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Beautiful Dangerous

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He didn’t know much, but one thing he did know for sure in this moment, is that he is utterly fucked. He darts in and out of the crowds of people minding the busy street, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.

He’s exposed, he knows this, but he’s just trying to get inside, anywhere she isn’t.

He hadn’t expected to run into her again so soon. Just a week ago he was sneaking out of her apartment the following morning she took him home. They had a few drinks and a good night together, but he didn’t want anything more after that. She managed to text him a few times wanting to hook up again, texts he successfully dodged. That is until he spotted her across the courtyard walking out of an expensive fashion boutique.

If he can just make it back to his apartment without her eyeing him, he’d be in the clear. Just a few more blocks, he thinks to himself subtly upping his pace just a bit. He turns back around trying to see if she’s still walking casually in his direction. He doesn’t see her, so he sighs turning back around only to run right into.

 Fuck. Her.

 “Gendry?” She’s busy picking up her shopping bags off the ground while he stands there in complete bewilderment.

 “Oh, hey Jeyne, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

 She gives him a smile standing back up to face him directly, “That’s okay. I’m glad I ran into actually; I was wondering if you got my texts.”

 He scratches the back of his neck nervously, sweat now forming in the cool spring air.

 “Yeah I did, I meant to respond, I’ve just been busy with work y’know.”

 “So, do you have some free time this weekend maybe? We could get a drink or something.”

 Fuck, he needs to get out of this without being too harsh. For him it was a one-time thing, as bad as that sounds. He’s usually not that type of guy, but he really doesn’t have the capacity to start a new relationship right now.  

 “Well, actually...” Shit, he needs a good reason.

 “I’m going out of town soon for work and I don’t know when I’ll be back.” As far as she was concerned, he was a mechanic that traveled to different shops to help out wherever he was needed. He didn’t feel like explaining to her what he really does or what he used to do. Telling her the latter would be a huge mistake.

 Jeyne gives him a sad smile, hopeful demeaner dropping tremendously, “Okay then, maybe when you get back, you have my number.”

She gives him a small wave as she walks away. Something about the way she said that makes him realize she definitely doesn’t have strong hopes for a reunion anytime soon.

He feels bad that he brushed her off so easily, but with his line of work, it’s hard to get close to people. He’s actually helping her out by rejecting her. She’s better off, he tells himself to help ease his guilt.  

The remaining walk back to his apartment is uneventful, thoughts remaining on how he feels like he probably just broke this poor girl’s heart. He thought she might really like him and he all but told her he never wanted to see her again in so many words.

He unlocks the door to his apartment and as soon as he opens it and walks in, his instincts and training go into overdrive.

Nothing is out of place, and the lights are still off. But he knows he’s not alone. He feels the stranger across the room, in the dark, with not even a shadow giving way to his presence.

Ready to defend himself if he must, he flips on the light ready to meet his awaiting guest.

The grey-haired main moves his eyes away from the window to the man by the front door.

“Gendry. It’s nice to see you. It’s been awhile and yet you still look like shit.”

Gendry visibly relaxes once he sees his visitor is nothing but an old friend, mentor, and former boss.    

Fuck, this isn’t good.

“Davos, you’re still has charming as ever I see. I’m surprised you aren’t dead yet, your grey hair has grey hair.”

The older man laughs heartedly, “You’re a hard man to find.”

Gendry takes off his jacket and throws it on the couch, “That’s because I wasn’t trying to be found. At least not by you or any of your subordinates.”

He sits down on the couch while Davos remains in his standing position by the window.

“Do I want to know why you are here?”

Davos walks away from the window but doesn’t sit down, Gendry senses this isn’t a social call.

“I have a new bounty for you.” Davos stares him down, lips in a fine line meaning he’s strictly here on business.

“Do you have a bounty for me, or do they do?”

Davos decides it’s time to take a seat.

“I think you already know the answer to that, son,”

Gendry sighs fearing he’s right. Davos Seaworth is a good man; he wouldn’t come to Gendry unless it was important.

He first met Davos when he joined MI6 straight out of high school. The old man took a liking to him right away, training him every step of the way until Gendry became a full-time field agent. Davos had retired from field work years before that, only using his knowledge after that in the classroom, on the training field and behind the scenes on missions. Gendry and Davos became close, he considered him the father he never had. When Gendry finally got out of the agency, he hoped they would remain close, but ultimately Davos’ career and Gendry’s full-time bounty hunting kept that from happening.

It’s not like he departed on bad terms with Davos or MI6, but he swore he was done killing people as a job and a means to an end. Bounty hunting seemed like a good way to go, he could still be an asset and use his training and skills without all the unnecessary bloodshed.

Gendry sighs, knowing there’s no use in even attempting to turn him down, it’s futile. If they want something from him, they’re going to damn well get it.

“Who is it?”

Davos folds his arms across his chest, “No one.”

Gendry leans his head back on the couch, “Bloody hell.”

“According to our intel, she seems to have reappeared just south of Dorne.”

Great, looks like I’ll be going out of town after all. At least I didn’t lie to the poor girl, Gendry muses to himself almost smiling.

Davos reaches to the side of the couch and pulls a manila folder out of a bag just on the floor. He throws the folder on the coffee table where Gendry can reach it.

Gendry grabs the folder and opens it reluctantly, “And we still don’t know what she looks like?”

Davos tries to smile but it doesn’t reach his eyes, “Aye. She wouldn’t be the best Faceless Man there ever was if she gave away her identity so easily.”

The Faceless Men or more commonly known as TFM to the agency is a group of dangerous vigilantes and mercenaries, who take it upon themselves to rid the world of the worst of the worst, feeling as if though the more proper law enforcement can’t seem to be up to the task. They swoop in, take out their intended target, and then vanish without a trace. They call themselves ‘No One’ when asked their name and use multiple identities or faces to be able to be unseen and hide in plain sight. Only within the last two years was MI6 able to take down the entire organization including their elusive leader, Jaqen H'ghar.

However, one former member remains in the game and she was once considered the most dangerous of them all, Arya Stark. No matter how many times she was almost captured, she evaded each and everyone of them every time. Nobody from MI6 including Davos and Gendry knows what she looks like, they only know of her name and her nickname on the streets, Nymeria. Now it seems she is back to her old ways after laying low for almost a year after TFM were dismantled.

Gendry reads her file nervously, brows scrunched in frustration, “So you’ve heard nothing from her in a year and now all of sudden she’s resurfaced and back to killing?”

Davos nods, “Aye. We need you to bring her in, alive. She’ll be charged with her crimes and most likely put to death. It all depends on how her trial goes.”

Davos hands him another folder, this time with train tickets inside, “When do I leave?”

Davos stands up and makes his way to the door, “Tonight. We have word of where she might be and it’s a very small window.”

Gendry sighs rubbing a hand over his face.

He knows in his gut this is going to end in either two ways. One, everything goes smoothly, and he brings her back alive and in one piece, or two, very very wrong.

He makes his way into his bedroom to pack his bags while Davos makes a quiet exit but not before leaving him a burner phone for communication on his coffee table.

Deep down, in his very soul, he knows it’s going to be the latter.