into her soft orbs with its large flat teeth.

Paladin quietly gasped as she felt it lather her breasts in foul smelling saliva. The Oni held her body in its grasp as it sucked on her breasts, its mouth large enough to engulf her entire breasts, glazing her orbs in a thick coating of saliva that oozed down her torso and into her panties, further soaking it. She gritted her teeth as it defiled her body, and the intense sucking caused her body to heat up even more and she could feel her pussy moistening.

The Oni smelled her arousal and ceased it feasting on her breasts, dropping her onto her knees. She knelt on the floor, her body felt heating up by it saliva. Paladin saw its large cock pointed at her face, and she knew what it wanted. Having already given up on looking for her teammate, she angled her head so that her mouth was pointed at the shaft and lowered her head.

Paladin's soft, lips kissed the tip of the Oni's cock and spread wide open as she inserted the fat head into her mouth. She moaned a bit as she felt the salty, musky taste on her tongue and it encouraged her to take it in deeper. But the Oni wasn't a patient creature and it reached down to roughly grab her head and pulled her forward, spearing its cock into her throat. The Paladin's eyes grew wide as it speared her throat over and over, shoving its cock deeper into her mouth each time it thrust forward. She clutched the ground under her as it used her mouth as a cock sleeve, trying not to gag as she was forced to deep throat the monster.

Thick ropes of saliva leaked from her stuffed mouth, drooling onto her slicked breasts in a sticky mess. Paladin sucked hard on the cock to get it to cum before she suffocated on the shaft. Every time it pulled back, she would cough up a glob of spit before having her mouth forced open and her throat bulge from swallowing the large member. Its balls, big and full of cum, slapped against her chest like a bell.

Her efforts to get it to cum finally came to fruition as the Oni's thrusts grew more erratic. It gave a loud roar that made her jump before it shoved itself deep into her throat as it climaxed. Paladin's eyes closed shut as she felt the first torrent of hot, thick cum shoot down her throat. It was easily the volume of five full loads, the creamy load searing and tingling her throat, coating her esophagus as it reached her stomach. Her dainty hands clutched the Oni's thick thighs as it continued to pump her stomach full of seed, goo shooting thickly down her thirsty gullet, her belly feeling heavy at all the sloppy sperm she was ingesting straight from the tap. Then the Oni's release finally died down and it pulled its cock from her mouth with a disgusting wet noise.

Paladin panted from the rough treatment she got, her mouth and tongue tasting like cum. Then she felt her stomach tense up and she bent over, vomiting up a stomach full of jizz onto the ground. The thick load spilled onto the ground in a sticky mess, forming a yellowish puddle beneath her. She stopped coughing up the jizz and panted from the effort, her chin and chest covered in the semen that she just vomited.

She was so busy recovering from the intense throat fucking that she didn't notice the Oni getting behind her until she felt herself get pushed forward onto her hands and knees. She tried to stay upright, but then she felt the mouth grab her waist and tear off her lower underwear to get access to her dripping pussy. She whimpered as she felt the fat cockhead press against her lower lips, trying to gain entry into her folds. Once it got a strong hold on her hips, it shot its hips forward and buried all twelve inches into her twat, stretching her cunt wide and punching straight through her cervix into her womb.

Paladin's cry joined the symphony of pleasured moans as she felt the wrist thick impale her without any warning or preparation. She hung her head as she felt it start fucking her, each thrust spreading her wide and filling her up. Her mouth hung open and she drooled at the feeling of being stuffed mercilessly. Being the conservative lover that she was, Paladin was accustomed to this kind of relentless fucking and rough treatment.

The Oni grunted like the animal that it was, pounding into her without any care for her dwindling sanity or her sore pussy. All it cared about was getting its fix from her and returning to his boss. It grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back to see the blank, lust crazed expression on her face. It was a look that many women wore when assaulted by a horny monster, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling, breasts shaking in tandem with her body with each violent thrust into her warm, wet depths. The oni used her hair as reins to hold onto her as it plundered her pussy.

After nearly an hour of intense fucking, the sex drunk Paladin felt the cock within her start to swell and knew that it was almost time to its climax. She used what little strength she had to clench her inner muscles around the thrusting cock to increase friction and shorten the amount of time she had to wait before getting all that cum into her body. She couldn't wait anymore, she needed its cum now!

The Oni felt her tightening around its cock and it snorted before increasing the strength of its thrusts. It felt that tell-tale tingle in its balls and knew that the end was approaching. It strengthened its grip on her hips and gave one last thrust that punched all the way into her womb. At that moment if began to hose down her baby cavity with massive amount of cum that no human man can match. Paladin's eyes rolled up into her head and she breathlessly squealed as she felt her womb and pussy get flooded and filled to capacity. She felt its muscles tense up before shooting another thick wad into her pussy, this time causing it to overflow. The excess semen leaked out of her pussy, around the cock plugging her hole before leaking down her thighs in a sticky waterfall, forming another puddle on the ground. Completely exhausted at this point, Paladin fell forward out of its grip and onto her front, moaning and panting from her orgasm.

The Oni still held onto her hips as it pumped more cum into her before releasing her waist, letting her body fall off its cock. It spurted a few more creamy globs onto her back and asscheeks before it stopped cumming. Looking down at her immobile body, the Oni reached down and picked her up throwing her over its shoulder like she was just a sack of potatoes. It turned to the exit and taking her to the breeding room too!