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[Class 1-A]

[3:34 pm] 


Yaoyorozu Momo created the group “Class 1-A

Yaoyorozu Momo added Iida Tenya, Shouto, Froppy, Pretty in Pink, Fuck Gravity, and 10+ others to the chat

Yaoyorozu Momo set nicknames to custom


Yaoyorozu Momo: It was brought to my attention that it’d be a good idea to create a group chat with all of our Class.

Iida Tenya: That’s a good idea, Yaoyorozu-kun! I’m impressed.

Yaoyorozu Momo: You shouldn’t thank me. It was actually Kyouka that had the idea.

Iida Tenya: Then, thank you Jirou-kun!

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: i wasnt even sure if that was a good idea at all

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: i mean, we have a bakuhoe

Shouto: don’t you mean bakugou?

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: did i fucking stutter

Shouto: k, have a nice day.

Iida Tenya: Jirou-kun! This behaviour is highly unbecoming for a student of UA!

Kami: oh sweet

Kami: @Sero Hanta, @Pretty in Pink; you know what to do

Pretty in Pink: heck yeah

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: you cant deny the truth iida

Iida Tenya: All of us are aspiring to be Heroes and we should behave as such. It’s unacceptable to say things like that about a fellow Hero-in-training, Jirou-kun.

Iida Tenya: Also, Kaminari-kun, Ashido-kun and Sero-kun - I don’t know what exactly you’re up to, but please keep whatever it is at bay.

Sero Hanta: u can’t stop the memez

Pretty in Pink: my fellows, let’s commence

Shouto: didn’t knew you of all people knew a word like commence ashido.. 

Pretty in Pink: RUDE


Pretty in Pink set their name to Alien Qween

Sero Hanta set Kami's name to Pikabae


Pikabae: Aww

Red Riot: So manly! 


Pikabae set Red Riot's name to Sharky


Sharky: thanks, dude!! 

Pikabae: :] 


Alien Qween set Bakugou's name to King Baku

Pikabae set Sero Hanta's name to Spidey


Sharky: Mind if i join u? 

Alien Qween: bro

Spidey: Y you

Pikabae: even ask

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: im scared

Sharky: don't be! I'll give you a manly name


Sharky set mcr_is_my_spirit_animal's name to Deep Dope


Deep Dope: thats ok

Deep Dope: thx kiri

Sharky: no prob


Alien Qween set Midoriya's name to Izu-cute

Pikabae set Shouto's name to IcyHot

Sharky set Yaoyorozu Momo's name to God

Spidey set I cannot stop twinkling's name to Baguette


Baguette: RUDE


Pikabae set Iida Tenya's name to Sanic

Pikabae set MINETA's name to Grapist

Alien Qween set Koda Kouji's name to  o(*>ω<*)o

Spidey set Satou Rikidou's name to Diabetis

Sharky set Banquet of Darkness's name to birb

Alien Qween set Ojirou's name to Tails

Pikabae set WatchingUSleep's name to Invisihoe

Spidey set Shoji's name to Arms


Pikabae: done. f gravity + froppy r purfect 

King Baku: tf is this

Alien Qween: scroll up

birb: I don't know if i should laugh or cry

birb: probs cry

Deep Dope: probs cry

Spidey: who tf is jesus

Fuck Gravity: Deku-kun

Sharky: guys what the actual fuck

Sharky: guys how in the name of god did we get here

Fuck Gravity: hush! We can't taint the precious cinnamon rolls

Sharky: g u y s 

Sharky: w t f 

King Baku: wtf round face

Fuck Gravity: so yaomomo is god, yes? so he asked who her son was. Jesus. Deku. 

Alien Qween: why did you answer that fast?? 

Fuck Gravity: why didn't you

Alien Qween: Well… 


[Midoriya ; Yaoyorozu Momo]

[3:56 pm] 


Midoriya: Hey Yaomomo! 

Yaoyorozu Momo: Hello Midoriya-kun. Can I help you with something? 

Midoriya: Yes, just wanted to ask you what you think about your nickname in our group chat

Yaoyorozu Momo: It feels a tad awkward. 

Midoriya: so you don't mind me changing it? 

Yaoyorozu Momo: No, not at all. 


[Class 1-A] 

[4:01 pm] 


Izu-cute: First of all: I am concerned about you lot

Izu-cute: Also, t-thank you Ashido-san

Izu-cute: alas, there is something to adjust


Izu-cute set God's name to Mom

Mom set Izu-cute's name to soft green


soft green: t-thank you, Yaoyorozu-san!!! 

Mom: Thank you, Midoriya-kun. I am flattered. 

Deep Dope: yea she blushed

Alien Qween: how you know

Mom: Kyouka is at my house. We're studying for the next Pop Quiz. 

Pikabae: the next?? ugh i failed the last

Pikabae: don't wanna even think abt a next

Alien Qween: so

Alien Qween: youre 'studying'

Deep Dope: yes

Alien Qween: just studying

Alien Qween: together

Alien Qween: alone

Alien Qween: in yaomomos room

Mom: Yes, we are indeed studying. But contrary to your beliefs, we're seated in the Dining Hall with my sister accompanying us. 

King Baku: Raccoon eyes get ur fucking shit together

Alien Qween: oh shit the king of the bakusquad has spoken

King Baku: damn right 



[4:12 pm] 


Kami created the group "#bakusquad"

Kami added Bakugou, Sero Hanta, Red Riot, Pretty in Pink and 1 other


Bakugou: why tf is earjacks here

Red Riot: c'mon shes 1 of us

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: is she? 

Pretty in Pink: Yea!! 

Bakugou: fine but ponytail is in dekus shitty group so she better stay there

Bakugou: and call me a hoe again, stupid earjacks and ill skin you alive

mcr_is_my_spirit_animal: duly noted