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Jimin was tired. He loosened the knot of his tie as he got into the car. It wasn't physical exhaustion per se but he had a lot in mind. Apart from the usual company stuff, being the source of his perpetual stress, that day, Taehyung had told him that he wasn't feeling well and headed home early. Usually, he picked him up from his art gallery every evening. It was their routine. But today, after receiving the text, he wanted to head home early but then again, Taehyung hated when Jimin overreacted for simple things , so he had no choice but to stay for the rest of the day. Of course, being the Vice President of a conglomerate had its perks, Jimin was aware of his privileges but sometimes he did wonder if his life would have been simpler if he was a simple office worker or a dance teacher, spending more time at home , stress-free, taking care of his mate, but those were just wishful thinking.






"We are at the florist…"


"Oh yeah…Thanks Hajoon.."


The driver's voice brought him out of his reviere. Initially, he thought of taking some sweet treats for his husband he liked so much, but remembered that Taehyung couldn't eat breakfast properly that morning so he went for flowers. Jimin pondered if he should talk to Taehyung about seeing their doctor, knowing how his mate hated doctors and hospitals , maybe he should wait and see what's wrong. He didn't want to upset his Taehyungie for no reason and for the time being he went with the flowers.

"Thank god you are back hyung..!"

Jimin's heart jumped out of his chest hearing Jungkook's voice. Was Taehyung sick? Maybe something happened..?


"What's wrong Koo?" Jimin could swear that time was slowing down.


"Taehyungie hyungie said he was going to lend me his red silk shirt.. and now he is sleeping asking not to be disturbed.. please go in quickly and get me the shirt.." Jungkook continued with his whiny voice and Jimin wanted to punch the lights out of his brother. It wasn't the first time he wanted to, but this time he was dead serious.


"Hyung! Stop staring and chop! Chop!"


Jimin felt that the more he looked at Jungkook, the more killer instinct rose within him, so he decided to ignore the whiny brat lounging in his living room, huffed and took the stairs to his bedroom.


It was getting dark inside as he went to his room, their room. He saw Taehyung, his beautiful husband sleeping, sprawled out in the bed like a starfish. Jimin lips curled up in a smile looking at him. He had read a lot of  romance literature that described their sleeping significant others looking like an angel and whatnot, far away from the way his husband looked, blanket pooled around his torso, hair sticking out in all directions, snoring softly, lips parted but looked so peaceful. And Jimin wouldn't trade that for anything. His heart still warmed, even after so many years looking at his husband.


He freshened up without making much noise and joined Taehyung in the bed.


"Babe..?" He called softly, carding his hands through Taehyung's hair.


"Tae? Tae?" He called again this time a bit louder. He wasn't sure if waking up Taehyung was the right thing to do but he needed to know what was wrong and if they need to seek help. He pressed his hand on his forehead to see if he had a temperature but it seemed fine.


"Umm.." came the reply as Taehyung made himself more comfortable in the sheets half awake.


"What's wrong baby? Tell me.. we can go see a doctor.."






"I am fine.. just tired.." Taehyung opened his eyes and gave him a small smile and Jimin felt relieved.


"Okay… do you wanna sleep more or I can prepare snacks for you.. and we can watch a movie or something.."


"That would be nice.."


"Good… I'll see you downstairs then.." Jimin pressed a small peck on his forehead and stroked his cheek before he left for the kitchen.

"Hyung…??? Where is the shirt?" Jimin was sure today was the day he was really going to kill Jungkook.


"What shirt?"


"Is Taehyungie hyungie awake? I have a date hyung.. I need to leave in about an hour…"


Jimin pressed his forehead with his hands, reminding himself not to scream at his brother and ask the most rational question possible.


"Why couldn't you buy a freaking red shirt if you want to wear to your date.. do we need to increase your pocket money or maybe talk about the trust funds..???"


"First of all rude… and I would have bought it okay? Taehyungie hyungie suggested it last night that I could borrow from him and I had those stupid meetings for the clubs, so I couldn't go shopping and don't give me that judgy look hyung.. not everyone is lucky enough to meet their soulmates in High school. Some of us need to actually put some serious effort.."


Jungkook scoffed sitting on the counter tools while Jimin searched what he could make for Taehyung. Their cook had recently gone on vacation for two weeks and Jimin was in charge of feeding them for those days.


"Nothing with cheese hyung…"


"Huh?" Jimin's ears perked up as Jungkook spoke something of importance for the first time in the whole evening.


"I picked him after lunch.. and he said he couldn't eat anything as everything smelled cheesy.. don't worry I made him some japchae.."


Jimin sighed. Maybe he was being harsh at his little brother for no reason. Afterall, he took care of his mate when he couldn't. They even claimed from time to time that they should have been siblings instead of Jimin and at times like this he couldn't disagree. Taehyung had met Jungkook soon after meeting him and immediately adopted him as his brother and spoilt him beyond imagination. And Jungkook being the brat he was, basked in the attention. Jimin thinks maybe because Jungkook could never meet their omega parent, there was always a void in his life and had immediately given that space to Taehyung. And his mate had never disappointed.


"Thanks Koo.. and I am sorry.. I have a lot in my mind…"


"It's okay hyung.. I understand.. don't worry, I just have six months to graduate and then I will help you.."


Jimin smiled looking at the determined face of his brother because when it came to family Jimin had been more than blessed.


"Hyung..... now please get me the shirt.. I'll get late.." and the moment is gone. Jimin ignored all the whining and busied himself making cheese free sandwiches for his mate.


"God! You are evil…! I am going up and I'll get it myself from hyungie.."

Jimin turned back to try to stop Jungkook but the brat was faster.


"What about me Koo? Are you calling me evil?" Jimin heard Taehyung's voice coming from his living room. He must have half heard their discussion.


"As if.. you are my angel hyungie.. I was talking about the one in the kitchen.. spawn of satan himself.."


Jimin heard a loud laugh in return. And he was sure that he never did anything to be called spawn of Satan. Maybe he should stop feeding the brat and send him back to Busan. His father would be happy having one of his sons with him as he decided to live there after his retirement.


Jimin took the tray filled with sandwiches, cookies and tea for both of them to the living room where Taehyung was sitting.


"Jiminie…" his mate curled around him as soon as he plopped down on the couch next to him and that melted his heart.


"Eat first…"


His mate pouted but after all these years, Jimin had developed a certain amount of resistance to the infamous pout when it came to the health of Taehyung himself, otherwise he was still a sucker.


"Fine.. but I still feel full.. I don't know what it is.. and can you please bring me a pickle?" Taehyung said rubbing his stomach as he took the plate from the coffee table.


"Anything for you.." It was definitely a weird choice to eat but Taehyung sometimes did that. He would eat raw onions with salsa so Jimin didn't feel much out of the ordinary.


When Jimin returned back with the pickle jar, the brat Jungkook was back, wearing the so called red silk shirt with tight black pants and oh.. he had ever put on some light makeup, twirling and showing off to his brother in law.


"Ahh… my little baby looks so cute.." Taehyung cooed as he stood up from the couch to go to Jungkook.


"Ah.. hurts…" Jungkook screamed as Taehyung pinched his cheeks like a little child. Served him right, Jimin thought.


"I am sure Seokjin hyung will be impressed today.."


And Jimin spilled out the tea he had just sipped, as he stared wide eyed to his mate and brother.


"Aishh… sorry Koo.. " Taehyung looked  sheepish rubbing the back of his neck and Jungkook had turned pale.


"Seokjin hyung.. you mean.. Kim Seokjin? Kim Seokjin as in my assistant Kim Seokjin?"

Jimin balked hearing the information. And that Taehyung had kept that from him was shocking too. They had no secrets between them, none whatsoever but maybe Jimin took a backseat when it came to the brat.


"Don't be mad Minnie.. it just happened… I too discovered it few days ago...and.."Jimin could sense that his mate was distressed and there was no point in being angry at what seemed like a lost cause already, so he calmed himself down.


"I am not mad but how.. how.. I really don't understand Tae.." he asked standing up.


Taehyung was once again near him and held his arms pressed to his side.

"Your birthday party last month.. they met there and our little Jungkookie had a crush on him and few days ago he gathered his guts to ask him out…"


"And both of you kept it a secret from me..?" Jimin crooked his eyebrows glancing at both of them. He wasn't mad, both were consenting adults capable of making their own decisions and Jungkook would soon join as the CEO and it was inevitable that he would start dating seriously and Kim Seokjin wasn't a bad choice at all but it was a good feeling to be the centre of their attention.


"No.. hyung.. it was just that.. I was practicing in front of the mirror when hyungie saw me… and I had to tell him.. and I am so sorry.. he isn't at fault, I told him not to tell you and if you don't agree..I'll.." Jungkook looked like he would cry at any moment so Jimin let go of his charade and pulled him in for a hug.


"No.. it's fine.. Koo.. I was just kidding.. I am not mad.."


"Oh.. you had me scared.." Jungkook smiled rubbing his face.




"There is a but??" Jungkook whined once more.


"Jin hyung is very important to me Jungkook  and so are you, so, try not to hurt each other okay.." Jimin said patting his shoulders as Jungkook nodded a yes.


"Okay.. okay.. enough of melodrama.. he isn't going to a war Minnie.. let the kid go now.. he is getting late... " Taehyung said lightly patting Jungkook's cheek as Jimin sneaked his hands to hold him in his waist.


"Yeah.. I really want to make a good impression.. so see you at night okay…" Jungkook said looking at his watch as the couple hummed in agreement.


They went to see off him to the door. It wasn't the first time Jungkook was going on a date but something tells Jimin that it was a special one.


"Bye.. hyungie.. bye hyung.. love you both.."


"Yeah.. bye.." Jungkook had taken a step or two towards the garage when Jimin felt Taehyung's hand clutching his shirt.


"Minnnnniie…." Taehyung breathed out his name as he slowly lost his consciousness.

And Jimin almost lost his mind.


"Tae? Baby? What's wrong? Can you hear me? Baby?" Jimin kept asking and repeating the question as he made Taehyung sit on the floor of the foyer.


"Koo… Hajoon.." Jimin called out knowing they were within earshot.


Soon, Jungkook and Hajoon appeared and helped him carry the very unconscious Taehyung to the car , with Hajoon taking the steering and Jungkook joining them in the backseat on the other side of Taehyung, rubbing his hands to keep them warm.




"Yes.. baby.. I am here… don't worry.. you are going to be fine.."


Jimin didn't know if he was trying to assure Taehyung or himself more. Taehyung had gained consciousness but wasn't feeling well enough so he closed his eyes once more.

"Is Taehyung alright ?"

Jimin saw Kim Seokjin appear in the lobby, Jungkook must have informed him that they were there. He looked dressed up, must have been for the date but Jimin couldn't bring himself to care. His mate, his Taehyungie was fine till yesterday. He always made sure that he slept and ate well knowing his mate didn't take care of himself much.


"I don't know what's wrong.. I picked him up after lunch.. you know.. he was complaining of fatigue.. and didn't eat much at breakfast…" Jimin could hear Jungkook explaining to Seokjin but didn't join the discussion too busy staring at the closed door of Taehyung's cabin.


"Oh.. that might be good news then.." the comment from Seokjin made Jimin snap his head in that direction.


"I mean.. I don't know but that seems to explain.. I am sorry sir.. I'll be outside…" Seokjin looked like he would actually prefer if the ground swallowed him with a confused Jungkook in between them.


It actually made sense. All the symptoms Taehyung had although it had just begun, did make sense. Jimin and Taehyung both loved kids but in about ten years of their relationship, married for three, they had never explicitly talked about it. And were always careful. Even during heats. And Jimin wasn't dumb, he knew all the protection of the world couldn't provide  hundred percent guarantee but it had worked for them but suddenly something in his mind clicked. His birthday. Of course, Jimin woke up to meet a distressed Taehyung in the kitchen with what looked like a burnt cake. Jimin knew his mate wasn't particularly gifted when it came to cooking or baking so he had no qualms. But Taehyung wanted to make up for that and since the brat had morning class that day, taking full advantage of the empty house, he had coyly suggested blowing him. And Jimin being only a simple alpha, so so weak for his omega mate, couldn't say no. But things didn't stop there as he was never selfish when it came to anything related to his mate and both ended up fucking  making love in the kitchen countertop.

And without any protection whatsoever.


"Park Jimin sii.."

Jimin didn't remember how much time had passed him being lost in his thoughts.


"Oh… Dr. Lee.. how.. how is Tae..?"


"He is well now.. nothing serious.. you can go see him.. we have ordered all the necessary test and you'll just have to wait until the reports to arrive before we could clear you to go home.. but from my experience I can tell that congratulations are in order.."


"Oh..?" Jimin still wanted confirmation. He knew what the doctor was talking about but he needed to hear it first.


"There is a huge chance that you are going to be a father in the next nine months.. though I'll have to wait until the reports arrive to tell you that.. formalities.. you know..?" Dr. Lee said with a huge smile plastered on his face mimicking the one that Jimin had.

"When can we go home..?" Taehyung asked as soon as he saw Jimin beside him.


"We need to wait for the reports babe.." Jimin said sitting beside him taking his hands into his.


"Am I dying Minnie?"


"What? No..!! Why would you say that?"


"Then what's wrong with me..? why am I here.. and I feel so terrible.." Taehyung said closing his eyes once more.


Jimin just smiled in return as he didn't want to get Taehyung's hopes up for no reason. He could and would wait for an hour to give the good news.


And the good news arrived soon after. And Jimin might have felt that happy last when he got married to the love of his life, but at the same time he mentally prepared himself for the upcoming months. Taehyung was beaming in happiness too. And Jimin right then remembered the flowers he got for Taehyung but had forgotten in the drawing room because of a certain brat and speaking of the devil.


"Hyung… can I come in?"

Jungkook peeked his head in still wearing the red shirt.


" Yeah Koo.. come in.."


"What are you doing here..? didn't you go to your date? God.. I messed everything up."


"No.. no… don't say that hyungie.. we can always go on dates.. you are fine and only that matters.."


"Oh.. Koo.. so mature.. you are being a great uncle already I see…" Taehyung said rubbing his belly. He was just about a month along but maybe it was some instinct, Jimin thought to himself.


"Oh.. it's true then.. congratulations.. hyungie. I am so happy for you.." Jungkook didn't hug him as he was still lying on the bed, instead pressed his hands taking a seat near his legs.


"You knew already..?"


And Jimin knew what was coming next. And he was ready to take in the punch.


"No.. Jin.. he knew.."


"He is here too??.. is he outside..? God… you alphas can be so dumb sometimes.. call him in too.." Taehyung tugged the blanket covering him to make himself presentable.


"He was here hyungie.. but a certain someone.. spawn of satan, if you will ,scared him away…"


"Yahhh!!" But the punch didn't land on Jimin. Instead it landed on the now confused Jungkook. "Don't you dare call him that anymore.. a baby is arriving soon and I need both of you to be on your best behaviour.. I am not raising a child in a household where people don't respect one another..!!"


"Woah..! Your hormones are already going crazy aren't they?"

And Jimin stifled his laughter, somehow, as his mate threw a pillow sending the brat out of the cabin and he was never prouder of his mate.

"Tae?" Jimin began. They were in their home, on their bed cuddled up.




"You are happy right?"


"Of course I am Jiminie.. are you?"


"I am ecstatic… it's one of the best news I have ever received… thank you.."


"I love you so much Minnie.."


"I love you too.."


Jimin pressed a kiss again, this time on the lips of his mate as both intertwined their fingers over the belly that contained proof of their love and nothing could have been more perfect.