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Sexy Is As Sexy Does: A Critical Role College AU

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Chapter 1 -- “Two Raspberry Mochas, Please!”

Molly had been watching the dark-haired man work most of the afternoon, always quickly looking away and returning his attention to his hands when Clay looked like he was going to catch him watching him. He really hoped he wasn’t going to scold him or be upset. Molly was crushing hard on his coworker and friend.

 Clay was more perceptive than most people gave him credit for. He had definitely noticed Molly sneaking glances at him through their shift, but it didn’t seem to distract him from the work too much. As long as the job got done, it was fine. Now that things were winding down, Clay leaned his back against the counter and glanced to Molly.

 “So, Molly, is there a reason you’ve been staring at me all afternoon?” he teased.

 Molly’s eyes widened, and there was a visible blush darkening his light brown skin. “I- I didn’t think you’d notice...” he stammered. “I... well, if I’m honest, I’d be lying if I didn’t find you very... easy on the eyes.”

 Clay smiled lazily. “That’s very kind of you. You look nice as well,” he said, and took a sip of his tea. It wasn’t great tea, but at least it wasn’t coffee.

 Molly quickly averted his eyes again, glancing back up at Clay after a few moments. He wasn’t usually like this. Usually he was the one eager to go after his quarry, coaxing until they ended up in a more intimate setting, but there was something about the Cherokee boy that had him feeling his submissive side strongly.

 “Such kissable lips,” he mumbled, not even realizing that he had spoken. 

 Clay thought he had an idea what Molly was thinking, but he hadn’t had a lot of experience with romance in general. It wasn’t that he was clueless, just unsure and wanted to be certain that any potential partners were comfortable. He couldn’t quite hear when Molly had said but...

 “What was that? Something about my lips?”

 Shit. He’d said that out loud? Oh fuck. The first day back at work and school for the new semester, and he’d just mumbled an admission to his crush without realizing it. With a sigh, he decided in a split second to just go with it and be open with Caddy how he felt about him. 

 “I said that you have such kissable lips,” he said. “And I’d very much like to... Kiss you, I mean. If you want to. But probably not here. Not professional to do this at work... Damn it, why am I babbling like an idiot?” His face was darkening in embarrassment more by the second.

 Clay blinked. He wasn’t used to this kind of admission, though he certainly wasn’t opposed. “Well, that sounds pretty nice actually,” he said, setting his tea down on the counter. “We’re off work soon, did you want to.... I don’t know, come back to my dorm with me? I must say, you’re very cute when you blush.”

 “That sounds lovely,” he said, carefully reaching a hand over and resting it on Clay’s on the counter. “I hope this isn’t too much.” Though slightly different shades, their brown skin tones complimented each other, and Molly absently (and silently) wondered what these hands would look like curled together, one pressing the other against the sheets of his bed. Or Caddy’s bed. 

Caduceus turned his hand to intertwine his fingers with Molly’s. “Not at all. I can’t say I have much experience, none actually, but I’m willing to go at whatever pace you want to,” he said. Caddy glanced up at the clock on the wall, noticing that they only had five minutes left. “Hey, let’s finish cleaning up and get out of here, yeah?”

Molly’s eyes widened again when Caddy said he had no experience in things like this. Surely, he was joking... right? As he nodded and started wiping down the counters, he felt a playful rush wash over him. “Don’t tell me you’ve been here for three years and you’re still a virgin... Really? I mean, I’m not knocking it, but it’s just so rare.” He licked his lips and grinned. “This should be a rather interesting evening. I’m really looking forward to the adventure...” 

Caddy quickly counted out his register while Molly wiped down. Having done it for two years already he was pretty fast at it. He smiled at Molly’s words. “Yes, really. I notice physical things, like movements, looks, and the rest, but I’m afraid I’m a little dense when it comes to... reading intentions.” He finished closing the register and went about tidying up a few things. “Unless someone said straight out what they wanted with me, I would take them at face value and likely answer any questions literally.”

 “Then... I’m glad I was inadvertently so direct,” Molly said, getting a little braver as the moments progressed. After pulling the grate down and locking it, he pulled Caddy into the back. “Because of what you just said, I’m going to be very direct again. Caddy, I really like you. I find you very, very attractive, and I’d be honored to be the one you lost your virginity to... if you’re comfortable with that. If you’re not ready for that, I’ll back off. If you are, though... I’ll do everything I can to make it special for you.”

It was Caddy’s turn to blush, and he couldn’t help but be transfixed by Molly’s words. “Um. Yeah, maybe... let’s uh... let’s just start with kissing.” Flustered, he turned to the time clock and punched out for the day, moving to let Molly do the same.

“That’s perfectly okay as a starting point,” Molly said with a warm smile, clocking out before tentatively taking Caddy’s hand. “Lead the way to your place, then, Mister Clay...” There it was... Caddy had brought out his submissive side, full-stop. He was willing to do just about anything to serve him, to make him feel good. And Molly for the life of him didn’t know why this was happening! But it felt perfect.

Caduceus held Molly’s hand as they walked across the campus towards his dorm. He was normally a very calm person, but the knowledge that he was bringing a very attractive person back to his room for kissing (and possibly more) had his heart pounding away. He hadn’t felt this nervous since when he first left the rez to go to college. He did his best to make small talk and ignore the tingling sensation between his legs.

Molly could feel both their hearts pounding, Clay’s through the pulse point in his hand. “Are you okay? I’ve never seen you quite so nervous before.” He kissed the back of Clay’s hand and they kept walking, keeping a close eye on him as they went. 

Clay led them to the dorm building and to the elevator. “Oh, well... to be honest I am anxious about this... I’m excited, but also a little scared that I’ll disappoint you. You’ll probably have to take the lead,” he said, pulling Molly into the elevator and pressing the button for his floor.

 “I’m okay with that,” Molly said, purring softly, getting closer to Caddy in the elevator. “I want to kiss you right now, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop kissing you once I do, and I want us to be in private...” 

Caduceus moved his hand to Molly’s hip, savoring the contact. “I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to stop either. But there’s ah, something I should tell you before we get started on anything...” he said, glancing away nervously and willing the elevator to move faster. Luckily, his dorm room was just around the corner on the third floor.

“Don’t be afraid to tell me anything,” Molly said softly, wanting to make this night all about Caduceus. “And unless you say otherwise, anything you say will stay between us, I promise.” Stepping out of the elevator, he let his long-haired darling lead the way. “Tonight is all about you... your comfort level... on your home turf...”

“I appreciate that, Mollymauk,” Caddy took a deep breath and let it out slowly before unlocking his door. Luckily, his scholarship had afforded him a single apartment with no roommate. It was small, barely more than a studio, but it was enough for him. He led Molly to his bedroom, and sat on the edge, patting the space next to him for Molly to sit down.

Molly had to make sure he kept himself calm, not getting too eager, as he sat down next to Caddy. “This is a really nice little place you have here. Thank you for having me over.” His hand slipped back into Clay’s and he looked into the other man’s eyes. “Now, what did you want to tell me?”

Caduceus felt like his heart was in his throat. He really liked Mollymauk and didn’t want to scare him away. He kept his eyes trained on their joined hands. “The name for what I am among my people, is llamana. In English, the common term is two-spirit. Biologically, I am intersex. Functionally, I have both a penis and a vagina.” He did his best to keep his breathing steady, slowly convincing himself that Molly wouldn’t run away from him.

Molly’s breath hitched as he heard Caddy revealing his secret. He wasn’t about to run away, even from that, and hoped that his squeeze of the Cherokee boy’s hand affirmed that. “I’m going to assume that not many people know about that. Well, thank you for sharing that with me... it means a lot to me. And I’m... I’m glad you weren’t... mutilated for it.” He didn’t want to be gross, but where his family came from in the Middle East, it was known that many children born intersex were given no choice in the matter. 

Caduceus released a tension in his shoulders he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He looked up to Molly’s face and smiled. “I am too. A positive for living on the rez my whole life, I suppose.” His studies in theology had informed him plenty on what could happen to intersex babies. “And you are not... ‘turned off’ or anything?”

“Not at all,” Molly said, pulling Caddy into a hug, purring into his ear. “In fact, I’m even more turned on now than I was before...” Pulling back just a little, he looked again into Caddy’s eyes. “May I kiss you, Caddy?”

Caddy brought his hand up to cup the side of Molly’s face. “Yes, please Molly.”

 Molly carefully moved in and kissed Caddy on the lips, being very gentle and cautious. Those lips tasted of green tea and peppermint, and Molly knew that he was going to become addicted to kissing him. “Caddy...”

 As Molly’s lips touched his, Caddy slipped his fingers into Molly’s hair. He tasted like vanilla and he smelled like lavender. It awakened something in him and when Molly whispered his name against his lips, Caddy knew his eyes were blown wide with desire, and that there was no turning back from this. He pulled Molly in for another kiss, trying his best not to bump their noses together, and to imitate what he had seen in movies.

“Mmmm, you -are- a good kisser, Caddy,” Molly sighed, his hand moving up into Clay’s hair as well. Having the other’s large hand in his purple-dyed hair felt fantastic, and he let out a soft moan. He was quickly hardening, and he could imagine that Clay might be also, not to mention what else might be happening between those strong thighs. “How are you feeling?” Molly whispered. 

Caddy panted breathlessly and swallowed before speaking. “I’m good, really good. You are amazing, Molly,” he breathed. He could feel his cock half hard against his thigh, and slick gathering just behind it.

 “So are you, my Gorgeous Caddy,” Molly breathed, tugging ever so gently on Clay’s hair, bringing him back to the kiss. “Want to just keep kissing? Or I could show you a next step... Touching a bit more, and removing clothes...”

 Caddy gasped a little when Molly tugged on his hair. He had no idea it could feel that good! He kissed Molly deeply before pulling back. “Yes, please, tell me how to touch you...”

 “Just follow my lead,” Molly said. “Help me take off my shirt, and I’ll work on yours... If I put my hands on your chest, put yours on my hips or over my shoulders. I think you’ll like your neck being sucked on... your nipples too... I know I do... but one step at a time...”

 “Okay, yeah...” Caduceus started with undoing the buttons on Molly’s polo, then pulling the hem up to expose the other’s stomach. As he got it up over Molly’s head and tossed it across the room, Caddy brought his large hands to rest on Molly’s chest, pressing his thumbs lightly on his nipples. “Is that okay?” he asked.

 “Oh, Darling, it’s perfect...” Molly said, planting another sloppy kiss on Caddy’s lips. “Quick tip... I’ll let you know if something is off... If something isn’t okay, I’ll tell you... Everything feels great so far...” He pulled Caddy’s shirt up and off as well, his lips quickly moving to latch onto his neck, suckling gently but not quite biting. “Mmmm...”

 Caddy’s grip on Molly tightened at the new sensation. “Ah, oh, wow... Molly...” He experimentally moved his thumbs in circles over the other’s nipples, leaning in and seeking more contact. “Whatever you’re doing, please don’t stop...” 

 “Okay, I won’t,” Molly said softly, continuing to roam his hands over Caddy’s deeply-tanned skin, moving to gently nibble on his heavily-pierced earlobe. “Pinch my nipples a little... just not too hard... Please...”

 Caduceus did as Molly asked, pinching slightly at Molly’s nipples. The ear biting didn’t do anything for his desire, but he thought Molly would probably like it, so he held that idea for later. “Would... ah, would you like me to put my mouth on you?” he asked.

 Molly whined in pleasure at the pinching of his nipples, and his purring got louder when he heard Caddy’s question, though he wasn’t sure if the taller man knew what he was asking exactly. “I would like that very much, Caddy...”

 “Okay...” Caddy said. He moved the two of them so that they were laying on the bed, his ponytail falling over his shoulder. He made his way down Molly’s body, first nibbling at his earlobe, then sucking at his neck, biting into the flesh just a bit. All the while he kept pinching and massaging at Molly’s chest. Bent as he was over Molly, he halfway hoped the other couldn’t tell how hard he was getting.

 Molly let Clay explore and do as he pleased, knowing that it needed to happen this way because Clay was enjoying it, and Molly’s entire world right now revolved around Clay’s enjoyment. Each touch, bite, and nibble was met with heavy, needy moans, especially when his earlobe and neck were nibbled on and bitten. “It feels... just so good... god, Caddy...”

 Caddy let go of Molly’s neck and rested his head against his shoulder there, catching his breath. “Is there, is there anything else I should do?”

 “Just lay there and be beautiful,” Molly crooned, guiding Caddy to lay on his back. “I want to keep undressing you, if that’s okay... and I want to taste you... to please you with my mouth.” 

 Clay leaned up a little to make sure he wasn’t lying on his hair, then settled back on his bed. “Yeah, that’s okay... I’ll let you know if I don’t like something,” he said. In this position, laid down and spread out before Mollymauk, there was no hiding the bulge in his pants.

 Molly sat between Caddy’s legs, admiring the wonderful sight before him. It was quite clear that they were both very turned on, because Molly’s cock was also straining in his pants. “You’ve never shown anyone this, have you? Caduceus, I’m honored...” He reached for the zipper of Caddy’s pants, letting it slip down and revealing that the long-haired hunk wasn’t wearing underwear. He carefully pulled down the pants and finished removing them. Apart from socks, Caddy now lay naked before him. “Oh, god, you’re beautiful...”

Caddy sighed in relief as his cock was released from his tight pants. It laid there, heavy and hard against his stomach. His pussy was positively dripping. “Ah, thank you, Molly,” he said shyly. “You are beautiful too...”

 Molly licked his lips, loving how shy he was. It was adorable and sweet. “Thank you, Darling...” He lay down between Caddy’s legs, moving his fingers along the edges of his pussy with one hand, the other hand reaching around the base of his cock. “Would you like me to get completely naked for you before I start pleasuring you, Honey?”

 Caddy, of course, had masturbated before. He wasn’t entirely unfamiliar with the world of sex, but it was different when someone else touched him. He gasped and moaned as Molly touched him for the first time. “Ahh, mmm... if, if you want to, then yeah...”

 Molly was and always had been an exhibitionist, so he took this opportunity to give Caddy a show. He moved back off the edge of the bed and stood, undoing the button and slowly slipping the zipper down. He was wearing underwear, so those stayed up as he turned around, a patch of purple material shown to be barely covering his ass. “I can hardly wait to show you how hard you make me...” His thumbs dug between the material and his skin, letting them drop. He slowly turned around, revealing his naked body, complete with a raging hard-on. 

 If most of his blood hadn’t been in his cock, Caddy would have blushed then. As it was, he stared hungrily at the naked form of Mollymauk, nearly dizzy with desire. “Oh... fuck...” he muttered. “Please, Molly, please...”

“Mmmm, Caddy...” he said, licking his lips again, getting back into position between his legs. His fingers teased at Caddy’s entrance again before pushing two inside him. His other hand wrapped around his shaft and began stroking, his mouth finding the tip and gently sucking. 

Caddy cried out with a loud moan at the contact, throwing his head back into the pillow. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before. “Molly... oh, Molly, fuck...” He had no idea what to do with his hands, so he clenched them at his sides, willing himself not to cum too soon.

 “Hands... in hair... Pull... please...” Molly mumbled against Caddy’s cock. His eyes closed, his fingers moving in and out of him with a bit more speed, and his mouth continued to suck on him. He wanted to make Caddy’s first not-alone orgasm as big and powerful and awesome as he could. “Mmmmmm...”

 Caddy buried his hands in Molly’s purple hair, pulling the way Molly had done to him earlier. “Oh, fuck...” When Molly hummed around his cock, his hips jerked. “Shit! Molly, Molly I’m, I’m not gonna last- oohh!” Molly suddenly felt a wash of liquid both in his mouth and on his hand, as well as feeling his inner walls clench around him. It was sweet and delicious, and Molly was intoxicated by it. His fingers curled inside him, trying to draw it out further.

 With that, Caduceus was cumming in earnest. His hands clenched hard in Molly’s hair, his hips lifting off the bed as he fucked into Molly’s mouth. “Fuck, fuck, Molly, Molly! Aaaa!! Shit, shit, ohhh, FUCK!” His orgasm hit hard, and with a shout he collapsed on the bed. Molly continued to move his fingers in and out of the gorgeous man below him, lost in the sounds and the taste of him. Now that he had come, Molly felt like he could take his time with the continued pleasure. He wanted to give Caddy at least one more orgasm before he moved in for love-making bliss. 

 Caddy stroked his hands through Molly’s hair, breath hitching as he waited for his ears to stop ringing. His eyes were completely unfocused with the force of his orgasm. “M-Molly, Molly, oh gods, aaah...” he sighed. He could feel another peak building, though not as hard as the first one.

 “You taste so good, Caddy...” Molly said, slipping off of Clay’s cock for a few moments. “Do you want to taste me, Honey? I can move up to you so you don’t have to move...”

 Caddy smoothed his hands through Molly’s hair, over the back of his head as far as he could reach. “Not right now, maybe later...” he took a deep breath, trying to steady his breathing. “I’d really like you to-to fuck me...”

 Molly felt a bolt of electricity go straight to his cock when he heard Caddy’s words. “I will gladly fuck you into this mattress, Caddy...” he said, pushing a third finger into his pussy. Molly was big (though Caddy’s cock was probably one of the bigger ones he’d seen), and unless Caddy had used a large toy in past masturbation sessions, Molly’s dick was probably the biggest thing he’d ever had inside him. “I must say, I’ve never had anyone as unique as you in bed...” He leaned over him, slowly getting into position after removing his fingers. “This is... really special for me.”

 Caddy brushed his hands down Molly’s neck and shoulders and back as the other moved into position over him. “This is really special for me too...” he glanced down between their legs, as gauged how big Molly’s cock was. He really hadn’t had anything bigger than his own fingers inside him. “Uh, do-do you think it’ll fit?”

 “I’m quite sure it will, but I’ll be careful,” Molly said, caressing Caddy’s cheek. His eyes were soft, tender, and warm, so happy that this man had allowed him into his bed. “It might hurt a little, and I’m sorry... but once we get past that pain, I’m pretty sure you’ll be enjoying it again soon... You’re an amazing creature, Caddy...”

 Caddy shifted his hips up and his legs a bit wider, inviting Molly in. “I’m sure it’ll be fine, I trust you.” He tugged Molly’s face down to his. “Kiss me, please,” he whispered.

 Molly happily obliged, kissing him deeply, opening his mouth to invite Caddy’s tongue inside. As this was happening, he slid himself inside until he felt that familiar barrier. This was a sacred moment... “Hold tightly to me, Honey... Scream into my shoulder if you need to...” Pulling back just a little, he thrust deeply into the deep cavern of Caduceus’ pussy, breaking past the barrier with that big push.

 Caddy relished the feeling of their tongues sliding together, exploring that feeling. He shuddered with anticipation as Molly slid in, and slick as he knew he was, there was a slight pinch as Molly’s cock stretched him wider than he’d ever been before. He wrapped his arms around Molly suddenly, moaning aloud. “Ooh, aaah! Oh, fuck, Molly, that’s so big, holy shit, oh gods...” He was babbling and knew he wouldn’t be stopping any time soon.

 “Shhhh...” Molly said, his deep purple hair framing his face. “No more words... Just feelings... and moans...” He moved his hips, moving shallowly for a bit before starting to increasing the depth and strength of his thrusts. “Be loud if you want, but don’t think anymore... Let go...”

 Caddy started to relax into the motions, moaning and whining with each thrust Molly gave him. He loved how full he felt like this, and at that moment wanted nothing more than to always be full of Molly’s cock. The new sensations were wonderful and helped distract him from building to orgasm too quickly. Molly was engulfed in ecstasy, the dripping wet pussy surrounding his rock-hard cock edging him closer and closer to cumming. But then his mind snapped to a very important realization.

 Shit. He wasn’t wearing a condom.

 “I... I need to ask...” He paused momentarily, not quite completely gone. “Are you... capable of pregnancy?”

 Caddy shook his head and swallowed a couple times before answering. “No, I ah, I don’t have that particular equipment, you can keep going,” he said, and gave Molly’s hips a squeeze with his knees. “Please keep going...”

 “Thank the gods,” Molly breathed. Not having to worry about getting his lover pregnant was a wonderful thing. He knew he himself was clean of any diseases, as he got himself tested every six months or so, so he wasn’t concerned about wearing a condom. ‘Stop thinking about it, Idiot, and focus on fucking this gem of a human being under you!’ Molly heard a voice in his head shout at him. As soon as he heard Caddy beg him to keep going, he did so, at full force. “Gods, Caddy...”

 “Oh FUCK!” Caddy shouted, holding on to Molly for dear life. He wasn’t even trying to form thoughts or words, just moaning and writhing with the sheer pleasure of it all. He felt himself fluttering around Molly’s cock, is own rock hard and dribbling precum everywhere. “Mol-Molly, I’m gonna- I’m- fuck! Aaaaahh!!”

 Molly was moving so hard and fast, he was afraid he was going to break the bed, but when he felt Caddy contract around him and cum on him, he couldn’t help also careening off the edge, one more huge thrust unloading a huge amount of cum inside of the dark-haired man under him. “Caddy! Oh fuck!! Ah!”

 Caddy moaned at the feeling of Molly’s hot cum filling his pussy. “Oh, wow... Mollymauk,” he said, starting to relax against his mattress. He ran his fingers through Molly’s hair and pulled him in for another kiss. “You are amazing. Thank you.”

 Molly smiled down at Caduceus, that beautifully warm, toothy smile that he was known for. “You’re the amazing one, Caddy...” he said after the kiss. “You do realize that I’ve had a crush on you since this last spring, right?”

 Caduceus laughed a little. “Only if you realize I’ve had a crush on you since last summer,” he said. “Do you want to make this a thing? Be my boyfriend?”

  “Last summer? As in like a year ago?!” Molly said in disbelief, unsure if he was hearing that right. He searched Caddy’s face, suddenly getting a tad emotional. “How did it take us so long to figure out that we both wanted the same thing?” He placed another kiss on Caddy’s lips. “Yes, Darling, yes, I would love for us to be boyfriends!”

 Caddy kissed Molly again. “I guess we’re both a little dumb, huh?” He felt his cum cooling and becoming sticky between them, as well as Molly’s spend starting to drip out of him. “We should probably clean up, yeah?”

 “I don’t want to move...” Molly breathed. “But yeah, we should probably get cleaned up, so at least when I eat you out, you won’t feel uncomfortable... Should we take this to the bath?”

 “Yeah, okay,” he said. Caddy moved them both to stand up, and promptly landed back on the bed. “Oh. I might need help walking.”

 Molly quickly took his hands and helped him steady himself. “I’ll gladly help you do just about... anything...” He licked his lips, still tasting Caddy on his tongue, and he longed for more. “Let’s make a promise to each other... if you need me, tell me, and I’ll do the same for you...”

  “That sounds great, yeah,” he said. Caddy leaned on Molly a little, and they made their way to the bathroom. He luckily had a large tub that could fit them both, and he sat down on the edge of it while it filled up.

 Without thinking about it, Molly knelt on the floor, guiding Caddy to lean on the wall of the side of the tub and open his legs. “I can’t get enough of you, Baby...” he whispered. “I want to make you keep cumming over and over...”

"Oh wow... Molly you just keep going don’t you...” he spread his legs as much as he could without falling into the tub. His cock was soft and a little over sensitive, but he might be able to go again after an actual bath.

 Molly held up Caddy’s cock so that he could have complete access to his pussy, moaning into the space as his tongue slipped between the folds. It was still so sweet, though there was now a bit of tang in it from his own cum mixed in there. “Delicious...”

 “Oh! That’s, that’s different,” he said as Molly’s tongue slipped into him. He didn’t get as much direct pleasure from this, but it felt nice. 

 Molly continued to suckle and drink from Caddy’s very wet opening, loving the sounds he was making. He inserted two fingers in and wiggled them around in the wetness, and then moved those fingers out to caress the edge of Caddy’s other hole. “This may feel a bit strange...”

 Caddy leaned back a bit to give Molly better access. “Ah, everything feels a bit strange today... but so far so good...” he tensed a little at first, but slowly got himself to relax into Molly’s touch. Oh. That was, _entirely_ new. He felt Molly’s fingers slip into his ass and let out a keening whine.

 Molly used his free hand to reach over and shut off the water running into the now-nearly-full tub. No sense in making a mess... “I take it you like that feeling of my fingers up your ass...” he purred, kissing along the base of Clay’s shaft. 

 “Y-yeah,” Clay stuttered. He’d had no idea this could feel so good. No wonder so many people had anal sex. “I, ah, I wanna, mmm, actually get clean tho.... mmmnn! And, ahh, I’d, I’d like to- to fuck you too...” It was hard to concentrate on forming words like this, but he wanted to tell Molly.

 “We can wait until we’re clean, no problem,” Molly said, his voice still a warm purr as he pulled his fingers out and moved back and took Clay’s hands. “You’re so beautiful, I just got carried away.” 

 Clay cupped Molly’s face in his hands and pulled him in for a kiss before getting into the warm water. “You’re the one who’s beautiful, Molly.” He went about washing the smell of kitchen off his skin and out of his hair, bending over backwards to rinse it out.

 Molly moved to get into the tub, washing himself as well, before taking a bit of body wash and putting it on the loofah. “Can I wash you?”

 “Oh, yeah, sure,” he said, almost awkwardly turning around to let Molly wash his back. “Would you braid my hair when we’re done here?”

 “I’ve never seen you with your hair braided,” Molly mused, gently washing Clay’s back. Once that was done and the skin was free of soap, he braided his thick pink-dyed hair and planted several gentle kisses along the back of his neck. “I’m so lucky to have you as my boyfriend, Caddy... I really am...”

 Caddy smiled and relaxed into Molly’s touch and kisses. “I think we’re both very lucky,” he said, pulling the braid around over his shoulder. “Would you like me to wash your back too?” he asked.

 “If you’d like to, Caduceus,” he said. “But I think I remember you saying you wanted to fuck me... We should dry off and get to it, yeah?” 

 “Oh, yes, definitely,” he said. He quickly got out of the tub and grabbed a towel to dry off. He was eager but felt awkward. “Do you, ah... do you have any lube with you?” he asked, passing a towel to Molly.

 “What do you take me for, an amateur? Of course, I do,” Molly teased. “I always keep lotion in my bag, just in case.” He toweled himself dry as well, walking back out into the bedroom with Clay, a towel around his hair so he could put it on the pillow. “Please, Baby... Prep me, and then make love to me... I need you inside me...”

 Clay followed Molly back to the bedroom and his jaw dropped at the sight of Molly spread out on the bed for him. He blinked a bit before looking in Molly’s bag for the lotion and bringing it over to the bed with him. He kneeled between Molly’s legs and squeezed a bit of the lube onto his fingers. “Huh, that’s... also odd.” he said as he felt the material between his fingers. Clay slowly brought his fingers to Molly’s entrance, just playing with the edge of it.

 Molly let out a soft moan at the feeling of the cool lotion on his water-warmed skin. “Don’t be afraid of hurting me... but also don’t feel rushed...” He lifted his head up to look at Caddy, a warm smile on his lips. Feeling those fingers at his entrance caused him to unintentionally hold his breath, his body bracing for the intrusion. “Please, Baby... Push in...”

 Caddy slowly pushed his fingers into Molly, just two at first. “Is that good?” he asked, pushing in up to the second knuckle. He wiggled them around a bit, exploring the feeling.

 “Gods, Caddy... Yeah, that’s really good...” Molly moaned, his breathing shallow and shaky as he felt those large fingers inside him. “Please... scissor your fingers... stretch me... then put a third finger in... You’re bigger than me... I’m gonna need a lot of prep...”

 Caddy scissored his fingers, fascinated by the feeling of the muscle and skin around them. He added a third finger, and started pumping them in and out of Molly’s ass. “Still good?” he asked. His cock was swelling back to life, and he wanted to get to the good part soon.

 “Oh, yes, very very good...” Molly moaned. “Still don’t know... ohhh, yessss... how I’m gonna fit you inside me... I’ve never had... someone quite as big... inside me...” He’d sucked a cock of Caddy’s girth before but the two of them had never actually fucked. “But damn, I know it’s gonna be good... I think I can take all four fingers...”

 “Fuck... you’re so hot Molly...” Caddy said as he withdrew his fingers. He squeezed some more lotion on his hand, covering all four fingers, before slowly inserting them, one at a time.

 “And you’re so good, Caddy...” Molly moaned. “God, Caddy, it feels so good! Fuck!” With each movement of Caddy’s hand in him, he grew more aroused. The skin and muscle were nicely loosened after a few minutes of work, and Molly put his hand on Caddy’s arm. “I’m... I’m ready for you... Please, Caduceus... Make love to me...” Caduceus smiled down at his lover and leaned in to kiss him. He pulled his hand out and use a little more lube to coat his cock, which was hard and starting to leak again. He lined the head up with Molly’s ass, holding the other by his hips. He slowly pressed in, moaning at the tight feeling around him.

 Molly let out a few grunts as he got used to being stuffed full of Caddy’s huge cock. Fucking fuck, this was literally the largest piece of flesh he’d ever had in him. “Gods yes, Caddy... Fuck, I’m so full! Gods!” He gripped Caddy’s arm tightly, barely holding himself together enough to really remember this feeling. “It feels... amazing...”

 Caddy pushed in slowly, until he hilted against Molly’s ass. He paused there, catching his breath and willing himself not to cum right then and there. “Fuck... Gods... Molly your ass is a gift.” He lifted Molly’s hips to rest them on his thighs, and started pumping in and out of his boyfriend.

 “Your entire body... is a gift...” Molly rasped, reaching between them to place a hand on his own cock. “God, Caddy... You’re perfect!” He did his best to match the movements of his hips with those of Caddy’s thrusts, but it wasn’t easy... “Don’t hold back, Baby... Fuck me raw and senseless...”

 Caddy felt a surge of desire in his cock and a warmth blooming in his chest. “Ah, okay, hold on to something...” That was his only warning before picking up his pace, slamming his hips to meet Molly’s. “Oh, fuck, you’re so good, fuck, shit, ah..”

 “Ah!! Oh god, Caddy!!” Molly cried out as he was suddenly slammed into. “Fuck!! Oh, fucking fuck, Baby, yes!” His entire body was suddenly engulfed in nothing but heat and pleasure and want and lust. “Fuck!!”

 If it were possible, Caddy would have gone even harder. Instead, he bent forward over Molly to sloppily kiss him, murmuring “I love you, I love you,” over and over again before crying out as he released into him. 

 There were those three little words... already... Molly wasn’t ready for them yet... He tried to block them out of his memory, but out of everything that had happened that was the one thing ringing in his ears. When he was being filled by his lover’s cum, though, he stopped caring, because he was complete. “Ohhh, Caddy...”

 To his credit, Caduceus did not collapse on top of his lover. He leaned back, sitting up. Slower now, but full thrusts, he continued to fuck into Molly and licked his palm before taking Molly’s cock in his hand. “I wish it were possible to fuck you and suck your cock at the same time...”

 Molly sucked in a breath as he felt himself continuing to be fucked, and then have his own cock hand-fucked. This man was perfect... and fucking hard-core! “Yeah... You’d have to be... crazy flexible for that...” 

 “Gods, Molly... you are so beautiful...” he said, tracing one of his tattoos with his free hand. “Fuck... what can I do to make this night better?”

“Nothing, Gorgeous...” Molly breathed. “It’s already a perfect night... How does it feel... knowing that you had your V-card stamped by someone who has been called the campus slut? Knowing that you’ve claimed him, and that no one else is going to get me without your express permission?”

 “Heh, holy shit,” Caddy laughed. “I have no idea how... to process it...” He swiped his thumb over the head of Molly’s cock. “But I’m very glad that... that I am yours, and you... are mine.”

 “I like the sound of being called yours,” Molly said softly, letting out a soft moan at the actions of the other’s hand. “I have... so much I want to teach you... By the time we’ve been together for a month, you’ll be as kinky as me...”

 “Mmm, I like the sound of you teaching me sexy things...” Caddy replied. “For now, though, are you gonna cum for me soon?” he asked, squeezing slightly around Molly’s cock as he pumped.

 “Yes...” Molly hissed in pleasure. “Very soon... ahhh... keep pumping me... and we’ll need another... ba-ahh-ahhh! Caddy, I’m cumming!! Pull out and put your mouth on me! Please!!” Caddy quickly pulled out and moved down the bed so he was at face level with Molly’s cock. He immediately wrapped his mouth around it and sucked as best he could. Almost as soon as he felt Caddy’s mouth on him, he couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer, his entire body convulsing as his cum erupted from his cock. “CADUCEUS! YES!!!”

 Caddy was not prepared at all for what this would be like. He coughed suddenly and pulled back, some of the cum landing on his face. “Wow, that was something else,” he said. “I’m ah, I’ll be right back...” and he headed towards the bathroom. He picked up one of the towels they had already used and ran part of it under the tap, then squeezed it out and brought it back to the bedroom. Caddy then wiped Molly down before working on himself. When he was done, he laid down next to Molly and pulled him in to cuddle.

 Molly hummed in appreciation as he felt the warm dampness of the towel moved over his body, cleaning him up. “Thank you, Baby...”

 Clay hummed happily. “You’re welcome...” They laid there for a bit, snuggling in their afterglow. “I ah... I think I may have said something.... that maybe was too much...”

 “Don’t worry about it,” Molly said, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He nuzzled his head into Caddy’s chest, a smile on his face. “You were in the moment. It’s not like I’m going to fault you... I’m just not ready to say it yet. It’ll happen when it happens.”

 “Alright... I’m not really ready to say it either, to be honest... but I’m sure I’ll say it for real at the right time,” he said, tucking his chin over Molly’s head. It wasn’t long before they were wrapped in each other’s arms, both sleeping soundly, getting what was probably the best sleep they’d gotten in a very long time. Post-sex sleep was the best, as Caduceus would soon come to find out on a rather regular basis.


Chapter Text

Chapter 2 – Raspberry Margherita

Caduceus work up the next morning with an arm wrapped around Molly’s chest. He gave him a kiss on the forehead and carefully snuck out of bed. Caddy walked into the kitchen and started making waffles for breakfast.

 Molly was pretty much dead to the world for at least another half an hour, until the smell of waffles, meat, eggs, and hot tea and coffee started filling his nostrils. He lifted his upper body off of the bed, looking around. Getting up, he put on his pants before walking out into the main room to see Caduceus moving around across the bar in the kitchen. “Good morning, Sunshine.”

Caduceus looked up and smiled at Mollymauk. “Good morning, lovely,” he said. He set down the spatula on the stove before walking around the counter to kiss Molly. “How did you sleep?”

“Very well, actually,” Molly said, returning the kiss. “I don’t usually sleep through a lover getting out of bed, so you’re definitely doing something right, in that either you wore me the fuck out, or I was in enough of a trusting frame of mind to not wake at the slightest movement.” He motioned for Caddy to go back to watching the food while he sat at the bar, where two place settings had been put out. “Babe, this all smells so great! I cannot wait to eat your cooking.”

Caddy walked back over to finish serving up the food. “Thanks, I’m excited for you to try it too. My family used to say I was a natural, but I don’t know if they were just being nice or not,” he said. He picked up both their plates and walked around to serve first Molly and then himself. “Bon appetit!”

“Sweet Moon Goddess!” Molly said, his eyes widening at the presentation of the plates. “This looks amazing! Are you sure you’re not better suited for culinary school than for being a science major?!” He kissed the charm that hung from his neck as his way of saying grace, then took a bite of the waffles and a bit of the sausage. “This tastes just as good as it looks!”

Caddy smiled brightly, digging into his own meal. “I’m glad you like it so much! I considered culinary stuff when I first came to college,” he said, “But I wouldn’t want to run a restaurant or cook for a living. I like making good food for friends and family, but that’s about it. Biology is much more interesting to me.”

“Well, I know next to nothing about what you’ll be doing with that kind of a degree, but I’m sure you’ll be good at it,” Molly said, leaning in and kissing him gently before returning to his food. “What exactly do you want to do with it?”

Caddy took another bite of food, thinking it over as he chewed. “You know, that is an excellent question. I suppose I’d like to work with plants in some capacity, but I’ve not put a lot of thought into what I’d do after I graduate... what about you?”

“I’m an actor and a singer, so I’m all about doing that for the rest of my life,” Molly said, an easy grin on his face. “I’ll dance when I need to, especially if it means getting a role in a big theatre. I think I mentioned this to you before, but every night I’m not working in the cafe, I’m up at the Sky Restaurant singing with Miss Marian Lavorre.”

 “Yeah, yeah, I remember now,” Caddy said. “That sounds awesome... I’d love to come see you sing sometime.” Caddy continued to pick at his breakfast, thinking briefly about what Molly might look like up on stage. “I bet you look amazing...”

“I’d love to take you up there as my guest sometime,” Molly said, taking Caddy’s hand. “I’m sure Ruby would love to meet my new boyfriend. Question is, do you want to see me on a drag night or a non-drag night, since I do both.”

Caduceus suddenly had a mental image of Molly in a long, sparkly red dress, and kind of froze there in his seat. “I- ah- abuhbuh- what? I mean, yes! Both? I ah...” he took a second to take a drink of his orange juice. “I would love to see you on stage regardless, but I am interested to see you in drag,” he said.

“How about a date with me there on Saturday night?” Molly said. “I saw the schedule and I know you’re off that night.” He trailed his fingers up Clay’s arm teasingly. “I’ve been wanting to invite you to see me perform for a while.”

“Yeah, I’d like that a lot,” Caddy said. He laughed a little. “I just realized, we had sex before anything that could be called a date... that’s a little backwards, isn’t it?” he asked. Caddy didn’t mind really, it just wasn’t the way he’d expected his first experience to go.

“In my world, it’s not so much backwards,” Molly chuckled. “It’s actually pretty standard nowadays to kind of hook up before a first date.” He scooted his chair closer to Caddy’s and leaned gently against his shoulder. “From what Cree told me after the accident, she and I went on an actual date before we did anything together, but since the accident I haven’t had any kind of date prior to hooking up with someone, and it was pretty spur of the moment...” He trailed off, realizing that this was probably dampening the mood. “I wouldn’t have changed anything from last night.”

Caddy wrapped his arm around Molly’s shoulder. “Neither would I, dearest,” he said. ”I don’t feel... bad, or weird or whatever about the way we went about this, it’s just not what I had expected before. So don’t worry about it.”

“I’m just really happy,” Molly said softly. “I’m sorry for not seeing that you liked me before, and for not admitting to you that I liked you before the summer started. It would have been one hell of a summer...” He adjusted back to sitting straight and finished his breakfast. “Do you have class today?”

Caddy mimicked Molly’s motions, turning to finish his breakfast as well. “I don’t, not until tonight anyways. Did you have any plans for today?”

“No class for me on Fridays, and I’m off at the cafe, so I’ll be at the Restaurant tonight,” Molly said. “Tonight’s a non-drag night. I’ll have Marian take a picture of me and send it to you. I can come back over after work tonight if you’d like me to. Between now and then, though, I have zero plans.”

“Of course you can come back here! We could go out and get you a copy of my key? We have the day to do whatever you want, Molly.” Caddy got up and started clearing their plates and cleaning up the kitchen.

Molly smiled at how eager Caduceus was at having him close by. “Well, first... I want another round in your bed...” He got up from his chair and moved closer to Caddy, purring in his ear. “I want to help you explore more of what you like me doing to you... or what you like doing to me...”

Caddy froze again at Molly’s words. It seemed the other man was good at surprising him. He could also feel himself getting hard just at those words. “Y-yeah, okay... yeah, just um. Let me finish up here and we can do whatever you want,” he said. “I don’t really... know anything... more advanced? You’ll have to show me the ropes...”

“Hmmmm, I like the sound of that,” Molly purred. “Do you know of anything you absolutely don’t want to try? I’m open to a lot, even if it involves blood.” Molly had administered bloodplay before but had only received it from a skilled Master that he had paid to do it.

Caduceus finished up the dishes and then leaned against the counter. “Umm... I’m not sure... I don’t think anything involving like... body waste would be sexy, but I suppose I’m open to anything else.”

“How do you deal with pain?” Molly said softly. “I know how to administer bloodplay if you’re willing to try it. Of course, if you don’t want to, I’m not going to push you, I promise.” 

Caddy shrugged almost absently. “I don’t know, pretty well, I guess? I don’t mind needles or knives or anything like that... I’d have to see where my limit is,” he said. “Anything you can think of, I’m willing to at least consider.”

Molly moved close to Caduceus, putting his arms around his waist and kissing him. “Do you have something we can take into the bedroom for lunch, so we don’t have to leave the bed? I want to spend as much time making you feel good as I can.”

Caddy smoothed his hands up and down Molly’s back. “I have some snacks, yeah,” he said. Caddy separated himself from Molly’s embrace and gathered some snacks and a couple of water bottles from the pantry in his arms. “Think this will be enough?”

“Should be,” Molly said, already heading towards the bedroom door. “Grab a sharp knife and a pack of baby wipes or alcohol wipes if you have them... and maybe a role of paper towels too.” He was excited to be able to try this out by himself and not under a teacher’s critical eye.  

Caddy followed him into the bedroom and set the snacks on his dresser before leaving again and grabbing a roll of paper towels and a straight blade from the kitchen. He then went to the bathroom and dug out his first aid kit and set all of these next to the bed. “Um... anything else we need?” he asked.

Molly was nervous as all hell, but he knew that he knew what he was doing. “Yeah, I think so,” he said, sitting on the bed after taking off his pants again. “Please, Darling, get undressed again, and lay on your back on the bed. You can sit up against pillows if you’d like to watch what I’m doing.”

Caddy was a little nervous too, but ready to try. He took off his sweatpants and t-shirt, and followed Molly’s instructions to sit up against the pillows. “Alright, what next?” he asked.

Molly picked up the knife, turning the sharp blade away from Caddy’s skin, pressing the blunt side against the skin of his chest. “The first part of this is trust. I know you trust me, or we wouldn’t be here...” He traced the metal down around his nipple, the cool metal leaving a red mark in its wake, but the skin wasn’t broken at all. “The second part is excitement and anticipation...”

Caddy’s breath hitched in his chest at the cold metal. “Yes, I trust you...” he whispered. He hissed as the edge went around his nipple. “Shit... wow...”

“I’m glad, Darling,” Molly said, loving the reaction. “The next step may hurt, but it’s not meant to draw blood. It’ll be more of a scratch, but if I’m careful, it should only cut into the first few layers of skin. Is that okay?” He was all about consent, especially since this was Caddy’s first time experiencing this level of kink. “I’ll always check in with you to see if you’re alright. Do you have a safe word?”

Caduceus took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. He was definitely nervous about this. “Yeah, okay,” he said. When Molly asked for a safe word, he had to think a little. “Umm, maybe ‘jenga’?” He thought it was something that would safely not come up unless he needed it to.

“Jenga it is, then...” Molly said. He carefully moved the knife back up to where he had started, turning the blade around and letting it lower into the first few layers of skin. As expected, he did not draw blood, but you could see a visible scratch in the wake of the blade. “You doin’ okay, Babe?”

“Yeah... I’m good,” he said. “I don’t know if I like it yet or not... I like the scratching, and it’s exciting... but yeah I’m good...”

Molly nodded, trailing his lips over the line he had scratched into Caddy’s skin, suckling gently at his nipple. Just over Caddy’s heart, he pressed the knife just a little more into the skin, drawing blood in a single tiny line that made the shape of a heart. He kept his eyes on his work, but kept his ears open for any serious distress from his lover.

Caddy sucked in a breath at the pain, the sensation between Molly sucking on his nipple and the knife digging into his skin turning him on in a way he had never thought of before. “This is gonna sound silly, but I have the strangest boner right now,” he said.

“Hmm, that might be nice... but please, continue your work, Molly...” Caduceus said, and rested his hands on Molly’s hips.

Molly purred, slicing a pair of letters into the heart, an M and a C. “These won’t scar, but later, I can do more of a permanent scar cut if you want me to... Don’t want to rush things.”

Caddy was breathing heavily with every cut. It felt amazing. More so than he thought it would. “Not sure I’m into that... “ he said. He smiled as he looked at what Molly had marked into his skin. “That’s cute.”

“Like I said, I’m not going to rush into anything,” Molly cooed. “Thank you, moving his mouth down to lick at the tiny traces of blood that had dripped out of the cuts, cleaning them with his tongue before grabbing a baby wipe from the first aid kit and gently dabbing it dry. “It’s pretty hot, isn’t it?”

Caddy ran his hands up and down Molly’s thighs, sighing in pleasure at the touch. “Yeah it is,” he said. He rolled his hips up to meet Molly’s, their cocks brushing against each other. “Gods... fuck...”

“Fuck yeah, Caddy...” Molly moaned. Feeling their cocks brush together, he moved closer to him and began rutting against his leg. “I’m so ready to fuck you already... You’re so hot, Babe...”

Caduceus blushed. This was all so new and he wasn’t used to Molly’s advances. Nevertheless, he was very turned on. “Oh, yes... please... please fuck me, Molly,” he said.

Molly knew that he wasn’t going to have to prep Caddy that much, which pleased him greatly. Seeing that blush on that light brown skin was an incredible turn-on too. “I wonder how long I’ll get to see you blush whenever I give you praise... before you get used to it...” He grabbed the oil and made quick work of slicking himself and Caddy up. “On your back or on your knees this time, Love?”

“I, I’d like to be on my back... I want to see your face...” he said. He hoped he never got used to Molly’s praise, if the other liked his blushing so much.

“So be it, Darling,” Molly said with a smile, lifting Caduceus’ legs and getting into position. “I like seeing your face too. My god, you’re beautiful...” With that, he pushed into Caddy’s body. “Ohhh, yeah...”

Caddy moaned aloud as Molly pushed into his body. “Oohh, fuck!” He was completely helpless, his legs spread and dangling over Molly’s shoulders. He needed to get his hands on something, and grabbed first at the sheets around him, then at the pillows, and finally latched onto the headboard. “Oh, fuck, yes, Molly! Oh, fuck me,” he cried out.

Molly was so hard, but honestly nowhere near cumming. This was no fault of Caduceus’, but it was how his body was used to responding on mornings after a night of hot, dirty sex. He hoped he wouldn’t have to explain it to Caddy if he didn’t cum before the taller man did. As he made love to him, Molly purred loudly. “Hey, Baby... just so you know... don’t feel bad if I don’t cum for a while... My body is just that way sometimes...”

“That’s okay...” Caddy said. He was fine with this going slower and enjoying the feeling. “This is good, hah... I like the feeling...  of you fucking me...”

“Mmmmm, me too, Darlin’,” Molly moaned, loving the feeling of having next to no expectations. “Fuck yeah... Caddy... Oh, damn, you feel really good... Don’t hold back on my account though... I’d love for you... to cum as many times... as you can... Fuck yes...”

Caddy tried squeezing down on Molly’s cock, to see what would happen. “Fuck yeah... mmmm... Molly...” He brought one hand down to play with his cock, sliding the pre cum over the head. “Oh! Hmm,” he moaned.

Molly moaned at the sight of Caddy playing with his own cock, as well as the squeezing of his pussy around Molly’s cock. “Ohh yeah...” He began to move a little differently, trying to find that little sweet spot inside. “Want me to talk dirty to you, Baby?”

Caddy was starting to pant with how worked up he was getting. It was definitely strange to be stroking himself while Molly fucked his pussy, but also ridiculously hot. “Y-yeah, sure... fuck...” he said.

“God, Caddy... You look so sexy like this... stroking yourself off while I fuck you...” Molly purred. “I want you to imagine... two of me... maybe three... one of us with his cock in your mouth... and the other buried balls-deep in your ass... If only I could actually do that for you... Fuck, thinking of it is really turning me on even further... especially imagining it the other way around... Three of you gang-banging me...”

Caddy’s head fell back against the pillows as he let out a loud moan. He tightened his grip and started pumping himself faster. “Oooh, ffuuuck...  gods, Molly, that’s so hot... I wish I had half the imagination you have... aaah, fuck...”

“You’ll get there, Baby...” Molly purred, starting to move faster to try to keep up with Caddy’s moving hand. “You know... ahhh... I’m a total slut... but now I’m... I’m -your- slut... Anytime you want me... if I’m not doing something I’m getting paid for... I’ll come running... Fuck... Caduceus...”

“Ahh, fuck... yes,” Caddy said. “My beautiful, perfect slut... oh! Oh fuck, Molly, I’m gonna cum, ooohh!!” he cried out, the combined pleasure of Molly fucking him and playing with his own cock suddenly too much. “Fuck! Keep going, oh! Yes!!”

“Ohhhh, yes... Yeah, that’s right, Caddy... I love watching you do this to yourself... Fucking yourself as I fuck you...” He opened his mouth for some of the cum, dipping down so he could catch some of it. “Mmmmmm....” He wasn’t about to stop. “I’m your slut... your whore... Fuck, Caddy... Fucking yes...”

Just as he was coming down from the first orgasm, Caduceus felt another starting to build. “Ooh, fuck... yes, you are... oh, fuck! Fuck me, you fucking whore!” he said. He was helpless like this, unable to move his legs much, and unable to reach up for Molly. It was exciting just being used like this.

Hearing him call him a whore so unashamedly really got Molly going. He cried out in sheer pleasure and lust, getting so close now. “Fuck yes, Baby! Caddy, I’m gonna... I’m so close! This whore above you.. oh god... wants to fill you up in every fucking way possible! God, I’m so close to cumming! Fuck fuck FUCK!!” And with one more massively powerful thrust, he felt his body seize up and he came hard and deep into Caddy’s body. “Cum for me, Baby! Please!”

“OH! YES!!” With that, Caddy came on Molly’s cock, arching his back and gushing over his thighs. “Oh, fuck, yes! Gods... oh, fuck...” he said, panting now, trying to get his breath back.

As carefully as he could, Molly moved Caddy’s legs down off of his shoulder, trying to stay inside him for a bit longer, and settled down on top of Caddy. “Fuuuuuuck... That was so good... I dare say, you are the best... I’ve ever had...”

“Hmm,” Caduceus hummed as he felt their cum mixed together inside him. “I suppose that’s saying something?” he asked. He wrapped his arms around Molly, holding the other close.

“Oh, yes, that’s saying a damn lot...” Molly breathed, nuzzling into Caddy’s neck with a low, satisfied purr. “You’re perfect...”

Caddy rubbed his chin and jaw against Molly’s hair, somewhat like a cat. “Thank you, darling. You’re pretty amazing yourself,” he said.

“This may seem silly, but I meant what I said earlier,” Molly said softly. “I love giving you orgasms, and I’m happy to give more than I get... and once you have some time to rest... I want to eat you out again... You taste so good I could get addicted...”

Caduceus pet at Molly’s hair. “It doesn’t sound silly at all... I think it’s sweet... and yeah, I’d like you to eat me out too...,” he said with a small blush. He really wasn’t used to dirty talking, but he liked the way Molly reacted to it.

“Sorry if I fall asleep for a bit,” Molly chuckled. “If I do, feel free to wake me up after a little while... in an interesting way...” He purposely left that open for interpretation.

Caduceus let his head fall back to the pillow. “That’s fine, I don’t mind it... you did put in a lot of hard work, heh...” he said.

Molly moved to pull out of Caduceus after a few minutes, moaning softly as he did so. He rolled over and curled up next to the Cherokee man. “I did, didn’t I? More than worth it, though.”

Caddy rolled slightly into Molly, kissing his forehead. “Hell yeah it was,” he said. Caduceus was full of breakfast and cum, but he didn’t want to take a nap now and risk wasting the day. “I don’t want to fall asleep here... would you be okay if I got on my computer?” he asked.

Molly pouted playfully. “Awwww, at least stay here until I fall asleep?” he asked with puppy-dog eyes. “Unlike a lot of other people, I’m a pretty heavy sleeper so you won’t wake me up by moving off the bed.”

Caddy smiled and wrapped an arm around Molly. “Of course, Molly, I’ll stay as long as you want me to.”

“You’re so good to me, Caddy...” Molly said, kissing the closest skin he could get his lips on. “You’re the first person I’ve said this to, that I can remember... I don’t know yet for sure, but... I might be falling in love with you.”

Caddy leaned back a little, but kept his hand on Molly’s hip. He gave a lazy little smile. “Mmm, that’s nice... I think I might be falling for you too,” he said.

Molly felt his heart burst and then melt at those words. His cheeks reddened, and he felt a tear of joy forming in his eye. Love. Something that came to him so seldom, and it was even more seldom returned in general. “That did it. Now I know.”

Caduceus gave Molly a wide smile and brought his hand up to cup Molly’s face. “Darling, you are so sweet. This might be moving quick, but... I love you, Mollymauk Tealeaf.”

“I love you too, Caduceus Clay...” Molly said, closing the gap between their mouths in a sweet, tender kiss. “I don’t care if it’s moving faster than we should... *kiss* I love you... very much.”

Caddy smiled into the kisses and took the opportunity to roll Molly onto his back and lay on top of him. He deepened the kiss and slid his hands down Molly’s sides to his hips. “I love you too...” he whispered against Molly’s ear and moved his kisses down his jaw, then down his neck and started biting a deep mark into his lover’s (boyfriend’s?) dark skin.

Molly continued purring as he was rolled over onto his back and climbed up on top of. “Oh, Caddy... Yes, that feels good... really good...” A hiss turned into a groan at the biting of his neck, and he arched into it. “Oh god...”

Caduceus soothed the bite with his tongue and moved to the other side. At the same time, he started slowly rolling their hips together. He didn’t know if either of them could get hard again, but it felt nice. “Fuck... Molly... you’re so hot...”

Molly’s hand moved between Caddy’s legs, under his cock, to finger the edges of his pussy a little before pushing his fingers in a little. “You’re hot too... so very hot... and wet... I want to taste you... so after you’re done feeding from my neck... let me feed from your pussy... Please...”

Caddy groaned as Molly got his fingers in his pussy. “Fuck...” He dragged his gaze up to meet Molly’s. “I wanna suck your cock too...” he said, moving in again to bite at Molly’s collarbone.

“Oh my god, that’s hot!” Molly moaned, before once again crying out in pleasure at the biting. “You’re getting really good at this... How should we do this?”

“Uh, I’m not sure... I’d like to stay on top of you...” Caddy said. “I could... turn around, I guess? I’m not sure how this works...”

“Sounds great to me,” Molly said, laying back completely. “I’ll guide you into my face once you get turned around, and I’m sure you’ll figure things out pretty quickly from there....” His rather long tongue slithered out and hung over his chin in a rather lewd expression.

Caddy stared at Molly’s long tongue. “W-well. Okay then,” he said. Caddy sat up and felt somewhat awkward flipping himself around so his knees were framing Molly’s chest. “Is... this okay?”

“Mmmm, this is great, Baby,” Molly said, guiding Caddy back to sit directly on his face, immediately probing him with that long tongue. “Mmmmmmmmm!”

“Oooohh!!! Fuck!! Ah, Molly!” Caddy cried out. He rested his forehead on Molly’s thigh, and tried to concentrate enough to get to Molly’s cock. He wrapped his hand around the base and started pumping and licking it to full hardness.

“Ooohhh...” Molly moaned into the delicious heat of Caddy’s pussy, doing everything he could not to buck his hips. “Oooohhhhh, mmmmmm..... Gods, Caddy....” His face pressed in as close as he could, breathing through his mouth, he found that little spot inside and began torturing it.

“Mmmm! Hmmmmmmm!!” Caddy whined around Molly’s cock. He lifted his head off with a wet pop. “Oh! Fuck, yes, Molly!” He took a breath and went right back to sucking Molly’s cock, trying not to get distracted.

“That’s right... suck on the cock of your fucking whore boyfriend...” Molly breathed between licking and breathing. “Oh, Caddy... You taste so good... Do you want to be called dirty names, Baby? Will you be my slut like I am yours?”

There was a strange swelling in Caddy’s chest at that. He was getting so overwhelmed that he thought he might cry, in the best way possible. “Oh, fuck! Gods, yes... oh Molly, fuck...” He couldn’t seem to get the words out, so he went back to work on Molly’s cock, taking as much of it into his mouth as he could.

Feeling Caddy’s lips brush against his pelvis, having taken him all the way into his mouth, was nearly enough to send him over the edge again. “Fuck! Fucking dirty slut... God... Mine... all mine... I love that I get to use you like the whore you are... Fuck... I’m gonna cum soon... Will you swallow me down like a good boy, hmmm?”

As if to demonstrate, Caddy swallowed around Molly’s cock. He wanted to tell Molly that he was close to cumming too, but he didn’t want to take the cock out of his mouth. “Mmm! Mmhhmm!!” he moaned.

“Oh! Oh god!” Molly nearly came in that instant but wanted to be nose-first in Caddy for what he knew was coming. His tongue extended out of his mouth again and he lapped it against everything he could reach, feeling the walls squeeze around him. ‘Cum for me, slut!’ he said in his mind. ‘Cum like the whore you are!’

Caddy couldn’t control himself anymore, and with as much of a cry as he could muster with his mouth full of cock, he came all over Molly’s face. “Hmm, hmmm!!! Mmmcck, Mmm-lmm,” he moaned and swallowed again.

“Mmmmmmmmm....” Molly moaned from deep in his throat, bucking his hips now and practically fucking Caddy’s mouth, finally letting go and cumming hard down his throat. “Gods! Caduceus! Fuck!” He drank down as much as he could get, licking any leftovers from the blood-engorged opening. “Mmmmm.... Such a good little slut...”

Molly’s cum hit the back of Caddy’s throat a lot harder than he thought it would, and while he did his best to swallow it, he had to come up suddenly to breath. “Shit!” he coughed a bit, but licked Molly’s cock clean. “Oh fuck, that was... more than I thought...”

Molly’s eyes were threatening to roll back into his head at how amazing he felt in that moment. “Are you okay, Baby? That was incredibly hot...” He moved to help Caduceus turn back around here. “Come here, Darlin’...”

Caddy followed Molly’s guiding hands, cuddling up to him again. “I’m okay, I’m great... that was awesome, Molly,” he said.

“And thus you have experienced your first sixty-nine...” Molly chuckled, kissing Caduceus gently. “I love you so much... I’m glad you’ve been enjoying yourself.”

Caduceus kissed back, just as gently. “Ah, so that’s what that is... I’d only heard about it before...” he said. “I really have... although I think I might want a break after all this... I’m pretty sore...”

Molly gazed at Caduceus with half-lidded eyes, full of love and adoration. “We can rest, sure,” he said quietly. “If it’s something you think you might like, maybe we could try doggy style at some point? I loved it when you did it to me, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.”

Caddy smiled and barely stifled a yawn, finding himself tired. “I might be up for that sometime... for now, I think we should take that nap...” he said.

“Yeah, let’s take that nap,” Molly said, giving one more peck to Caddy’s lips. “You made breakfast, so I’ll order lunch when I wake up. Anything you think you might want?”

Caduceus snuggled into Molly and the sheets. “Something Asian sounds nice... you pick, though,” he said.

“Oooh, yes, that sounds good,” Molly said. “Anything you don’t, won’t or can’t eat?” He’d heard that some native people didn’t eat beef, so he wanted to make sure before he ordered something Caddy couldn’t eat.

Caddy smiled lazily and waved a hand. “I’d prefer vegetarian, but whatever’s fine,” he said.

Molly nuzzled deeper into Caddy, making a mental note to make an order for delivery from that food court Chinese place when he woke up. They had a delicious eggplant tofu, and he’d probably get that honey shrimp they had. The extra charge they had always been worth it. “Rest, Darling. We’ve had a rather busy morning.”

“Mmhmm, we certainly did...” Caddy said, closing his eyes slowly and finally going to sleep.


Chapter Text

Tuxedo: check. Corsage And boutonnière: check. Dinner reservations at the fanciest, most expensive and romantic restaurant in town: check. Limousine to pick her up in: check. Condoms in his wallet in case things got interesting that night: DOUBLE CHECK! Jester and Fjord had been dating since the beginning of the semester, having met in a class the semester before. Those few months apart had solidified Fjords feelings for her, and Jester had agreed immediately. Stepping out of the limo in front of Jester’s off-campus apartment building, her walked up to her door, the boxes of flowers in his hands. He was incredibly excited! Tonight, he wanted to give her those three little words... “I love you...” he whispered under his breath, knocking.

Jester was just putting the final touches on her makeup when she heard the knock at the door. She quickly put the brush down, resigning to clean them later, as painful as it would be. She wore a flowery pink dress, white flats because fuck hurting her heels and ankles, and he hair in a half-up style she’d gotten done earlier that day. Jester rushed to the door to welcome Fjord in. “Hi Fjord!!” she squealed when she saw him there. “You look so fancy and handsome!”

Fjord gazed on his beautiful girlfriend, his mouth slightly ajar at how amazing she was. Relatively simple, yet stunning. “And you look amazing and beautiful,” he said, kissing her gently. He opened the plastic box with her wristlet corsage, slipping it over her hand. “I hope you like these.”

Jester gasped when she saw the flowers. “Oh, Fjord, I love it!” She adjusted it to a comfortable position on her wrist. “Thank you so much. Shall we be off then?”

“Would you do the honors?” Fjord said, handing her the other box with his boutonnière in it. It was a simple pink rose that matched the pink in her gown. “After that, I’ll guide you to the limo I have waiting outside.”

“Oh of course, hold still,” she said. Jester took the boutonnière from its box, and carefully pinned it to Fjord’s jacket. Then she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. “I’m so excited for this.”

He leaned in and returned the kiss, then stood again and offered his arm. “I am too, Darlin. I’ve got a real special night planned for us, though you don’t get to know where we’re going for dinner until we get there.” As he helped her into the limo, glad that there was no visibility from the inside with the windows rolled up. He was taking her to the Sky Restaurant, a rotating restaurant with views of the entire city. Jester had mentioned wanting to go there, but that only people over 19 were allowed in. They had both turned 19 over the summer, so now, he was excited to take her there on such a special night. Of course, reservations hadn’t been easy to get, since the hotel where the dance was being held was only a few miles away.

“Ooo, how mysterious!” She cuddled up to Fjord inside the limo, too lovestruck to really mind where they were going. “I’m sure wherever we’re going will be great, because I’ll be with you.” She had been raised with a bit of finery but hadn’t seen much of it since she left high school. Once she got on Instagram and became a model, she could afford _some_ things, but not nearly as nice even so.

“Let’s get a picture for your Instagram,” Fjord said with a chuckle as they rode along. “It could say ‘on our way to a mysterious location for dinner with my boyfriend!’ Make people jealous of me that I’m with such a stunning lady.”

“Okay okay okay!” she said, bouncing in her seat. She pulled her phone and selfie stick out of her purse, and proceeded to subject Fjord to many, many pictures before picking a good one and upload it. She did in fact go with Fjord’s suggested caption.

After about fifteen minutes of picture taking, Fjord waited for Jester to post the photo before pulling Jester in for a deep, passionate kiss, his hand finding her side and hip. “Mine...” He put her hand up on his cheek. “And I am yours...”

Jester hummed happily into the kiss, bringing her hands up around Fjord’s jaw. “Hmmhmm, my good boy...” she purred, leaning in to kiss him again.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Fjord said, his hands moving up from her sides, carefully trailing his fingers over the edges of her breasts, looking to see what her reaction would be if he touched her a bit more intimately than they had done in the past. He was hungry, and for more than just food. “May I put my hands on your breasts without getting slapped, Sweetheart?”

“Oh, please do,” Jester said, pressing more into his touch. She definitely had a plan for how tonight would go, if she could help it.

Fjord’s hands moved much more fully onto her breasts, gently massaging them over the material of the dress. “I would ask to do more than this if we had more time, but at the current pace, we’ll be there in less than ten minutes, and I don’t want to mess up your dress...”

“Trust me, I’ll let you mess it up later, honey.” Jester pinned him to a corner seat saying, “For now, let’s kiss each other silly...” she said, pressing in to kiss him deeply.

Fjord felt himself stir in his pants at the sultry sound of her voice as she spoke, but knew that he needed to keep himself in check. When she pinned him to the seat with her hands and kissed him like that, he opened his mouth to accept her tongue while continuing to caress her breasts with his hands. “Oh, Jester... I can hardly wait... You’re so amazing and sweet... and beautiful...” Each phrase was a whispered moan, between tongues clashing and their heavy breathing. “I love you so much...”

Jester broke the kiss and sat up straight suddenly. Her look of surprise melted into one of adoration and she smiled at him. “Aww, Fjord, I love you too!” she said, and peppered his face with small kisses.

“You’re the first I’ve ever said it to,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. Her small kisses were so tender and endearing, and he felt himself falling in love all over again.

Jester really, really wanted to hold Fjord down, straddle his legs, and take him, right there in the back of the limo. But no, they had plans, which included dinner very soon, and dancing after, and then, then, they could fuck. So instead of doing all that, Jester settled back to sitting next to Fjord, leaning into him. “Oh, Fjord, that’s so romantic...”

Fjord smiled, keeping an arm around her waist as they rode toward the restaurant. After about a ten-minute drive, the limo stopped and the door opened. Stepping out of the limo first, he quickly turned back to help Jester by taking her hand. “Remember that place you’ve kept saying you wanted to go? We’re here!”

Jester gasped and climbed out after Fjord. It was the Sky Restaurant. She had seen pictures and read reviews online for a long time, but she knew it was insanely hard to get into. She stared at Fjord. “How did you manage to get us a table here?!” she asked incredulously.

Fjord chuckled, ridiculously happy with himself with her reaction. “I made the reservations as soon as the school announced the date for Homecoming. Plussss, I mighta got some help from your mother, who is singing up there tonight.”

Jester bounced happily and hugged Fjord tight. “This is gonna be the best night ever!!” She took his hand and pulled him towards the front door.

His smile at her beamed brightly, his heart about to burst. Looking around, it was clear that most of the people there that night were also Uni students, and there were two pairs that he noticed in particular: Mollymauk and Clay, and Caleb and Bryce. And it just so happened that all three of their two-top tables were right next to each other. Molly was the first to notice, and he waved happily to Jester and Fjord.

“He-hey, lovebirds!” Molly called, getting the attention of the other three from where the four of them had been chatting. “What a coincidence! Hey, guys, what do you say we get the waiters to help us push the tables together?”

“Oh hey guys!” Jester said, skipping over to them, Fjord in tow. “You all look amazing, that sounds like a great idea!”

Fjord was a little trepidatious about having the three couples all together for the dinner, but Jester seemed so excited, and when the staff saw the daughter of their star performer was in attendance that night (Ms. Lavorre had pictures of Jester in her dressing room), they were more than happy to move the six of them up to a large table by the stage. So after a few minutes of shuffling, they were finally seated and the first round of drinks ordered. And yet another couple was added when they saw Yasha and Beau step out of the elevator into the restaurant. Gods, it was going to be a good night!

The night was magical for Fjord, and he found himself happier than he’d ever been in his life. Dancing and drinking with their friends most of the evening. Holding Jester as they danced to the slow songs was incredible. Now, as they got back into the limousine, Fjord couldn’t exactly contain the excitement he was feeling, knowing that they were probably going to fuck that night. He wanted her... Needed her... No one else but her. As soon as the limo started moving, they were locked in a passionate embrace that you might see in a romance novel.

Jester straddled Fjord’s lap, pressing her chest to his. She loved kissing him and never wanted to stop. “Fjord... I love you... so much...” She started undoing the buttons on his shirt, kissing down his jaw and neck.

“I love you too, Darlin’,” he said between kisses, his hands on her breasts again. They were so soft but forming up nicely under his hands. Feeling her pressed against him was intoxicating, even more enhanced by the wine and other booze they’d had. “I don’t want to wait to start touching you... to get under your dress... May I, Jester?”

“You may touch anywhere, except my pussy,” she whispered in his ear. “I don’t want to get too far just yet, be a good boy...” Jester said before biting lightly into his neck.

Fjord nodded his head obediently, moaning softly as her teeth sank into his skin. It wasn’t enough to break the skin, but enough to get his adrenaline pumping. “Ooh, I love being bitten...” he breathed. “I’ll be a good boy... just please keep doing that... P-please... My Lady...” That was the easiest title to give at the moment until she told him what to call her.

“Ooo, that’s a good title for me,” she said, and continued to bite and suck bruises into his neck. As soon as she got his shirt open, her hands were roaming over his chest, pressing and groping his muscles.

As she worked his chest, he reached his hand behind her and unzipped the back of her dress, pulling the top of the dress down around her waist and revealing her amazing black bra. “Does My Lady enjoy being bitten, and may her boy enjoy nibbling on her breasts?” He wanted to see them fully, to nibble and suck on her tits, but until she told him to, he didn’t want to push. He was glad that the limo ride was just over half an hour long, so they could enjoy a great deal of foreplay without interruption.

“Hmm, as long as you help me get decent before we leave this limousine, yes, you may,” she said. She had some kinky ideas but didn’t want to scare Fjord in any way. “We’ll have to talk about what we like and don’t like later, but for now...” she scratched her nails lightly down his chest before circling her thumbs around his nipples.

“Of course, My Lady,” he said, leaning in and kissing down her neck as he moved the straps of her bra down, pulling the black cloth off of her deliciously supple breasts. Her skin was like milk chocolate and tasted of honey as he kissed and licked along her collarbone, down to her boobs. After a moment of worshiping her with his lips, he sank his teeth gently into the skin on the swell of her left breast. Once again, he wasn’t going for the sucking of her nipples until he was given permission, but this was a great place to start... Her nails raking down his chest was a great feeling, loving the pain. God, he was a masochist, and he hoped Jester realized that.

“Mmm, good boy, ah...” she breathed. She leaned into the contact, digging her nails more into his skin. “Do you like that, Fjord? Do you like when I scratch you?”

“Very much yes, My Lady,” he gasped, groaning. “I love pleasurable pain like this... I just request... well, beg of my lady... that when the time comes... don’t squeeze my junk too hard... please...” He’d once had a moment of over-stimulation ruined by a girl who hit him so hard in the balls that it deflated him for the rest of the night. His teeth sunk deeper into her skin, sucking a deep hickey into the skin of her breast, a rich violet spot appearing almost immediately. It would be much more visible on her chocolate skin than his hickory dark flesh. “May I suck on your t—... your breasts, My Lady?” He didn’t know if the word tits was offensive to her, or disrespectful to a domme like her, so he corrected himself.

Jester giggled at his correction. “You can call them tits, I don’t mind,” she said. She pushed her hands under his shirt and over his shoulders, exposing his back and digging her nails in like a cat.

“Oh fuck!” Fjord cried out when she dug her nails into his back. He let out a long, needy moan as he moved down to her nipple, sucking on it like a baby. “My Lady... You taste delicious... and you give me such good pain...”

She traced patterns into his back with one hand and pet his hair with the other. “Oohh, that’s it, good boy... oh, fuck...” Jester wanted him so badly, she knew her panties were soaked just from this. She wanted this ride to be over already and back to her apartment, where she had lots of toys and accessories she couldn’t wait to use with Fjord.

Fjord kept suckling and nibbling on her tits until they were quite hard, pulling at them with his teeth and relishing the sounds coming out of her mouth as he did so. So as not to go too far, he continued doing this until the limousine came to a full stop and the driver pushed a button and spoke to them, letting them know that they had arrived at their destination. The driver knew what was likely going on and wasn’t about to open that door. Fjord pulled back, catching his breath as he helped Jester redress. “Oh, Jester... I can’t wait to get inside with you...”

“I can’t wait to get you inside me,” Jester teased. She redid most of his shirt buttons, if missing one or two. She pulled Fjord out of the limo by the hand and led him up to her apartment. Shoes off at the door, and she took him to her bedroom. “You wait on the bed, and I’ll be right back.” She pulled something out of her dresser and dashed to the bathroom.
“Yes, Darlin, I’ll be right here,” Fjord said, moving over to the bed and sitting there, obediently waiting for her to emerge from the bathroom. That little quip as they had exited the limo had rendered Fjord hard as a rock, and that condition wasn’t subsiding any time soon.

Jester did her best to quickly get out of her dancing dress and into her cute pink harness. The color was her favorite, and the floral embroidery appliqué was a nice contrast to the lines across her body. She peeked her head out of the bathroom. “Okay, Fjord, close your eyes!” she said, walking over to her bed. She pulled a box out from under it, and set it next to Fjord on the blanket. Finally, Jester took a pose with her hands on her hips in front of Fjord and said, “Okay, now open them.”

“Holy Mother Malora...” Fjord breathed when he opened his eyes and looked at his girlfriend in that stunning harness. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but absolutely knew better, and did his hands into the blanket in her bed. “Jester, you look stunning in that harness... My goddess...”

“‘My Lady,’ will do just fine, pet. Now, there’s a box next to you full of sexy wonders. Since you were so, so good to me tonight, you get to pick your toys,” she said with a smile.

Looking through the box, Fjord found a number of things similar to what he’d played with before, and several that he hadn’t. One thing he’d always wanted to try was a cage, so he pulled it out of the box with a nervous smile. He also found a kit called Manners that included a gag, a blindfold, cock ring, and butt plug, along with a harness to go along with it. The next thing he came out with was the collar and leash set with a muzzle for his face. “You have very good taste in toys, My Lady...” And the last thing was a vibrating dildo that had obviously been used by her before. “If your pet may make a request, at some point he’d like to be tied up and blindfolded, unable to do anything but listen to you moan while you play with yourself...Your pet will get worked up, jealous that he’s not the one making you moan...”

“Mmmhmm, my pet has lots of great ideas, oh what should we do first...” she mused, looking over the items Fjord had picked out. She picked up the collar first, and opened it up for Fjord to lean into. After he did, she latched it snugly behind his neck. She then picked up the blindfold and gently put it over his eyes. “Is that good, darling?” she asked. He had picked out a lot of good, stimulating toys, but she didn’t want to overwhelm him.

“Yes, My Lady, it’s very good,” Fjord said, swallowing and feeling his adams apple push against the collar, and moving his head and eyes a bit to make sure that he couldn’t see. He was completely blind, trusting her with his safety. “Your pet has only read about the Manners rig, but he’s excited to have you put it on him...”

“Hmm, I can tell...” she purred into his ear. Jester then knelt down to his feet and slowly took off his socks. Once done there, she took off his jacket, walking away to set it on a chair. She did the same with his shirt, kissing down his chest as it was exposed. She guided Fjord to lay down on the bed, and started working on his pants. “Lift your hips, dear,” she said. After she had gotten him down to his underwear, she took a moment to gaze at him. “Mmm, boyfriend a snacc.” She linked the leash into the D ring on the collar and pulled Fjord back to sitting up. “Now pet, kneel in the middle of the bed.”

“Boyfriend a snack?” Fjord repeated the words in a questioning fashion as he carefully moved to try to kneel in the middle of the bed, wanting to clarify the meaning behind her words. “My Lady, please explain what you mean.” He knew he was blushing at his state of near-nudity, feeling very vulnerable and yet knowing that he was perfectly protected.

“I just mean you look delicious, darling.” she assured him. Jester picked up the harness and laced it over his shoulders and arms, doing the snaps on his chest. She gave it a tug to make sure it wasn’t too tight. She then picked up the ball gag and said, “Open wide, pet...” she placed the ball in his mouth and secured the tie behind his head. “Now, you won’t be able to say anything, but tap the bed three times if you need to be let out.”

Fjord easily allowed the harness to be placed with him, loving the exhilarating feeling it gave him to be controlled by his lover. He didn’t even flinch when Jester tugged on it, smiling but remaining silent. When the ball gag was put into his mouth, he felt a bit of saliva build up behind the ball and dribble from his lips. He nodded at her words, understanding the safety signal. “Mmm-hmm...” He now knelt there in nothing but his underwear and the bondage gear, his breathing heavy and very aroused.

“Hmm, the rest of our toys tonight are for your cock, but I don’t think you’ve deserved me taking off your underwear yet...” Jester trailed one finger up his cock, teasing just a little. “I have an idea,” she said, reaching into the box. She pulled out a pair of leather cuffs, and crawled behind Fjord to tie his arms behind his back. She then scratched her nails down his back lightly and kissed the nape of his neck. Jester then guided him to lay down, picked up her vibrator and lay next to him. “Now, be a good boy and don’t cum until I tell you to.” She then turned the toy on and started playing with herself.

Fjord moaned at the feeling of her finger teasing up his clothed cock and then her nails raking down his back. Laying on his hands and arms was a little uncomfortable, but he was glad there was at least a little length to the cord connecting the cuffs so that he didn’t get a crick in his back. Hearing the vibrator come on as Jester started playing with herself, Fjord felt a massive pang of jealousy. Of the goddamn vibrator?! Yes, yes, quite. It was getting to fuck her and he wasn’t.

Jester laid there with the vibe against her pussy, still dripping wet from the foreplay with Fjord. She moaned with pleasure as she fucked herself with it, alternating between teasing her clit and thrusting it inside her. She spent a good while at it, giving herself lots of pleasure but being careful not to build to orgasm. She wanted only to cum on Fjord’s cock tonight.

Unable to see, speak, or move much, he could only hear and imagine the look on her face. Gods how he wanted to see her face as she pleasured herself, but he had asked to be bound this way. “Mmmm... shhhhuuhhh suuuuuhhh guuuuuhhh...” He was rock hard to the point of dull pain, and seeping precum into the material of his underwear. So turned on, but desperate not to disobey by cumming.

Finally, Jester put the vibrator down. “Oh, Fjord, you’re such a good boy! I think you’ve earned a reward.” She kneeled between his legs and pulled down his underwear, exposing his thick cock. She kissed down his thighs as she pulled the material off of him. Jester then sat up and fished a condom out of her box. She lined up the condom with Fjord’s dick, and pushed it down with her lips. Coming off him, she picked up the cock ring and slipped it down his length. “There, now don’t you look lovely...”

Fjord was suddenly naked, Jester’s lips on his cock putting the condom on him, and it apparently had a warming agent to it because he found himself getting very hot in the groin. The feeling remained when she slipped the ring on him, and he quickly knew that he wasn’t going to be cumming any time soon unless he was exceptionally obedient to her. Damn, she was good at this!

“Oh, darling, you’re so good, this almost feels unfair,” she teased. Jester climbed up to sit over Fjord’s hips, rocking her ass up the length of his cock. “Nice and hard and _thick_ for me...” She couldn’t wait any longer. Jester sat up on her knees and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, moaning aloud and trailing her nails down his chest as she went.

The praise was wonderful, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of absolute bliss he found when she impaled herself on his cock. She was so hot and wet around him, and had he not had the cock ring on him, he’d have probably had an orgasm right then and there. “Mmmmmmmmm!!!” His breath was labored, tears of desperate pleasure sliding down his cheeks as he began to get overwhelmed. He wondered what her aftercare would be if he tapped out now. He wanted to see her...

Jester kept her eyes on Fjord for any signs that he needed to stop. “Oh, darling, you’re so good... gods you’re so thick, oh I love you, I love your cock...” she moaned, bouncing on his cock, she leaned forward, raking her nails into his chest and kissing where the skin raised behind them, all the while rolling her hips down to fuck herself on Fjord’s dick.

Suddenly, it was too much, and Fjord wrenched his hands over and slammed them on the bed. Just tapping would not have been seen or heard with his hands behind his back, but this would likely paint the proper picture. In his mind he was begging her not to pull off of him, but to at least uncuff him and take off the blindfold so he could see her.

Jester immediately stopped everything and reached over to take off the gag. “What do you need, darling?” she asked.

“P-please... Please let me see your face...” he rasped after a moment to catch his breath. “And... it’s really uncomfortable with my hands under my back... I can keep my hands up over my head to keep me immobile... but please...”

“Okay okay okay,” she said and went first to take off the cuffs, massaging his wrists with her fingers, then taking the blindfold off his face. “You can touch me or hold your hands above your head, whichever you prefer,” she said before taking his face in her hands and kissing him deeply. “Now,” Jester said, sitting back and taking hold of his harness, “back to business?”

When he had his hands back, he let out a soft groan as he massaged his wrists a little. He loved being tied up, but it hurt a bit too much sometimes. When she leaned down to kiss him, his hands moved to rest on her hips, not wanting to control her but finding it a comfort to be able to touch her. “Your pet doesn’t mind not being able to talk, My Lady...”

“Hmm, okay!” she said, picking up the gag and placing it back in Fjord’s mouth. Jester once again took hold on his harness, using is as leverage to fuck herself on him. She was so turned on, she quickly brought herself to orgasm, clenching down around Fjord’s cock and screaming his name as she climaxed.

“Mmmmmmm!!!” Fjord cried out over the gag, loving the feeling of her clenching around him, and the sheer look of ecstasy on her face as she came. He was so swollen hard from the cock ring and the inability to achieve his own orgasm, it made her clenching even more intense-feeling. Oh gods, his mind screamed at him. Oh gods, if she wasn’t a goddess, she was an angel. “Mmmmmm....” So good... So perfect... His hands roamed her body slowly, wanting to increase her pleasure and draw it out.

Jester moaned as she rode out her orgasm, relishing the touches she was getting from Fjord. “Oh, baby, you’re so good... do you want to cum now, darling? Or should I sit on your face?”

Fjord looked up into her eyes and tried to smile. He pointed to his face, his tongue pushing the ball forward in his mouth to signify what he wanted to do. Perhaps if he ate her out and made her cum again, she would allow him to make love to her missionary style.

Jester giggled excitedly, and took the gag off again. She kissed Fjord sweetly before bringing herself off his dick and over his face. “Now, be a good boy and don’t forget to tap out if you need to breath, okay?” She lowered herself the rest of the way to his mouth and petted her hands through his hair.

“Yes, My Lady,” Fjord said, moments before her body descended onto his face, her knees on either side of his head. To finally get to taste her pussy, ripe with desire and dripping wet with her cum, was making his mind turn to mush. His hands made their way to cup her ass cheeks, and his tongue licked a path from the bottom of the folds, all the way up to her clit.

Jester loved this kind of play. She felt beautiful, feminine, and absolutely in charge. She loved having a boyfriend who was naturally submissive, who she didn’t have to train. She leaned into Fjord’s touch, moaning when he licked her clit.

The moan was his signal to begin sucking on her clit, using his teeth to very carefully nibble on it, to bring it back to a hardened little nub, the state where he knew it was the most sensitive. “My Lady... I love you... You’re perfect...”

“O-oh, I love you too, Fjord... fuck, you’re so good!!” she said, gripping his hair. “Oh, oh, good boy, good boy, fuck!! Make me cum on your face!”

Fjord continued to lick and suck on her clit, the suction increasing with her order to make her cum on his face. His long tongue slithered into her and started thrusting into her with it. He hummed and moaned against the sensitive flesh, squeezing her ass quite hard. He looked up at her, tapping her ass lightly with his palm in a silent request to slap her ass.

“Oh! Fuck! Yes, spank me, Fjord, spank my ass and suck my clit!” she cried out, thrusting herself down onto his tongue. She was completely lost to the pleasure, pulling on his hair and clenching her thighs around his head.

Fjord pulled his hand back and gave Jester’s ass a hard smack, continuing to suck hard on her clit. His eyes closed as he focused on giving her pleasure, knowing that she was close based on the keening, moaning cries she was giving. Her chocolate brown skin felt amazing under his hands, and he continued to slap her ass every little while. “Cum for me, My Lady...” he moaned against her body. “Please... Your pet needs to taste you...”
“Oh! Oh! Yes, yes, yes Fjord, yes my pet, oh, oooh, fffUCK!!” she cried out as she came and squirted on his face. “Oohh... fuck... ohh, goodness...” she breathed heavily as she came down from the high. “Fuck, you’re amazing.”

Fjord opened his mouth as wide as humanly possible to drink up everything he could from her, his tongue lapping up everything that wasn’t already dripping into his mouth. Her pussy was engorged and hard as stone, and he wished that state of things would last longer. He gently guided her to sit on his chest, gazing up at her lovingly and stroking a hand over her hair, resting it on her face. “Au contraire, Ma Belle... Vous etes magnifique...” A thick southern accent painted that phrase. “J’adore vous...”

“Oh, darling... I love you too... you are such a good boy, you are the best boy. You deserve a reward for this...” she took a moment to catch her breath and slid down to the foot of the bed. There, she kissed up Fjord’s thighs, stopping before his cock, and carefully took off the ring and condom, not wanting him to cum too soon. Jester wet her lips, then licked a stripe up the underside of Fjord’s cock.

Every moment she made was intoxicating, and when she removed the ring, he had to hold onto the sheets below him to keep from losing it completely, especially when she put her mouth on him. “Fuck yes... My lady... Oh gods...”

Jester looked up at him and said, “Please, put your hands in my hair, and fuck my face.” She then closed her mouth around his cock and started sucking in earnest.

“Jester!” Fjord cried out, the sucking of his cock torturous because he wanted so badly to cum but had been told not to without permission. He obediently and eagerly did as commanded, gripping her hair and thrusting his hips up, fucking her face. “My Lady... Oh gods, My Lady, may I cum in your mouth? Please?”

Jester popped off his cock with a gasp. “Yes, yes of course!” she said and went back to sucking.

Fjord threw his head back with a very loud moan as Jester gave him permission, finally able to fully let go of himself, thrusting deep into her hot mouth. “I’m so close! Fuck yes, Jester! I’m gonna cum... I’m gonna... Oh JESTER! I’m cumming! Fuck!!”

Jester moaned around his cock as she felt Fjord’s cum hitting the back of her mouth. She dutifully swallowed every drop, backing up a little to clean him off. When she was done, she rested her head on his hip, slowly letting her senses come back to her. She turned her head slightly to look up towards him. “So, ah, was there anything else you wanted to do tonight?”

“I think I’m about all spent for the night,” Fjord breathed, hoping to coax her back up to lay beside him. “But maybe in the morning, we could satisfy my usual morning wood by going missionary style and making love the traditional way... I’d love to see you looking up at me as I rock your world... the way you’ve done for me tonight.”

“Hmm, that sounds real nice...” Jester slipped off the bed to take off her harness and let it fall to the floor. She then pulled Fjord up by the leash and took his harness off as well. “I want to lay down and cuddle as much as you do, but I know from experience these are a bitch to sleep in,” she said against any protests, and undid the collar. Finally, she set the toy box on top of her dresser to wait for morning.
Having gotten them both truly naked again, Jester flopped onto her bed and snuggled her way into Fjord’s arms. She kissed him once more and tucked her head under his chin. “I love you, Fjord.” she said sleepily.

Fjord had no problem giving up the harness for full nakedness. He had been forced to sleep in one once by a dom, and the only reason he’d gotten to sleep was because the guy had already completely worn him out. So, there were no complaints here.

“I love you too, Jester,” he said softly. “I love you so very much. This was an absolutely perfect night.” He was sleepy, but didn’t want to fall asleep quite yet. “I’m glad that I was able to meet your standards as your sub.”

Jester hugged him tight then. “My darling, there were no standards for you to meet. You are my boyfriend first, and I love you because I love you, not because you are a good sub. You are a great sub but that is not why I love you.” She was babbling a bit, but she wanted to be clear that their relationship was not dependent on Fjord being a good sub or a sub at all. If ever he didn’t want to be submissive to her anymore, that would be okay, she would still love him.

“Oh, I know,” Fjord said, holding her tightly around the waist. “It just makes me really happy that we can fulfill each other’s kinks so well. One thing I’d like to try, eventually, is a bit of public exhibitionism. There’s a great club not far from here that we can go to.”

“That sounds lovely...” she said, stifling a yawn. She was all for pillow talk, but she really was very tired. “We can use the cock cage another time too.”

“Sounds great, Baby,” Fjord said, on the edges of sleep himself. “But for now... we should sleep, so we can wake up in the morning and have breakfast... and breakfast.”

Jester giggled at that, and moved so they could get under the covers. She was soon fast asleep, cuddled up to the best boyfriend in the world.

Fjord lay there, watching her sleep, basking in happiness as he fell asleep soon afterward.


Chapter Text

Clay’s hands were shaking as he looked at his phone. He had just left Molly’s apartment after the worst possible discussion they could have had. After nearly six months together, Molly had his eye on another guy. A freshman named Caleb. Clay couldn’t breathe. He was shaking like a leaf.

‘Jester, plz meet me at the student center after your next class...’ he texted her. ‘Molly broke up with me...’

Jester, not being the most disciplined student, had her phone out on her desk during class. When it buzzed and showed Clay’s message on the screen, she opened it immediately. She was in the middle of another boring lecture about gender studies, which she already knew plenty about but had to take actual classes on. She gasped and leapt out of her seat, quickly packed her things up and called out “It’s an emergency!” to the professor as she ran out of the room. ‘I’ll be there in just a minute, hold tight!’ she texted to Clay.

Clay staggered to the cafe, barely able to talk to his boss, explaining that he wasn’t going to be able to work that night. He didn’t mention Molly, but the supervisor knew and understood, especially given the state Clay was in. After talking to him, Clay sat down on one of the benches, sitting there in silence with his vape as he waited for Jester. He was silent and almost numb. ‘Please hurry...

Jester burst through the doors of the student center and rushed over to where Clay was sitting. She immediately threw her arms around him in a tight hug. “Darling, I’m so sorry,” she said. “What do you need?”

“I’m not even sure...” Caddy said, holding her tightly as he started to cry softly. “I’m... in shock... I never thought he’d break up with me. He was... we were happy... but he told me that he has eyes on someone else... some Freshman guy... He said he’s done this before too...” Caddy was so close to a mental breakdown, and he felt himself slipping, clinging to Jester now as he all but screamed. “Fuck!”

Jester somewhat awkwardly sat herself across Caddy’s lap, holding him and petting his hair. “That is an absolute dick move,” she said. “Do you want me to kill him?” Jester wanted to do whatever she could to help Clay. She’d only met him at the beginning of this year, but he was quickly becoming one of her closest friends.

“No... I don’t want you to kill him...” he said softly. “Well, maybe I do, but don’t.” In all honesty, he was the one who wanted to simply cease to exist. To decompose. “Just... hold me, please...”

Jester tightened her hold around him. She sat in silence for a bit, absently combing her fingers through his hair. Eventually, she said, “Do you want to come back to my place for a little bit? I’ve got lots of tea, I could make you some hot chocolate maybe? At the very least, it’d be more comfortable and private than this.”

Clay nodded silently, wanting to get out of this place as quickly as possible. This was where he and Molly had fallen in love, where they had spent hours just talking and getting to know each other, and where they would have to continue to work together in the future. He felt Jester’s hands in his hair, and he bit his lip to keep himself from letting out a soft moan. “Tea sounds great.”

Jester smiled and noticed how he bit his lip as she kept watching his face. “Okay, yeah,” she said, and stood up, taking his hands to pull him up with her. Jester took Clay’s hand in her own and walked him to her car, letting him get in before going around to get in and start it. She set a nature sounds playlist for the short drive back to her apartment. She glanced to Clay every so often but didn’t say anything for the time being.

The sound of nature was so calming, almost like his meditative moments on the reservation, and he found himself relaxing to it. His mind was drawn back to his people, and to the training he had received from the head shaman in coping and helping others cope with spiritual unrest. “This is beautiful...” he said, indicating the phone with his hand.

Jester reached out to pat his knee. “I’m glad you think so,” she said. Jester parked her car and got out before going around to open the door for Caduceus. She walked him to her apartment and opened the door. “Make yourself at home, Caddy.”

Caddy had been here before, on double date dinners with Molly and Fjord, but while that time had been filled with energy and fun, this time the space was surrounded by a surprisingly calming energy. Hints of Fjord’s presence were here, but it wasn’t overpowering. Clay squeezed Jester’s hand and made his way over to the couch and lay down. “I love your couch... It’s so comfortable.”

Jester busied herself with the kitchen, got the kettle on the stove, pulled down a couple different boxes of tea, etcetera. “I’m glad. What kind of tea would you like?” she asked. She had some ideas for taking Caddy’s mind off the breakup, but she wouldn’t do a thing without explicit consent.

Caduceus sat up and looked at Jester, shrugging. “I don’t really care, honestly. Surprise me...” Gods, that was a loaded comment. He had always considered her to be attractive, but he had been too focused on Molly to notice until now.

Jester turned and looked at him directly, hands on her hips. “Hmm... okay,” she said appraisingly. For herself she prepared a blueberry tea, and for Caddy she made chamomile and cherry, with a spoonful of honey. She set the mugs down on the coffee table and sat next to Caddy. “So, Molly’s being a shit head again. What can Lady Jester do for you?”

Perhaps it was the pot talking, but he suddenly felt himself stirring down below... He looked over at Jester with sadness in his eyes, but he was intrigued by her beauty, and by her line of work. “Please... give me a distraction... I need to forget about him for a while.”

Jester perked up at that. “Ooo, Mr. Clay! I can definitely do that. Now tell me, anything in particular, or any hard no’s?” She tried to finish her tea quickly, not wanting to leave it sitting to get cold, and starting to get excited about what she would do with Caddy.

He sipped on his tea, smiling at her reaction. “I don’t want to be a pet or dominant or anything like that. I just need companionship. The only thing I won’t do is skat and bodily fluids play, but knife play is okay. Apart from that, it depends on my mood, so right now I’m not sure.” He took her hand and kissed it gently. “Surprise me.”

“Alright, darling, we can do that,” she said. Jester scooted closer to him on the couch and reached a hand up to comb through his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp. She leaned in and kissed his temple, then his cheek, then on his lips.

Caduceus followed her movements with his eyes, finally closing them when her lips met his. He couldn’t suppress a soft moan that fell from his lips, his lower regions both hardening and getting a bit damp. “Miss Jester...” Jester moved to straddle Caddy’s legs and wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders. She leaned in and kissed him again, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Clay’s tongue slipped out to meet Jester’s, his hand reaching up to touch her cheek and the other moving to her side, just short of touching her boob. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “What permission do you give, Love?”

“Mmm, take whatever you need, darling,” she said. She could feel slick and a building warmth between her legs. “Do you want to move this to the bedroom?”

“Yes, let’s do that,” Caddy said softly against Jester’s lip. “Just be aware... I’ve never been with a woman before. I do know what I like... in that respect. My body... is... well...” Here he was getting all nervous again. “I’m a two-spirit.”

“That’s okay, Caddy, just let me know what you what you want... and where...” she said with a wink and a smile. She led him by the hand to her bedroom and guided him to sit on the edge of the bed. “Now, would you like to see my box of toys, or would you like this to be vanilla?”

“I’d say for now, we go vanilla,” Clay said. “If we go past tonight...” He took her hand, looking into her eyes. “...which I hope we do... I might be open to more of the kinky stuff. Although, I wouldn’t mind being blindfolded.”

“Mmhmm,” Jester nodded. She knelt to get just a sleeping mask style blindfold out of her box. It was simple, just short black fleece. She stood and held it in both hands out to Clay. “We can talk about all that later, darling. For now, let’s make you feel good. I’m going to let you have this, and if you want or need to put it on, you can do so. If you need or want me to take it off, please let me know.”

“I shall,” Clay said softly, almost reverently, taking the blindfold and putting it on his face. “I want... I would love it if you would ride me, Jester. That would be a new experience for me...”

“Oh, that sounds like fun,” Jester said. “Here, lay back and let me take care of you...” She leaned him backwards to lay on the bed and started undressing him. First his shoes and socks, and a short massage to his feet. Jester quickly divested herself of clothes before teasing Caddy’s shirt up, kissing along his stomach, up to his chest where she teased at his chest and nipples with her hands and mouth.

Clay hummed at the way Jester played with his feet like that, moaning at her teasing, kisses, and touches. “Ohhh, that feels so nice...” He was perfectly happy with letting her take care of him, or he wouldn’t have suggested the blindfold.

“You are so handsome, Mr. Clay,” Jester said. “I need you to sit up a little...” she said, pulling his t-shirt over his head. “Hmm, there we go...” She had a coy smile on her face, even though Caddy couldn’t see it. She liked the way he looked, hair down, blindfolded and shirtless. She was trying to decide between kissing and biting down his neck now or getting his pants off first. After a beat, Jester moved to crouch between Caddy’s legs and started slowly undoing his jeans.

Looking in the direction of her voice, Caddy smiled, suddenly feeling her hands on his belt and jeans. The energy here was palpable, and he loved it. “You’re very beautiful yourself, Miss Jester. Even though I choose to not see you, I can imagine how beautiful you are right now.”

Jester giggled. “Really, that’s just more reason to touch me and see me with your hands,” she said. She carefully pulled his zipper down with just her teeth and pulled the jeans down his legs. Jester then moved up and straddled Clay’s hips and went to town kissing and marking him all over his neck and chest.

Each kiss, each bite, had Caddy moaning at various levels. There he was in only his briefs, and he was rock hard and dripping. “I’m... ready for you to see me, Dear One...”

Jester sat up and rolled her hips back to feel Caddy’s cock through his underwear. “Oh, so you are darling...” She awkwardly took off her own underwear and then peeled Caddy’s down, letting him kick them off his ankles. Jester gasped at the sight of Caduceus. “Oh my... Mr. Clay, you’ve been hiding a treasure...” She straddled him again, sitting up on her knees over Caddy. Taking him in hand, she slowly lowered her slick pussy down onto him, moaning at the stretch and warmth of it.

Caduceus licked his lips at the sound of her voice, especially after his underwear was removed. When she lowered her body onto his cock, he moaned loudly, having never experienced something so wet covering him like that. Molly’s ass had been one thing, but holy fuck this was different in the best possible way. “J-Jester!”

“Oh, Caddy, oh fuck!” Jester cried as she took all of him in her. It was just this side of too much, and it was certainly the biggest live cock she had ever taken. She leaned forward and cupped his face in her hands. “You’re so good, so fucking hot...” and kissed him deeply.

His hands worked up her body, feeling every curve of her skin, seeing in his mind her beautiful chocolate skin, erect nipples, and full tits. “Yeah, this is so hot... Will you take off the blindfold so I can see you as you fuck me?”

“Y-yeah, fuck yeah,” she said, pulling the blindfold off. Jester smiled down at Caddy, and purposefully rolled her her hips down, pumping over his cock.

Caddy’s moans got louder as his cock was stimulated, but he felt a need for something more. “Oh, Miss Jester, you are so very beautiful... I hesitate to ask... but can I have a toy for my pussy? I still want to fill you up, but I love being full too...” His hands reached up and took hold of her breasts, his large hands tweaking her nipples between his thumb and index finger. “And a condom... may be a good idea too...”

Jester moaned at the tweaking of her nipples. “Mmm, yes, yes of course darling...” she lifted herself off of Caddy with a slight groan. She moved off the bed and got out her box of toys and set it on the bed. She first sifted through the condoms she had, picking the largest size.

“Now, I have a couple options for your pussy, would you like a plug or an egg?” Jester held up one of her silicone eggs for example.

Caddy’s eyes widened at the eggs, and he shook his head profusely, feeling the fear hit him like a slap. “No on the eggs. Those things scare me... a lot...” His hand gripped the sheet. “But I like plugs, as long as they’re not like a tentacle or anything. Those feel too weird.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Caddy, don’t worry I would never do anything to harm you... unless you ask of course,” she said with a wink. Jester took out a couple silicone plugs. They were a typical ‘butt’ plug shape, just a couple different sizes. Jester decided on the smaller of the two to start with and knelt between Caddy’s legs. “This is so sexy...” she said and took the plug into her own mouth and releasing it with an obscenely wet pop. She lined up the tip of it with Caddy’s pussy and teased it inside.

“If I may suggest, Miss Jester... use that one on me for a few minutes... then slide it into my ass... and put the larger one into my pussy...” Caddy said with a massive blush. He wasn’t going to lie, he did enjoy being filled. And to be both filled up and filling her up at the same time seemed to be an amazing idea. “Then please... put the condom on me so I can fill you up again...”

“Wow, Caddy, you have some great ideas!” Jester smiled broadly. She hooked her fingers around the end of the plug and started fucking him with it. She leaned in to kiss and lightly suck at the base of his cock while she teased his pussy.

“Oh, gods yes!” Caddy cried out as he felt the plug moving inside him. Another idea that he had, one that Molly had never been able to do because of the size of his hands, was to have Jester try to stick more than just two or three fingers into his pussy. Her hands were much smaller, and it was hot just to think about. But right now, he was more than content with what he was getting. His moans were loud, and he wondered out loud “should I be quiet?”

“Caddy darling, it’s the middle of the day, and even if it wasn’t... well, let’s just say my neighbors understand.” she said. Suddenly, Jester had an idea. Holding the plug in with one hand, she reached into the box for some lube. She briefly released the plug while she spread some of the lube on her fingers. “This is gonna be cold at first, but I promise it’ll feel so good,” she said, lowering her one hand to Caddy’s ass. She concentrated her efforts now to her fingers in his ass, the toy in his pussy, and her mouth on his cock, just kissing and licking at the base.

Caddy whined at the fingers at his ass, moaning louder than before. “Fuck yes, Jester!” All the stimulation was becoming almost overwhelming. “It feels so good! But... I have to ask... for a safe word...”

“Of course, Mr. Clay,” she said. “What would you like it to be?” She didn’t want to press any further without knowing what his safe word would be and what was off limits.

“Jasmine...” Caddy said with a little thought.

“Jasmine, got it,” Jester said, and got back to work. After she had loosened his ass enough, she moved the slick, clear pink silicone plug to his ass, slowly pushing it in. She picked up the larger, also clear pink, plug and pushed it into Caddy’s pussy. She smirked then and pulled a much smaller one out of the box, put a drop of lube on it and eased it into her own ass. “You ready, darling?” she asked, holding up the still wrapped condom.

“Y-Yeah, I’m ready,” Caddy stammered, his cock harder than before at the sight of Jester filling both the lovers up with the plugs. “I love that they’re... all pink... Gods, Jester... I’m so ready...”

Jester tore open the condom carefully, and slowly rolled it down Caddy’s cock, kissing down the shaft as she went. She swung her legs over his hips again, positioning herself over his cock. Jester eased herself down again, all the tighter for the plug in her ass. “Ooooh, fuck... Clay... oh that’s so good...”

Caddy moaned, probably the loudest he’d been thus far. “Oh fuck, Jester! It all feels so good!” He reached his hands up to her breasts again. “Fucking fuck... Being so full... and filling you... It’s so so good!"

Jester moaned right along with him. She buried her hands in her hair, gripping it to stabilize herself. “Oh, fuck, you’re so big, so good...” She started riding him in earnest, squeezing around Clay’s cock when she reached the base, slowly lifting herself back up, and pushing down again...”Holy shit, holy shit... I love your cock, oh fuck!”

Clay knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, especially at the speed they were going. “Your pussy... it’s so hot and wet... Oh, fuck, I’m so close, Jester! Fuck yes!” He pulled her down to him and kissed her deeply. “I want us to... cum together... Please...”

“Fuck yes, oh shit, Caddy!” Jester moved her hips faster and faster. “Cum with me, please, oh oh, fuck, Caddy, Caddy,” she kissed him hard again. “Fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh, aaaaah, FUCK!” Jester cried out, squeezing her pussy around his cock.

Caddy’s eyes rolled back in his head, the feeling of being inside a woman for the first time in his life becoming too much to handle. “Jester! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ahhh!” And with that, he filled the condom so full it nearly broke from the force. “Fuck!! Gods yes!”

“Muh... muh...” He almost said Molly’s name in that moment before catching himself. Fuck, no, no, no! No, Caddy, do not ruin this precious moment by saying his name!

Jester held on to Caduceus, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, as she continued to spasm around his cock with her orgasm. “Oh, fuck, aaaah, aahh... shit... oh, gods...” she murmured, breathing heavily. “Oh, Caddy... fuck,” she looked up at his face. “Are you good, darling?”

“I’m... wonderful...” Caddy said, reaching to pull her back to his lips. “I’m gonna be honest though... in the moment... I saw Molly’s face when I came...” He turned his head away in embarrassment. “I’m sorry...”

Jester took a breath, a little deflated, and held his face in both hands and pressed their foreheads together. “Listen to me, and please believe me when I say that I understand. I won’t lie, I’m a little disappointed, but he literally dumped you _today_. It’s perfectly natural that you’re still attached to him.” She smiled then. “I had a good time, and if you’d like, we can have a good time again.”

“It was just in that moment, I promise,” Caddy said, reaching his hands up into her hair gently. “The rest of the time... it was all you.” He looked into her eyes apologetically. “I don’t want this time with you to end, not yet...”

She gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Of course, we can talk about that, but first we should clean up.” Jester then sat up and eased herself off of Clay. She deftly took the condom off him and wrapped it up before tossing it in her wastebasket in her bathroom. While there, she got a couple small towels and dampened one of them. She brought them both out and laid them on the bed. She first eased the plug out of her own ass, and then out of Caddy’s. Then, holding the damp washcloth outside his pussy, Jester eased out the plug there.

“I love how you’re taking care of me,” Caddy said, a warm smile on his lips. “Built me up, satisfied me, and then eased me down again... You’re wonderful.”

Jester kissed the inside of Caddy’s thigh. “You’re wonderful too, Mr. Clay,” she said. Jester wiped away the mess with the washcloth and set it in her hamper. “I’ll be right back,” she said and moved to the bathroom to wash off her toys. Once done, she everything back away into the toy box and settled onto the bed next to Caddy. “So,” she said, with one arm draped across his chest and one propping her head up, “how do you wish to continue?”

Caddy curled into her form as soon as she came back to bed, a little bit desperate for her touch. “Well... I would kind of like to help you feel good too.” He licked his lips, mostly to moisten them in their dry state, but in the moment, it probably had another affect too. “I might be shit at it, but I’d love to try eating you out... if I may?”

“Oh, sure! That sounds great!” she replied. Jester was up for any chance for her to lie back and not have to do the work with her partner. “Fair warning, I’m a little messy right now, love,” she said.

“Then let me clean you up so I can make you messy again, Darling,” Caduceus said with a smirk, kissing the top of Jester’s head before coaxing her to lay on her back. “Oh, you look delicious...”

Jester raised her hands to her chin, curled outward, and meowed like a kitten. “Why don’t you come have a taste then?”

“Would you like me to call you Kitten, or would another name or title be preferred?” Caddy said softly and carefully.

Jester thought about it for a moment. “Mmm, you can just call me Jester for now… let’s save titles and names for if we do this again,” she said.

“And I definitely want to do this again, Jester,” Caduceus said with a purr, moving to lay between Jester’s legs. He licked his fingers and teased at her entrance as his lips descended onto her core. “You like that, Lovely?”

“Mmm, I love that, Caduceus...” Jester purred, combing her fingers into his hair.

“You taste so good...” Caduceus said, licking at the point where his fingers were pushing into her pussy, lapping up any stray liquid before it could trickle down and away from her. When two fingers were all the way inside her, he teased a third in and moved them around, loving the sounds she was making for him.

“Mmmm!!!” Jester whined high and tight as Caduceus worked his fingers into her. “Fuck that’s good… Can you… mmm, please, suck on my clit?”

Without a word, Caduceus moved to suck on her clit as requested, not being gentle but also not being too rough on her. She wanted this to be just as much about her as it was about him being helped through a bad situation.

“Fuck!” Jester squeaked, curling up a little. “Ah-ah… y-you’re a natural, Caduceus… oh, I’m getting close,” she moaned. Jester stroked her fingers through Caddy’s hair a little more firmly, tugging just a bit. “You like that, honey?”

“Very much...” he said softly against her flesh, feeling how hard and wet he was from how good this all was. To be honest, there were things that Jester was giving him that Molly hadn’t quite been able to fulfill. All of this felt so good!

“I’m so glad…” Jester breathed. “Hhhnnn… mmm, Caduceus… oh, baby… Fuck, fuck me…” she babbled. Jester felt so close to coming again. She wanted Caduceus to focus on her, to forget about Molly in this moment.

“Ohhhh, Jester...” Caduceus moaned, knowing that this was ever so much more than a rebound, more than just a comfort fuck. “Dearest Jester... Cum for me... Please, cum for me... Jess...”

A few more seconds of Caduceus finger-fucking her pussy and sucking at her clit, Jester felt her walls squeeze down on his fingers again. “Oh! Oh fuck, Caduceus! I’m cumming! Fuck!” Jester cried out.

Caduceus did what he could to find Jester’s inner sweet spot as she came, twisting his fingers inside her pussy and putting his mouth right up against her opening to drink her up. “Yes, My Dear Lady... Fuck... You taste so good...”

“OH!” Jester gasped as Caddy’s fingers found her g-spot and she clamped her thighs around his head to keep him in place. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck YES!” Jester shouted again as she squirted into Caduceus’ mouth.

Caddy just kept his mouth open, wanting to taste everything coming from her. He moaned against her and just let her ride out her orgasm, staying mostly quiet. “Mmmmmmm...”

Jester held tight for a long moment, then let herself flop into a spread eagle position. “Gods… Caddy…. that was amazing…”

“Ohhh, yeahhhh it was,” he said, lifting his head and resting it on her thigh. He tried to catch his breath before moving up to lay beside her. “Jester... Thank you... You’re a goddess among women...”

Jester wrapped her arms around Caduceus’ thin frame. “You’re so welcome… thank you, too,” she said. “You’re so lovely…” she mused, brushing through his pink hair.

“I’m so glad that you’re willing to put up with me and my sorry ass,” Caddy said with a chuckle, nuzzling against her neck, taking in their combined scent. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Jester moved her head slightly to kiss Caduceus’ cheek. “I don’t really know either, but I’m more than happy I was able to help you,” she said. After a moment of silence, Jester pressed her head against his is a little head but. “Did you want to do anything else with tonight? We should order in, but… a movie? I could do your hair?”

“Dinner sounds great, but I kind of just... want to eat and then cuddle before I... either leave or go to sleep,” Caduceus said, suddenly realizing that he was being really presumptive. “I don’t want to face being alone tonight, but I don’t want to intrude by staying the night if you’d rather I did go.”

Jester hugged Caduceus tighter for a moment. “There’s no way I’m kicking you out! Of course you can stay here, Caduceus,” she said.

“Thank you, Dear,” Caduceus said, feeling warm and safe as she held him. “There’s something so warm about you, Jester. I feel very safe, as though I’m in a warm blanket. Getting to know you over the last few months has been... amazing.”

“Awww… Caduceus…” Jester said. “You’re so welcome… you’re very sweet.”

“I hope that... this can continue,” he said, kissing her gently on the lips. “I don’t know if you’re open to polyamory, but I really like you.”

Jester giggled a bit. “Oh, Caduceus,” she said, returning the kisses, “I am _very_ much polyamorous. You know I’m dating Fjord, right?”

“Yes, I’m aware,” he said with a chuckle. “I’m certainly not one to step on any toes, so I figured I’d ask before I made any assumptions. I’ve seen you and him together, and you’re an amazing couple.”

“Aww, thank you,” Jester cooed. “But yeah, if you wanna keep doing stuff, then we can do that… but umm, maybe let’s give it a day or two? Time, I guess. I need to talk to Fjord, anyway,” she said.

“Of course, of course,” he said with a smile, his hand moving up to her cheek. “Talk to Fjord, see what he says, and if he’s okay with it, we can all talk about it together. For now, though, let’s get some food ordered in, and go to sleep. Alright?”

Jester rolled over to grab her phone from the nightstand and opened a food delivery app. She ordered them some Chinese, picking a vegetarian option for Caduceus. They moved to the living room and watched a movie while they ate dinner before finally crawling back to bed and sleeping.

The day hadn’t been perfect for Caduceus, but this night had been much better than he’d expected. Not only had he gotten his first experience with a woman, he was starting to develop a spark of feelings for her that he hadn’t expected. He’d always liked her, but she’d seemed rather off-limits, as both of them had been in relationships. But this new revelation of her openness to polyamory had gotten him to start thinking that a relationship with her might not be out of the realm of possibility.

As he fell asleep, he held her close, taking in the scent of her hair, and he drifted off to dreams of them walking along a forest path together, hand-in hand, with a darker figure on her other side. His dream was peaceful, and it seemed to be a pretense of things to come.


Chapter Text

Molly had left Caleb’s apartment very early that morning, mostly because the chemistry major cutie had needed to spend the morning studying and getting ready for a test, and Molly didn’t want to bother him. He didn’t want to go back to his apartment yet, but he also didn’t want to go back to the student center. He didn’t have work that day anyway. He made his way to an off-campus coffee shop and got a bagel and a large, very sweet coffee. Sitting down, he looked at his phone, and saw a text from Jester in big bold letters.

“WE NEED TO TALK NOW!” Jester had been keeping an eye on her texts to see when Molly would read the one that she sent him. As soon as she saw the ‘read’ receipt, she texted again. “Where the fuck are you??”

“Starbucks, just off-campus,” Molly texted back. It figured that Caddy might have turned to her for comfort. “If Caduceus is there with you, tell him I’m sorry...”

Jester looked over to where Caduceus was sleeping in her bed. She wrote out a quick note for where she was going and left it on the pillow next to him. “He’s asleep. I’m not waking him for your bullshit. I’ll see you soon.” Jester texted as she walked out the door.

Molly’s first instinct was to bolt, questioning himself as to why he’d told her where he was so quickly. But she was one of his best friends, and she deserved an explanation. He was just glad that Clay had gone somewhere safe rather than being alone. When Jester walked in, Molly stood and met her at the ordering line entrance. “Hey.”

Jester stomped up to Molly and pinched his cheek hard, pulling and holding it. “What the HELL were you thinking?!” she whisper-shouted angrily before pulling Molly outside and away from other customers.

“Ow ow ow!” Molly yelped, trying to stay quiet as he was pulled outside. Several customers looked up at them from their laptops and books, a bit of shock on their faces. “Let go of me, will you!? I can fucking walk!”

Jester let go of Molly when they were standing outside. “What the hell, Mollymauk?! You broke Caddy’s heart!”

“I know...” Molly said, rubbing his cheek and frowning. “I’m not going to make any excuses because there’s no excuse for what I did to him, but... You of all people should know my track record, Jess! I’ve never stayed with anyone for long...”

Jester glared up at him like an angry cat for a long minute. Then she sighed and rubbed at the bridge of her nose. “You know Molly, you really should have learned by now that you have two hands.”

That statement hit Molly like a ton of bricks. He hadn’t even really thought about that being a viable option for him, or for him and Caduceus and Caleb. “Fuck... God, I’m an idiot.” He leaned against the wall near where he stood. “I need to talk to both of them.”

“Duh-doy!” Jester said loudly. “Ya think?!” She looked at Molly sternly before sighing again. “Look, Molly… you’re an idiot, but do you love Caduceus? For real?”

“I honestly think that, yes, I do love him, for real,” Molly said, sighing and running a hand through his hair. “And I know that he loves me...” He slid down the wall and crouched there, his head resting on the stone wall. “It’s gonna take a while to rebuild that trust, but... Do you think a polycule would work for me and Caddy and Caleb?”

Jester shrugged. “If it’s just the three of you, that’d be a triad, but either way I think it’s worth trying.” Jester moved to sit next to Molly against the wall. “It’s certainly better than going through relationship after relationship like some kind of serial monogamist.”

Molly looked up at Jester with tears in his eyes. “I’m so sorry, Jester... I’m so sorry... I want to make things right between all of us. I don’t want to lose either of them. And I’d be lost without you as my best friend...”

Jester softened then. “Oh, Molly…” She awkwardly wrapped her arms around him and hugged him close. “If I wasn’t still your best friend, I wouldn’t be here. I love you, okay? And you love them, so we’re gonna fix this, yeah?”

“Gods, I hope we can,” he said, holding her close. “I love you so much, Jess...” His eyes were still red and puffy, but he was trying to regain his composure. “Do you think Caddy will slap me if I come back to your place with you? I certainly wouldn’t blame him...”

Jester leaned her head against Molly’s shoulder. “I don’t know… I don’t think so. I think he’ll be upset, but I also think he mostly just wants you back,” Jester said. “We gotta find Caleb too and… I don’t know… sort this shit out…”

Just then, Molly got a text from Caleb. “Molly... We need to talk. Now. You, me, and Mister Clay. He says that Jester went to find you. Ask her if I can come over, please?” Molly showed the text to Jester.

Jester puffed out her cheeks and sighed loudly as she scratched a hand through her hair. “Welp. Might as well, yeah? Tell him to wait outside for us, I don’t want them talking before we’re all there.” Jester then went about ordering on her phone for their coffee to be delivered to her apartment.

Molly texted back with Caleb, telling him to meet them outside of Jester’s apartment building and gave him the address. “Let’s hurry... The sooner we can get things talked out, the better.”

Jester hopped up and then held out her hand to help Molly up. “Right. I’ve ordered drinks to be delivered. Let’s see if we can beat it back,” she said as she and Molly walked to her car.

Molly squeezed Jester’s hand as he stood, kissing that hand before helping her into the car like a proper gentleman. “I’m gonna pay you back for everything you’ve done to help, including getting your drinks the next time we go out to the bar.”

“That sounds great,” Jester said as Molly got in the car. She drove them the short distance back to her apartment and as they walked up her hallway, Jester waved to Caleb. “Hi Cay-leb!” Jester said sweetly.

“Oh, hai,” Caleb said a little sheepishly as he turned around to greet them. He moved to hug Jester, then squeezed Molly’s hand gently in greeting. “Mollymauk, why did you break up with him? Do you not realize that I’m... I’m not monogamous? I never have been.”

“I didn’t realize it, no,” Molly said, seeing the look of ‘you silly idiot’ on Caleb’s face.

Jester rolled her eyes and let them all into her apartment. “Caduceus!” she called out. “The idiots are here!”

Caduceus peeked out of the kitchen and when he saw Molly, nearly flew into his arms. “Molly, Molly, you’re back,” he said, squeezing his arms around Molly’s shoulders. “Please don’t leave me again…”

“Caddy, oh my sweet sweet boi,” Molly said, throwing his arms around the taller man. “I’m not gonna leave you again... I promise!” They stood there for a good couple of minutes, not wanting to let go, and Molly whispered sweet endearments into his ear. When they finally stopped bear-hugging, Molly looked at Caleb. “We all need to talk...”

“Ja, we do,” Caleb agreed, tentatively reaching for both men’s hands and pulling them toward the couch.

Jester ushered the boys into her living room while keeping an eye on her phone for the food delivery. “So. Thoughts going forward?” she asked to the group.

Caduceus sat down next to Molly on the couch, still holding his hand. “Well, I’m not really that sure myself… I know I want to be with you, Molly, but… you seem to have had some other ideas.”

“Well... I’ll admit that I’ve been a serial monogamist for a long time,” Molly said. “Until now, I’ve never stayed with anyone for long, at least as far as I can remember, which is... well, not long.” They all knew that he’d had an accident in high school that had caused him to lose his memory. “I’d like to see if... if I could balance myself between more than one. Jess here made me realize that I don’t have to just have one relationship at a time.”

Caleb sensed a bit of confusion from Caddy, and that Molly’s nerves had taken away his eloquence, so he jumped in. “What I think Mollymauk is trying to say is that he wants a relationship with both of us going forward. Possibly... more? If things go well?” He looked over at Jester with a smile, the attractiveness she had was undeniable.

“If things go well with you three,” Jester said. “Let’s say… three months, yeah? If you guys are still together and doing well in three months, then you can think about other partners.” She left for a moment and returned with the drink she’d ordered. “I hope everyone is good with vanilla, because that’s what I got,” she said.

“I uh… well, I hadn’t really thought of it before,” Caduceus said, taking one of the coffees. “But I’m willing to give it a shot… Um, Molly… I spent the night here with Jester last night and… well, she comforted me in her fashion. I really enjoyed it and was wondering, if you’re going to be spending more time with Mister Caleb, could I then spend more time like that with Miss Jester?”

Molly grinned, loving the eloquent way Caduceus had worded the request. “You most certainly can, as long as Fjord is okay with it, and Jess here agrees as part of our plan going forward.”

Caleb, ever the pragmatist, piped up. “May I make a suggestion? All of us in this equation should get checked out in hospital, for our own health’s sake. All of us, including Fjord, just to ensure that there’s nothing under the surface that could bite us all down the line.”

“Ah, that’s a good idea... everyone should get checked regularly, but we should also do that before we officially start a relationship,” Jester said.

“Also, I need to make everyone aware...” Caleb said. “I’m am biologically female, but I’ve been on Testosterone for a while.” He reached up and put a hand through his beard. “I have, um, I bind and pack, but I have breasts and a vagina. Of course, Molly already knows, and I so appreciate his support. Nearly everyone else at this school is completely unaware, except for my friend Nott.”

“Oh!” Caduceus perked up. “So you’re kind of like me. I’m intersex. I have a vagina too.”

Caleb brightened at that, reaching to gently take Caddy’s hand. “I am looking forward to getting to know you better, Caduceus,” he said. “Perhaps, if the moment presents itself, we could make that knowledge a bit more... intimate. But for now, I want to be a better friend.”

Molly stayed quiet, glad that the two were getting along so well, perhaps desiring a bit more with each other. It took Caduceus a long moment before he understood what Caleb meant. “Ah, maybe… but, I agree, being better friends would be good for now.”

“For some of the queerest people I know, you guys are in serious need of LGBTQ education,” Jester said with a deadpan expression. “Well, looks like this is going pretty swimmingly, yeah, Molly?”
Molly knew that Jester was right about them, most of them rather clueless about the wider scope of things. But hey, they were in college, and they were there to learn about life. “After my fuckup, this is way better than I expected this entire day to go,” he said, taking the hands of both his boyfriends. Jester smiled and finally relaxed back into her chair. She sipped on her coffee while she watched this little triad form before her eyes.

“I am very sorry, Lieblings, but I am needing to go finish studying for my exam,” Caleb said sweetly. “Let’s meet up at my place soon, Okay?”

“Good luck, Honey,” Molly said as Caleb moved in and kissed him gently. Caleb took Caddy’s hand and kissed it gently.

“See you soon,” he said.

Caduceus blushed just a little bit. “Uh, yeah, see you soon Caleb. Good luck!” he said, waving him out the door.

Jester raised her eyebrows at Molly and Caduceus where they still sat on her couch. “So…. you two gonna hang out in my apartment all day or…?” she said with a suggestive tone and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

“Do you want to go back to my place, Sweetheart?” Molly said in response to Jester’s question, taking Caddy’s hand back. “I don’t think we need an audience.” He stood and moved closer to Jester, hugging her and kissing her cheek. “Thank you, Little Sapphire...”

Jester squeezed Molly’s hand. “You’re welcome, Little Amethyst,” she said. “And if you lot have any questions, let me know, okay?”

“I will,” Molly purred, pulling Caddy to his feet. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Yeah, alright,” Caduceus said with a smile. “Bye Jester, thank you for everything,” he said.

As they walked back to Molly’s place, he refused to let go of Caddy’s hand. “What would you like me to do today to make up for how stupid I was last night?”

“Hmm, well, as it’s still pretty early, we could start with brunch?” Caddy asked.

Molly smiled brightly, knowing that there was a great brunch buffet place with a huge array of vegetarian and not-vegetarian options. They hadn’t been there together, but Molly was excited to give them the opportunity to eat there together. “I know just the place, just a few blocks from here,” Molly said. “Do you want to walk, or we could drive?”

“If it’s just a few blocks, we can walk,” Caddy said. He squeezed Molly’s hand as they started walking down the street.

“Thank you for giving me a second chance, Caduceus,” Molly said softly. “And for giving Caleb a chance too. Did you text him about what happened, or did he text you?”

“He texted me,” Caduceus said, in the same soft tone Molly had used. “He said you’d gone out for coffee, and I noticed a note Jester left for me saying she’d gone to meet with you.”

“I’m guessing that’s when you told him I’d broken up with you?” Molly said, nodding his head in understanding. “I don’t know why I didn’t outright tell him last night... Probably because I’m such an idiot...”

Caduceus leaned over and kissed the side of Molly’s head. “You’re an idiot, but you’re our idiot. I love you, Molly. I’m happy to be with you, no matter what.”

“I love you too, Caduceus,” Molly said. They walked in relative silence until they arrived at the restaurant, simply enjoying the quiet closeness of each other. “Here we are, Dearest.”

Caduceus looked around with some wonder. “Wow… this is fancy,” he said.

“It’s one of the places Marion and I come to eat before weekend daytime shows,” Molly explained. “I know you don’t drink much, but they’ve got great ciders and mimosas, all as part of the buffet price.” As soon as the staff saw Molly, they brightened and jumped to seat him, as he was one of their favorite regulars. “Heh, I think I forgot to turn off my swagger.”

Caduceus smiled as they were seated and ordered drinks. “I don’t have a problem with it,” he said. “If we get better treatment because they know you well, then I’m happy to take advantage of that.“

“Marion is the real star, but this is one of her favorite places, and they know I’ll tell her if I’m treated poorly, and if she downs a place like this for poor service, her circle of influence will get wind of it and the restaurant’s reputation will suffer a great deal.” Molly took a sip from his mimosa. “Come on, let’s go get our first round of food from the buffet!”

“Mmm, yeah,” Caduceus said. He followed Molly up and around all the different tables. Caduceus focused on the pastries and cakes he found, for now. Molly’s main focus was the smoked salmon, and sausage, gathering a bit of fresh fruit and berries to go along with it. He ordered a couple of eggs over-medium from the omelet station before picking up a couple of pastries from that table as well.

Caduceus considered the omelet station as well, but decided to leave it for the next round and took his plate of pastries and fruit back to the table. “So,” he said as he and Molly sat down at their table, “penny for your thoughts?”

“Mostly, I’m thinking of how happy I am,” Molly said after another sip of his mimosa to clear his mouth. “I made a huge mistake, but it seems like things worked themselves out pretty well. I’m happy that you took me back, and that you’re willing to allow polyamory into our relationship. I’ll be very happy if you and Caleb get along as well as you seem to, and if you and Jester are happy too. And the other thing is, your smile is absolutely brilliant.”

Caduceus smiled a little wider and blushed a bit. “Aww, you’re sweet,” he said. “I’m in a couple of classes with Caleb, and we know each other from that, so getting closer shouldn’t be a problem.” Caduceus dipped part of a pastry into his coffee before eating it.

“Good, good!” Molly said, pulling a tiny gummy from a bag in his pocket and quickly popping it into his mouth. “You want one?”

Caduceus glanced around to make sure no one was watching them, then held out his hand for one. “How strong are these?”

“We’ll feel buzzed by the time we get home, especially with the alcohol, but not a full-on high if we don’t have more than one,” Molly said softly, handing him one. “We can go a bit stronger once we leave. I don’t think we’ve tried having sex while on a trip, have we?”

Caddy took the gummy and chewed it before continuing the conversation. “I don’t think we have, we’ll see how it goes,” he said with a smile.

They continued eating and chatting about random stuff for the next hour or so, between trips back to the food tables for more. By the time they were both full, Molly was starting to feel the beginnings of a high start to kick in, and he reached over and took Caddy’s hand. “Let’s get out of here, okay? I’m suddenly feeling rather frisky...”

Caduceus smiled and squeezed Molly’s hand. “Sure, that sounds nice,” he said. He flagged down a waiter to get the check.

Molly quickly paid the entire check without giving Caduceus a chance to grab the little folder from him to even look at the cost. He then stood and pulled Caddy into a wet, sloppy kiss and whispered into his ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight for a week...”

Caduceus glanced around quickly. “Mollyyy, we’re in public…” he said, his face darkened with a heavy blush. “But ah… yeah, let’s go.”

“A little PDA when at least one of the parties is noticeably tipsy is perfectly fine,” Molly said softly. “I can already tell that you’re getting excited...” She casually indicated the bulge in Caddy’s pants. “I’m calling us a cab, though. We’ll get there quicker.”

Caduceus glanced down between them and noticed they were both… excited. “Ah… well then, let’s get out of here,” he said. He took Molly’s hand and pulled him towards the exit. Pulling out his phone, he called for a car to come pick them up. Once they were in the cab, Caduceus started relaxing more. It wasn’t that he was embarrassed by anything, he just wasn’t sure what was okay for a couple to do in public. They were soon back at Molly’s place, and he found that he couldn’t keep his hands off of Caddy once they were behind the doors of his apartment. They’d each had another pair of gummies while waiting for the cab, so by the time they got back, Molly was starting to fly pretty high. With the additional gummies, Caddy wasn’t quite as high as Molly, but he was definitely up.

As soon as they were in complete privacy, Molly’s hand was down Caddy’s pants, stroking his cock while the other hand tugged the zipper down and pushed the pants down off the taller man’s body. “Fuck, Caduceus...”

Caduceus leaned against the front door and gripped at Molly’s waist as he stroked his cock. “Oooh, Molly… fuck..”

Once Caddy’s pants and underwear were down, he moved his free hand under the Cherokee boy’s cock and began teasing his pussy, all while kissing him passionately. “My Precious Caddy...”

With his pants and underwear pooled around his ankles and Molly’s fingers in his pussy, Caduceus couldn’t help but buck up against Molly’s stomach. “Mmm.. aaah, Molly, Molly… fuck… fuck me…”

“In due time, Sweetness,” Molly purred, moaning into Caddy’s mouth. “I’ll fuck you... but not until I make you cum... using my fingers...” He pulled Caduceus with him toward the bedroom, roughly and playfully pushing him onto the bed. “And I’m gonna strip for you first.”

Caduceus stepped awkwardly out of his clothes as Molly pulled him along, glad he’d only been wearing sandals, leaving those behind as well. When he landed on the bed, he rolled over and smiled up at Molly. “I look forward to seeing that…”

In his best stripper move, Molly started to remove his shirt, reaching his arms up and allowing his wrists to become entrapped by the shirt as he put his arms behind his back. “Ohhhh, it seems that I’m trapped,” he cooed, dropping to his knees. “Would you like to come and ravish me, oh mighty hunter?”

Caduceus bit his lip at how sexy Molly looked, then stifled a laugh at his dramatic drop. “Come up on the bed, love, I can’t see you,” he said.

As though a leash had been pulled around his neck, Molly quickly moved up to the bed, kneeling next to Caduceus. “My mighty hunter has given chase for my heart and captured my body as well. Please, ‘skin me’” he purred, asking Caddy to help him out of his pants.

Caduceus sat up and thumbed open the button on Molly’s pants and tugged the fly down. “Mmm, hi there, my prey…” he purred with a dark smile. He slipped his hands down the back of Molly’s pants and grabbed two handfuls of his ass. Caduceus pulled Molly up onto his knees and into a kiss.

Molly’s purr deepened as he was kissed, his tongue dancing out and tangoing around Caddy’s tongue. “Mmmmm... You look so good when you get aggressive...”

Caduceus pressed their foreheads together, rocking his cock up against Molly’s still clothed one. He gasped in a breath as he felt the lacy material of the other’s panties brush against his sensitive skin. “Oh fuck… Molly…” Caduceus hooked his thumbs into the garment at Molly’s hips and pulled them and his pants down.

“I see you’ve learned another of your prey’s secrets,” Molly said with a slight blush. They’d been together for several month’s now, but this was the first time he’d worn women’s underwear around Caduceus. “I don’t know why I kept that from you...”

“I can’t imagine either…” Caduceus said. He brought one hand around to cup Molly through the material. “Gods, that’s hot…” he said before pulling Molly’s cock out and giving it a few good strokes.

“Ohhhh, Mister Clay...” Molly moaned when he touched him like that. “Fuck, your big hands on my dick are perfect... I’m glad my mighty hunter knows this secret now... of his prey...”

Caduceus kissed Molly again, leaning against him until he was pressing him down onto the bed. “Mm, the hunter is gonna take a bite... but, the prey has to take his clothes off first,” he said.

Molly quickly pulled his arms out of the shirt that had been holding him “trapped”, tossing it over to the side. “Will you please help your prey out by pulling the undergarments off him, mighty hunter?”

Caduceus stripped off his own shirt, tossing it aside over his head. He then smirked at Molly. “As you wish,” he said before sweeping his arm behind Molly’s legs and landing him flat on his back.

Molly lifted his head and gazed up at Caddy, a dreamy look in his eyes. “I really do love being your prey... I know how well you can ravish me...” Caddy made quick work of Molly’s pants, but dragged his panties down slowly, watching Molly get harder and the lacy material glided over his skin. As soon as they were off, Caduceus leaned in and bit into Molly’s neck. “Oooh, oh, fuck...” Molly whimpered as his panties were pulled off, and then yelped in pleasure and surprise when Caddy bit his neck. “Cad...Caduceus... Yes, mark your prey... Please, make me black and violet...”

Caduceus bit harder. He pulled away after a while breathing hard and looked at the swollen mark on Molly’s neck. “Oh fuck...”

Molly growled playfully, playing as though he wanted to fight and escape, continuing the chase, but he wasn’t going anywhere. “Are you going to trap me or let me run now that you’ve marked me, Hunter? You may want to mount me to keep me here...”

Caduceus nuzzled his face into the other side of Molly’s neck. “Mmm, I think I’ll keep my prey here...” he said. Caduceus trailed one hand from Molly’s chest down to his cock, then wrapped his hand around both of them rubbing their cocks together. “Oh, gods... yes...”

“Mmmm, that feels so good...” Molly said, his eyes half-lidded, but an idea suddenly came to his head, and he used all his force to push Caddy off him and pounced on him, pinning him to the mattress. “But the hunter can sometimes become the hunted...” he growled.

Caduceus startled a bit as Molly flipped them over. “Oh! So he is,” he said. “And what ever shall you do with me?”

“I’m gonna eat you up, Little Morsel,” Molly growled, moving in and leaving a dark mark on Caddy’s neck. “Delicious... Once I eat your cock up, I’m going to mark you from the inside... Coating you with my cum... Does that sound good to you, My Delightful Meal?”

“Ohh! Gods, yes,” Caduceus moaned as Molly bit him. “Yes, please...”

“Fuck yeah,” Molly growled in an animalistic way, kissing and nibbling his way down Caddy’s body, nibbling on both nipples in turn, finally licking down his length and kissing the tip. “Mmmmm, Caddy... So good...”

Caduceus writhed under Molly’s mouth and hands. He nearly jerked up into Molly’s mouth when he kissed the tip of his cock. “Oh gods, Molly... if you’re going to tease me like this, I’ll just take over again...”

“Fuck that,” Molly growled, taking Caddy’s entire cock being engulfed in the purpled-haired man’s mouth, one hand coming to the base and the other hand pushing two fingers into his pussy.

Caduceus gasped loudly and gripped his hands into the bedsheets. “OH!! Oh fuck!” he cried. Relaxing into it, he buried one hand in Molly’s hair, holding him down to suck his cock. “Gods, you’re perfect Molly...” Caduceus moaned. He rocked his hips up into Molly’s mouth, which also pushed him further into his fingers.

“So are you,” Molly whispered before sucking him back into his mouth. His fingers started moving in and out of Caddy’s pussy smoothly, adding a third finger soon and finding his sweet spot quickly. He wanted to bring him to the edge quickly and then draw it out until he was almost begging for an orgasm.

Caduceus groaned as Molly finger fucked him. “Oooh, Molly... oh fuck, there! Right there, gods, I’m close...”

Molly pulled back suddenly, only sucking on his tip again. “Uh-uh, not yet, Tasty Boi,” Molly purred. “You don’t get to careen off that edge just yet...”

“Hhhnnnngg...” Caddy moaned as Molly sucked on the tip and didn’t let him cum. “Oh, Molly... you’re so mean...” he teased.

“Oh no, I’m not, Caddy,” he said softly, pumping his fingers softly inside him while he spoke. “I just know what I want... and what I want is for you to stay on the edge, on the end of a tight leash... where I get to decide whether or not to let you fall over...”

Caduceus whimpered as Molly stroked his inner walls. “Oh, gods... Molly please...” Caduceus had one hand gripping the sheets and the other pulling at his own hair.

Molly saw Caddy pulling his own hair, and moved back up to lay next to him, his hand still in his lover’s body, but the other hand moved into his hair and tugged roughly, kissing him ferociously. “You want it so badly, huh? Then cum. Now. NOW.”

Caduceus let out a loud moan when Molloy tugged his hair. His pussy clenched around Molly’s fingers and his hips bucked up against them. “Oh fuck!! Yes!! Aaah!!” he cried as he came.

Molly’s mouth opened wide and he gave Caddy an even darker, deeper mark on the other side of his neck as he came, moaning loudly as he felt a tiny bit of blood on his tongue. “Mmmmm, yes... Oh, fuck, Caddy... Yes... So good... So delicious.”

Caddy winced as he felt himself bleed a little. “Oh... damn, Molly... are you secretly a vampire?” he asked with a laugh.

“Not in real life, no,” Molly chuckled, licking the blood from his lips and smiling down at his lover. “Did you enjoy that, Honey?”

“Yeah... I love you, Molly,” he said.

“I love you too, Caduceus,” Molly purred, pulling his fingers out and licking away the juices there. “I’m gonna let you rest for a minute before we go further... then I’m going to really enjoy ravishing you...”

“Ah-aah...” Caduceus shuddered as Molly removed his fingers. “Thank you… I need a minute,” he said.

“You’re such a sweetheart, Caddy...” Molly purred next to his ear. “I love you so so much.”

Caduceus presses his forehead against Molly’s. “I love you too...” he murmured.

“While we rest...” Molly whispered, kissing Caduceus gently. “I wanted to ask you, when did you want to meet with Caleb?”

“Well… we could all go on a date sometime?” Caduceus suggested. “That would be a nice way to all hang out together.”

“Mmm, that sounds nice,” Molly said with a smile, running his fingers over Caduceus’ cheek. “Dinner and a movie?”

“That sounds great,” Caduceus said. He trailed his fingers over Molly’s arm and chest, trailing down to his hip. “Molly…”

“Yes, My Love?” Molly asked, knowing what Caddy was asking for, but wanting him to voice it for him.

“I believe you said something about ravishing me? Caduceus said with a sultry tone.

“Would you, please?”

“Since you ask so nicely...” he said softly. “I will do whatever you want me to do to you.” He leaned in and kissed Caddy tenderly, the kiss deepening quickly as he rolled over on top of him, their cocks pushed together blissfully.

“Mmm, hi there...” Caduceus purred. He reached his hand down and wrapped it around both their cocks, pumping a little. “Oh, that’s nice... I’d love for you to fuck me...”

Molly suddenly felt a surge of giddiness and lightness in his body, and he knew that the biggest part of his high was hitting him at that moment, mixed with all the pleasure. “Ohhh, that’s what that feels like during sex...” He shook his head to try to clear it a little but knew that wasn’t going to work. “Yeah, I’ll fuck you... How you feeling down there, Honeybear?”

Caduceus was hitting a similar point. “Oh... I feel, electric...” he breathed out. His skin had been tingling all over since his first orgasm. It intensified wherever Molly touched him. “Oh, that feels amazing... touch me more please...”

Molly ran his hands over Molly’s arms as he got into position, putting Caddy’s legs around his waist. “Do my lips feel electric to you when I kiss you, Baby? Mine do...” He kissed him again for effect, sliding his cock inside the waiting cavern and just sitting there for a minute.

“Mmmm!!” Caduceus moaned into the kiss. He separated with a gasp as Molly pushed into him and his hands spread out over the sheets. “Oooh! Oh, Molly... fuck that’s good... how, how is that so good...? You’re not even moving, just having you in me...” Caduceus brought his hands back up into Molly’s hair and pulled their bodies flush against each other as they kissed.

“Not usually quite this high, are you?” Molly chuckled at the response. “Sex on a trip is... Amazing... Even just from a marijuana high... I’ve never done anything heavier than that, but I’ve heard stories...” He stopped talking and went back to kissing and touching when Caddy pulled him down, still not moving inside him.

Caduceus ran his hands over Molly’s back. “Oh... but, if you don’t start moving, I might just explode,“ Caduceus said, halfway teasing. “Gods, please fuck me, Mollymauk, I want to feel it...” Molly didn’t say anything, the look on his face as he started moving saying everything he needed to at that moment. His eyes were clouded and blown wide with lust and need and being high as a kite, and he purred into Caddy’s neck.

Caddy’s eyes rolled back and slipped closed. “Oo-ooh... Molly.” As Molly started to move, Caduceus became aware of how hard he was again. “Oh fuck, Mollymauk... I love you, I love this... can, can I touch myself?” he asked.

“Yeah, go ahead, Baby,” Molly purred, lifting up just a little to give him room to get his hand in between them. “I love you too, Caddy... My beloved... My sexy beast...”

Caduceus traced his fingers lightly over his shaft, eyelashes fluttering as he did. He wrapped his hand around it and swiped his thumb over the head. “Oooh, fuck... Molly, please...”

“Yeah, Baby...” Molly crooned, smiling and starting to move more deeply in Caduceus’ cunt, looking down into the cavern between their two bodies meeting and groaning at how erotic it looked. In the back of his mind, he wondered what it would be like if he had tits and no cock, and it was Caddy’s cock inside him...

Caduceus tightened his grip as Molly fucked further into him. “Oh! Yes, oh, honey... Molly, I’m so close... oh my god I feel like I’m full of stars...”

“You’ll be full of something else soon, Honeybear...” Molly said softly. “Fuck, I’m close too... Cad-Caduceus... Get ready, Baby... Oh god oh fuck!” He spilled his seed into him, crying out in sheer ecstasy as his vision clouded and he nearly blacked out. “Ohhhh, Caddy...”

The feeling of Molly’s hot cum filling his cunt gave Caduceus that push over the edge. White splattered across his chest as he came breathlessly. He turned his head to kiss Molly. “That was amazing...”

“Fuck yeah it was...” Molly said after a moment of stillness. “Gods, Caddy... I love you so much... Everything about you... Fuck... I’m never letting you out of my life again...”

“Mmmm, I love you too…” Caduceus said quietly. “You’d better not leave me again, I’ll hunt you down if I have you,” he teased.

“That might be fun, but no,” Molly said softly, pulling out and gently laying down next to his lover. “I’m yours for as long as you want me...”

Caduceus rolled over onto his side, facing Molly. “Forever and ever,” he said. “Or at least the foreseeable future.”

“Hopefully forever and ever, if I have anything to say about it,” Molly cooed, his hand coming up and caressing Clay’s cheek. “And I look forward to seeing you get along with Jester, and hopefully with Caleb too.”

“Me too,” Caduceus said. He leaned in and kissed Molly again, sweetly. “I had a great time with Jester, all things considered. And… I can see things working with Caleb, but I definitely want that date first.”

“Oh, absolutely,” he said, returning the kiss just as sweetly. “And I want to make sure it’s as casually romantic as possible. No pressure to do anything, but open for a wide realm of possibility.”

Caduceus smiled, kissing Molly again. They spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling in bed, watching TV on the big-screen while consuming munchies and eventually ordering a couple of personal pizzas and a large pasta bowl to share for dinner.

“Hey, Babe, I’m sorry, but I have work in the morning at the cafe,” Caduceus said after dinner. “I’m gonna need to head back to my place soon.”

“That’s okay,” Molly said with a small yawn. “Caleb asked if I wanted to come over to his place tonight, and I told him maybe.” Caddy smiled at that, knowing that the two had been sexting all afternoon.

“You two are really cute,” Caddy said as he got dressed. “You should go to him. He let me have you all day, so it’s only fair.”

“I love you,” Molly said, getting off the bed and kissing Caddy sweetly. ‘Caddy said it’s okay, so I’ll be over soon,’ he texted Caleb before getting dressed. “See you tomorrow then, Honeybear...”

End Chapter 5

Chapter Text

Once he had left Caddy’s place, Molly headed straight back to Caleb’s apartment, knowing that tonight was not going to be much of a night for sleeping. Molly and Caleb hadn’t slept together yet, having wanted to wait until Molly wasn’t “tied down”. But now that the three of them were an item, Molly was ready to consummate his relationship with Caleb.

“On my way, Liebling,” he texted.

Caleb was relaxing on his bed, in his room after his study session. He’d been sexting with Molly all through that, which had been distracting. When his phone buzzed, Caleb reached for it without opening his eyes and looked at the message. “I will see you soon then,” he texted back to Molly. “I’m looking forward to this 😉”

“Me too, Honey,” Molly texted back, hurrying out to his car and heading for Caleb’s apartment. Knocking on the door, he waited for his boyfriend to answer. Caleb jumped up from where he’d been laying on his bed and went to open the door. His roommate Nott was out with her boyfriend, and he was glad he and Molly would have the apartment to themselves. When he’d gotten home earlier that day, Caleb had changed into sweatpants and a soft t-shirt, foregoing his binder until being in public called for it. Finally, Caleb opened the door. “Hallo, Mollymauk,” he said with a smile.

“Hello yourself, You Handsome Devil,” Molly said, pushing inside quickly, pulling Caleb close to him and shutting the door quickly. After kissing him until he was breathless, he pushed Caleb away playfully. “Bedroom. Now.”

“Mmm, yes sir,” Caleb said playfully. It was a _very_ good thing they had the apartment to themselves. He took Molly’s hand and lead him back to his bedroom.

“I’ve been really looking forward to this...” Molly breathed once they were in the back of the bedroom, moving to sit on the bed while Caleb locked the door. “Those text messages you sent me, telling me what you wanted to do to me... You’ve kept me hard all afternoon...”

“Ja… me too…” Caleb said. “Sorry I am not more… presentable? I am not a fancy person.” Caleb made his way back to Molly and perched next to him on the bed. “So, ah… how should we do this?”

“Oh, you don’t have to be fancy, My Darling,” he said, his hand moving to Caleb’s face when he sat down. “We’ll both be naked soon enough... and your amazingly handsome body will be all the fancy I need.” He kissed Caleb again. “So, to start, why don’t we just focus on getting each other undressed?”

“Ja… okay,” Caleb said. They’d been beating around the bush together for a while. Just kissing, some touching. He slipped his hands under Molly’s jacket, easing it up and off his shoulders. “Have you… been with someone like me before?”

Molly shook his head. “Never been with a trans guy before, no,” he admitted nervously. “Caduceus is intersex, or two-spirit as he refers to it, but... That situation is completely different from yours. I’m excited to finally be doing this with you, but... yeah, I’m kinda shitting myself with how nervous I am about fucking up somehow.”

Caleb kissed Molly’s cheek. “You’ll be fine, Liebling,” he said. Caleb started unbuttoning Molly’s top. “Just remember, it’s my chest, not my tits, my cunt, not my pussy,” he said quietly.

“And what about this?” Molly teased, pushing his hand against the cloth-covered nub between his legs. “What do you want me to call that? Your clit or your cock?”

Caleb’s eyes slipped closed for a moment. He’d been hard and wet all afternoon and the contact was both sweet and torturous. “Ah, either... I’m flexible on that one...”

“Good to know...” Molly said with a smile, moving to divest Caleb out of his shirt, happy to see that there was nothing underneath it to get in his way. “Mmmm, may I play with your chest, Love?”

Caleb let his t-shirt get lost somewhere in his room. “Ja, go ahead,” he said. His chest wasn’t usually very sensitive, but if Molly wanted to play, that was fine.

“You’re an amazing man, you know that?” Molly breathed, his hands coming up to play with the soft mounds of Caleb’s chest. “I’m honored and privileged to be able to be close to you like this... Please, have at me, My Darling... Feel free to do some of the things you texted me about earlier today...”

Caleb moved in and kissed slowly down Molly’s neck. As he went, he unbuttoned Molly’s shirt until his hands were playing at Molly’s chest much the same way that Molly was playing at his. “Does that feel good, Schatz?” Caleb asked.

“Mmmm, yeah it feels great,” Molly purred, loving the way he was playing with his breasts. “I have something I need to tell you about me, Honey... Something I need you to keep absolutely secret... and when I tell you, I know you’ll understand why.”

Caleb kissed down to Molly’s collar bone, pressing him back against the bed and moving to his chest. “Mmm? What’s that, dearest?” he wondered.

“I’m starting to... think that I’m on the opposite side of the board from you,” he said, remembering clearly what he’d imagined when he’d been with Caddy earlier. “I’ve been imagining myself with a fully female body... for a while now. And it... it makes me feel really... whole, to wear women’s clothes.” He moaned softly as Caleb worked on him, happy to be sharing this with someone.

Caleb leaned back up and kissed Molly deeply. “I love you, Molly,” he said. “Whether you’re a man, a woman, or something else, I love you. And… if you don’t want anyone else to know yet, I can keep a secret.”

“Thank you, Handsome,” Molly said, wiping a small trace of tears from his eyes. “You’re the only person I’ve told, as far as I can remember. If I knew before the accident... I don’t remember that now. And by the way, I love you too, Caleb. Please, play with my tits more...”

“Of course, as you wish,” he said with a small smile. Caleb ducked back down and took one of Molly’s nipples into his mouth. He played with the other side in his hand, pinching and pulling gently at the whole area.

Molly moaned a little louder at the attention Caleb was giving him. He’d always loved having his nipples sucked and bitten and played with, and he was starting to understand more now as to why. “Ohhh, good, Caleb... That feels really good...”

Caleb switched sides after a moment, then kissed down the center of Molly’s chest. He leaned up on his elbows and pressed Molly’s pecs together, creating a little valley between them. “Mmm, that’s something I could get used to,” he said.

“Mmmm, me too, Baby,” Molly purred, enjoying the look of cleavage on his chest. “I love seeing myself with tits when I’m at work... and hate when I have to take off them off at the end of the night...”

Caleb eyed Molly calmly as he spoke. “Mm. You could... not to pressure you into something you’re not ready for... you could just keep them on...” he said. Caleb then kissed down Molly’s stomach to the waistband of his pants. “Can I get a color?”

“Green, Honey,” Molly said with a warm smile. “I’ll think about it. Feel free to play with my cock, but forget that my balls exist, please. I’ve never been friends with them...”
“Sure,” Caleb said. He deftly undid Molly’s pants, pulling them off and leaving him in just the lacy panties. “Mmm, those look very nice on you,” Caleb purred. He mouthed at Molly’s hard cock trapped by the thin material.

“Mmmmm, thank you, Caleb...” he moaned softly, loving the feeling of his lips on his shaft. “How do you propose we make love tonight, Dearest? The traditional way?”

Caleb ran his tongue over Molly’s cock from tip to base. “Mmm... whatever way you want... I could even fuck you myself if you want,” he said.

“Mmmm, that sounds really nice,” Molly said, moaning at the feeling of Caleb’s tongue on him. “Fuck, you’re good at this... I think that this first time, I would like to take your cunt...”

Caleb shivered at the suggestion. “Mm, ja, I like the sound of that too,” he said. He sat up quickly and shucked off his sweatpants before peeling down Molly’s panties. “Hallo there,” he said with a smile.

Molly bit his lip at the sight of his lover, stark naked in front of him, chest on full display and cunt dripping wet and waiting for him. “Fuck, Caleb... You’re amazing... and gorgeous...”

“Thank you,” Caleb said, moving to straddle Molly’s hips. He leaned down and kissed him, letting their chests brush together. “Mmm, I want you, Molly... do you want me?”

“Fuck yes, I want you, Caleb...” Molly moaned, licking his lips hungrily after the kiss. “Will you ride me, My Love?”

Caleb pushed back up. “Ja...” he said, lining up his cunt with Molly’s dick and sinking down on it. “Oooh, mmm...” Caleb moaned. “Gods I’ve been wanting this...”

“Gods, Caleb...” Molly breathed, reaching and taking Caleb’s hand for grounding. “Ohhhh, you feel so good, Babe... So hot, and wet... Fuck... I’ve been waiting for this... and now I finally have it...”

“I finally have -you-,” he amended.

Caleb squeezed Molly’s hand in response. “Ah, ja, we have each other... and more,” he said. Caleb started moving, bouncing his hips to get a rhythm going.

Molly hummed in pleasure as he was moved on by his lover, reaching up and touching Caleb’s chest gently, rolling his nipples between fingers and thumbs. “Damn, Caleb... Honey, you’re so... so perfect... Fuck...”

“Ah... so, so are you... fuck, Molly...” Caleb said as he moved. He shifted his angle just so and let out a low moan as Molly’s cock rubbed against his g-spot. “Ooh! Fuck, there... yes...”

Molly shifted a little, his hips moving up to meet Caleb’s bouncing, loving the look on the German-born man’s face as he rode him. “Fuck... Fuck fuck fuck, Caleb... Baby, how close are you, Sweetheart?”

“Getting there... oh, ja, fuck... Molly, fuck me...” Caleb said. He let his head fall back and ground against the pressure. “Oh fuck, ja, fuck...”

Molly mustered all of his energy and suddenly flipped them over, staying deep inside Caleb while he turned him over onto his back. “Fuck yeah... That’s easier...” From there, the railing began in earnest, going deeper and harder than before.

Caleb yelped in surprise, then cried louder with pleasure. He gripped onto Molly’s firearms and held on. “Oh ja, ja, fuck, Molly Molly Molly...” Caleb chanted. “I’m so close now, I’m... Oh!! Oh, fuck!!!”

“Fuck, Caleb!” Molly keened, getting so close to cumming. “I’m close... Really close... Do you want me to— to pull out?”

“Oh fuck, ja, you’d better, shit,” Caleb said. He lost the mood for a moment and lightly smacked his hand over his face. “I totally forgot, fuck, I’m an idiot...”

“Stop that...” Molly said, grabbing Caleb’s wrist lightly. “You don’t get to hurt yourself... You’re not an idiot, you just got caught up in the moment...”

Caleb turned his hand around and held onto Molly. “Ja, ja, you’re right... I still want to finish though... please Molly, make me cum...”

“Gladly, Love,” Molly said, starting to move again, reaching between them and rubbing on Caleb’s clit. “Fuck yeah, Caleb... So hard and so wet for me... So so good... Cum for me, Honey... Cum!”

“Ooohhh, ja... fuck yes, Molly, OH!! FUCK!” Caleb cried out as he came. His nails dug into Molly’s arm as he tensed up then relaxed into the post-orgasmic haze.

Had Molly not been thinking about it beforehand, he would have lost himself in the pleasure and spent himself inside of Caleb, but he managed to pull out of him just at the last moment before he came, spilling his seed on Caleb’s chest and chin. “Fuck!!”

Caleb flinched his eyes closed as Molly’s cum hit his chin. “Oh... gods...” he murmured. Caleb pulled Molly down to the bed and wrapped his arms around him. “Mmm, you are wonderful, Molly...”

“You are too, My Darling,” Molly said softly, catching his breath. “Mmmmm, that felt great...” He pressed his sweaty forehead to Caleb’s and grinned down at him. “I love you.”

Caleb leaned in and kissed Molly. “I love you, too,” he said.

Molly’s eyes closed briefly, basking in the afterglow of their bliss. “I’m so happy, Caleb... Things are coming together so perfectly... For all of us.”

“Ja, they are...” Caleb said quietly. I raised the hand behind Molly to play idly with his hair. “Mm... are you staying here tonight then?”

“I was hoping for that, yes,” Molly said, leaning into the touch of Caleb’s hand. “We can go visit Caduceus in the morning for breakfast at the cafe.”

“Sounds good to me,” Caleb said. “So... what now?”

“Now... It just gets better...” Molly said, leaning in and kissing him again. “Are you hungry? We could order in.”

“Well... I ah, I don’t think I’ve eaten since this morning... so, ja,” Caleb said, not looking Molly in the eye. “I got caught up in studying, then... well you know...”

“We need to work on self-care, don’t we, Caleb?” Molly said with sympathy in his voice. “What are you in the mood for, food-wise? It’s my treat.”

Caleb made a cat noise and buried his face against Molly’s neck. “Mmm.... burgers and fries? Ja, that sounds good to me.”

“Okay!” Molly said, satisfied with his response, though he also decided to order some more nutritious items, including a chicken bacon ranch salad (with no bacon on one so Caleb could eat it) and an order of chicken strips. He sent off the delivery order and then set his phone down. “Have anything we can snack on in the meantime?”

“Umm, I might have some jerky?” Caleb said. He gestured at a drawer in his desk. “Nott makes sure I have emergency snacks...”

“Ah, good on her,” Molly said, opening the drawer and finding a few packets of beef jerky and some applesauce cups. He picked one of each out and tossed them to Caleb. “Eat, Kitten...”

Caleb sat up on the bed fully. “Thank you,” he said quietly. He opened the applesauce first and ate it without a spoon.

Molly grinned at the way Caleb at the applesauce, loving the way his tongue moved out to lap at the remaining applesauce in the cup. “Okay, that’s hot.”

Caleb rolled his eyes but smiled. “Thank you,” he said. “Not that I can do that on you but... mm, maybe after a fashion...”

“I’m sure you have a very talented tongue...” Molly purred. “As we’ve been kissing, you’ve definitely had a talent for leaving me breathless...”

“As have you,” Caleb said with a wry smile. “I just meant I don’t do ass to mouth.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” Molly chuckled. “I’m not really a fan of eating ass or getting my ass eaten anyway. It’s kinda gross...”

Caleb chuckled then. “Ah, I am glad we are on the same page...” Molly opened his cup of applesauce and delicately lapped at the contents, making a show of licking it clean, the bar in his tongue clicking against the plastic of the cup lightly. Caleb felt a blush form high in his cheeks as he watched Molly lick out the applesauce. “Ah... I may have to have you go down on me later...”

“All you gotta do is ask, My Darling,” Molly purred, putting the cup down and opening the bag of jerky. “Nott has good taste in snacks, but I’m gonna being over a bag of chocolate cupcakes, pretzels, and Twinkies to add to this little stash.”

“Ah, they are supposed to be healthy...” Caleb said quietly. “But pretzels sound good,” he said.

“You’re plenty healthy as long as you actually eat,” Molly said in a concerned tone. “If I’m gonna be your partner, I’m going to make sure you’re taken care of... that you’re eating properly and getting other things you need.”

“Mmmm... okay,” Caleb said with some hesitation. He didn’t want to get into all the things he was thinking.

Molly could see that there was more going on in Caleb’s mind, but didn’t want to press too hard and upset him. “It’s my job to spoil my boys, ya know? I love you...”

“Ja, I love you too,” Caleb said with a small smile. “I do spend most of my money on supplies for school… so, if you want to and are able to help, I suppose I should take you up on that.”

“Oh, honey, I’m happy to do that for you, since I am able to make a lot of money with all the little side jobs I do,” Molly said, pulling him in for a warm hug. “I don’t think I’ve told you this, but...” This part of the conversation made him nervous with new partners because he’d been kicked out by a few people before for sharing this part of his life. “I do sex work online, and occasionally I’m an escort.”

Caleb hugged Molly back when he pulled him in. “Just online right…? Do you… erm, do you have sex with your clients?” he asked, feeling a little awkward.

“Nothing more than touching through clothes and kissing, and they don’t get to see me undressed or get to undress themselves in person,” Molly said with a shake of his head. “Online, they get to see me naked, but I never accept pics from them. If they even try to send me pics of themselves, they get blocked from my channel.”

“Ah, okay then.” Caleb kissed Molly on the cheek. “I’m okay with that then,” he said. “Heh, now I feel really boring in comparison to you…”

“You’re definitely not boring, Kitten,” Molly said softly, kissing him back. “I don’t -do- boring. If you were boring, I wouldn’t be here, -doing- you.” He kissed from Caleb’s cheek to his chin, and then nibbled lightly on his earlobe. “You’re brilliant, and I know you’re going to do great things.”

“Ah… mmm, okay…” Caleb said, a little breathy. “Ah… we probably do not have time, do we?”

“We can at least make out until the food arrives,” Molly said with a chuckle. “Do you have a small vibe with a remote control? I’d love to see you sit here and eat your food with your cunt twitching with need...”

Caleb shivered a little. “No, but that should go on the wishlist,” he said with a smile. “C’m here,” Caleb said, pulling Molly in for a kiss.

“Mmmm, yeah, we can definitely add that to the wishlist,” he purred, kissing him passionately until the knock came on the door from the delivery driver. “Back in a moment, Kitten...”

“Wait, Molly!” Caleb said before he left the room. “You need to cover up!”
Molly picked up a towel from the neat pile on the shelf and threw it around his middle, tying it snugly together, moving back over to Caleb and booping his nose. “Shush, you...”

Caleb stuck out his tongue at Molly. “Don’t traumatize the delivery person,” he said.

“Au contraire, mon couer,” Molly said. “If I was greeted at a job by one as beautiful as myself, especially with little on as I am wearing, I wouldn’t be traumatized. I would feel #blessed! Now let me go answer the door before they think I’m not going to.”

“Yes, go, go,” Caleb said, rolling his eyes and shooing Molly away with his hand.

When Molly opened the door, he was greeted by the smiling face of a somewhat familiar man with dark-chocolate skin and a small streak of white in the black hair. “Hey, Fjord!” Molly greeted him with a warm smile and a wave.

“Oh! Uh, hi Molly,” Fjord said. He’d seen the name when it came up on the app but didn’t put two and two together until the purple-haired man opened the door. “Here’s your order,” he said, pulling out and holding up a couple of take out bags.

“Jess told me that you’d been doing some delivery work!” he said, taking the bags and handing Fjord a $10 tip on top of what he’d tipped on the app. “Sorry to not be dressed. I was getting ready to hop in the shower.”

Fjord raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Uh-huh. Thanks for the tip. Well, I gotta run to the next stop, see ya later,” he said as he turned and left.

“See you in class!” Molly said cheerfully down the hall before closing the door. “It was nice to see Fjord as our delivery person...” he said as he walked back into the bedroom with the food.

“Oh?” Caleb asked. “Well, that’s good for him, I guess.” Caleb then made a grabbing motion for the food.

“Everyone has to make a living somehow, right?” Molly said, pulling out the salad with no bacon on it and handed it to Caleb, pulling his own out and opening it up. “Mmmmm, one of my favorites right here!”

Caleb started in on his own salad. “Mm, same. I wish they had a replacement for the bacon, but such is life.”

“Have any turkey bacon or anything I could pop into the microwave for you?” Molly offered. “I’m guessing probably not, but it never hurts to ask.”

“Nein, don’t worry about it,” Caleb said. “I have almost everything I could want right here.”

“Oh, and what do you lack, besides a bacon substitute?” Molly said cutely, taking a bite of chicken after smothering it with ranch dressing.

Caleb picked at his salad while he thought. “Well, I would love to have a cat, and I could always use more books,” he said. “So ah… ja.”

“What kind of books do you prefer?” Molly asked, thinking of ordering him some gifts, and at the very least adding them to his online wishlist. “Like I said, I’m gonna spoil you.”

“Mm… I like science fiction, fantasy sometimes… wizards especially,” Caleb said with a smile. “Recently though, I’ve mostly been needing help with textbooks for school…”

“Oh, really?” Molly said with a bit of concern. “How much more money do you need to cover them for the semester? I have some stipend money for textbooks leftover that I can use.”

Caleb startled. “Ah! No, nein, I am fine! For this semester anyway… but, in the fall, I will let you know.”

“Please do, Love,” he said with a smile. “When you register for your classes, we can add the books to my wishlist too. In the meantime, find a few books on Amazon that you want to read that aren’t for school, send me a link, and I’ll add them.”

“Will do,” Caleb said, digging into his chicken. He pulled his phone over and opened a couple of apps before sending the links to Molly over messenger.

“Oooh, these are some really great choices,” Molly said, reading over the list. “Though I may add those first two to my private wishlist and get it for you myself. I try to keep religious items like the Quran and the Torah away from my adult entertainment audience. But I’ll get these for you when I can.”

Caleb scooted over and hugged Molly from the side. “Thank you, so much,” he said. “I love you, Mollymauk…”

“I love you too, Kitten,” Molly said, turning his head and kissing him softly on the top of his head. They continued to eat and talk, and Molly told Caleb some about his life since the accident that had taken his memory. Eventually, the two of them were starting to doze off against each other and the wall. Caleb helped Molly clear the trash off the bed, then cuddled him as they both fell asleep.

Chapter Text

The day had been wonderful, with Molly, Caleb, and Caduceus all having lunch together after their respective morning classes. The three had met up in the student center’s more formal restaurant, each enjoying a little alcohol with their lunch. They had been getting to know each other more on a group basis, but tonight was a night that Caleb and Caduceus hoped to have some private time together.

Caleb was just finishing up the story of how he’d gotten his childhood cat, Frumpkin. “So by the end, my parents allowed me to keep ze kat. We got her all fixed up and clean, and she was very very sweet.”

“Oh my god, that’s adorable!” Molly said, practically having heart eyes as he listened to Caleb talk about his cat. “I hope I get to meet her one day!”

“Ah, well… maybe if I get another cat when I move out of where I am now…” Caleb said, a little solemnly. “Frumpkin… passed away a little more than a year ago… she was a very good cat, for a very long time.”

“Oh, Kitten, I’m so sorry,” Molly said, feeling heartbroken for his lover, and Caduceus gave him a sympathetic look.

“Maybe one day, if the three of us are living together or something, he could be our little fur baby, until we have the means to have a family of our own,” Caduceus said, putting his hand on Caleb’s hand.

“Ja,” Caleb said. “That sounds really nice.” He turned his hand over and interlocked his fingers with Caddy’s. “And you know, it’s okay, Molly. I’m not… over it, but it’s okay.”

“Love you, Kitten,” Molly said, taking Caleb’s free hand and kissing the back of it, doing the same with Caduceus’ hand. “And I love you too, Honeybear.” Just then, his alarm went off, and he realized that they’d been sitting there for nearly two hours. “Shit, I gotta go home and get ready for the show tonight... I’m sorry, guys.”

Caleb leaned over quickly and pulled Molly in for a kiss. “That’s alright, schatz,” he said. “Go have fun dancing, okay? I love you.”

“Thanks, Baby!” Molly said, plopping a tip down on the table. “Gotta go!” And in a flash, he was gone. Caduceus was glad they had paid in advance.

“Shall we go too, Sweetheart?” he said softly, nuzzling Caleb’s neck.

Caleb hummed and brushed one finger down the center of Caduceus’ palm. “Ja, let’s get going. Your place?” he asked.

Caduceus felt a shock of pleasure hit him when he felt Caleb’s finger brush over his palm. “Yeah, yeah, let’s go to my place, and in a hurry.” He was both very wet, and hard as a rock, and he was glad he had plenty of condoms in his bedroom at home. Caleb slid out of the booth, glad at that moment that he didn’t have a cock. He was very wet himself. Caleb held out his hand for Caddy and held his hand while they made their way out. The walk back to the dorms was relatively quiet, enjoying each other’s company, both knowing that they were going to be anything but quiet very soon. Once inside, it didn’t take long for Caduceus to pull Caleb against him, kissing the redhead ferociously until they were both breathless. “Gods, Caleb... I need you so bad...”

Caleb was pressed up on his tip toes and Caduceus was hunched over a bit as they kissed. Caleb dropped back down to his feet when they separated. “Fuck, me too… Where? How?” he said breathlessly.

“Bedroom, now...” Caduceus said, picking Caleb up and putting the smaller man’s legs around his waist as he walked quickly to the bed, kicking the door closed even though he lived alone. He continued kissing him, not wanting to stop.

Caleb wrapped his arms around Caduceus’ shoulders, kissing him passionately. “Gods, fuck,” he murmured. Pressing his hips closer, Caleb moaned as he felt Caduceus’ cock through his pants. “Oooh… please…”

“Mmmm, does my lover want me to fuck him, huh?” Caduceus said in the most sultry voice he could muster. “If so, you simply have to say so...”

Caleb tightened his legs around Caddy’s hips and buried his fingers up into his hair. “Yes, please fuck me, Caduceus,” Caleb said, then kissed Caduceus again.

“Perfect...” Caddy moaned softly against Caleb’s lips, moving them over to the bed and dropping both of them onto the feather-soft mattress. “Help me with these clothes please...”

Caleb pushed up on Caduceus’ shoulder to roll them over so he was on top. “Y-yeah…” he said, working on Caddy’s top. He pushed it off, following along with his mouth as the fabric cleared his skin. Caleb cupped his hand around one of Caddy’s pecs and sucked the nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, Caleb...” Caddy purred, glad that he was laying down now, his back arching up as his nipple was sucked on. Being partially female in biology, his nipples were two of his most erogenous areas. “Such a good Kitten you are... Lapping at my nipples like milk... it feels so good...”

Caleb sat up then and made a face. “Eh, I’m not really into that… makes it sound like I’m pretending you’re my mother or something…” he said.

“Sorry, Love,” Caduceus said. “I was just trying to express how much I enjoy having your mouth on my chest. Is it okay to call you Kitten?”

Caleb stuck his tongue out in a ‘blep’. “Mrow,” he said teasingly. “That’s perfectly fine… and I love sucking on your chest too…” he said as he leaned back down to suck on Caduceus’ chest.

Caduceus let out a soft moan at the onslaught to his chest, smiling and putting his hand up on Caleb’s head. “You’re really good at that, and I’m so sensitive there...” He used his free hand to unzip his own pants, allowing his erection some relief from the tightness. He wasn’t wearing underwear today. “Please help me take these off.”

Caleb started to move back down to help Caduceus with his pants. He shivered as he felt Caddy’s cock rub against his crotch. “Gods, I can’t wait to have that in me…” he said. Caleb stood at the end of the bed and pulled Caduceus’ pants off.

“I can hardly wait either,” Caduceus purred, glad when the pants were off, shivering a bit when he saw the predatory, possessive look in Caleb’s eyes. “Do you want to ride me, or shall I take you the traditional way?”

Caleb couldn’t help but stare for a moment. He’d met other intersex people in his experience as a trans man, but this was something else entirely. “I… I have far too many clothes on,” he said. Caleb quickly and unceremoniously stripped out of his clothes and underwear, except for his binder. “I really want to ride you,” Caleb said, joining Caduceus on the bed again. “But ah, you are… kind of gigantic,” he said with a little laugh. “Could you eat me out first?”

“Of course, Kitten,” Caddy crooned. “Come sit on my face? Or do you want to be on your back for this?” He loved what he saw when Caleb stripped out of his clothes, not quite sure why he was leaving that on, but not wanting to bring it up.

“I’ll be on my back,” Caleb said. He moved up against the headboard and lay down. Caleb swiped one finger through his wet cunt, just for show.

“Sweet Gods, that’s hot,” Caddy said softly, biting his lip. “_You’re_ hot, Kitten...” He lowered himself to lay between Caleb’s legs, taking in the scent of his cunt while taking his clit into his mouth and sucking gently.

Caleb moaned and pressed up into Caddy’s mouth. “Ooh... mmm, das gut...” he threaded one hand into Caduceus’ hair and held him in place gently.

Caduceus moaned around him, testing the waters by putting two of his fingers up to the edge of Caleb’s hole, feeling the slick escaping from him. “Would you like my fingers in you while I keep sucking your cock, Kitten?”

“Ja, please...” Caleb said.

“Then my fingers you shall have,” Caduceus said, sliding two of his thick fingers deep into the hot cavern of Caleb’s cunt. “Oooh, Kitten, you’re so tight...”

Caleb spread his legs further. “Oooohh!! Oh yes, Caduceus!” he moaned aloud. “Your fingers… gott, that’s just your fingers…”

“Yeah, that’s just two of my fingers in you,” Caduceus said against his skin, his broad tongue starting to brush over the point where his fingers and Caleb’s walls began to converge. “Shall I insert a third, Kitten?”

Caleb enjoyed the feeling of Caduceus’ scruff against his legs as he spoke. “Mm, ja, please...” he moaned, petting his fingers through the other’s pink hair.

Caduceus smiled, sticking his ring finger into his mouth to wet it down before carefully sliding it into him. “Not going to push it if you don’t think you can, but do you think we can get all four fingers in?”

“Ahhh… Oooh, fuck, fuck, aaah…” Caleb moaned. He let his head fall back against the pillows. “Nein… just three… gods…”

“As you wish, Kitten...” Caddy said, starting to move those three fingers inside him. “Gods, Caleb, I love you... I love how hot and wet and wonderfully perfect you are... You’re an amazing man...”

“Ah, fuck, so are you,” Caleb said. He thrust his hips down onto his fingers, drawing them in more. “Gods, yes… fuck…”

Caduceus reached down between his legs and stroked himself in time with the thrusts of his fingers. “I’m gonna need to put on a condom... before we get too much further here... You want to do the honors?”

Caleb nodded. “Ja… oh fuck, please… make me cum first... suck my dick…” Without another word, but with a lust-filled, needy growl, Caduceus descended on Caleb’s clit, sucking on it as hard as he could. He loved that Caleb called it his dick, and he imagined easily that this was actually a long, thick cock in his mouth, and his head bobbed in a similar way now. Caleb tightened his grip on Caduceus’ hair and started rocking his hips up into his mouth. “Ooh! Yes, fuck yes!” His other hand fisted in the pillow behind his head. “Ja, darling, fuck!”

“Gods...” Caddy moaned, loving the pull of his hair and the squeeze of Caleb’s walls around his fingers as he continued finger-fucking him. His hips thrusted down into the mattress, trying to find some release. “Fuck... Caleb, you’re so good...”

“Ja, y-you’re good… too, oh! Fuck, Caduceus!” Caleb panted out. He shuddered and tightened his thighs around Caddy’s head. “Oh fuck! Oh ja, ja! I’m… FUCK!” Caleb cried out as he came. Caduceus happily drank up the cum from Caleb as he came, closing his eyes and getting as far into the slick as he could, his fingers slowing but not completely stilling. “Mmm… gods that’s good…” Caleb moaned as Caddy continued to massage his cunt. “Ah… fuck, I’m definitely ready for your cock now,” he said. Caleb tapped at Caddy’s wrist to signal him to pull out.

Caduceus pulled out, licking his fingers clean and moaning at how thick the slick was, and how wonderful it tasted. “Condoms on the bedside table...”

Caleb reached over to the beside table, rolling onto his side as he did. He grabbed one of the wrappers and played with the texture between his fingers and thumb for a moment. “Right then… roll over for me?”

Caduceus did as requested, smiling as he moved to lay on his back, beaming up at his lover with a look of pure lust and need in his eyes. “I’m ready for you, Kitten... Please put the condom on me so I can fill you up...”

Caleb shivered with anticipation before sitting up and moving to straddle Caduceus’ thighs. He tore open the wrapper and smoothy slid the condom down Caddy’s thick cock. “Oh, wow…” he whispered, squeezing at the base. “Gods, but you’re thick…”

“Contrary to popular belief, I actually -like- the feeling of the condom on me,” Caduceus said softly, purring at the slight buzzing feeling it gave his head. “It’s weird, but maybe it’s just the particular type? But damn, it feels really good...”

“Well, good for us then,” Caleb said. His hand trailed down curiously to Caduceus’ pussy, slipping a finger in. “Is that okay…?”

Caddy’s face looked like he had just been hit with a massive high when Caleb slipped a finger inside him. “Better than okay, Kitten... Gods...”

Caleb smiled and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, like when he would study some new, fascinating formula. “Interesting…” He pulled his finger back out and licked the slick off of it. “I’ll have to explore that later… but for now…” Caleb moved up on his knees and braced one hand on Caddy’s chest while he lowered himself onto the other’s cock. “Ooooh…. oh fuck…” Caleb moaned as he slowly made his way down.

“You’re welcome to explore me in any way you liiiii— Oh, Gods, Caleb!” He quickly came undone under his lover as Caleb impaled himself on Caddy’s shaft. “Fuck, Caleb! You’re so... so good, Kitten! Ohhhh!”

The stretch of it burned in the nicest way inside Caleb. “Oh… oh fuck…” he said breathlessly. He perched there for a moment, just getting used to how it felt. “Gods, you’re so big…” Caleb said, moving his hips up slightly, then back down. “Oh, gott!” He rested his hands on Caduceus’ shoulders and started to move slowly up and down. Caduceus put his hand up on Caleb’s chest tentatively as the man began moving up and down on him and began chanting in a language that Caduceus hadn’t used in years but seemed to come naturally to him. He closed his eyes and just mumbled incoherently. He had lost himself to the pleasure and was deep in a headspace that he didn’t even understand. It was just him, and Caleb, and the gods... Caleb heard Caduceus chanting, but paid it no mind. He would let his new lover do whatever felt natural for him. Caleb let his eyes fall closed and lost himself in the rhythm, moaning and panting along as he felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm.

“Caleb... I feel like I’m... going to explode!” Caduceus moaned loudly, continuing to move his hips up to meet Caleb. “I’m so close... Fuck... *gibberish gibberish gibberish* Ohhhh... Please... cum with me, Kitten... Ohhh, yeah...!”

“Ja, ja, fuck me, fuck me,” Caleb chanted and bounced on Caddy’s hips. “Yes, so close, oh gods, yes! YES!” Caleb cried out, throwing his head back and driving his hips down, wanting to feel Caduceus cum inside him.

At the same time, Caduceus tossed his head back and cried out, giving one final snap of his hips as he came, filling up the condom with a great deal of force. “Caleb! CALEB! Fuck! Fuck yes!”

Caleb all but collapsed on top of Caduceus as he entered post orgasmic bliss. “Gods… Caduceus, you’re amazing…” he breathed against the other’s skin.

“So... are you...” Caduceus breathed heavily, his chest heaving as he came down from his orgasm. “You’re perfect, Caleb... I love you...”

Caleb made a face as he pulled off and rolled onto his side. “I love you too…” he said.

“Is there anything I can do to ease your pain, Sweetie?” Caddy asked, having noticed the wince.

“Ah, no,” Caleb said. “Unless you have ibuprofen? I’m just not used to taking someone as big as you…” he said with a little smile.

“I’ll grab some for you,” he said. “Also, would you like to share a gummy with me?” He moved off the bed as he asked this, moving to the dresser and grabbing the medicine and the small bag of gummies from the drawer. Caleb reached one hand out and made a ‘gimme’ motion. He hadn’t been able to get ahold of edibles in so long, it’d be nice to have them again. “You want a whole one?” Caduceus asked carefully, handing him a whole one and grabbing one for himself.

“Ja, please,” Caleb said, taking it and eating it. He relaxed back on the bed and waited for Caduceus to return.

“Think fast!” Popping his gummy into his mouth, Cad tossed the bottle of ibuprofen to Caleb and then returned to the bed, snuggling with him. “I’m so happy...” Caleb caught the bottle and swallowed two pills dry before leaning over Caduceus and setting it on the bedside table.

“Mm, I’m really happy too,” he said.

Just then, Caduceus heard his cell phone buzz with a text message from Molly. “Bad night at the show... I need to come over... Please?”

“Of course, Honey! Let yourself in when you get here.” Caduceus immediately texted back, then looked to Caleb. “Molly needs to come over. He has bad nights at work sometimes, just from anxiety and stuff. What do you say we cheer him up when he gets here?”

“Ja, sure,” Caleb said. “Ah… I don’t think I’ll be up for much, but we can cuddle and stuff…”

“We’ll feed him a gummy and cuddle, yeah,” Caddy said with a smile.

*A Little White Before*

Molly had been feeling jittery and anxious most of the evening. He didn’t usually feel that way, especially since he got to do something he loved, next to one of the most beautiful women in the world. Tonight had been “Chicago Night” and most of their numbers had been from Broadway shows, which the audience loved. But from the moment Molly had stepped out on the stage to sing “Razzle Dazzle,” he’d felt the flare-up of a panic attack. Now, Marion was just coming off the stage at the end of the set, finishing with “When You’re Good To Mama,” and Molly knew he needed to be in her arms.

“Mama,” he said sardonically over a glass of Scotch, downing the shot in one gulp, “I need to be held... I’m about to lose my fucking mind.”

Marion glided over to Molly. “Aww, baby…” she cooed. She sat beside him on the couch and pulled him into a hug. “What’s wrong, Molly? What can I do for you?”

Molly was on the verge of tears, and the pot cookie he’d eaten before the show really hadn’t helped like it usually did. “Just... Hold me... The show’s over until the next seating. I need you to hold me, to help me get calmed down enough to finish the set... Or I gotta go, and tonight’s too important for me to be running off.”

Marion leaned back into the corner of the couch, pulling Molly with her and into her lap. “Oh honey… of course I will,” she said. Marion tucked Molly’s head against her chest and pressed a kiss into his hair. “It’s okay honey, it’s okay…” she whispered, rocking him back and forth a little.

Molly’s tears came out in a rush suddenly as he was pulled into her embrace. He didn’t even know why he was crying, he just was. “I felt so ashamed up there in that first song... Like I was letting our audience down. Like I was letting you down. I knew I was doing my best, but I almost ran off the stage as the music started playing...”

Marion kissed Molly’s hair again, at the temple. “You could never let me down, Mollymauk. I love you so much, you are so special… If you couldn’t go on stage or had to leave, I want you to know that I would only be concerned about you,” she said gently, rubbing his back in soothing circles. “Do you want something to help?”

“I had one of my pot cookies before the show, but it hasn’t started working yet,” he said, shaking his head as he rested it on her collarbone. “Will you... Marion, will you kiss me? Like, the way you kiss your clients? I don’t need anything more than kissing, I don’t think, but I... I need to feel...”
Marion moved one hand to cup Molly’s face. She gave him a sincere look of understanding and sympathy. “Of course, Molly…” she said quietly before pulling him in for a gentle kiss.

Molly’s eyes drifted closed as she pulled him in, whimpering at the tenderness of the kiss. He needed just a bit more, so he opened his lips as an invitation to go just a little further and deepen the kiss. She could choose not to, and that was okay, but in the back of his mind, he really wanted to make out with her. He wanted to get a little handsy, but without touching her “client-only” areas. For her sake, he hoped that she did have a client tonight after the show, so she could get some relief, as he would asking Caduceus if he could come over tonight.

Marion took Molly’s cue and licked into his mouth, sliding her tongue against his. She hummed pleasurably as she slid her hand into his hair and scratched against Molly’s scalp. Molly finally felt himself starting to relax and calm down, and he wasn’t sure if it was the warm, firm touch of his dear Ruby, or the high finally starting to take him. Whichever it was, he didn’t care. He held tighter to her, not wanting to let go of this feeling. “Marion... Thank you...”

“Mmm, you are most welcome, Molly...” Marion said before pressing another kiss to the corner of Molly’s mouth. “Anything else you need, Darling?”

“Not right now,” Molly said, resting his forehead against hers. “Keep kissing me, though, please... At least for a few more minutes? You have a wonderful knack... for knowing exactly what to do to soothe me...”

“Of course,” Marion purred as she drew Molly in again. She went for a deep kiss right away this time. She pulled Molly against her and trailed one hand down his back, the other still in his hair.

His hands rested on Marion’s hips as they continued kissing, one hand drifting up to the bare skin at the back of her delicious black dress. He wanted more from her, but this was one person he wouldn’t chance asking for deeper intimacy. Not only was she his coworker, she was the mother of a woman he was starting to feel something deeper for too. “You’re so lovely, Ruby... I have to stop before I get carried away...” He stayed in her arms but stopped kissing her. “Just hold me now?”

Marion smiled and held Molly close against her chest again. “Yeah, whatever you need, baby,” she said. Marion walked her nails gently up and down Molly’s back as they sat there. After a long moment, she spoke up. “You know… if you wanted, we could arrange something…”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Molly said, smiling appreciatively even though Marion couldn’t see it. “I’m kind of... developing feelings for Jester. An arrangement with you as your client... as much as I would love it, I’m afraid of hurting her. She’d understand, and she’d get over it I’m sure, but...” He trailed off, unsure of what else to say.

Marion kissed Molly’s hair again. “I understand, honey,” she said. Marion continued rubbing Molly’s back soothingly until he was feeling much more relaxed.

After a few minutes of just sitting there in silence, Molly finally felt more like himself. He placed another gentle kiss on Marion’s lips, and smiled as he looked into her eyes. “I think I’m ready to go back out onstage, though I may take off after my last number, before you come back to the green room. Is that okay?”

Marion smiled and pecked Molly’s cheek. “That’s perfectly fine, Molly. Text your boys and go be with them after this next set,” she said.

Molly nodded and sent off the text message, then put his phone down and headed out the door with Marion for the last set. “Love ya, Mama!”

“Love you too, babe!” Marion said. She squeezed Molly’s hand one more time as they headed out. They traded off and joined up for different songs, and when Marion got back to the green room, both Molly’s scotch glass and the room were empty.

Molly had all but shot out of the elevator at the bottom of the tower, ready to be in the arms of his boys as soon as possible. After the passionate kissing session with Marion, and the mostly-wonderful final set with her, he was going to need a distraction to get his mind off the whole situation. When he got to Caddy’s apartment, he quickly let himself in and headed straight for the bedroom, where the boys were laying, cuddling and waiting for him.

“Awww, you two are ten kinds of cute!”

Caleb and Caduceus looked up from where they were cuddled on Caddy’s bed. “Dankeshun, Mollymauk,” Caleb said. “Come, come here mein schatz…” When Molly saw that both his boys were naked, he growled playfully and quickly undressed, dropping everything in a heap on the floor. He was high as a kite now, and neither he nor Caddy gave two shits about tidiness in that moment.

“Oooh, this is proving to be a very eventful night,” Caduceus said, welcoming Molly into his arms. “My first time solo with Caleb AND a threesome? Nice...”

Caleb squirmed a little tiredly. “Mmm, nein… not tonight, I am… too tired, too high,” he said. Caleb sat up and took off his binder, well-aware of the dangers of sleeping with it on.

Caduceus’ face fell, but he nodded in understanding. Molly moved to lay next to Caduceus after kissing Caleb gently on the lips. “I’m glad you boys had fun tonight,” Molly said with a soft, warm smile.

“We definitely had fun,” Caduceus said, wrapping himself around Molly. “My delightful Molly, are you okay?”

“I’m okay now,” Molly said. “The cookie I ate before the first show just didn’t settle me down until after the first set. But Marion was able to calm me down.” He probably still had traces of lipstick on his lips...

Caleb reached over and wiped a bit of dark red away from Molly’s lip. “Mmm, I’m sure she did…”

Molly blushed at that, a tiny smile playing on his lips. “She’s an amazing woman, but there are at least four others I want more than her... Two of which are right here in bed with me.”

Caleb kissed Molly’s cheek before laying back down. “And if I might ask… who are the other two?”

“Jester and Fjord,” Molly said easily. Caduceus chuckled at that revelation, having started to feel a bit strongly for Fjord over the time he’d been with Jester. His feelings for the tall black man were strong, but Jester had his heart full-stop.

“Ja, sie sind gut...” Caleb muttered. He had met Jester when he was brand new to the school, she was so friendly it was hard not to. Caleb had met Fjord soon after. “What did you have in mind for tonight though?”

“Well, with the night I’ve had, I don’t have the energy or wherewithal to do much more than lay here and cuddle, and maybe eat some munchies,” Molly said quietly. “I’m guessing you two already had a bit of a munch?”

“Yeah, we did,” Caduceus purred, nuzzling Caleb.

Caleb snuggled back to Caduceus. “Do you wanna get your laptop so we can watch a movie?” he suggested. Caduceus moved quickly and dug it from the side of his bed, shortly setting up Netflix and putting on something none of them would mind not remembering. He cuddled in with Molly and Caleb as they all settled in for the night.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8 – Hospital Cafeteria Dinner

Molly was laying there in that hospital bed, kept alive and nourished by feeding tubes and other modern technology. It had been three weeks since he had been brought in, bloodied and nearly dead, multiple broken bones and a massive concussion. It had taken a few days for word to reach his boyfriends and girlfriend, but since then, Jester, Caduceus, Caleb, and Fjord had taken turns sitting by Molly’s bedside during visitor hours, talking to him some of the time.
Caleb walked into Molly’s room to relieve Jester’s watch, now that he was out of class. “Anything?” he asked her.

“No... I read him some comic strips from the newspaper, but nothing’s changed.” She reached her hand out to Molly’s shoulder, resting it there. They had all been through so much over the last year. She loved her polycule, her boyfriends and their partners, the whole interconnectedness of their network. “At any rate, I really do have to get to class,” she stood and gave Caleb a kiss on the cheek. “Let me know if anything happens okay? Love you,” she stooped to give Molly a kiss too, “and you. See you later, loves,” and walked out the door.

Caleb took the now empty seat next to Molly’s bed. “Well, Mollymauk, looks like it’s just you, me, and my homework,” he said with a smile. Caleb set down his backpack and dragged a small table over so he could work on his reading. He started off reading out loud to Molly, as it had been suggested by his doctors, but Caleb found himself trailing off and read silently after a few minutes.

Not long after Caleb arrived, Caduceus also made his way to the hospital room. It had been a long day, and while his body needed to sleep, he wanted to spend time with his boyfriends, and hoped that today would be the day that Molly would wake up. Since becoming involved with Caleb romantically, he’d started a Zemnian class because he wanted to be able to share that much more with him, and Caleb had seemed thrilled. Stopping by the coffee cart in the lobby, Caddy grabbed a cup of tea for himself and a coffee for Caleb. “Hey, Loves...”

Caleb looked up from his book when Caddy walked into the room. “Ah, hallo liebling,” he said and took the coffee from Caddy. “How was your day?” he asked.

“Overall, pretty good,” Caddy said, kissing him gently. “I had this feeling of closeness with his soul today, like he’s trying to tell me something. Maybe he wanted me here by his side for some reason? I don’t know...” And just in that moment, one of the machines blipped with an increased heart rate for just a few seconds. Caddy’s eyes went wide as he realized what was going on. “Molly?!”

Caleb shot up, shoving the table roughly out of his way. He took Molly’s hand tightly. “Molly, are you there? Come back to us darling,” he pleaded.

Molly’s eyes remained closed but were moving wildly underneath the painted-purple lids. He was seeing the fight he’d had with that huge buffoon, Lorenzo or whatever the fuck he’d said his name was. He felt the knife in his ribs but felt no pain. But he also saw other memories... memories he hadn’t had before. A beautiful lady, a younger version of one of his classmates... someone he’d known since before the accident. And oh, he had known her, well... in every sense. She had been his first, and he hers. But he remembered other things... things that had landed him in the hospital. It hadn’t been just an accident... Fuck...

Caleb watched as Molly’s eyes moved behind his closed lids. He leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Please... Mollymauk... please wake up... Ich lieb dich...” He pressed his forehead to Molly’s. “Caddy, should we call a nurse?”

Caddy shook his head, not wanting there to be anyone in the room besides them in the moment he woke up. “Not unless the machines go crazy...”

Molly’s eyes fluttered open, and the first thing he saw and heard was Caleb’s face and voice. “Darling...”

Caleb all but fell on Molly, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. “Mein gott, Molly, you’re awake! We were so worried about you!” he said and sat back up to a crouch beside Molly’s bed. “Are you okay? Do you remember anything?” Caleb ran a hand through Molly’s hair. “I’m so glad you’re here, liebling.”

Caddy took both Molly’s hand and Caleb’s hand, kissing them one at a time, tears of joy and relief trickling down his cheeks. “Give him a moment, Caleb... He seems a bit overwhelmed.”

“Yeah, a little...” Molly said, but smiled brightly. “I remember... a lot more than I did... I remember my life from before... it’s so much to take in... My name was Lucien back then, like Cree said... Gods, this is just... I’m just glad you’re both here. How long was I out? Where are Jester and Fjord?”

Caleb backed up a little and just squeezed Molly’s hand. “It’s been about three weeks...” he said. “Jester went to class, and... I think Fjord is back at the dorm? He has an early class tomorrow, so he’s probably asleep. Do you... want to talk about anything you remember...?”

Molly shook his head, carefully moving to sit up a little. “Not right now, I just want to spend what little energy I have right now spending time with two of the three most beautiful men I know.” He looked at Caleb. “Darling, when you get a minute, can you message Cree on my phone? The six of us need to have a talk together.”

“Umm, ja, sure...” Caleb sat back down in the chair and pulled Molly’s phone out of his backpack. He’d kept it on him because there was no reason to have it in the hospital room, and he hadn’t wanted to leave it in storage with the rest of Molly’s belongings. “What should I say? Just ‘hey, we need to talk’ or ‘I remember everything’... This is... oh... wow...” Caleb sat back then, suddenly overwhelmed by thoughts of what Molly might be going through.

“Just tell her to come to the hospital,” Molly said. “I’m sure she’ll be happy to see that I’ve woken up.” He saw the overwhelmed look on Caleb’s face and bit his lip. “Looks like Lorenzo Coulson came back and tried to finish what he started with me back when I was in high school. Neither of these incidents was a fucking accident.”

“That fucking bastard... I swear to the Archheart I’m going to kill him...” Caleb closed his eyes and took one deep breath, then two, then he refocused and looked to Molly’s phone again. He opened the messaging app and sent a text to Cree. It read ‘Come to the hospital, Molly woke up.’

“You may not need to,” Caduceus said, looking at his phone for a minute and reading the headline that had popped up. “It looks like the police were able to arrest him based on surveillance camera footage at the spot where this whole thing started. “Oh my god... This report is saying that they’re going to investigate a similar occurrence from over three years ago... involving a young Arabian man...”

Caleb blinked owlishly at Caduceus, then turned to Molly. “Huh, that’d check out, if he attacked you in high school, Molly... I’m glad they got him, that’s good,” he said. “That’d be the incident where you lost your memory, right?”

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Molly said, his head moving back to lay against the pillow. “Everyone told me that it was an accident, I guess because they didn’t know, and I didn’t remember, but now I do...” His eyes closed, remembering that Lorenzo had shoved some kind of drug into his mouth. “If by some miracle you survive this, he said, you won’t remember a thing about it...”

“Vas... what was he even trying to do? I mean... no, we do not have to go into it if you do not want to, Mollymauk. I’m just glad that you’re awake now. Oh, I should text Jester...” Caleb trailed off and pulled out his phone and shot a ‘Molly woke up

Jester immediately shot back a text, a huge smile on her face. “I can’t leave this class, since our midterm is in the second half, but I’ll be there as soon as I can! How is he? Is he talking? Is he in good spirits?”

Caleb started texting back, “He’s doing alright, he’s talking and happy to have us here. Something weird happened though... you should definitely be here to talk with him about it”.

Jester sent back, “that sounds strange, but okay. let me know if anything else happens! xoxo”.

Caddy added everyone into a group text message after letting Fjord know privately that Molly was awake. Fjord had trained himself to wake up when a specific ringtone or text rang on his phone, and now was no different.

“Let Molly know that I love him, and I’ll see him after my midterm in the morning, okay? Love you. F.”

Caleb looked up at Molly after reading Fjord’s text. “Ah, here is your phone back,” he said, handing it to Molly. “He says he loves you. I love you too,” he said with a smile.

Molly grinned, albeit tiredly. He was still very weak, and his body felt numb. “I love you all too,” he said softly, reaching out for Caleb’s hand. “Come closer, Mein Herr, please... Kiss me, please...” He looked over at Caddy, who perked up at the gaze. “You too, Precious...”

“Yes, of course,” he said. Caleb carefully climbed into the bed next to Molly, making sure to watch out for the tubes and wires. He wrapped one arm around Molly’s chest and kissed his cheek. “Mein gott, but it’s been hard not doing this...” Caleb said, and tucked himself in closer to Molly.

Caddy carefully moved to lay on the bed with his boyfriends, kissing Molly fully on the lips, which is what Molly had hoped Caleb would do, but it was okay. “I’m so glad you’re back with us, Lover,” he said softly. “I knew you weren’t going to die after a while... but I was afraid... afraid you’d never wake up... or that you’d have forgotten us.”

“I’m still me, Honeybear,” Molly said just as softly. “I have a lot of things to think about now that I’m remembering everything, but I’m still me...”

Caleb brought his hand up to the side of Molly’s face, turning his lover towards him. He started off peppering his face with small kisses before settling on his lips and kissing him deeply. “I was fearing kind of the same thing... we can figure out all the weirdness later... for now, I just want to hold you close and kiss you... I love you so much, leibling...”

“I love you too, Mein Herr,” Molly said, his tongue eagerly coming out to deepen the kiss. In that moment, Cree walked into the room, her eyes wide and her breath caught in her chest. “L-Lucien?”

Caleb froze mid-kiss, and slowly turned towards the door. “Oh... hallo, Cree,” he said.

“Hi, Cree,” Molly said. “It’s ah.... kind of... complicated. You know that incident a few years ago with Lorenzo? Well, I kind of lost my memory entirely after that.”

“Lucien!!” Cree said, moving over as quickly as she could. Caddy moved out of her way and let her embrace her former lover. “I know, Lucien, I know... I was there in the hospital when you woke up the first time, remember? You didn’t remember that I was your... your girlfriend... Do you remember now?! Oh my god, is my Lucien come back?”

“Right, right, I remember now... sorry, I was out for a while and I just woke up. I’m... I remember you now, Cree. I remember what we were to each other. But, I’m also still... me. I’m still Molly, I guess.” He rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. “I remember how I felt about you, but I have a lot to figure out now,” he said.

“I understand, Darling,” Cree said, her eyes closing when he kissed her forehead. “I know that we will all be here to help you work through this... odd time. Won’t we, boys?” Caddy immediately nodded. “Luc... Mollymauk... We all love you. I will never stop loving you...”

Chapter Text

Percy and Vex De Rolo had been married for ten years. Their six children (their oldest named Vesper Elaina De Rolo, a set of twins, named Lucien and Lucille, and a triplet set, named Percival IV, Jaser, and Victor) were beautiful, Vesper twelve years old, the twins almost ten years old and the triplets a bit over seven years old. The family was nearly always together, but on nights like this after the kids had been put to bed, Vax and Percy sat on the glass patio of their large home, listening to the rain fall.

“Happy Anniversary, My Love,” Percy said as the clock struck twelve, as indicated by the grandfather clock from inside the open patio door. He reached into his pocket and handed Vex a small box. He didn’t want to wait for their vow renewal the next day to give it to her. But inside the box was not jewelry or anything like that. Instead, it was a pair of faux vouchers for a getaway to Paris, a place where Vex had always wanted to go. “It’s not what you think it is, Dear,” he chuckled. “It’s for our second honeymoon.”

Vex leaped up and hugged him. “What?! Oh my god, that’s amazing!! Thank you so much!!” she squealed and peppered his face with kisses.

“We can’t go immediately for our anniversary, but I’ve been planning a vacation for just the two of us,” Percy said with a smirk. “No kids, no pets, no responsibilities besides me making sure you’re happy at all times. I’m pulling out all the stops for this trip,” He curled his fingers into Vex’s hair. “Perhaps we’ll even have so much fun that we’ll bring home a little something extra...”

Vex closed her eyes and leaned into Percy’s touch. “Mmm, that sounds lovely. I really wouldn’t mind a little something extra...” she teased. “Do you want to start practicing tonight?”

“That sounds divine,” Percy whispered, smiling gently. “Though I don’t want to completely wear you out since we have to be up relatively early to get ready in the morning...”

“Hmm, true...” Vex was not looking forward the early wake up call. “I do think you deserve a reward, though. It couldn’t have been easy to get these. I had no idea you were even planning this!”

“Simple planning, actually, but keeping it from you wasn’t easy,” he said. “When you come from nobility, special things like this aren’t difficult to put together, though I’m glad we’re teaching the kids not to be selfish and spoiled.” He kissed her gently. “You’ve has a huge part in keeping me from spoiling them, and I appreciate everything you do... I love you, Vex’ahlia De Rolo.”

Vex linked her hands behind Percy’s neck and pulled him in for another kiss. “Mmm, I love you too, Percival Fredrickstein Von-” Before she could actually get his entire name out, he put his finger on her lips, growling playfully.

“Shush, you. Save my full name for the ceremony...” He kissed her deeply then, his arms wrapped tightly around her. “Shall we head upstairs before this gets any more heated, Dear Wife?”

Vex moved to take Percy’s elbow and started to walk inside. “Oh yes, my Dearest Husband,” she said with a sultry tone. As they walked through the house, they turned off the lights in the various rooms, though they left the gas fireplace lit, knowing that their large, rather old dog Trinket enjoyed laying by the fire at night. Percy was not looking forward to the prospect of having to say goodbye to him. Vex loved that big mongrel, and so did the children. But he was developing problems that Percy knew would be very difficult to treat. Best not to think about that right now...

Percy guided Vex up the stairs to their large suite. The children were on the other end of the house, each in their own rooms, with their Aunt Velora staying in the guest room for the week to help with the kids during the busy day ahead. When they entered the bedroom of the suite, Percy pulled Vex close to him from behind her, her ass pressed against his pelvis and his hands cupping her firm, beautiful breasts. “Mine... forever and always...”

“Mmm, yes darling, I am yours,” she then whipped around in Percy’s arms and pinned him to the wall. “And you are mine...” she purred. She kissed him hard and deep. Percy moaned into her mouth, tongues colliding almost instantly, loving it when she took control like this. He was not usually the submissive one in bed, so these little moments thrilled him. Granted, everything they did in bed thrilled him, let’s not get it mixed up...

“Hang onto me...” Percy whispered quickly as his hands moved down to her legs, and he lifted her up so that she was straddling him against the wall as they made out.

Vex wrapped her arms around Percy’s neck, holding on while he lifted her. “Oh! Mmm, what did you have in mind then?” she asked before kissing at his neck, careful not to leave marks.

“Just getting us to the bed quicker, Baby,” Percy said huskily. “I want... I want to be... This is hard to say out loud... If you’re comfortable with it, I want... you... to command me...” He was blushing like mad, but he was proud to have expressed the words. “But if not... I’m happy to simply make you happy.”

Vex smiled at him sexily, proud of Percy for asking. “Oh, pet, all you had to do was ask...” she kissed him again. “Now, take me to bed and let me watch you strip.”

Percy beamed at the praise, immediately obeying her command and carrying her over to the bed, depositing her there with a wet kiss. “What shall I call you?”

Vex stretched out on the bed before propping herself up on her side. “Just my name is fine, or Wife. Now be a good boy and make me want you... more than I already do...” she said.

Percy’s eyes lit up with a fire for Vex that, while always there, was ignited into an inferno at times like this. He purred, starting to run his hands over himself before starting to undo the buttons of his shirt. “Yes, Wife...”

Vex watched as Percy performed for her. It might seem silly, but she loved watching the naked form of her husband. “Mmm, I love seeing you like this...” she said, reaching out to run a finger down his exposed chest.

“And you know I love pleasing you, Vex,” he said, shuddering at her touch. He stepped back momentarily and undid his pants, letting them drop. No underwear. He stepped out of them, and then crawled onto the bed, kneeling before her. “All for you, Wife...”

Vex lay back, appreciating the sight before her. “Now, I’d like you to undress me...”

“Gladly, Dear,” Percy said, hands going for the top of her blouse, undoing the buttons and revealing her perfect breasts to him. With each button, he kissed her shoulder and then moved further down her chest, finally resting his face in her cleavage. Her blouse gone, he reached back and undid the zipper on her skirt, helping her out if it and leaving her in nothing but her panties and bra. “Oh, Vex...”

Vex smiled up at Percy, eyes lidded. “Yes, Percy...” She spread her legs for him to see how wet she was. “Looks like you’ve made me messy... you should clean that up.” Vex said and linked her hands behind her head.

“Gladly, Darling,” Percy said, but quickly undid the front clasp on Vex’s bra first, letting the material fall away. Then, he slipped the silky black panties down off her legs. “Oh, Wife... You are quite messy... Cleaning you up will be a pleasure... for both of us...” He knelt between her legs and instantly descended onto her waiting pussy.

Vex’s eyes slipped closed in pleasure. She slipped her bra off entirely, casting it to the side. “Mmm, yes... good boy...” she moaned.

Percy absolutely loved the varied tastes he got when he did this to her. Tonight, she tasted sweet, like cider and honey. His tongue dipped inside her, lapping up the wetness that had quickly gathered there. “Mmmmm.... So good...”

Vex canted her hips towards Percy’s mouth, arching her back as she went. “Oh, darling... I love you so much...”

“I love you too, Wife...” Percy said, sucking on her clit, knowing well how to make her moan wantonly. “Please... tell me what to do... Shall I make you cum quickly, or draw it out? I want to be a good boy and do what you need me to do.”

“Ooooh, fuck!” Vex cried as Percy sucked on her clit. “Fucking shit, I don’t care if I cum quickly, just don’t stop,” she commanded. Vex brought her hands down to thread into his hair, holding Percy’s face against her pussy.

Percy’s eyes fluttered shut as his face was pushed into the amazing heat of her sex, doing exactly as ordered, not being able to stop even if he wanted to. He had learned how to breathe properly so that he wouldn’t have to slow down, and he knew that his face was going to be soaked in cum by the time they were done. “Fingers, Love?” he asked quickly.

Vex continued rocking her hips into Percy’s mouth. “Yes! Yes, fuck! Fill me up with your fingers, ah!” she cried. She flexed and gripped her fingers in his hair and her thighs against his head.

Percy quickly dipped his fingers into the wetness, reveling in the heat and tightness. Two fingers, then three, and four... Little by little, he got all four fingers inside her, knowing she could take in his entire hand, but he wasn’t going to right now unless she told him to. He kept sucking on and licking at her clit, wanting to see how many times he could make her cum. He didn’t even care if he got off tonight, if she was happy and satisfied.

Vex cried out and writhed with each additional finger. “Oooh, oh fuck,holy fucking shit! Percy! Gods, oh, fuck fuck I’m gonna, fuck! Aaah!!” she shouted as she clenched down on his hand and came hard. “Don’t stop don’t stop, fuck!”

“Fuck yeah, I’m not gonna stop!” Percy said, pumping his fingers inside her even as she clenched down on him. His tongue continued to lap at her clit, sucking that much harder, keeping her on the wave of pleasure from the orgasm. “Mmmmmmmmm!!”

Vex felt another orgasm building right on the back of the first one, her arms and legs shaking with the intensity of it. “HHHNNNNMMM, ffffuck!! AAAAH!!” Her back arched as she came again, her whole body shaking.

Still going off of her previous order not to stop, Percy kept going, loving the wash of juices flowing from her, the tightness of her insides clenched around his fingers. He took this moment of her high to finally slip his thumb into her alongside the fingers. “God, Vex, this is so hot...”

“O-oh f-f-f-fuck y-yeah it is- ah ah is-is that all, all f-five?” she stuttered with pleasure. Vex could feel Percy’s fingers moving inside her. “O-oh gods, th-the things you d-do to meee!” she whined. Her hands finally release Percy’s hair as she gripped for the sheets around her.

“Yeah... that’s all five...” Percy said, always so astonished that he could do that. His mouth returned to sucking and licking on her clit, his hand starting to move inside her again. “Mmmmmm, delicious... Please, Wife... Can you describe how you feel, Love?”

“NNgg, fuck, yeah, okay. I can- I can feel y-your fingers moving inside me fuck that’s hot, I feel amazing, I feel so lucky to have you, oh Percy, you’re amazing, darling,” she was rambling now, breathing heavily between her words, overwhelmed with the pleasure of it all. Her clit was impossibly hard and so sensitive to Percy sucking and licking at it. “Please, keep sucking my clit, I’m so close to another!”

“God, I love drinking from you...” Percy moaned against her, sucking hard and moving faster inside her with his hand, hitting her g-spot over and over with the back of his hand. “Cum again for me... Please, Vex... Cum again...”

“Oh fuck, oh yes, yes, yes YES AAAAH!!” Vex cried out as she arched her back again, pressing her sex to Percy’s mouth. She flopped bonelessly back to the bed and petted Percy’s hair with one hand. “Oh, good boy, Percy. You are such a good boy...” she said, then tapped his shoulder for him to stop.

Her cries rang in his ears as one last splash of cum landed on his face, and he licked as much of it up as he could before she tapped his shoulder. He was absolutely soaked in her, and he was so happy with that fact. “Fuck, that was hot, Vex...” He moved back up to lay next to her, watching her face as she came down from the high of multiple orgasms. “You’re so beautiful...”

Vex turned to face him and pulled him in for a kiss, not caring that her cum was all over his face. “I love you, Percy,” she said.

“I love you too, Vex,” Percy said softly. “Do you want to sleep now?” He was hard, but he could deal with that. All he wanted was for her to be happy and satisfied.

Vex bit her lip and raked her gaze down Percy’s body to his hard cock. “Mmm, as tired as I am, I do want to reward you properly... You’ve done so much hard work for me today...” she purred. Vex dragged her nails down his chest and stomach before wrapping her hand around his cock.

Percy hissed at the slight pain from her nails, moaning loudly as her hand wrapped around him. “Oh, fuck yes... I already know... I’m not gonna last long... unless you tell me not to...” He was already panting. “Do you want me to ask... before I cum, Beautiful Wife?”

“No, this is your reward,” she said, pumping him, swiping the pad of her thumb over the head and spreading the precum there. “Take it whenever you want it, my darling pet,” she purred in his ear.

“Thank you, my love...” Percy said, setting his mind to not hold back. Within a few minutes, he was moaning as wantonly as she had been a few moments before. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” His whole body tensed, and he looked Vex in the eyes with lust and need and pure love. “I’m almost there, Love... Will you drink from me?”

“Yes, darling,” Vex said, and moved down to take Percy’s cock in her mouth. She licked a stripe from root to tip, then took as much of him as she could into her mouth, sucking as she bobbed on it.

That did it. The suction on his cock from her lips pulled him over the edge, his body convulsing as he soared over the edge into the chasm of bliss. “Vex’ahlia! FUCK!”

Vex expertly swallowed down his cum, then popped off and licked Percy’s cock clean. “Oh, Percy you’re so good...” she said, and crawled up to cuddle into his side. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Darling,” Percy purred in her ear, kissing her neck. Things were getting heavy and it was hard to keep his eyes open. “I can hardly wait to see you walk toward me tomorrow...”

“Hmm, I can’t wait to see you waiting for me...” she said. “Let’s get some sleep now, okay?” Vex punctuated that with a kiss to the top of his head.

Percy nodded, yawning and then kissing her forehead. He lay there with her, listening to the rain on the skylight. As he drifted off to sleep, he was thankful that the events of that next day would all be inside.

Chapter Text

Wedding day... We’ll, it was both a wedding and a vow renewal. Percy has gotten up quite early, leaving Vex to sleep while he went with Vax, Kash, Scanlan, and Tary to enjoy a big breakfast at Scanlan’s house, where they could oversee the final preparations for everything. Keyleth, Pike, Kima, and Allura would be getting to the De Rolo house a bit later to enjoy breakfast and start getting ready. About three hours before they were set to leave to go to Scanlan’s, Vax came back to the house, and Gilmore arrived at Scanlan’s shortly thereafter.

“Hey, Stubby,” Vax said cheerfully as he walked into the outer parlor of Vex’s room.

Vex looked up from where she was doing her makeup. “Hey Vax!” she said just as cheerfully. She stood up and gave him a hug. “Big day, isn’t it?”

“Indeed, and I am so nervous,” Vax said, holding her close as she hugged him. “I mean, Shaun and I have been living together for years now, so that’s not what I’m worried about. I’m just... scared that I’ll say something to embarrass everyone.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that Vax, you’ll be fine,” she said, and held him at arms-length. “Besides, you’ve got nothing on what will come out of Scanlan’s mouth.” she said with a smirk.

Vax smiled immediately upon hearing those words, knowing that Scanlan’s mouth was much more disastrous than his. “You do have a point there,” he chuckled. “I’m going to go get ready, but before I do, I have something to give you, and I hope you’ll wear it today, with your blue feathers in your hair...” He pulled out a plastic box with a small ear cuff with black raven feathers. “Dad gave this to me last year, shortly before he passed. Said that it belonged to our mother, and that it was the last thing he’d held onto of hers after the divorce, and that she would have wanted to see his girls wear it on their wedding days. He wanted me to give it to Velora on her wedding day, but she said you should wear it first.”

Vex took the box and looked at the ear cuff. She started to tear up at Vax’s story but lifted her head and waved her free hand in her face. “Oh, stop you’ll make me cry and I just did my makeup,” she said, and set the box down on her vanity. “Thank you, Vax’ildan,” she said, giving him another, tighter hug, before lightly slapping his shoulder. “Now go get ready, we wouldn’t want to keep everyone waiting.”

Vax wiped a single tear from his sister’s eye, not even caring at that point about the snapping of a camera lens from the photographer a few yards away. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours, my dear little sister...” He kissed her forehead, and then walked away.

Meanwhile, Percy and Shaun were enjoying a glass of wine at the Mansion, together with the other boys. “Are you ready to become my brother-in-law, old boy?” Percy chuckled.

Shaun smirked at Percy. “Only if you’re ready to become mine,” he said. Truth be told he was a little nervous about this day. He was excited, he’d been head over heels for Vax since they’d met. Nevertheless, when he’d gotten up that morning, he’d found himself full of nerves. “To be honest, I’m a little nervous. Not... about anything, just... I’m tense, I suppose...”

“Believe me, I understand that!” Percy said. “If Vex and I hadn’t eloped, I’d have felt the same way. The morning we got married, though, I was a ball of nerves because I thought my sister and Vex’s brother were going to kill us when they found out. But here we are. All is well and we’re all alive, ten years later. And now, it’s your turn.”

“I’ll drink to that!” Shaun said with a wide smile. He raised his glass in cheers to Percy. “Thank you, I do feel better now.”

“Good!” Percy said, clinking his glass together with Shaun’s. “A toast! To the best day so far in any of our lives!”

The wedding day moved so quickly after that, and soon, most of the guests had departed the reception, save for the core group of friends that had been together for years, all gathered in the family room of Scanlan and Pike’s large home. However, after an hour or two of drinking and enjoying each other’s company, Vax was ready to get his new husband back to their hotel.
“I’m afraid, Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to be going,” Vax said, taking Shaun’s hand.

“Oh, yes, I need to get my new husband thoroughly... worked over,” Shaun said with a wry smile. He brushed his thumb down the middle of Vax’s palm, making his intentions perfectly known to him. They said their good nights to their friends then left for the limo that was waiting outside to take them to the hotel.

As soon as the grooms were in the limo and they had started moving, Vax was all over Shaun, his hands all over him and his mouth kissing up and down his beautiful dark tan skin. “It feels good... being Vax’ildan Gilmore... Why did it take us so long to do this?”

Shaun was kissing Vax back with the same fervor. “I don’t, fucking, know,” he said between kisses, “but I’m glad we finally did,” he said. Shaun worked the top of Vax’s shirt open, and started sucking a mark on his pale neck, letting his hand drift down to pet at his hip.

“I love you so much, Shaun...” Vax moaned. “I can barely wait to get you into the Honeymoon Suite at the hotel... I’m going to have trouble not ripping that shirt off you...” His hand dipped down to between Shaun’s legs, palming the hardening shaft he found there. “Mmmmmm, that feels great...”

Shaun’s breath hitched when Vax touched him. He pulled back from Vax’s neck to grin at him wickedly, before he slid his one hand down Vax’s thigh and the other around his back. Shaun quickly leveraged Vax into his lap. “So, my bird, how do you want to do this?” he asked in as sultry a voice as he could.

“Pull my dick out of my pants and see if you can get me off once before we get to the hotel...” Vax said huskily, moving to sit sideways in Shaun’s lap, giving him easier access to the zipper. “We have ten minutes...”

“Mmm, yes...” Shaun purred. He deftly unzipped Vax’s pants and pulled his hard cock out. Shaun licked his palm and wasted no time getting to work on Vax. He pumped his cock quickly and as tightly as he dared, swiping his thumb over the head.

“Fuck, that feels good!” Vax moaned, feeling his husband’s strong hand wrapped around his cock. He was impossibly hard and had been that way since before they had left the party. “Fuck yes... oh gods... Fuck... I may do this so quickly that I’ll have time to do this to you... Ohhh, yes!”

Shaun felt his pants tighten more at Vax’s words. “Yes, my bird...” he said, and kissed at Vax’s neck again. He shifted his hand a bit, pressing to more sensitive points. “Cum for me, dear...”

That didn’t take long, and within about three minutes, Vax was mewling like a cat, crying out a mixture of profanities and Shaun’s name. “Fuck, Shaun! I’m... I’m cumming! I’m... ahhh... AHHH! Shaun!! Oh, fuck yes!” And a few strings of white shot up onto Shaun’s face and neck, thankfully not landing on either of their outfits. “Oooohhhh....”

With a final stroke up Vax’s cock, Shaun released him and brought his thumb to his mouth to clean off the cum there. “Now, I believe you said something about returning the favor?” he asked with a smirk.

“Y-Yeah... But let me clean you up first...” Vax said, grabbing a cloth from the limo bar and wiping it over Shaun’s face, getting most of it with one sweep. “Drink some water too... I don’t want either of us getting dehydrated... with how much we’ve had to drink this evening...” He then moved down onto the floor of the limo and undid Shaun’s pants, glad to feel that the vehicle was slowing down due to late-evening traffic. “Looks like I’ll have a little extra time.... Not that I’ll need it...”

“Heh, we might need it before we get out of here...” he said, reaching for a water bottle and taking a long drink from it. When Vax undid his pants, Shaun sighed in relief. He hooked his own thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down just enough for his cock and balls to be free.

“My glorious husband...” Vax said, kissing the tip of Shaun’s cock before opening his mouth wide and taking it deeply into his mouth with a practiced ease. He also reached down and fondled his balls, knowing Shaun loves it when he did that. “Mmmmmmm....”

Shaun let out a long moan and threaded his fingers into Vax’s hair, tightening as he massages his balls. “Oh yes, Vax, you’re so good...”

“Mmmmmmm...” Vax moaned, sending vibrations up Shaun’s rather large cock. The massaging of Shaun’s balls continued, wanting to speed things up. “Hmmmmmm.... Cmmmm fuhhhh muuuhhhh...”

Shaun moaned aloud at that, and he gave a few shallow thrusts to see how deep Vax could take him. When no protest was made, he gripped Vax’s hair tighter and started thrusting deeper into his mouth. “Fuck, yes, Vax- Oohhh, yes! Gods, you’re so perfect!”

They’d been doing this for over a decade, it was surprising to Vax that Shaun was testing the waters when he knew that he had almost no gag reflex. Within a few moments, Vax’s lips were finding their way into the soft brown hair at the base of Shaun’s cock. “Pluuuuhhh... Cmmmm fuhhhh muuuhhhh...”

“Aaah, Vax, fuck! I’m so close, fuck oh, oh! Aaah!!” Shaun was teetering on the edge. One, then two more thrusts, he roughly pulled Vax off of his cock and came on Vax’s face and in his mouth. “Aaah! Fuck, oh.... fuck...” he breathed, and pet Vax’s hair. “You are amazing, my dear,” he said, gazing lovingly down at Vax.

“And you are glorious as fuck... as always, my dear husband...” Vax said, trying to catch his breath as he licked his lips. He grabbed a bottle of water and downed the whole thing before also taking a cloth and wiping his face. “I hope you’ll let me swallow your entire essence next time... though I’m sure you love seeing me covered in cum just like I enjoy seeing you that way...” He moved from his knees to sit beside Shaun, tucking himself back into his pants just about a minute before the limo pulled into the hotel driveway. “And it looks like we have arrived...” Shaun tucked himself back into his pants just in time for the driver to open their door. Shaun got out first and held his hand out for Vax to take.

Vax gladly took his husband’s hand and stepped out of the limousine, smiling brightly at him as applause of hotel staff and nearby hotel guests erupted from everywhere around them. There was even a photographer there to take pictures specifically for them, to follow them as far as the hallway leading to their room, having already taken detail pictures inside the room. Vax had been waiting to surprise Shaun with this all day. And inside, candles were lit and rose petals were strewn across the bed. Their wedding night was going to be nothing short of amazing.

Shaun stared in wonder at the room, amazed at all that his husband had put together for them. He then turned and pinned Vax to the nearest wall. “Vax, my darling, my forever and always, you are amazing. I love you,” he said with a smile. Shaun started with his hands on Vax’s hips, gliding them up his chest to where he had started to unbutton his shirt. He latched his mouth onto Vax’s neck intent on covering him in marks, all the while working Vax’s shirt open.

“Oh Shaun, my glorious wonder... I love you too...” he said just before whimpering at the first bites. “Always have... always will... Oh yes... Mark me... I am finally your mate... yours forever and always... Fucking fuck...”

Shaun continued to make multiple marks on Vax, each one feeding his passion. “Mine,” he purred, muffled against Vax’s shoulder. Shaun finally got Vax’s shirt open, smoothing his hands over the other man’s shoulders to let it fall to the floor. He then held Vax by his biceps and looked at him “My, my, but you do look good enough to eat...” he said. Shaun then picked him up and carried Vax over to the bed, laying him there gently. “I think we will both appreciate this much better,” he said before laying himself on top and kissing Vax again.

“I want you to devour me...” Vax purred into Shaun’s ear after he was placed on the bed. “Oh, yes, I love having you on top of me...” His body was trapped, and he couldn’t go anywhere, and that was exactly what he wanted. His hands moved up into Shaun’s hair and curled into fists. “FUCK me, Gil...”

“As you wish, my dear,” Shaun said. He sat up and started working on undressing Vax, starting with his pants and kissing down his hips as he went. In one swift move, he pulled them off and tossed them over his shoulder. Shaun then went back to marking Vax’s body, this time on his chest, taking on nipple into his mouth and the other between his fingers.

Vax’s moans got louder the further down Shaun went, so glad that one of the things that were on the nightstand was a bottle of their favorite lube, which he had requested be placed there by one of the girls when they decorated that morning. “I’ve been such a naughty boy the last few weeks... I deserve spankings... and to be fucked like the dog I am...”

“Mmm, yes Vax... you have been a bad boy,” he said. Shaun stripped quickly and grabbed the lube from the nightstand before rejoining Vax on the bed. He set it to the side. “Now, to start I’ll need you to turn over.”

Vax quickly obey, grunting as his hardening cock hung between his legs over the sheets. He looked up at his husband and waited for his next command, or a small punishment for his insolence in making eye contact with his Master without permission. Of course, after years of doing this, he wasn’t afraid of these punishments anymore. He knew Shaun wouldn’t hurt him. “Master...”

“Oh, Vax, that’s a good boy... had I known you’d want to be punished, I would have prepared more...” Shaun sighed, feigning disappointment. “As it is, you’ll have to use self-control, my pet...” He pressed gently then between Vax’s shoulder blades, so that his husband would rest on his chest, face down, ass up. Shaun started massaging the other’s ass. “You may make all the noise you want, but you are not allowed to move without permission, and you are not allowed to cum until I tell you to. Can I get a color?”

“Green, Master,” Vax said softly. He had every intention of getting very loud, but stone still until given specific orders. “Master... your pet brought your flogger, cuffs, and rope for tonight. They’re in the drawer.”

Shaun’s movements stilled. “Oh. Well, in that case...” he smoothed one hand over Vax’s ass before bringing it back and down with a loud smack. “That’s for not telling me sooner, pet,” he said. He got off the bed again and went about gathering the toys from the drawer in question. Shaun set the flogger, the cuffs, and the safety knife on the bed beside Vax, keeping the rope in hand for now. It was a very nice, soft material, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to tie Vax up right now. Making up his mind, Shaun returned the rope and safety knife to the drawer. “I think you will have to earn those, little bird... I know how much you enjoy them...” he said, kneeling behind Vax again. As fun as it would be to watch Vax extend his willpower to keep himself restrained, Shaun went ahead and fastened the cuffs on his wrists anyway.

“Your pet apologizes, Master...” Vax said, hissing at the slight pain of the smack. His face was in the mattress, and he could smell the rose petals that were still scattered there. “What must your pet do to earn the rope, Master?”

Shaun considered this for a moment. Really, he wanted to get to fucking Vax and seeing how long he could keep him on edge. However, he saw how much Vax wanted the rope, and he really did want to please his new husband. “I’m going to give you a spanking. If you don’t make any noise unless spoken to, then I will tie you up, good?”

Vax gave an enthusiastic nod, clamping his mouth shut as ordered. He wanted to get tied up badly, though he wasn’t sure he could get through without making a sound. If he failed this test, he knew that there would be a punishment, but that it would soon be time to get the fucking he had basically begged for to begin with.

“That’s a good boy, Vax...” Shaun said darkly. He picked up the flogger and trailed the gold and purple tails across Vax’s skin before bringing it back and lashing it down across his ass. He repeated this motion four more times before resting, switching hands. “Can I get a color?”

“Green, Master...” Vax said quickly, breathing hard but trying to control himself. He had grunted each time the harder strokes had hit him, but he’d been otherwise silent. God, he loved this.

“Hmm, good boy,” Shaun said with a smile. He lightly trailed the strands up from Vax’s balls to his ass, knowing it would tease him. He then gave another five lashes to his ass. When he was done, and Vax hadn’t made a sound besides small grunts, Shaun leaned over to kiss Vax on the cheek. “You’ve been a very good boy, Vax’ildan... I think you deserve to be tied up now,” he purred in his ear.

Vax looked over at his husband... his Master... and smiled brightly, remaining silent. He wanted to move over and kiss him again, but he had been ordered not to move without permission. ‘I’m a good boy,’ he said in his head. ‘I’m a good boy for you, Master... Always yours...’

“You can speak now, Vax, I only wanted you silent for the flogger,” Shaun said, reaching for the rope and knife again. He kneeled next to Vax, taking off the handcuffs and started tying his arms together, straight down his back. It was a relatively simple tie, but Shaun didn’t want to waste any more time. When he was done, he sat back and smoothed his hands over Vax’s reddened skin. “How’s that, little bird?”

“It’s good, Master,” Vax said, a soft moan finally escaping his throat. “Please spank your pet when you fuck him too... Please, Master... Your pet needs to be filled... Ohhhh....” He was getting off on just being tied up by the arms, and he needed it so bad. “Fuuuuck....”

“All in due time, dearest,” Shaun said. He picked up the bottle of lube and spread a bit on his fingers. Spreading it around Vax’s entrance, he first inserted one finger, then two, up to the second knuckle. Slowly, torturously slowly, Shaun teased the ring of muscle. He pumped in and out slowly, searching for that sweet spot inside.

Vax’s hands clenched in the ties, moaning loudly as he was fingered and stretched and filled. “Ohhh... Fuck yes, Master!! Oh yes!!” The moment he felt Shaun hit that sweet spot inside him, it took everything in him not to fall apart. “Master, please let your pet cum! Your pet needs to cum! Please!!”

Shaun brought his free hand down on Vax’s ass with a sharp smack. “Good boys don’t cum.” he commanded. He worked in a third finger, now focused on just stretching him open.

“Oohhhh....” Vax moaned, biting his lip to keep himself at bay through the pleasured pain. “Yes, Master...” The third finger being inserted was torture, just wanting to be fucked by his husband’s cock now. NOW. “Fuck yes! Oh god! Ohhhh....”

“Oh, yes... I think you’re ready now, little bird,” Shaun said, easing his fingers out. He spread some more of the lube on his cock, hard and wanting to fuck his husband. He lined himself up and eased in, sinking to the hilt before going still. “Fuck... Vax, you’re so good, oh, yes...”

“Gods...” Vax moaned, his head spinning at how full he was now. “Thank you, Master... Please... Please move... Please... Oh fuck, Master...” He was shaking with need and want.

Shaun gave his ass another slap. He pulled almost all the way out, just the head of his cock in, before slamming back in. From there he picked up a steady pace, smacking Vax’s ass every few thrusts. “Oh, fuck, yes, Vax... Gods you’re so good for me...”

Vax was trying so hard to be a good boy for his Master, but it was so incredibly difficult with all the amazing feelings and emotions coursing through him. “Fuuuck! Oh Master, it feels so fucking good! Oh god oh god oh god oh god... Please Master!! Please let your pet cum! It feels so good! Oh fuck! PLEASE!!”

Shaun laughed a little, but picked up his pace, getting close himself. “You can only cum when I tell you to, pet... oh, fuck... Gods yes, oh fuck oh fuck, aaah, fffuck...” He kept a tight, bruising grip on Vax’s hips, slamming in now, his thrusts wild with pleasure. “Oh fuck, Vax, Vax, cum with me, cum with me little bird, OH, OH FUCK!!” he shouted, finally cumming into Vax.

In that moment when he heard his husband cry out for him to cum, he couldn’t hold back anymore, and he spilled his seed onto the sheets below him. It was always an incredible feeling to be filled up like this. “Oh gods, Master, yes! Oh fuck! Fuck yes! Oh, FUCK!” His whole body convulsed and tightened around Shaun’s cock, wanting to get as much of that glorious essence out of him as possible. “MASTER!!”

“Oh! Fuck!! Vax, holy shit!” Shaun gasped as Vax tightened around him. “Dear gods that’s good,” he said, riding out his orgasm for as long as he could. “Fuck...” Shaun felt himself flagging a bit and slowly pulled out. He lay down next to Vax just a moment to catch his breath. “That was amazing, Vax.”

“Mmmmm, yeah, that was hot...” Vax said, still not moving except for the heaving of his chest. He turned his head to face his husband and smiled tiredly. “I have such a good master...”

Shaun sat up and slowly rolled Vax over onto his side, facing away from him. With a gentle hand, he untied the rope then started massaging Vax’s arms and back. “I have a very good pet... a very good husband,” he said. Shaun pressed a kiss to the nape of his neck and wrapped his arms around Vax. “I love you.”

Vax turned around in Shaun’s arms and kissed him deeply. “I love you too, my glorious husband.” He could barely believe that it was finally done. They were married and had consummated their marriage in the best of ways. “I need to rest a bit, but I want to fuck you too before we sleep. Maybe we should eat something first?”

“We should definitely eat something,” Shaun said. He took another look around the suite, and now that he wasn’t so distracted by sex, he noticed a platter of fruits, crackers, and cheeses sitting on the counter of the kitchenette. He got up and brought it over to the bed. “Will this do, or would you like to order room service?”

“This will do nicely for tonight,” Vax said with a smile, reaching for a piece of cantaloupe from the tray. “There’s a lot of food here, and we did eat quite a bit at the reception and after-party. There’s also quite a bit of the wedding cake in the fridge if we want dessert. This hotel has an amazing breakfast buffet down in the restaurant, and this room comes with vouchers for both of us for each night we’re here. And if we -wanted- to get dressed, the club lounge is available too. Food available all day...” What Shaun didn’t know was that this hotel chain also had a location in Tokyo, where they had arranged to take their honeymoon trip. They would be flying first class and living in the lap of luxury for the next two weeks.

Shaun’s jaw dropped open. “.... What?” he asked. He was dumbfounded. Yes, his family had paid for the whole wedding, and Vax had taken care of the honeymoon, but he’d had no idea to what extent. “Darling, that’s... that’s amazing... I don’t even know what to say!”

“So, enjoy it, Darling,” Vax said with a bright smile. “You are my King, and my everything. You deserve nothing less than the best. The entire honeymoon, including first class flights to and from Tokyo, luxury hotel accommodations, and all of our meals, shows, and tours, are all included. Want anything while we’re out shopping? It’ll be yours, for the most part. The inheritance from my father was in the millions, and we’ll barely be scratching the surface of that. We’re even going to get a VIP tour at a certain Mouse House.”

Shaun was simply speechless. This was so much more than he had ever imagined. At a complete loss for words, he carefully set the platter on one of the nightstands, and simply tackled Vax and started kissing him everywhere and anywhere he could reach. Vax couldn’t help but start giggling at the kissing attack he suddenly found himself under. “Oh, Shaun, I knew this would excite you. I just never realized how much.” He stopped him, pulling him to lay there and just enjoy basking.

Shaun relented his kissing attack and lay half-way on top of his husband, tucking his head against his chest and his arms around it. He closed his eyes, imagining the new house and the vacation they were to embark on. “Vax’ildan, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you,” he said.

“I’m glad I know that you’re not just saying that because of the money,” Vax said, smiling brightly. “I don’t want to give up teaching, but I’m glad I can give you the life you deserve. You can stop teaching if you want. I know you said you’d like to expand your business into an actual storefront. We can do that now.”

“Yeah... wow... That’d certainly be something...” Shaun said, cuddling into Vax’s side a little tighter. He took a moment to enjoy the simple contact, the easy joy of being naked in his wedding bed with his husband. After a few minutes, he propped his head up on Vax’s chest and said, “Remind me, did you have any other plans for tonight?”

“Oh, yes, there is that business of fucking you into this amazing bed...” Vax said, his eyes darkening and filling with lust within moments. “Since you asked me this question before, My Love... How do you want to do this?”

“I think I’d prefer to be on my back, yes,” he said. Shaun rolled off Vax and stretched his arms over his head, posing seductively. “Come on, Lover, I’m waiting...”

Vax was on top of Shaun in an instant, grinding their groins together in a delicious friction. “Then I shan’t keep you waiting...” he said huskily. “Lift your legs for me, my treasure... I need to prepare you.”

Shaun hummed in pleasure, his eyes sliding closed for a moment. He spread and lifted his legs for Vax, his cock gaining interest once again. “I don’t know where all this stamina came from tonight, but I’m enjoying the fuck out of it.”

Vax stroked his husband’s cock, humming at the statement. “This is why I insisted that we didn’t even share a bed this whole week,” he said. “I know when I deny myself, my ability to get up faster increases... How long do you think we can go tonight, hmmm? I’ll happily fuck you all night if you want...”

Shaun rolled his hips into Vax’s touch. “Hhnnn... I’d like that, a lot... though we might need to take a longer break at some point...” he said.

“Just let me know...” he said, grabbing the bottle of lube and spreading some over his fingers. “God, Shaun, I love you so much... I love teasing you... I love pushing into you just enough to drive you slightly mad with desire...” With each part of that statement, he did as he was saying, teasing Shaun’s hole with his fingertips, and then pushing two fingers in, just to the first joints. “And I love filling you up, and finding that sweet spot inside of you...”

Shaun gripped the sheets, squirming under Vax’s touch. As his fingers explored, getting a little deeper in, he suddenly felt it. “Oooh! Yes! Right there, Vax, fuck!”

Vax grinned, applying what he knew to be just the right amount of pressure to make Shaun turn into a ball of pleasure. “Oooh, right there? That feel good, My Love? I could probably make you cum just from this, couldn’t I? Would you like that?”

“Aah, haaa.... y-yes, I’m sure you could,” Shaun said, trying to move his body to press into Vax’s touch. “Please, Vax, oh gods, please fuck me...”

“I’ll fuck you good with my fingers first...” Vax crooned, inserting a third finger and starting to scissor Shaun. This was always a very fun and erotic process for Vax. He began moving his fingers in and out, deeper each time, and then he finally inserted a fourth finger. His relatively small hands allowed him this, and he then knew that Shaun was ready for him. “Soon, Glorious... Soon...”

Shaun was an absolute mess of pleasure and desire. The burn of the stretch was exhilarating. He felt so good and so full, his eyes shut in pleasure. “Ohh, Vax, oh fuck, I feel so full, oh gods, please, aaah...”

“Cum for me, Shaun...” Vax said softly, having no intention of stopping until he saw Shaun come apart completely. “Cum for me and then I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk straight...” Shaun cracked an eye open to watch as Vax fucked him. If he hadn’t been blushing before, he certainly was now. He really didn’t want to cum until Vax was inside him, but he had four of his lover’s fingers in his ass, and it was just too much.

“O-oohh, fuck, oh gods, oh fuck, Vax, Vax, I’m gonna- I’m- OH FUCK!!” he cried out as he came, the mess landing on his stomach. As soon as he started to cum, Vax moved to shove Shaun’s cock into his mouth, taking as much of it into his mouth and throat as he could, sucking on him and cleaning him up. He loved swallowing his cum. It was so hot, and usually tasted very good. “Mmmmmm....” Shaun’s hands flew to Vax’s head, fingers tangling in his hair and his hips thrusting up into his mouth as he rode out his orgasm. “HO-HOLY FUCK, Vax!!”

Vax kept at it until he felt Shaun coming down from his orgasm. Then, he got into position, and quickly pulled his fingers out before pushing into him very quickly. “Oh, Gods, the heat inside you... it’s incredible... YOU’RE incredible! Fuck, Shaun... Oh, god...” He hadn’t even started moving yet, but he was balls deep inside his husband, blathering like an idiot.

Shaun hooked his legs around Vax’s hips. He wasn’t as big as all four of his fingers, but it was so much better to have Vax’s cock inside him. “Oh, fuck, yes, aaah... gods, please, Vax’ildan, _fuck_ me!”

Vax moaned as he started to move, slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace. He wanted to fill Shaun up with his cum, as though he could get him pregnant. “Oh, Shaun... My Glorious Shaun Gilmore... I love filling you... Gods... I love fucking you... Seeing your face like this, contorted with pleasure...” He moved his hands to scratch down Shaun’s chest, leaving red marks in his skin.

Shaun arched his back at the scratching. He reached out for Vax’s hands, intertwining their fingers. “Vax, oh Vax, I love you fucking me, I love being filled by you... oh, fuck, please... ah, ahh, fuck I love you so much... My beautiful Vax’ildan Gilmore, my lovely bird...”

“Your wish is my command...” Vax said, moaning louder, but leaning down to whisper near Shaun’s ear. “Your pet will cum when called... Master...” He kept moving, continuing to moan louder and louder, almost wantonly. He was so close, and wanted Shaun to order him to cum.

“Yes, my pet, ooh, fuck... cum for me, fill me with your hot cum!” Shaun said, moaning along with Vax. He held onto Vax’s arm with one hand and brought the other behind his head to pull him into a searing kiss.

The order was enough to bring him toppling over the edge into an intense, mind-blowing orgasm, one of the most intense he’d probably ever had. “Yes, Master!! Oohhhh! Oh fuck! Fucking fuck! Oh gods! MASTER!!” The kiss kept it going a bit longer, and the position milked everything out of him and into Shaun’s body. He kept thrusting into him, finding himself unable to stop his body from moving, at least for a few long moments.

It was all Shaun could do to keep us brain from short circuiting. He would have cried out when Vax came if it wasn’t for the kiss. His body spasmed around Vax’s cock, drawing him impossibly further inside. “Oh, fuck, Vax... fuck, I love you...” he said.

“Fuck... Shaun... Oh gods...” Vax said, finally starting to come down from his orgasm. He pulled out slowly, tapping his thigh to signal him to put his legs down, before settling down next to him, still breathing heavily. “Fuck, that was amazing!”

Shaun relaxed his legs, this face tensing a little as he stretched them out against the bed. He lay a hand on Vax’s chest, still craving the contact. “Hell yeah it was. Holy fuck...” he said, also breathing heavily.

Vax took Shaun’s hand, squeezing it lightly. “My beloved husband... we are now fully joined as one... With all that I am, and all that I have, I am yours. Forever...”

Shaun brought their interlocked fingers to his lips and kissed Vax’s knuckles. “And I, yours... you are so poetic... I love you,” he said.

“Just short of cheesy, I know,” Vax chuckled. “I love you too. I never want to forget these amazing moments...” He nuzzled into Shaun with a cute smile. “I could write poetry about you all day...”

“I’ll take your cheesy poetry any time you want to give it to me,” Shaun said. “Among other things...” he said with a smirk, moving to wrap his other arm around Vax.

“And I’ll take your doting and affection any time as well,” Vax said. “Yes, among other things... I love the way you treat me when I play as your pet.”

Shaun turned to face Vax fully. “I like playing with you as my pet,” he said. He then had to stifle a yawn, he was exhausted. “Darling, I love you. This has been the best day and night of my life,” he said. “I can’t wait to wake up in the morning with you by my side for the rest of our lives.”

Vax put his hand up on Shaun’s face. “I love you too, very much. I’m so happy... I don’t know that I could ever be happier. But before we go to sleep, I have one more surprise for you.”

Shaun put his hand over Vax’s. “Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be amazing,” he said.

Vax pulled away gently and reached into the backpack by the bed, pulling out a Manila envelope with information for a half-dozen newborns who were up for adoption, all of which were options for the newlyweds to choose from to adopt. “I’ve been working on this for a few months... One of those kids could be ours, if you want them to be.”

Shaun took the envelope and flipped through the pages. He looked in wonder at the tiny little babies just waiting for them. “Oh my god,” he said, and looked up at Vax. “You are very sneaky for being able to hide all this from me, I would love to choose one of them... just... which one??”

“Of course, I’m sneaky, Love, I’m a good rogue,” Vax said, mostly referencing their friends’ tabletop games wherein he always played a sneaky bastard. “As for which one... we don’t have to choose just one. We can’t choose until we get home from our honeymoon either.”

Shaun handed the envelope back to Vax and leaned in to kiss him. “You’re right, we have plenty of time, and options,” he said, snuggling in and yawning for real this time. “We should get some sleep, love.”

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The nights of loneliness had really done a number on Kiki over the years. People had come in and out of her life. Some were work colleagues, some had been students who had shown interest in her, and she’d tried to make it work. Now in her mid-30’s, she wasn’t quite a cougar, but she wasn’t as young as she used to be and was starting to grow tired of being used and thrown aside. But with Beau... she was in love. She was pretty sure she was getting the best of all worlds with her. They had been together for nearly two months now, and Kiki counted it as a blessing that Beau wasn’t going home for the holiday break. She had agreed to stay with her for the three weeks that school was not in session. Tonight, the night before Winters Crest, they were preparing a nice meal together.

Beau came up behind Kiki where she was washing up at the kitchen sink. “Hey babe,” she said, wrapping her arms around the older woman in a hug. “We got everything we need?” She was grateful that Keyleth had allowed her to stay with her over the winter break from school, she did not want to have to go back to her family if she could at all help it.

“Yeah, we’re good for tonight,” Kiki said, leaning into Beau’s touch with a warm smile. “A roasted duck with fresh vegetables, stuffing and cranberry sauce, and candied sweet potatoes, and a pecan pie for... first dessert...” She gave Beau a sultry smile at that last comment. “We’ll have plenty of leftovers, and then we’ll be going to my Dad’s place tomorrow for the neighborhood lunch.”

Beau smiled at the ‘first dessert’ comment. “That sounds great,” she said. She nudged Kiki out of the way to wash her hands and started prepping the vegetables. “I’m glad your dad is cool about... well, everything.” It was hard to even think about her own parents at this time of year.

“Yeah, he wasn’t all that cool about me being bi until I got into my 30’s,” Kiki said. “He wanted to see me happily married and either having kids or having a career. I guess having the career was good enough and then he just wanted to see me happy, even if I wasn’t married and having kids. When I told him I had a girlfriend, he was overjoyed and it was obvious he was being honest. He told me that Mom would’ve been very proud of me.” Her eyes misted with tears as she remembered that moment, and she had to stop chopping the vegetables when her vision clouded. “She would have loved you almost as much as I do.”

Beau turned and smiled at Keyleth. “Hey, no tears, this is a happy occasion. It’s our first Winter’s Crest together, we’re hanging out with your family tomorrow, it’s gonna be great,” she said, and leaned over to kiss Kiki on the cheek.

Kiki smiled, turning her head and kissing Beau on the mouth before returning to chopping. “I have a special gift for you after dinner is in the oven. It’s taken some hiding to keep it from you...”

Beau looked back to preparing food in order not to lose her composure. “O-oh? I mean, I got you something too, but I don’t know if it’s that special...” Beau had always been kind of awkward, socially speaking and had struggled to think of something at least good to get for her girlfriend.

“I’m sure it’ll be great,” Kiki said, taking Beau’s hand and kissing it. “Besides, having you here for the holidays is what’s really important to me. Hopefully this will be the first of many.” Thirty-six years she’d been alive, and 21-year-old Beau was the first one she’d felt comfortable bringing home to her family and community. Her dad was essentially the mayor of the suburb of Zephrah, and the very large house Kiki had grown up in was home to big community gatherings on all the major holidays.

“Yeah, I hope so too,” she said. After they got all the food prepped and cooking, Beau went to their room and got Kiki’s present out of the back of the closet. It was a large, squishy plush doll, and had been difficult to hide. Beau walked back out to the little living room and set the bag on the coffee table.

Kiki wasn’t kidding when she’d said it had taken some hiding for this gift. Beau had so much aggression that needed to come out, but there was no room for a punching bag in the apartment. So, when she had seen how old Beau’s laptop was, she had instead decided to buy her a brand new, custom-built gaming PC and accompanying laptop to take to classes with her. While Beau was in the bedroom, Kiki opened the large locked trunk in the hall closet and pulled out the wrapped boxes, setting them next to the coffee table before sitting on the couch to wait for Beau.

Beau stared at the large boxes on the table. “Holy shit, babe, what did you get me??” She blushed a little, suddenly feeling like her present for Keyleth wasn’t nearly enough. “I, um.. here you go,” she said, handing over the shopping mall bag to Kiki and sitting on the couch. She took the smaller of the two boxes and unwrapped it, tearing the paper. When the brand-new laptop box was revealed, her jaw dropped. “Holy FUCK! A new laptop!!” She quickly tore off the rest of the paper and held the box up in front of her, starry-eyed at the gift.

Kiki immediately opened up the gift bag that Beau handed to her, gasping in delight and pulling it out, hugging it tightly and squealing. “Beau, I love love LOVE it! He’s so cute!” She moved closer to Beau and kissed her, nearly knocking the box out of her hands. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

Beau laughed at Kiki’s delight. “You’re welcome! I’m glad you like it so much.” Sitting back up, she looked at the larger box. If the smaller one had been a laptop, she was a little daunted to know what the other one was. Nonetheless, she scooted it closer to her on the table and tore into it. When she saw the fancy gaming rig, she turned her head to stare at Kiki. “Babe, I love you, but this is... are you sure??”

“I’m very very sure, Honey,” Kiki said with a warm smile. “The laptop is mostly for school, but you can trick out the PC however you want. And honestly, I hope you’ll leave it here at my house. I’ve been wanting to ask you if you wanted to move in here with me, and... this seemed like a good time to do so.”

Beau set the laptop box down on the floor and all but launched herself into Kiki’s arms. “Oh my god, I would _love_ to live with you! Kiki, you’re amazing, I love you,” she hugged Keyleth tightly and kissed her.

“I love you too, Beau... Very much...” Keyleth practically moaned into Beau’s mouth as they kissed, open mouth inviting her to invade with her tongue. “This is the happiest I’ve ever been...” Beau deepened the kiss, sliding their tongues together. She leaned into Kiki, pressing their bodies together. She could feel herself getting excited... and just then a timer in the kitchen went off. Kiki could feel herself getting excited too, but the pleasure could wait for now. “Sorry, Honey, but we need to go back in and get the food out of the oven before it burns... How about you pour the wine while I’m getting it ready and bringing it to the dining room?”

“Sounds good to me,” she said with a last chaste kiss. Beau went to get a couple of wine glasses and picked a nice red to go with the duck. She poured the two glasses, brought them to the dining table and waited for Keyleth.

Kiki could barely believe that she’d had the nerve to finally ask Beau to permanently live with her, here in this house. She’d wanted to do that for weeks and had never had the opportunity or nerve to do so. She was so happy now that the question had been asked, that now this was -their- home, not just hers. Her bed was now -their- bed, and she knew that after dinner, that bed was going to be a huge mess of limbs and hair and sweat and cum... After a few seconds of trying to control her breathing, she brings in the large tray of food, with the duck and the vegetables. She could smell the wine, and her beautiful girlfriend sitting at the dining room table.

Beau smiled up at Kiki, and the food. They dug into their meal, and it was delicious. About halfway through the meal and a glass and a half of wine in, she teased Keyleth’s ankle with her toes. Kiki nearly dropped her fork when she felt Beau’s foot teasing her ankles. Beau knew that she had a particular sensitivity to her legs and feet, as just playing with her feet in the right ways had sent her into an orgasm on their first night together. She made sharp, lust-filled eye contact with her and licked her lips. “Be very careful, Little One...”

Beau smirked at Kiki. “I don’t know what you’re talking about...” she said, trailing up the inside of Keyleth’s calf. She was careful not to be too stimulating, she didn’t want Kiki cumming at the table... or did she?

“You goddamn tease...” Kiki said, shaking her head and tilting it a bit over to the side, revealing a large expanse of skin on her neck that was already very purple from the many hickies Beau had given her over the last few days. She knew Beau loved biting, and she loved being bitten. “I swear to Sarenrae, if you make me make a mess at this table, there will be consequences...”

Beau gave her best seductive smile. “Oh? What kind of consequences? Sexy ones?” She picked more at her meal, not so hungry for food anymore...

“Ah-ah, that would be telling,” Keyleth said in a voice that was both warning and playful at the same time. “Let’s at least get through with the hot food before we get too far into dessert, shall we? I’d rather not be so worn out we can’t make it til midnight.” There was a tradition in her family to light a candle at midnight on the Winters Crest that would burn until the sun rose in the morning.

“Okay, okay, I’ll back off,” she said. Beau made sure both her feet were planted on the floor, lest she be tempted to excite Kiki again. They finished their meals and their wine, and Beau went to get the pie. While Beau was in the kitchen, Keyleth decided to up the ante and slipped off her blouse, sitting only in her skirt and a beautiful black and red bra, yet another thing she’d done to surprise Beau with for the holiday. Oh, she was incredibly horny, but wanted to stretch things out. If there was one thing she knew that Beau loved, it was her D-cup tits. Beau froze in her tracks with a plate of pie in each hand. “Hababa.... Hi there, Keyleth,” she said, not able to take her eyes off her girlfriend’s chest. She looked absolutely stunning.

Kiki gave Beau a look of pure lust, taking a bit of marshmallow from the top of the candied yams and smeared it on her upper chest, in a circle, before dropping it into the center of the circle. “You have your target... I don’t care if your face gets there first, or your cock... but get over here before I change my mind...”

“Y-yes, ma’am!” Beau quickly set the plates down on the table, dropped to her knees and planted her face into Kiki’s cleavage. “Hmmmm!” she hummed pleasurably into her skin. She brought her hands up to cup around each breast, pressing against her face more. She could feel herself hardening in her pants. She let out a muffled “Fuck...”

“Mmmm, good girl,” Keyleth moaned, her hand resting on Beau’s head as her chest was kissed, licked, and sucked on. She loved being semi-dominant over her, especially when it brought such joy and excitement to Beau. “Thank you for being patient with me, Baby... I’ll make it worth it for you... Especially if you keep eating my tits like this...”

Beau groped around Kiki’s breast until she found her nipples through the fabric and pressed her thumbs in circles around them. She turned her head slightly to bite and suck a mark into one of them. She wanted to say something, or rub herself through her pants, but her hands and mouth were occupied with her two favorite things.

“Beauregard... Oh, you’re a master of hickey medicine...” Kiki moaned. “Gods, I love what you do to me with your mouth!” Kiki was definitely the very vocal one of the two of them, and she knew Beau enjoyed the praise. Her foot carefully moved between Beau’s legs, trying to give her a reward without having to lose contact with her hands and mouth on her tits.

“Let me know if that feels good, okay?” Beau mumbled a yes, moving to make more marks in Kiki’s breasts. She rocked her hips into the contact, moaning at the stimulation on her cock.

Kiki moved to gently push Beau away, pulling her up to kiss her. “Grab the plates... We’ll have our dessert in bed after we’re done, as a midnight snack when we light the candle...”

Beau stood, her hard on clearly noticeable in her pants. “Yeah, y-yeah,” she grabbed the plates and followed Kiki into her- no, _their_ bedroom.

Keyleth waited for Beau to put the plates down before moving very quickly to pin her against the bedroom door, hand between her legs to feel what she had caused. “Ooooh, already so hard... Excellent... I’m really wet...”

Beau let out a long, low groan, and reached out to take Kiki by the hips. “Do you want me to eat you out first or get right to fucking?” she asked, voice growing husky.

“Let me feel more of what your mouth can do, please...” Kiki groaned needily. “Make me cum... and then fuck me...” She moved to remove Beau’s shirt, revealing the perfect globes that had been placed there only a few short months before, during the summer break. They weren’t massive, but they seemed to be enough for Beau to feel complete. “I have an idea... Let’s 69...”

“Oh, fuck yeah...” Beau crouched down and lifted Kiki up and over her shoulder, and carried her over to the bed. She laid her down, and set about undressing, her cock springing free as she lowered her panties.

Kiki squealed a little, playfully “trying to get free” before she was placed gently on the bed. She turned over onto her side to watch Beau undress, humming and licking her lips as she watched inch after inch of skin being revealed, especially hungry for the flesh below the panties. “Beau... You look amazing...” She quickly pulled her skirt off. The only thing Kiki had between her and Beau was air, and the sexy bra and underwear set. “Happy Winter’s Crest... Come unwrap your present...”

Beau laid down with Keyleth, moving her hands sensually around the bra to the back, and undoing the closure. “Fuck, Kiki, you’re so hot... I love you...” she said, kissing over her shoulder.

“And you’re beautiful...” Kiki said, her hand pulling the elastic out of Beau’s hair gently before allowing the material from both their bras to fall away. “You’ve always been beautiful... I love you so much...”

As Kiki’s breasts were revealed, Beau leaned down and took one nipple between her lips. She rolled it back and forth between her lips, flicking at it with her tongue. She blushed at Kiki’s words, and bit lightly at her nipple.

“Ahh!” Kiki moaned, hissing in pleasure as her nipple was bitten. Her hand reached down and took Beau’s, placing it on her other nipple and began kneading it. She nudged Beau to lay on her back, turning around so that her cunt was right up in Beau’s face, and her face was right above Beau’s delicious cock. “Eat me...”

“Yes, Kiki...” Beau moaned, locking her arms around Keyleth’s legs to keep her hips close to her face. She licked a stripe down the pink wetness of Kiki’s pussy. She reached up to flick at Kiki’s clit, pulling her face closer so she could suck on it.

Kiki moaned in pleasure against the tip of Beau’s cock. No matter how many times she went down on her cock, it always felt like a whole new experience to her. She sucked on it, her hand moving up to the base. “Mmmmm.... Mmmmm... Beau...”

“Hhoooohh... Kiki... fuck...” Beau loved being face-first to Kiki’s pussy, she could never grow tired of it. Even so, doing this position was a special treat, and she loved Kiki’s mouth on her cock. Kiki continued sucking on Beau, her long tongue twisting around it, her free hand moving down to fondle Beau’s balls as her other hand circled and stroked her cock. Her whines from Beau’s attention to her pussy caused vibrations on the shaft, and she could just imagine how it made her feel. “Oooh, fuck, yeah baby! Oh, mmmff-“ was all Beau managed to get out before shiver her face back where it belonged. She continued to alternate between sucking on Kiki’s clit and licking into her pussy

“Beau... Please... Cum in my mouth...” Kiki moaned loudly, feeling herself start to get overwhelmed by all the sensation. “I’m so close myself... Please, Beau! Ah, fuck!”

Beau moaned loudly, too desperate to bring Kiki to orgasm to take her mouth away and actually say anything. A few more pumps, a few more seconds, and she couldn’t hold it back. “Oh! Kiki! Fuck! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna- OH!! F-FUCK!!!”

Hearing Beau cry out for her before spilling into her mouth, Kiki couldn’t hold back her orgasm either, and she cried out her name as her body convulsed from the pure pleasure she was feeling. “B-Beau! BEAU! Fuck!” Not usually one to squirt usually, the liquid that shot from Kiki was sweet and creamy.

“Oh, fuck, yes babe, gods...”Beau moaned from her position underneath Kiki. She knew it would be a little bit before she would be ready to fuck her girlfriend properly.

Riding out the wave of her orgasm, Kiki moved to cuddle up with Beau, letting out a content, satisfied sigh. “I love it when we cum together like that... It’s such a fucking turn-on.” She kissed Beau’s neck and smiled. “You’re always so wonderful...”

“Mmhmm, so are you...” she moved her head to expose more of her neck for Kiki to kiss and bite at. “Keep doing that and I’ll get to fuck you tonight...”

“Mmmm, I love doing that to you,” Kiki said, opening her mouth and biting rather hard, sucking a huge hickey into her neck. “Your neck is so sensitive... I love it...” Beau gasped, a high-pitched noise escaping her throat. She rolled her body towards Kiki, leaning so to almost push her over

Kiki rolled over onto her back, inviting Beau to climb on top of her with her movement. “I’m yours, Beau... Do what you want with me... Or tell me what you want me to do for you...”

Beau threaded her fingers into Kiki’s hair, and kissed her deeply. “Just... let me get it up again...” After kissing for a bit, she felt herself getting hard against Keyleth’s thigh. She started rutting against the friction there.

“Mmmm, okay...” Kiki moaned, her leg moving up to meet her. “It all feels so good... I love you so much... Baby... Once you’re ready... Please... Make love to me, Beauregard...”

“Oh... fuck...” Beau sat up suddenly, took Kiki by the back of her thighs and spread her legs. “I’m gonna fuck you do hard...” Dropping one of her legs, Beau lined the head of her cock up with Kiki’s entrance, still very slick.

Feeling Beau at her entrance, she shuddered and moaned. “Yes, please fuck me!” She was dripping wet, so ready to be fucked. That little push, followed by the pressure of being filled, had Kiki crying out in ecstasy. “Oh, God! Beau!”

“Oh, shit! Fuck, Kiki!” Beau cried out, thrusting into her girlfriend. Oh she was not gonna last. “Oh, oh, Kiki... oh fuck... c-can I please, please cum in you?”

“Please do!” Kiki said, so very far gone, but keeping a small thread of memory of a conversation they’d had a few weeks before. They wanted kids, together, before Beau eventually had her bottom surgery. Since then, they had been fucking without any kind of protection. “Cum in me... Please, Beau! Cum for me!”

Beau picked up her pace, and came with a shout. “Oh! FUCK, yes, Kiki, fuck yes!”

Feeling herself getting filled brought Kiki over the edge again, mixing their cum together inside of her. She pulled Beau to lay on top of her, still inside her. “Baby... That was so good...”

“Fuck yeah it was...” she rested her head on Kiki’s chest, and played with the softness of her breasts. “I really hope you get pregnant... I love you so much...”

“I love you too... and I hope I do too,” Kiki said softly, her arms draped over Beau’s shoulder. “Do twins run in your family at all?”

“No, but I think one would be enough to take care of at the start...” She shifted her hips a little, and giggled at the feeling of their parts sliding together with their cum. “I can always knock you up again if you want more kids...”

“I don’t think I could ever say no to you...” Kiki said, voice shaking a bit at the slight friction of Beau’s cock inside her. “At my age, I wasn’t expecting to have the possibility of having babies... but I’ll be happy either way.”

“I’ll be happy with you, no matter what happens,” Beau said. She lifted her head and kissed Kiki one more time before yawning. “Oof, that took a lot out of me... is it midnight yet?”

“It’s almost 11:45,” Kiki said, looking at the digital clock on the bedside table. “We should eat the pie, and then we can light the candle.”

“Okay,” Beau said, and carefully disentangled herself from Keyleth. She got up and grabbed the plates and forks. They sat on the bed eating and glancing at the clock.

After finishing her pie, Keyleth got up and put on a very skimpy, very attractive robe that hugged her curves and left nothing to the imagination. The candles were already set up on the dresser, and all she needed to do was bring in a camping lighter. As the clock moved closer to midnight, Kiki took Beau’s hand and brought her to stand in front of the candles. “Do you know the ritual?”

“Oh, uh... no, sorry...” Beau said. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested, she just had no clue how to do much. Religion hadn’t ever been a big deal in her life.

“That’s quite alright,” Kiki said. “There are two lights in this room. You and me. The beginning of the winter is like the end and beginning of the year. There are two candles, and we will each light one. Then, at midnight, we will each make a wish, joining our candles together in the center of the tree of lights. Each family lights these candles together, one candle for each person. If I get pregnant soon, the child will have a candle of their own next year. If I’m still pregnant at that point, their candle will be added the following next year...”

“Oh, that sounds pretty cool,” Beau said, and watched as Keyleth lit her candle, then took the lighter and lit her own.

The large grandfather clock in the living room began sounding, and Kiki signaled for Beau to join her in lighting the large candle in the middle. “We welcome in the Winter’s Crest, and the coming of the new year. May our goblets be always full, our weapons at rest, our friends close, and our families closer.” When the bells had stopped, all three candles were on the light tree, and Kiki was once again pressing her lips to Beau’s. “I love you so much, my beautiful lady.”

“I love you too, my lovely Keyleth,” Beau said. She wrapped her arms around Kiki’s waist and gave her a gentle hug, watching the candles flicker. “This is really nice, but now I just want to sleep, heh...”

“The candlelight isn’t going to bother you going to sleep, is it?” Kiki asked, suddenly hyper-aware of that possibility. “I usually sleep with some light, so I’m not bothered by it, but...”

“No, it’ll be fine, don’t worry,” she said. “If it becomes an issue, I’ll get a sleeping mask or something.”

“Okay, good,” Keyleth said with a smile, kissing her gently as they settled back into the bed together. “Hope you like waffles for breakfast... Another tradition, more of a family thing. No more presents until after breakfast.”

“That sounds amazing, babe. I love you so much,” Beau kissed her again. She slowly led them back to their bed. “Cuddle with me until I fall asleep?” she asked.

“That sounds awesome, babe. I love you so much,” Beau kissed her again and nudged into Kiki’s side. “Cuddle with me until I fall asleep?” she asked.

“Of course, Darling,” Kiki said, already half-asleep herself.

Chapter Text

Lieve’Tel Toluse, the lead minister of the local Unitarian Universalist congregation, was the love of Bertrand Bell (Bert to his friends and family)’s life. Although they had been apart for nearly fifteen years, recent loss in his life had made their meeting again at Winters Crest bittersweetly opportune. Tonight, they were celebrating four months together as a couple, and as they lay cuddling in each other’s arms, dinner plates long forgotten on the coffee table, Bert couldn’t help thinking about the dinner they had shared together, along with a few dozen other people, at the Feast of First Snowfall.

“Happy four-months, Beautiful...” he whispered.

“To many more months and years to come,” Lieve whispered back. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Darling,” he said. “Did you want to move to the bedroom for dessert? I’m finding myself rather craving your sweetness...”

“Mm, that sounds lovely,” she said. Lieve pulled away just slightly, then rose to her feet to pull Bertrand along to the bedroom.

As they moved to the bedroom, Bert’s mind went back again to their meeting at the church, and the amazing night that had followed. After one of the meetings with his teachers the week before Winter’s Crest vacation had begun, Vax and Shaun had invited him to the Unitarian Universalist Church that they attended, in which Vax was also a devoted attendee. It had been with some trepidation that he’d gone along, mostly for the dinner that was to follow the elaborate service. The Gilmores has secured a seat for him at the table they would be sharing with the lead minister.

Lieve thought back to that night as well. She had been getting ready for the sermon, and as she set her folder on the podium, Lieve looked up and saw the Gilmores walk in with their friend Vax had mentioned. It was Bertrand. She hadn’t seen him in so long, but she recognized him immediately. It took a sincere effort not to be distracted by him during the service. The moment Bert had seen her, his heart had started going a million miles an hour, ringing in his ears and sending shock waves through him. He hadn’t seen her since they had graduated from college, fifteen years before. That had been the most interesting church service he’d ever attended.

After the service, when they had gathered at their table at dinner, she had bravely slid her hand over his thigh under the table. Lieve had smiled at him, hoping she wasn’t being too forward after their time apart. When he felt Lieve’s hand on his thigh under the table, he looked over at her and gave her a warm smile. That hand was wonderfully familiar in his hand as he moved to hold it. Perhaps this was his late wife and the gods guiding him to happiness. Through her entire fight with cancer, Adrianna had always said she hoped Bert would find happiness.

Lieve squeezed Bert’s hand in response. “So... how do you know Shaun and Vax again?”

“Oh, I’m a Dean of the University that they both teach at,” Bert said, happy with the small contact with her. It gave him hope for what their future together might be, even if it started slowly. “Vax here invited me since it’s the first holiday season since my wife passed, and he didn’t want me to be alone.” He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I had no idea that the gods were guiding me back to you, Dear Lieve...”

Vax glanced over at Shaun, a bit of surprise on his face. The fact that their minister and their Dean knew each other, rather intimately it seemed, had thrown him for a loop. “I’m very glad that I invited Bert too. If you don’t mind, Reverend, how long have you two known each other?”

Lieve turned to Vax. “Oh, we knew each other... quite well when we graduated, about fifteen years ago?” she said, guessing the years. “We drifted apart soon after but... it’s very good to see him again.” She turned back to Bert. “I’m so sorry to hear about your wife, but I’m glad you’re here.”

“It’s been a rough six months, but she was with us a lot longer than the doctors had expected, so I was more prepared when she did pass,” Bert said softly. “She was very insistent that I move on and try to be happy again. I hope I’m not being too forward, Lieve, but I think this is the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.”

Lieve smiled and gave a huffing little laugh. “Same as always, aren’t you?” She patted his arm with her free hand and leaned in close. “Let’s talk and have dinner first,” she said quietly. “So, Dean of the University? That’s pretty prestigious! How’d you earn that?”

“Well, I have my family to thank for that, really,” he said. “My parents donated a lot of money to the school, and I got put on the Board of Trustees, and then got hired as an academic advisor, and I climbed my way up the ladder from there. I’m not the dean of the entire university just yet, just the liberal studies department. But who knows what the future holds, right?”

She gestured between the two of them. “As clearly evidenced. That’s quite some accomplishments, Bertrand,” she said.

“Please, Lieve, call me Bert,” he said, squeezing her hand gently again under the table. “Tell me, what’s been happening in your life? Clearly you put the religious studies degree to very good use.”

“Alright, Bert… Well, somewhat the same as you,” she started. “Except without a donation or anything. I started here as a youth minister and just worked my way up. Went through some special training but, here we are.”

“It sounds like you’ve led a wonderful life,” he said. He wanted to ask if she’d married, but that was a little too personal to be asking in professional and polite company.

They all continued eating, and soon the event was over. The Gilmores had left, with Bert telling them that he’d call a cab to get home. It was snowing lightly, and now here they sat, hand in hand in the courtyard of the church. “It’s been... an amazing evening, Lieve.”

“I’m glad you had a good time, Bert,” Lieve said. “You mentioned that you were going to call a cab, but… you could come along with me, and I could perhaps teach you a thing or two…” she said in a low, sultry voice.

“I’d love to have you teach me again like you did all those years ago, Darling,” he said, his large hand brushing over her cheek. “Oh, I’ve missed you so much, Lieve...” He had yet to kiss her now, but the memory of the last kiss they had shared was still one of the most wonderful things he’d ever experienced. “May I kiss you?”

Lieve leaned into Bert’s touch just a bit and drew herself a little closer. “You absolutely may,” she said.

There was a fire rising in Bert’s heart as he leaned in and kissed Lieve, a fire that he’d always thought had gone out long ago when they’d drifted apart. When their lips touched, it was electric, and he knew his heart had finally come home. “Lieve... The wine of your lips has only gotten more delicious with time...”

Lieve nearly rolled her eyes at Bert’s poetic wording, but she couldn’t deny the electric spark between them either. She leaned in and kissed him again before she pulled away and took his hand to lead Bert out to her car. “Come on, Love, we have some catching up to do.”

Bert hadn’t been -trying- to be poetic, because it was true. Her lips were addicting. A shiver went down his spine as he helped her into her car and closed the door, running around to the passenger side and climbing in. With everything going on, he hadn’t realized how insanely cold it was. Lieve started the car and the heater, and soon enough they were warming up, and on their way back to her place. They both shivered just a little walking from the car to the front door.

“Shall I turn the heater on in here, or will we be keeping each other warm?” Lieve asked.

“Having the heat on might make things a bit more comfortable in general,” Bert said, grateful for the heat there already was in the house in comparison to the bitter Chicago winter cold outside. “Though we’ll definitely be keeping each other warm here soon.”

Lieve smiled and walked over to turn the thermostat up and heard the heater come to life through the wall. “There, that should be better in just a few,” she said. She hung up her coat on a hook by the door and turned back to Bert. “First… are you sure you want to do this? We haven’t seen each other in fifteen odd years, after all…”

“I’m very sure, Dear, as long as you are sure as well,” Bert said, taking her hand again. “As I said before, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long while, and it’s because of you.” He leaned in and kissed her again. “I’ve never stopped loving you, Lieve... and now I’m on fire for you...”

Lieve leaned up and kissed Bert before he could get too far. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss for a long moment. After a few moments, Lieve pulled back. “Mm… I’m very, very sure… Follow me,” she said as she led him back to her bedroom. Those moments as she kissed him took him back to the days and weeks they had spent together in school, nearly inseparable except during classes and other such things. But right now, in many ways, this was like a homecoming and a religious experience. If he didn’t already believe in miracles being brought from the gods, he did now.

“We should go slowly, Dear...” he said after the door was closed in her bedroom. “I want to explore and get to know your body again. Is that okay with you?”

Lieve turned to him and bit her lip, looking Bert up and down. They’d definitely both grown and changed since they’d last met, but Lieve had found herself hungrier for him than she had previously thought. “Well, then you can start by taking off my clothes…” she said, trying to tempt him further.

Bert didn’t even take time to nod before his hands moved up to her form-fitting black top. Perhaps he too was hungrier than he’d first thought. He undid each button carefully but not slowly, wanting to see the beautiful skin of her upper body and be able to admire it with his hands and mouth as well. As the last button came loose, he saw a beautiful, delicate black bra, cradling a pair of perfect, gorgeous breasts. “I love what I’m seeing so far...”

Lieve ran her hands over Bert’s button-shirt, her nails catching a little on the buttons. “Mm, I’m glad... may I?”

“Please do, Lovely,” he said softly, kissing her again before leaning back and letting her explore him.

Lieve unbuttoned Bert’s shirt and kissed the exposed skin as she went. She slipped the garment off his shoulders and as much down his arms as she could. “Mmm, my my my...” she purred as she took him in.

Bert let the shirt fall from his arms, feeling almost like he was on one of those romance novel covers. His hands moved to cup her breasts, gently fondling them and hoping to draw a moan from her lips. “I’m very much yours, Dearest...”

Lieve smirked but couldn’t help but to let out a moan as Bert squeezed her breasts. “Gods…” she breathed as she trailed her nails down his chest.

Bert closed his eyes briefly as he felt the sting of her nails on his chest. He smiled softly, kissing her neck again and continuing to squeeze her breasts. “Tell me, Dear... What are you wearing under that skirt?”

“Why don’t you take me to bed and find out?” Lieve teased.

“You’ve always been such a tease, Lieve,” he said, rolling his eyes a little. He quickly lifted her up bridal style and carried her over to the bed and placing her there, reaching behind her and undoing the zipper. He pulled on the hem and it easily slipped from her hips, leaving her in her bra and lacy black panties. “Very, very nice...”

Lieve struck a sexy pose as Bert looked down at her. “Why thank you... now come here...”

Bert smiled, pulling down his own pants and kicking off his shoes, now down to his briefs, which were straining with the erection that was so prominent now. “Thank you for the invitation, Dearest...”

Lieve sat up on the bed and pulled at the waistband of Bert’s briefs. “Ooo, someone’s happy to see me...”

“Very much, yes,” he said, allowing her to push the briefs down, revealing his large cock and leaving him very naked. He gazed down at her panties, which he could tell were getting a wet spot on them. “You seem rather excited yourself... May I?”

Lieve was a bit entranced by Bert’s cock, but tore her eyes away to look up at him. “Yes... yes you may...”

He made quick work of her panties, and he felt his cock twitch and his balls tighten as he gazed over her body. “Fuck... Gods, Lieve, you’re beautiful...”

“Thank you... you look delicious...” Lieve said. She kneeled on the bed and took his cock in her hand. “I’m gonna ring your bell,” she teased as she started stroking him.

“Ohhh... Please do...” he moaned. “I’ve missed all the things you do to me... especially your attention to my cock...”

“Oh, is that what you’ve missed most?” Lieve teased. She knew there was more to it. She brought the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it before she started bobbing her head.

“Of course, there’s more to it, Sweet Thing,” he said, his breath quickening as she engulfed him with her mouth. “Damn... You’ve gotten even better at that... Fuck...” Lieve pulled back and sucked on just the head as she rubbed her thumb along the underside of his cock. Bert’s eyes fluttered closed, his head falling back as she worked on him. “Lieve... Darling... You’re so good at that... Please don’t stop... Fuck...” Lieve kept pumping her hand on Bert’s cock and followed with her mouth. She swallowed around him and moaned, pulling out all her tricks. It wasn’t long before Bert was brought to the very edge of orgasm. “Fuck... fuck, it feels so good... I’m really close, Sweetheart... Do you want me to cum in your mouth... or on your body?”

Lieve pulled away then. “It’s been a while for you, hasn’t it?” she teased. “I don’t want you to cum yet… can you hold on a little longer?”

“Yeah, it has, well over a year...” he panted. Adrianna had gotten to the point where she was too weak to have sex, and Lieve was the first he’d had the desire to do anything with since his wife’s death. “I can... I can hold on... for a bit...”

Lieve pat the bed next to her. “Then lie down, I’m gonna ride you,” she said.

Bert’s eyes widened at the command. “Fuck... Okay, yeah!” He lay down on his back, gazing up at her. “Did you want me to wear protection? I’ve got a condom in my wallet...”

Lieve shook her head. “I’ve got an implant, don’t worry about it,” she said. She moved to straddle his hips and pressed back, feeling the weight of his cock against her ass. “Mmm... fuck...” she moaned before leaning down and kissing Bert.

Bert smiled sweetly up at her, glad that both of them were conscious of safety in this situation. Feeling his cock pressed in between her ass cheeks like that was pushing him dangerously close again, but he took a deep breath and calmed himself. “Please, Love... Hurry...”

Lieve smiled down at him. “As you wish, love...” she said. Lieve raised herself up and lined Bert’s cock up with her pussy before sliding down. “Oooh... oh fuck... oh good gods...”

Of everything in this whole lovemaking experience, the feeling of being inside her was the most familiar and exquisite and heavenly thing. Bert moaned as she slid down onto him, his hands finding her hips, not to control her movements but to simply to touch her. “Gods... Lieve, please... I want to feel you cum with me...”

Lieve smiled again. “Oh... don’t worry, darling... oh fuck, I won’t, mm, won’t take long...” she said. Lieve started moving her hips up and down, really riding his cock as much as she could. She was so wet and so ready for him, they glided together like they were meant to be.

Their moans began to mix together like a melody and harmony, their bodies moving together in a rhythm that was all their own. “Ohhh, fuck... Lieve... So perfect! My love... My angel... Oh, fuck... Lieve! Yes! I’m so close...” That last moan was a desperate, whining plea.

“Ooh, yes! Yes, Bert, fuck!” Lieve gasped above him. She moved her hand down between them and rubbed desperately at her clit. “Gods, I’m so close, fuck! Oh! Come with me... please!”

“Yes! Yes, Lieve, yes!!” Bert cried out as he finally released inside her. He felt her starting to squeeze around him as they continued to move together, and it milked him even further. “Fuck! LIEVE!!”

As soon as Lieve felt Bert release inside her, she felt her pussy clench around his cock as she toppled over the edge. “Oh fuck! Yes!! Bert!!”

At this point, Bert instinctively held her hips down against him and stopped moving, letting their connection do the work. “Ohhhh, Darling... Please... Stay still for a moment...” He was in heaven with her, and he felt like they both knew it. “Lieve... Thank you...”

Lieve relaxed into the position as she started to come down from her orgasm. “Ohhh… oh, Love… yes, of course,” she said, as she needed a moment herself. “Bert, I love you,” she said after a quiet minute.

Those three little words absolutely broke the man, and his face went from a look of wonder, to a loving smile with tears in his eyes as he pulled her down to kiss her deeply. “I love you too, Lieve... So much. I always have... and always will."

Lieve smiled into the kiss and wrapped her arms around Bert as best she could. “I’m so happy you came into my life again,” she said.

“Me too, Sweetheart,” he said, guiding her off of his softening cock to lay down beside him. The snow outside had started to really pick up, and Bert had a feeling they would be spending more than just the night together, since blizzards like this made it very dangerous to drive.
The grandfather clock could be heard from the living room, chiming midnight, and he held his lover close to him. “Happy Winters Crest, My Beautiful Lady...”

“Happy Winter’s Crest, my darling man,” Lieve replied. She was glad he was here, safe with her, and was already looking forward to their new relationship.

“Now that we’re back together, I never want to be apart from you for any substantial amount of time ever again...” he purred, snuggling with her under the covers.

Lieve cuddled around Bert’s form under the blankets. “I couldn’t agree more,” she said.

Chapter Text

Inhale. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Exhale. Repeat.

That had been a rough performance for Molly. Breaking a heel and then having his dress rip when he fell had been a complete embarrassment. Thankfully, Marion had helped him up, and had then continued with the next number, letting the audience know that she would be finishing the show alone. “Get into your tux and join me at the end of the show, okay?” she had whispered to him. He had done so, and now he waited in the green room just-offstage, using his vape to keep himself calm. Looking at his phone, he got a crazy idea to make a group chat of all his friends, and started sending sexy.

“Anybody up for some sexy talk? I need the distraction.”

Jester and Fjord had been enjoying a night in, watching a movie. They had just started getting a little handsy when their phones both buzzed. Jester looked at her phone faster, and said “Hey, it’s Molly, looks like he had a rough night.” She texted back, “Fjord and I are, in fact we were just starting in on something. did you have anything in mind?”

‘Talk to me, Love... Tell me what you’re doing to each other, and/or what you’d both do to me if I was there.’ Molly texted back.

‘Ooo, well now I’m starting to get ideas!’ Jester said. ‘But I was feeling up his thigh, teasing closer to his cock,’ she texted. Jester smiled over at Fjord. “You wanna give him a play-by-play babe?”

“This is gonna feel like a cheap porn chat, but yeah, I’m into it,” Fjord said, starting to type away himself. ‘What do you want -us- to do to each other, Mol? What do you want us to do to -you-?’ Just as he was about to hit send, he saw Caleb pop into the chat with a message. ‘Hi, Caleb!’

Caleb had been studying and in desperate need of a break. The trouble was letting himself take one. His phone buzzed and though he had ignored it at first, he picked it up when he saw who was chatting. ‘Wow, is this our whole group?’ he texted in. ‘Hallo Fjord.’

Clay had just gotten off work at the cafe, and was on his way home when he saw the first text from Molly, and had decided to wait until he was home before chiming in. ‘I’m always up for some sexy talk with my favorite people... I’m just getting home, and I’ll probably be getting naked as soon as I can...’

Molly read that and had to stifle a moan. ‘God, that’s hot. Anyone else want to respond? Shaun? Yasha?’

Yasha had been reading the texts since they started. ‘Hi Caleb. Yeah I think this is our whole polycule,’ she said. ‘Molly, are you in private or in public right now?’

‘I’m in the green room at the restaurant,’ Molly responded ‘Got a few minutes before I go back onstage at the end of the show. Broke a heel, fell, and ripped my dress, so Marion said to get changed into my tux.’ He sent a picture to everyone of him with his bow tie and shirt undone, tongue sticking out flirtatiously.

‘Oof, Molly you’re a sexy beast!’ Jester texted in. ‘Don’t even think about what happened before! No one else will when you go out looking that hot!’

Jester took off her shirt, got up and sat on Fjord’s lap, her back to his chest. “Here, put your hands on my boobs and I’ll take a picture,” she said. She snapped a couple shots then sent the best one to the chat. ‘Here’s some inspiration for you!’ she said.

‘Goodness gracious, Molly, you do look stunning,’ Shaun piped in after the picture the young man had posted came into view. ‘Want me to have my driver pick you up after the show? Vax and I haven’t seen you in a while and I’m sure we’d both enjoy some time with you.’ He looked at his husband, who gave a wide grin and a hearty nod. Shaun walked over to Vax and they took a sultry picture together, both eyeing the camera hungrily.

Fjord followed Jester’s instructions and put his hands on her boobs, waiting until she was satisfied with the picture before rolling her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. “Beautiful...”

Jester rocked her ass down into Fjord’s lap. “You know it, baby,” she said. At the same time, she texted the group, ‘Ooh, such handsome boys! ❤️❤️❤️’

‘Everyone here is so fucking hot and horny,’ Kiki chimed in, sending in her own bedroom selfie with Beau. They had just finished a round of eating each other out and were now cuddling. “Fuck, I’m glad you’re okay with this, Beau... Us flirting and sexying with everyone else...” She kissed her gently. “I love you. I’ll always come back to you, no matter what.”

Beau pressed her face into Kiki’s shoulder. “Fuck, I’m glad you let me have partners besides you too,” she said. She went ahead and saved the photos to her own phone. No harm in building up her spank bank while she could.

Molly texted in, ‘Yasha, why did you ask if I was in public or not? Anything you want me to do?’

Yasha smirked at her phone. ‘I want you to tease yourself, but still be presentable for stage,’ she sent. ‘Be a good boy and I might invite you over for a reward.’

‘Mmmm, yes, My Lady,’ Molly sent back, saying My Lady so that people not in the know wouldn’t catch on that she was essentially his sometimes-domme. He quickly started a video recorder and put his phone on the table, laying down on the couch and putting his hand into his open fly. The camera could only see his face and upper body. “So much fun... I enjoy doing this for you, Darlings.”

Jester looked at her phone again and giggled at how Molly and Yasha were talking. ‘Hey Yasha, we should team up on our boys sometime- she said. “What do you think of that, Fjord?”

Fjord licked his lips in response, his mouth curling into a grin. “Anything for you, My Lady, if it makes you happy, I would welcome it...” He looked at his phone, aiming a blush and a wink at Molly.

Caduceus, who had also experienced Jester’s dominance, sent a picture of himself, naked now, kneeling on his own bed, head bowed but looking at the camera. ‘I know I would enjoy it too, My Lady...’

Molly continued stroking himself in his pants, sending another video clip of him moaning somewhat loudly. “Dearest Ladies, Mistresses, I would love to be your good little slut... You too, Gentlemen...” he breathed, mostly toward Shaun.

‘Hmm, that sounds fun,’ Yasha sent. She was definitely excited by Molly’s video clips, and settled into her computer chair, sans pants to tease herself. She then sent a photo of her hand down her panties to the chat. ‘Like what you see, Dears?’

‘I do!’ said Beau, with a bunch of flower emojis. She posed for Kiki to take a sexy pic of her to send to the group. ‘We need a girls’ night!’

Keg, who had been pretty quiet the whole time, sent a picture of herself, at least topless, laying in her own bed, biting her finger as if trying to control herself. -Very very hot, Yasha... You too, Beau...’

Molly sent in another video. He threw his head back, looking like he was about to cum but holding himself back. “Fuck... I’m gonna have to go out on stage soon... with a raging hard on thanks to all of you...”

Almost as if they had read each other’s minds, Yasha and Jester texted ‘Good boys don’t cum!’

‘I’m not going to cum, Mistresses...’ Molly texted, hearing a knock on the door. ‘Shaun, I think I’m going to take you up on your offer of a ride back to your place... especially if I can get you and Vax to tie me up. But for now, I need to go.’

Caleb had been shyly watching all these videos and texts, but when he saw that last one he sent a couple laughing emojis. ‘I am so lucky to have all of you sexy people in my life.’

‘Break a leg, Molly!’ Jester texted and hoped he would see it.

Jester’s text was the last he saw before putting his phone into his bag and heading out the door. On-stage, Molly gave the performance of his life, singing so closely with this beautiful lady. Several times, they were close enough to kiss, but it wasn’t until the very end of the song that he finally planted one on her lips. It was a staged kiss, but one that he always looked forward to when singing as Mollymauk and not as just Molly. “Thank you for a beautiful evening, my love...” Those familiar words always thrilled him. “And thank you to our amazing audience!”

Back on the phone, Caddy texted on. ‘Caleb, don’t be alone tonight. Take a break from studying and come see me... You have a key.’

‘I’ll make sure Frumpkin is set and be over in a bit!’ Caleb sent over.

‘Anyone else alone this evening and want some company?’ Keg said, mostly thinking about Yasha in that moment. ‘Cali? I could come pick you up and go see Yasha if you want.’

‘I’m here!’ Cali texted in. ‘Sorry, I was making myself some dinner, but yeah, if you wanna come pick me up we can go see Miss Yasha,’ she said. ‘You okay with that miss?’

‘More than okay, Little Calianna~’ Yasha said. Oh, this precious little lady was such a good sub, so perfectly obedient... ‘Take good care of Molly, Boys. I look forward to pictures of him all tied up and begging like a good boy. Don’t disappoint me. And it looks like you better hurry and get to Clay’s place, Caleb... Your boy is waiting for orders...’

‘Car is on its way, Molly, with Vax in it to bring you to me,’ Shaun texted, privately to Molly.

Back in Jester’s apartment, Fjord was back at her lips, his hands roaming her body, when an idea hit him. “Baby, I just had a thought... We’ve got all this great equipment up in your work space, and everyone is pairing off more or less for the evening. Maybe we could set up a group video chat so we can all enjoy watching each other...”

“Hmm, that’s a great idea! It’d take some time to get set up though... do you wanna try for that tonight or set it up for next time?” she asked. Personally, she kinda just wanted to stick to what they had at the moment for now.

“I was kind of hoping for tonight...” Fjord said somewhat sheepishly. “It’s going to take time for people to get to each other and get settled, so I think we’ll have time.”

“Alright, sure,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “Come up and help me then,” she said. Jester got up off his lap and started up the stairs to her work space.

“Of course,” he said, a wide grin on his face, texting to everyone in the group. ‘Everyone should get signed on Google Hangouts when you can. I had an idea to make tonight even more interesting... Video sex party.’ Fjord quickly followed Jester up the stairs to help her set things up. Tonight was going to be H. O. T. HOT! Jester started setting up cameras and turning on lights. “Oh, can you run back down and get the toy box? Never know what we might want,” she said. She got busy with hooking up video and mic feeds. She was a professional damnit! Like hell she was gonna drop quality just because she wasn’t getting paid.

Fjord smiled, always impressed by how good his beloved was in providing professional entertainment. “I’ll be right back.”

At the base of the sky restaurant a little while later, Molly waited for Vax in Shaun’s car. When he saw the fancy car pull up, he saw Vax in the front seat. “Hey, Handsome...”

Vax looked up from his phone where he’d seen Fjord’s last message. “Hey yourself, lovely,” he said. He opened the door for Molly and leaned over to kiss him after he got in. “We should get back to my place quick, Jester and Fjord wanna do a streaming thing,” he said.

“Oooh, that sounds like an excellent plan,” Molly said, leaning over and kissing Vax a bit more greedily. “If Mistress is okay with it... I want to feel pretty tonight.”

Vax smiled into the kiss and ran a hand up his thigh. “You’ll have to ask, but you know Mistress is gracious in most cases,” he said. “In any case, I would love to make you feel pretty...”

“Thank you, Sir...” Molly said, explaining what had happened that night. “Everyone was wonderful in cheering me up, though. Marion even kissed me, rather deeply I might add, before we left the dressing room tonight.” He blushed, unsure of how people would feel about a deeper kiss that wasn’t just staged, especially from his girlfriend’s own mother. “Sir... am I precious to you? Am I pretty?”

Vax cupped his face and ran his thumb over Molly’s cheek. “Oh, Molly, of course you are. You are one of the prettiest people I know,” he said.

“Your husband is prettier,” Molly said with a warm smile. He loved these men, and no matter what, he would love them to the ends of the earth. Had they shown interest in him before he’d gotten involved with his boyfriends and girlfriends, they may have claimed him for themselves. “Every night I get to spend with you two is amazing... You make me feel so good, Mister Vax’ildan...”

“Hmm, you make us feel good, too, Mollymauk...” Vax said, and trailed his hand down Molly’s neck to his arm. “Now, Shaun wanted us to get worked up together, what do you think of that?”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, Sir,” Molly purred, moving in for a passionate kiss, sloppy and wet. “What would Mister Shaun like us to do first? What would you like, Sir?”

Vax smirked and suddenly pulled Molly into his lap. “Let’s start here and see where it goes...” he said. Vax trailed his hands down Molly’s back to the hem of his shirt and teased his fingers just under it.

“Yessir...” Molly said quickly, moving his own hands down to the hem of Vax’s pants, slipping his fingertips under just a tiny bit, as if asking permission to go further. His moans slipped from his lips and he kept kissing him deeply. “Oh, Mister Vax’ildan...”

“Mmm, yes Molly... keep going...” Vax said. He slipped his hands under Molly’s shirt. He smoothed his hands up the other’s stomach enjoying the soft skin he found there.

Molly winced and hissed a little when he felt Vax’s hand drift over to his hip after moving across his stomach. “Sorry... That’s where I fell... There’s already a bruise...” He closed his eyes, embarrassed again.

“Aww, poor baby,” Vax said. He withdrew his hands and started unbuttoning Molly’s shirt, kissing down his bare skin as it was revealed. “I want to make you feel special, Molly,” he said. He pressed his hands into Molly’s chest, thumbs teasing his nipples.

“Ohhh, yes...” Molly moaned. His hand moved down into Vax’s pants, inching toward the hot hole that always promised good things for the dark-skinned man. “Mister Vax’ildan... I love it when you touch me like this...” Molly was so glad that the Gilmore house had an attached garage so that they could simply slip into the house once they arrived. “Mmmm, may I slip lower?”

“Mmm, I have another idea...” Vax hummed. He pushed Molly’s shirt off over his shoulders and used the sleeves to trap Molly’s hands behind his back. Vax moved in then to bite a mark into Molly’s neck. “Fuck, you’re so pretty Molly...”

“Oh, Gods!” Molly cried out in bliss as Vax bit him. Being trapped like this was exhilarating, knowing he couldn’t do anything, but he trusted Vax not to hurt him or embarrass him. “Thank you, Sir. I feel pretty with you... very pretty...”

Vax pulled back and seemed to consider something. He set Molly’s hands in place and let them go, giving him a look that meant “keep them there.” Vax then moved his hands to Molly’s pants and cupped him through the material before biting at the other side of his neck. “Shall I make you prettier with spots?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, please, Sir,” Molly said softly, craning his neck to the other side to give Vax more room to bite and mark him. His hands trembled, but he held them where they had been placed. “Mister Vax’ildan, my cock loves the attention too...”

Vax continued sucking marks into Molly’s neck, and moved down to his chest. Little ones, big ones, and a few that were just the indent of his teeth. He kept one hand on Molly’s beautiful ass and the other slowly teasing his cock. “Fuck... Molly I can’t wait to get you tied up and pretty...” he said.

Molly was struggling to stay still under all the delightful ministrations Vax was giving him. “May I make noise, Sir, or shall I stay quiet? I know you like a little of both...”

On the cellphone group, Jester and Fjord signaled that they were ready to start the hangout, including a link that could be gotten both from a cell phone and a computer. ‘Vax, Darling, you better get our boy home soon... Mistress wants to watch us play...’ Shaun texted privately to Vax.

Vax felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and was sore to remove his mouth from Molly’s body. ‘We’ll be there soon, dearest.’ he sent to Shaun. “Looks like they’re just waiting for us now... are you ready?” he asked Molly.

“Very ready, Sir,” Molly said, low and sultry in his master’s ear. He was finally starting to feel pretty, and he knew they were just getting started.

When the car pulled up into the garage, Shaun was waiting for them in a long, purple robe. He motioned for the driver to turn away so that he would not see the disheveled Molly being brought into the house. “Finally, Dear, you’re home with our very good boy... Everyone is ready.”

Vax led Molly into the house and leaned in and kissed Shaun as he passed him. “Fantastic... He was a very good boy on the way home,” he said.

Molly purred, hands still behind his back now that he was out of the car. As they walked up from the garage, Molly kept his eyes on the floor, stopping just long enough to kick off his shoes as they reached the edge of the carpet. The Gilmore home was pristine, and they took great pride in keeping it that way, including not wearing shoes at all. “Up to the bedroom, dear boy. I’ve got the computer and webcam running already.”

Vax followed close behind Molly and got him up on the bed. “Hello lovelies!” he waved into the camera. Everyone in their polycule greeted him back. “Our dearest Mollymauk had a rather rough night on stage, so let’s do our best to help the boy feel pretty, alright?” he said, then turned back to Molly and pulled him in for a deep, long kiss.

Molly moaned into Vax’s mouth, smiling into the kiss and almost letting his hands drop. “Sir... I need my wrists bound together or I’m afraid I’ll drop my arms without thinking... Please, Sir...”

Caduceus licked his lips at the sight of his boyfriend on the screen, completely at the mercy of the two older men. He was rock hard, and Caleb had already started playing with his pussy almost as soon as he got in the door. “Molly, My Love, you’re beautiful... You’ve never been anything but beautiful.”

Kiki, though in the arms of her beloved fiancé, was focusing on Vax on the screen in that moment. Even watching him making out with other men was hot, because she could easily remember what it felt like when he kissed her like that. The taste of his tongue, the feel of his hands on her body, just the way he made her feel special. Oh god. Beau didn’t care that much for the boys, but she knew that Kiki loved Vax and liked watching him with his husband and Molly.

“He’s pretty good, huh? What should we put into this little show?” she asked.

Kiki thought for a moment, then got a sultry look on her face. “Can I blindfold you, so you don’t know where I am until I touch you? You can even imagine any of our ladies here is about to touch you. And I’ll take direction from Miss Yasha if she wants.” She looked over at Yasha’s video with an expectant look.

Keg and Cali were already in the middle of a naked make out session, and the camera was moving around, focusing on different things — hands groping at flesh, their mouths locked together, Kegs ass on top of Cali. Someone was really making a show of it. When the camera was in her face, Keg stopped kissing Cali for a moment and looked into it. “Beau, Baby, I really hope I get to see you blindfolded, and that you’ll imagine it’s me touching you...”

Beau smiled and said, “Yeah, that sounds hot as fuck.” She laid back and surrendered herself to Kiki and Yasha’s mercy.

Yasha smiled from behind the camera and flipped it around to face her. “I can definitely give you some direction if you like, Kiki,” she said. She flipped the camera around again to focus on Keg and Cali. “Aren’t these two just delicious to look at though?”

“Oooh, very much so,” Keyleth purred, grabbing the blindfold and putting it over Beau’s eyes. “Just listen to them, Beau... Listen closely to everyone, and the sounds they’re making...” She looked over to Molly and his two masters. “Vax, Shaun... make sure Molly knows that right now, everyone knows that he is the prettiest thing in the universe.” Now able to let go of looking at anything, Beau focused her energy on feeling and listening to the others. Gender didn’t matter much when it came to sound.

Shaun had come into the bedroom and joined the other two on the bed, approaching Molly from behind and undressing him. “Vax, let the pretty boy go so we can be properly naked,” he said. He had already set out a number of toys and some very colorful rope to tie Molly up with.

Molly allowed himself to be manipulated and moved by Vax and hummed happily at the beautiful rope he saw. “Thank you, Mister Shaun,” he purred. He was becoming quite hard again, and hearing everyone else from the feed was added frosting on this delicious cake. “I love the robe, Sir, though I’m sure it’ll look better on the floor...”

“You’re absolutely right, Molly,” Shaun said and untied the robe and let it fall to the floor. He was, of course, wearing nothing underneath. Shaun took over teasing and undressing Molly, so that Vax could move off and get ready himself. Shaun flung Molly’s shirt across the room, shortly followed by his pants. “Now then, you pretty thing, kneel in the middle and I’ll tie you up nice, okay?” he said.

Molly obediently moved up to the bed, kneeling in the sit position, head lowered and eyes on his own knees, similar to the way Clay had been a bit before. “I am ready, Sir...”

Speaking of Clay, Caleb was nearly hand-deep in the Cherokee man’s pussy, mouth trying to suck his brain out through his cock. “Caleb! Oh gods, yes!” He briefly got ahold of himself to look over at the camera, at Jester. “Does Mistress like?”

Jester was leaning back in a very comfortable looking arm chair, with Fjord kneeling in front of her, eating her out. She was too occupied to actually respond to Caduceus, but everyone’s sexy noises spurred on her pleasure. “Oooo, yes my pets... fuck, Fjord, you’re so good at this...”

Caleb came off Caddy’s dick with a wet pop. “Fuck... Caduceus, I really want you to fuck me... Do you wanna stay where you are or flip this around?” he asked.

Caduceus purred at the words, though he didn’t want to lose the feeling of most of Caleb’s hand moving around inside him. “Do the Mistresses approve of me asking him to ride me?” He was mostly speaking to Yasha, since he knew Jester was a bit busy at the moment. “If they do... I’d like to request that you put my flogger inside me, so I stay full.” Jester’s response seemed positive, though that may have just been the way she hooked on leg over Fjord’s shoulder, her pointed heel digging into his back slightly. Yasha on the other hand gave a thumbs up, not wanting to distract too much from what Cali and Keg were doing.

Caleb picked up the flogger and carefully replaced his hand with the bulbous end of it inside Caddy’s pussy. He got up and turned around so that he was facing the camera and giving their group a nice view. “He’s so big, isn’t he? What a good, good boy our Caduceus is...” he said. Caleb then got up on his knees and scooted forward to line Caddy’s cock up with his dripping cunt before sliding down onto it with a deep moan.

Feeling the flogger enter him, Caduceus moaned wantonly, like the whore that he was for his lover. He was glad he had a cock ring on, or else he’d probably be a mess of cum already, especially when he felt Caleb slide down over his cock. “Ohhhh shit fuck! Caleb!”

Keyleth licked her lips as she watched everything, finding the bodies of those two boys fascinating. After a moment, though, she turned her attention back to Beau. “Baby... I’m going to get on top of you... and ride you like the stallion you are... God, I love having your cock inside me so much, Beau... You’re so perfect...”

“Hell yeah, Kiki... fuck...” Beau was incredibly turned on, the sounds of all their loves feeding into it. Her hands found Kiki’s hips and squeezed there. Her cock throbbed inside Kiki’s pussy, she loved the feeling.

Fjord was moaning into Jester’s pussy, sucking on her clit and running his hands over her thighs, pushing them apart a little further, incredibly turned on by her moans of pleasure, as well as the sounds coming from the speakers that were hooked up to the computer. “Mistress, would you like my fingers in you?”

Jester pet a hand through Fjord’s hair and dug the point of her heel into his back a little more. “Fuck, yes Fjord, get your fingers in me!”

Fjord’s body tensed at the feeling of her heel digging into his back, but he moaned into as he continued to suck and lick her heavily wet entrance. She was already so stretched and ready that three of his fingers slipped in easily, and he slowly worked his way up to having four fingers in her. It was amazing to him that nearly everyone that had a vagina had a partner able to slip their hand almost all the way inside, and it was so FUCKING HOT! In the months they had been dating, Fjord had nearly been able to get his thumb in there, but not quite yet, but he was getting there. God, it would be a money-maker for them if he could do it, especially tonight.

Caleb took a moment to breath and moan with the burn and the stretch of Caddy’s cock. “Fuck, yes... Caduceus you’re such a good whore for me... I fucking love your cock...”

Caduceus, until now, had never thought of the possibility of being a cam boy, but in this moment, he imagined what it would be like to make money like this. “Oh, Caleb... I do love being your whore... Perhaps... I could make money for us being your whore...” His hands moved to Caleb’s hips, drawing him up and then slamming him down on him. “We can talk about it later... if you want...”

“I’d like... to do that too...” Molly’s voice came softly over the speakers. “We could make... a lot of money... Of course, Masters and Mistresses would all get a cut...”

“That would be really hot...” Keyleth said. “Jester and Yasha, we should... discuss this... Ohhh... Gods, Beau... Ahh... All of our pets, making money for us...”

Caleb cried out as he was slammed down into Caddy’s hips. “OH!! Fuck, yes, shit... Let’s, ah, save that conversation... fuck, gods, for later,” Caleb said. He braced his hands on Caddy’s thighs and rolled his hips up and down on his cock.

Beau ran her hands up Kiki’s body, finding her tits and playing with whatever flesh she could reach. “Y’all wanna make me a working girl? Fuck... that’s hot...” she said and started thrusting up into Kiki.

Kiki’s hands came down to Beau’s tits as well, mostly for some leverage as she moved her hips in time with Beau’s thrusts up into her. “You’d have... a really great audience... I’m sure you would, Babe... Oh, Beau... Fuck yeah, you feel so good!” The moans and cries of everyone was making her so hot, and it wasn’t going to take long for her first orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, yes...” Beau moaned. “Kiki fuck, cum with me, gods, yes,” she cried. They’d started trying to get pregnant as of a couple months ago. “I’m gonna fucking fill you up, Kiki, fuck, yes!”

Meanwhile, Shaun and Vax had gotten Molly tied up in a brightly colored rope harness, on his knees with his arms straight and his wrists tied behind his back. Shaun took a position behind him and was teasing his ass. “This is all for you, dear Molly... tell me everything you want, little peacock...”

“Please, Sir... I want to have one of you in my mouth... and the other in my ass...” Molly moaned, whining at the teasing to his ass. “I want to be made a show of... if you and Mistress are pleased by it, I would like to be shown on her stream... being fucked by you both as she watches...”

“Let’s get you into a better position, then...” Shaun said and got Vax to help him move Molly into a better angle for such activities. “Jester, can you get us onto your stream?” While she worked on that, Shaun worked on making sure Molly was good to go.

Caduceus had his hands up on Caleb’s hips still, guiding him up and down on his cock, and loving all of the noise. “Caleb... Caleb yes... Oh, fuck... I’m so hot for you... Fuck, Babe... I wish I could cum... I’d fill you up... so full of my cum...” He wanted to give Caleb a gift... he wanted to impregnate him... But he wasn’t sure if that was a convo for right now. “When I finally get to cum... Please, Sir, let me unload inside you completely...”

Caleb froze for a minute and had to think hard while getting railed. Fuck, he really wanted Caduceus to cum inside him, but there were risks and other things and, just... “Yes! Fuck, yes, Caduceus fucking fill my cunt!” Caleb threw his head back in pleasure and shook with anticipation.

Jester took a deep breath and tapped Fjord’s shoulder to get him to let her up. “Sit in the chair and pleasure yourself while I get this set up,” she said. She then went over to her laptop and fiddled with some settings to get the boys’ stream showing on her channel.

Ding! Ding! Ka-ching! Almost as soon as Molly, Vax, and Shaun were visible on the camera, the sounds of tips and donations began to increase. People recognized Molly as one of the singers from Sky Restaurant, and he was a hot commodity. Fjord, who was sitting on the chair, pleasuring himself, watched the monitor with intent, growling in pleasure and want. His eyes moved between Jester and the boys, and his ears focused on the moans of the ladies. “Fuck... You are all so hot...” The video was only of Jester, Fjord, and the three boys, but the audio was including the entire polycule, and people were commenting about how hot it sounded.

Tips were coming in by the dozens... $1, $5, $15... There were even tips of over $50 at a time. Molly was in complete disbelief, and it made it that much hotter.

“Mmmm, look at the money we can make,” Keyleth said, even as she was getting fucked silly by her fiancé.

Yasha held her phone in her hand, watching Cali and Keg roll on the bed. “Fuck, you two are hot...” she said. She trailed one hand down to the top of her jeans and undid her button and zipper.

Keg opened her eyes, which had previously been closed, and looked over at Yasha. “You’re pretty hot yourself, Mistress,” she said between kisses to Cali’s neck. While she loved hearing the moans coming from Beau’s feed, she was focused mostly on Cali, and making sure that Mistress was pleased. After all this time of making out, Keg wanted to put that strap on that Yasha had given her to good use. “May I put on the toy, Mistress? I think this beautiful girl needs to get rewarded for being so good...”

“Mmm, yes Keg, you may,” Yasha said. “Here, Cali, hold this for a second,” she said as she handed her phone to Cali. Cali flipped the camera around to show Yasha as she stripped down to nothing, giving a show for their partners on the feed.

Keg was so wet in that moment that she was dripping. She slipped the toy inside herself and gave a few gentle pushes into herself to get it soaked before strapping the belt onto herself. She watched Yasha stripping and had to stifle a deep guttural moan. “Oh, Mistress... Beautiful as ever... Don’t you think so, Dear Little Cali?”

“Oh, yes indeed, miss Keg,” Cali said, and gave Yasha a wink from behind the camera. Yasha flexed and gave the camera her best sultry smile. Cali giggled at Yasha showing off for them.

“Now, hand that back to me so I can show everyone how well you two fuck,” Yasha said, reaching for the phone. Cali handed it back and lay herself down on the bed, open and waiting for Keg. “That’s it... what a beautiful girl you are, Calianna...” she said.

Keg looked down at Calianna and moaned at the sight. There she was, a perfect creature, legs spread and waiting for Keg to push into her. Carefully, Keg moved into position, sinking the dildo deep into her waiting pussy. While she didn’t feel it, she imagined what it might feel like had it been a real cock, and she moaned at the thought. “That’s right, Precious One... Take my cock like a good girl... I know you love being filled...”

Calianna was quite the sight, her long black hair spread out on the pillow, and Yasha made sure she captured it. “Yeah, you take that thick fucking cock... you’re such a good girl, Cali...” she said.

Cali gripped the pillow on either side of her head as Keg entered her. “Oh, fuck... yes! Oooo, yes, I love being filled by your cock, Miss Keg!”

“Cali... Fuck yes...” Keg moaned, starting to move her hips. “M-muh-Mistress... Will you... put the other dildo... in me... Please?” She wanted to be filled too, and it would be amazing if she could get fucked by Yasha. “Fuck... Mistress, please... fuck us...”

Yasha smiled and leaned down slightly to kiss Keg on the cheek. “Of course, since you asked so nicely...” she said, handing the phone to Cali once again. “Don’t drop that, okay?” she said.

“Ah- of course- oohh,” Cali said, carefully taking hold of Yasha’s phone while getting fucked.

Yasha quickly put on her harness and dildo. She swiped two fingers along Keg’s pussy, gathering the wetness there. “Oh, you’re so wet, pet...” she said, before easing her cock into Keg.

“Oh god... Mistress Yasha...” Keg whined as Yasha’s fingers brushed over her pussy, crying out in sheer pleasure when she was filled from behind. “Yes, Mistress... I love this! I love YOU!”

“Oh, fuck... Keg, I love you too...” Yasha said, slowly pulling out and thrusting in again. “I’m gonna make you fuck our little Cali good and hard.” Yasha pulled back again, until just the head of her cock was in, before snapping her hips forward, causing Keg to further push into Cali.

“Yes, Mistress, yes!” Keg cried out, the very very large dildo stretching her insides. This was one of the larger ones, and it drove her to madness every time they used it. It had proven too large for Cali given her small frame, but was perfect for ramming Keg. “Fuck... Fuck, Cali... how does that feel for you? Sooo good, right? Gods...”

Cali squeaked under the two of them, her knees raised to near her shoulders, and struggled to keep the phone focused. “Gods, yes! Oh, miss, yes, yes! Oh fuck me Keg, oh...!” Cali cried out.

“Here, hand that back to me, darling,” Yasha said, once again taking over the camera. She had a much steadier hand in this situation after all. Yasha had one hand with the camera and one hand holding on to Keg’s hip, rocking into her wet cunt. “Mmm, fuck... this is so hot...”

Keg was having trouble concentrating, having trouble not cumming, but she knew she had to be good and not cum without permission. “Good girls don’t cum...” she chanted softly. “Good girls don’t cum... good girls don’t cum... Gods, Mistress... Ohhh... Ahhh... Fuck... So good... it’s so good! I love it when you fuck me like this! I wanna cum so bad... But good girls don’t cum... good girls don’t cum...” With each thrust of Yasha’s hips, Keg followed, slamming into Cali. Trying to stay focused, Keg bent down and kissed her, wrapping Cali’s legs more around her back to make it more comfortable. “Dig those legs into me, Gorgeous... Fuck, you’re so hot...”

Cali wrapped her legs around Keg as best she could, adding her arms in as she kissed her deeply. “Oh, yes, oh fuck, oh gods, I’m gonna cum, I’m so close, oh oh YES!” Cali cried out. She screamed and dug her nails into Keg’s back, her whole body spasming.

Yasha decided, fuck it, and set the phone down so she could take both Keg’s hips in her hands. She slapped her ass hard. “Fuck, you’re such a good girl, Keg... Oh, fuck, yes! Fuck, cum for me babe, _now_,” she ordered.

Keg forgot sometimes that Cali didn’t have quite the same dynamic as she did with Yasha, and until she was ordered to cum, she was a little jealous that Cali got to cum without permission. Then, when she was ordered, all coherent thought went out of her head, and her body tensed up, and she came hard on the large dildo. “Ooohhh, FUCK! Mistress YASHA!!”

Oh, how Yasha wished in that moment that she could cum without being touched. As she watched her girls cum together on the bed, Yasha braced one knee on the edge and snuck her fingers in under the harness. “Oh, fuck, you girls are so good, ah, ah, oh FUCK! YES!” she came with a shout.

Keg moaned loudly, feeling her Mistress’s movements slow after her orgasm. “Mistress, shall Cali and I clean you up? I know I’d love to eat you out and clean you up, but I’m happy to share...” Gods, it felt so good, being filled, but she also loved the taste of Yasha in her mouth!

Yasha leaned down and nearly collapsed onto the bed. “Yes, my pets... you may clean me up,” she said, lying down. Cali got up and positioned herself over Yasha, face to her big fat dildo. Calianna got right to work cleaning off the cock as best she could. Yasha spread her knees and patted the inside of her thigh as an invite to Keg.

Keg moaned softly, loving the taste of her lover, her Mistress, especially when her essence was flowing from her body. She took Cali’s hand, squeezing it gently to make her sure of her presence. “Mmmmm... Mistress... You taste divine... And how do I taste on Mistress’s cock, Little Cali?”

Cali squeezed Keg’s hand in response and came up off the dildo. “Oh, you taste lovely, Miss Keg... do you want the harness off, Miss Yasha?” she asked.

Yasha meanwhile was taking care of cleaning up Cali and just tapped on her thigh to signal a yes. “Mmmm, thank you, pet...” she said.

While Yasha and her girls were finishing up, and after a few minutes were laying there cuddling, hands roaming a bit on Yasha’s body to worship her and make her continue to feel good, Beau and Keyleth were getting started on playtime again, starting to make out, with Beau on top of Kiki, her voluptuous breasts being kneaded by the younger woman’s strong hands. “Beau, Baby... Ohhh, yes...”

Beau was endlessly entranced, playing with Kiki’s breasts. Even still, she couldn’t help but think of the other girls. Beau kissed her deeply before pulling away slightly to ask, “We should get the other girls over here, wouldn’t that be hot?”

“Hell yeah, that would be,” Kiki said, pulling Beau back down to her lips. “But now that they’ve given us a show, let’s give them one too... I really want you to cum as many times in me as you can tonight...” Kiki really wanted to have a baby, and them putting on a show for everyone would be an amazing opportunity for that to happen. “Please, Beau... Make me a mother...”

Like some kind of magic spell, Keyleth’s words gave Beau an instant hard on. If it were possible for her to blush, she would have. Instead, she stammered out “Y-yes, ma’am!” and lined up and pushed into Kiki again. “Fuck, keep talking like that and I’ll give you all the babies you want.”

Kiki’s eyes rolled back in her head as she was entered again, rather quickly. Beau was so hard, and she loved it. “Will you put that blindfold on me that you had on before? I want to lose myself to you and only you...” Thankfully, it was within arms-reach, and she handed it to Beau as she spoke the request.

“Oh, fuck... yes, Kiki, anything you want,” Beau said, and took the blindfold from her before carefully placing it over Kiki’s eyes and tying it behind her head. “That good?”

“Yes, very good...” Kiki said, completely unable to see. She could still hear everything around her, including Vax’s moans as he watched her (while still having his cock buried deep in Molly’s bound ass), but the only thing she felt and focused on was what Beau was doing — filling her with her wonderful cock. “Fuck, Beau... You’re so good... so good to me... Fuck me, Beauregard... Fuck me and fill me up...”

“Oh, fuck... yes, Kiki...” Beau moaned, thrusting into the other woman. “Hnng, fuck... oh yeah, I’m gonna fill you so full,” she said, picking up her pace even more. “I’m gonna fucking knock you up!”

“Fucking fuck!” Kiki cried, chanting her name as she was fucked hard and deep. “Cum, Baby... Please don’t pull out after you cum either... Oh gods! Stay in me... and I’ll talk dirty until you get hard again... and we’ll... do this again and again! Oh fuck, Beau!”

“Gods, FUCK!!” Beaut shouted as she came hard inside Kiki, holding her hips as close as possible, not wanting anything to leak out. “Hah, shit...” Beau relaxed a little, planting her face into Keyleth’s neck. “You’re so fucking good, babe... I love you so much,” she said, peppering little kisses there.

Kiki came not too long after Beau did, loving the feeling of being full. “I love you too, Beau... So much... I’m so happy... You’re so good... So good at making me feel so perfect... Every time I see your face... Your body... Into your soul... I know that I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I can’t wait to see you with our children... watching them grow up with you... growing old with you... And then spending whatever afterlife there is with you... forever.”

Beau shifted to hug Keyleth as best she could. “Aww, babe... you’re gonna make me cry... I love you.. I don’t have words to match yours, but... I feel the same way, Keyleth.”

“Words are part of my specialization, Darling,” Keyleth purred into Beau’s ear. “I love you too, Beau, very much. Now... I told you that I was going to talk dirty to you to get you hard again... I want you to imagine me... several months along with our first child... Laying here in our bed... Gloriously naked... My breasts even fuller than they are now... Waiting for you... Legs spread, waiting for your cock to fill me up again. Right next to me, just as ready for you... is Yasha... You know that seeing you happy and enveloped in ecstasy gets me turned on quickly. We’ll both get our turn... and we’re both patient women. Who do you choose first?”

Beau shifted and felt herself getting excited again. “Ah, shit... fuck I would have to do you first, you’d be so fucking gorgeous... I wouldn’t be able to help myself...” Beau kisses her then, first on her lips, and up her jawline, and then down her neck. “Of course... if you wanted me to, I would do Yasha first and put on a show for you...” Beau said, and bit into Keyleth’s neck.

“Ohhh... Good girl...” Kiki moaned, craning her neck for Beau to have better access to her. “It would be your choice, of course. That’s why I asked you... I love your willingness to please both of us. If you go with me first, Yasha would probably be behind you... Like she was with Keg... She could peg your ass while you fucked me...”

“Oh, fucking... fuck yeah...“ Beau moaned both at Kiki’s praise and the idea of fucking her while Yasha pegged her from behind. Beau bent her head down more to take one of Kiki’s nipples into her mouth, sucking and nibbling at it. She was definitely getting hard again.

“Ohhh, Beau, I can feel you getting excited again...” Keyleth moaned, head falling back as her tit was sucked and nibbled on. “Fuck yes, Beau... So perfect...” Her hand came up to Beau’s head, fingers tangling in the hair. “Fuck me as hard and deep as you can, Beauregard... That’s an order. And no more talking.”

“Mmhmmm!” Beau mumbled from around Keyleth’s breast. She started rocking her hips again, her cock getting harder with the feeling of how wet and fucked open Kiki’s pussy was. Beau had to let up from Kiki’s chest to breath and get a better angle. She anchored her hands on Kiki’s hips and started fucking into her harder.

Kiki moved her hand from Beau’s head and gripped the pillow under her head on both sides. “Fuck yes! Oh fuck! Fuck, Beau, yes! So good! Her voice was becoming higher-pitched and louder, becoming probably the loudest on the audio of the stream. Not being able to see was making this whole thing even more intense and wonderful. “Say my name... Be as loud as you want but say no other words but my name...”

“Nnnggg, KEYLETH! Mmm, Kiki, ffff... ahh, Keyleth...” It was a struggle to only say her name and not throw in a string of curses with it, but it was exhilarating to follow her commands. Beau brought one hand in to play at Kiki’s clit. “Hhnnmm, Kiki, mmmgg,” she moaned.

“Very good girl!” Kiki moaned louder than before. The fingers on her clit drove her closer and closer to another orgasm. It wasn’t going to take long. “Fuck, Beau!! I’m almost there! Fuck yes, Baby! Cum for me! Fill me again! I’m gonna cum! Fuck fuck fuck! BEAUREGARD!! FUCK!! YES!!”

“FFFF KIKI!!” was all Beau could get out before she came again, holding Keyleth’s pussy on her cock as tightly as she could. Her cock throbbed and twitched as she came, filling Kiki up. “Ah... fuck, gods, fuck...”

When she heard Beau speaking words besides her name, she growled playfully, very quickly turning both of them over and sitting on her cock. “I was going to let you out of me for a while... but you disobeyed me by speaking other words...” She scratched her nails down Beau’s chest, careful of the insert scars but otherwise pulling red marks into her skin. “Now... I’m going to ride you like the fucking stallion you are...”

Beau gasped as she was turned over and cried out at Kiki’s scratching. “Oh, FUCK! Yes, mistress! Fucking use me! Fuck!!” It was Beau’s turn to grip the pillow, and she arched her back in pleasure.

Kiki took off the blindfold and balled it up. “Oh, I’ll use you alright, Pet... But you really need to stop talking...” She carefully put the ball of material into Beau’s mouth as a gag. “You’re -really- asking for a punishment... You’re usually such a good girl... Do I need to bind your wrists to the bed?”

Beau gave a muffled response around the makeshift gag and shook her head no. Kiki riding her after she’d already cum twice was nearly overwhelming and being tied down might put her in a bad headspace. She tried to relax and show Kiki through her body language that she would be obedient.

Keyleth could see that things were becoming a bit intense for Beau, and as she began rocking her hips over her cock, she purred seductively. “If things get to be too much... Your safe signal is putting your hands over your eyes and mouth and tapping three times...” Beau nodded in response and groaned as Kiki moved over her cock. There wasn’t a lot she could do from here... Having Beau under her was such a power trip. Usually, she preferred being underneath her, but this was incredibly hot. She took Beau by the hand and guided her up to her breasts before taking own breasts in her hands and beginning to play with herself. “Yasha and Keg playing with us as we fuck would be fun, wouldn’t it? We should try that in person sometime... Cali too if she wanted...”

Beau didn’t have a lot of feeling in her breasts, not like Kiki did, but she loved the pressure of squeezing on them. She subconsciously mimicked Kiki’s movements and she rolled her hips up into her as she imagined the other girls with them. It didn’t take long for Kiki to be lost in her lover’s cock being inside her, pounding up into her as she rode her. Her hands took hold of Beau’s hands again, putting Beau’s hands on Kiki’s breasts, and placing her hand on Beau’s, basically switching hand positions. She gazed down into Beau’s eyes, fire in her eyes. “Gods, Beau! Yes, you’re so good! Fuck, Beau!”

Beau immediately started rolling Kiki’s nipples between her fingers, pleasing her any way she could. Her cock and balls ached with how over sensitive she was and how many times she had cum, but Beau knew that Kiki wanted her to come again, wanted her to fill her pussy until she couldn’t anymore, and that spurred Beau on. “Mmm, mhhhhfff, FFFFCCKK!! HHHHMMM!!!” Beau screamed out as she came for a third time.

“Beau!! Yes, fill me up!!” Kiki cried out, feeling her third orgasm in a row building up and overtaking her. She screamed as she came hard, throwing her head back and practically howling as she pounded down on her cock just a few more times. “FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” After coming down a little from her orgasm, she slumped forward, finally pulling up and off of her before laying down and cuddling up with her. “Oh, Beau, that was... absolutely amazing...” She pulled the gag from Beau’s mouth. “You May speak freely now, My Darling...”

Beau cleared her throat and licked her lips after the gag was removed. “Holy fuck... Kiki... -you’re- amazing... if that doesn’t get you pregnant... nothing will, haha...” Beau said between heavy breaths. “I’m gonna... need to rest after that... shit, that was a lot...”

“Me too, Love,” Keyleth said sleepily. I think... it might be time for us to sign off and sleep. We have... a few things to do tomorrow. Our first dress fittings are tomorrow.” She sat up briefly and looked at the computer. “The rest of you enjoy yourselves, okay?” And she left the video chat.

Beau lazily raised her arm and waved in the vague direction of Kiki’s computer. “Bye guys, y’all are sexy mofos, love ya,” she said before flopping the same arm over Kiki’s body and snuggling in with her.

Jester had come back to where Fjord was sitting in the plush armchair and ran her nails down his arm. “How are you doing, Love?” she asked.

Fjord shuddered at the sudden contact to his arm as he was busy pleasuring himself, upon her previous orders. He looked up at her with a loving smile before speaking. “I’m doing well, Mistress... I’m loving the sound of all those notifications coming in... People really love you, and our guests are popular too.”

“Hmm, I think they love you too...” she said, walking around and sinking down to her knees in front of Fjord. “Just like I love you,” she took his hand away from himself, placing it on his thigh, “and your big,” kiss, “thick,” kiss, “cock...” she finished, licking his cock from base to tip. “I’m going to suck your cock, Fjord. You are not allowed to touch me, and you are not allowed to cum, understood?”

“Y-y-yes, M-mistress Jester,” Fjord cried out, gripping his own thighs as he spread his legs wide in the sitting position. “Good boys don’t cum... Good boys don’t cum...” He chanted those words, moaning loudly. “Oh, My Lady... I love you so much... especially when you do such delightful things to me...” He had learned that the audience liked it when he tried to talk in a worshipping tone, so unless she told him not to talk, he was under a standing order to talk to her during their camming couple sessions.

“That’s right, pet, good boys don’t cum,” she said, and started working on him. Jester sucked on just the head at first, but quickly worked her way down and soon had her nose against his skin. “Mmmm, mmhhmmm,” she moaned around Fjord’s length. She slowly drew back, hollowing her cheeks as she went. Jester let go with a loud pop sound. “Mmf, that’s good...” she said, and went back down, pumping him up and down with her mouth.

It was extremely difficult to keep control of himself as Jester sucked on his cock in so many splendid ways. It was as though she was trying to suck his brain out through his cock, and he loved every second of it. Fjord gripped the arms of the chair tightly, wishing that he could put his hands into her hair. Mistress was in control, and Fjord had to be a good boy. “You have such a... pretty mouth... so talented too... I’m so luck I get to be here with you...” He looked into the camera, a sultry look in his eyes as he said that. “Oh, My Lady... Fuck yes... it’s so good... I need... Oh, god, Mistress... Please let me cum! Please!”

Jester wrapped her thumb and forefinger tightly around the base of Fjord’s cock before popping off. She looked him in the eye and said, “Good boys don’t cum.” She then stood up and mounted him so that her back was to his front. “Now, Pet, I’m going to ride you, and you don’t cum until I say so. Hands on my tits, Love, here we go,” she said, and lowered herself onto his cock.

“Yes, My Lady...” Fjord obediently moved his hands around her body, placing them firmly on her beautiful, firm tits. He moaned as she pushed herself down onto his cock and had to keep chanting those words ‘Good boys don’t cum’ over and over in his mind. He rolled Jester’s nipples between his fingers, hoping that this was okay but not wanting to ask at that point. She’d already given him permission to touch her, after all. “Oh, Jester... I love it when you ride my cock like this... Those men and women watching us... they must be so jealous that I get to enjoy your company... Your love... Oh, you’re so hot and wet on me... Fuck yes, My Lady...”

Jester threw her hands over her shoulders and held on to Fjord’s neck and shoulders for support as she rocked up and down on his cock. “Oh, fuck, Fjord, you’re so good... gods, I love you... Oohh, fuck...” she moaned. The position and motions were hitting all the right spots inside her, plus the absolute power trip meant she was almost embarrassingly close to orgasm.

Fjord nuzzled his face into her beautiful dark hair, purring into her ear. “I love you too, My Lady... with all my heart... There might be something I want to ask you later...” Focusing on talking to her was making it easier to control himself, and he knew romantic talk was a turn on for the viewers. But what he was saying was also very much true. He wanted to ask her to marry him but wasn’t sure she would appreciate such a moment to be seen on the stream. “Oh, Jester... You’re so so good!”

Jester couldn’t help but clench around him. She was so close, but she didn’t want to drop her persona on stream. “Ooh, fuck... yes, oh you’re such a good boy, mmmmh,” she babbled. Jester grabbed one of his hands and brought it down to her clit. “Can you feel yourself inside me, baby? Isn’t that so fucking good?” She leaned back as much as she could, shifted her supporting hand to the back of the chair so that she could bite at Fjord’s ear.

“Oh god, yes, it’s so fucking good, My Lady!” He groaned in pleasure at the bite to his earlobe, and he began to circle her clit with his fingers. “I can only hope... that My Lady is enjoying this... just as much as her pet...”

Jester let out a high keening sound as he began to circle her clit. “Hhhhhnnnnff, Fjord, baby, yes, oh, oh, fuck! Cum with me baby, I’m gonna cum, oh, oh OH! FUCK! YES!!” she cried out and pressed herself down to get as much of him inside her as she could.

As soon as he was given the order, Fjord let himself go and came deep inside of Jester. “Fuck yes, Jester! Ohhh, Gods! FUCK YES!! JESTER! YES!!” Fjord kept playing with her clit, wanting to draw it out as long as possible. “Ohhh... Oh Darling...”

“Ahh! Ahhng, gods, yes, fuck, oh... yeah baby...” Jester rocked in his lap, milking it out for the audience. Completely fucked out, Jester relaxed against Fjord and smiled sleepily. “That’s enough, darling... thank you for being so good...”

Fjord smiled, nuzzling into her neck and folding her arms around her tenderly. “I don’t think... I’ve ever cum as hard or as much... as I did just now... I love you, Jester...”

Jester pressed her head against his, nuzzling back. “Hmm, that was fun... I love you too, Fjord...”

Fjord kissed her deeply, helping her up off of his cock and then back into his lap. “Looks like our boys are the only ones who haven’t finished. Caleb, Clay, Molly, Vax, and Shaun... How you fellas doing over there?”

“Ooh, wunderbar,” Caleb said over the stream. He and Caduceus had moved so that they could both sit and watch the videos on Caleb’s laptop on the bed. “You are all very, very sexy,” he said.

“You’re very sexy too, Caleb,” Fjord said, blowing a kiss to him. Caduceus kissed him in that moment, wanting to play more now. They’d gotten off a couple times already, but they’d taken the time to rest while watching the others.
“Mistress, what would you like us to do? Anything you’d like to see from us?”

Jester stretched her legs out before laying across Fjord’s lap. “Hmm, I wanna see how much of Caleb’s hand can fit up Caddy’s pussy,” she said, then smirked. “And vice versa!”

“Ohhhh, God...” Caduceus moaned at the thought. Caleb had small enough hands that he had been able to fist him. Caddy hadn’t been able to, but had come quite close. “Caleb... please... Me first...”

“Ja, sure, lay back, Schatz,” Caleb said. As soon as Caduceus lay back against the pillows, Caleb made sure the camera was angled in a way it could see the most of what was going on. Then he kissed up Caddy’s inner thighs before licking a stripe up his pussy to the base of his cock.

“Keep that up... Hahhh... and I’ll cum before you get in all the way...” Clay moaned. His hand gripped the sheets below him, moaning louder with each movement. “I can’t wait... to feel your whole hand... inside me... Fuck, Caleb...”

“He’s so sensitive, Mistress...” Caleb said, then teased his fingers around the edge of Caddy’s entrance. He first slipped in two, but quickly brought it to three. “I do want to get my whole hand in, so don’t cum too quickly now,” he said.

Clay bit his lip, the pleasure brought on by Caleb’s fingers becoming insanely intense. “I’m a good boy...” he moaned. “Good boys don’t cum... Oh fuck... Caleb... Please hurry... I may become a... bad boy... soon... Fuck yeah... God, I’m so wet and hard for you, Caleb... My love...”

Caleb pulled his fingers out and used the slick to wet the fourth finger and his thumb. “My, but you are so easy to get off, Caduceus...” he teased, and carefully lined up his digits to push them all in, up to the last knuckle. The squeeze from Caddy’s pussy was intense, but Caleb shifted his hand and slipped the widest part of his hand past Caddy’s entrance.

“I haven’t—hah—had as much experience with all this—ohhh—as you have,” Caddy moaned. When he felt the entirety of Caleb’s hand finally move up inside him, he snarled in carnal lust, feeling his insides squeeze around the hand of his lover. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Mistress Jester, may I cum? Please! I don’t want... to be a bad boy... but god, it feels so good!” He looked in the direction of the computer screen and camera.

“Ooo, Caddy you’ve been so good, yes, yes you can cum!” Jester said.

“Fuck, that never isn’t amazing...” Caleb said, staring at how deep his hand was inside Caddy’s body.

“Oh god!” Caddy moaned. “Caleb! Fuck me with that hand! Please start moving in me! Ohhh god!” He was seconds away from cumming but he wanted Caleb to at least be moving in him when he came. “And please don’t stop, even after I cum! I want to cum on your hand at least twice... Please!”

“Oh... fuck, yes...” Caleb said. He could feel his cunt dripping from how hot this all was and started moving his hand as best he could. Caddy’s insides were tight around him, he pressed his fingers just so and started shallowly pumping his hand back and forth. Not enough to actually pull out, but just enough to have that motion.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” Caddy shouted. “Please put your mouth on my cock, Caleb! Please, suck the cum out of me... Fuck yes!” Caleb immediately took as much of Caddy’s cock into his mouth as he could and sucked hard. He moaned around it, pumping now with both his hand and his mouth. “CALEB!!” Caddy cried out, instantly cumming hard and fast. “FUCK! FUCK YES CALEB!! Oh my fucking gods!” His eyes clamped shut and he dug his fingers into the mattress below him. “CALEB!!”

Caleb swallowed a good bit of Caddy’s cum before he had to pull off and breath. Another spurt landed on his face, which caught Caleb on that edge between sexy and a little gross. “Oh, shit... Caddy... you’re amazing,” he said.

“Hmmmmm, so are you, Caleb,” Caddy said, moving to lick the cum off Caleb’s face and then kissed him deeply. “It’s my turn to try to do the same for you...”

Caleb slowly, carefully pulled his hand out of Caddy’s pussy and wiped his hand off on a towel they had near the bed. “Oh, yes... show me what you’ve got, Caddy,” he said and laid back on the bed with his legs spread for his lover.

“God, Caleb... You’re so beautiful...” Caddy moaned as he moved between Caleb’s legs. “All ready for me... Such a good boy... Well, your whore boyfriend is ready to put his hand as far up inside that pussy as it can get...” He slipped two fingers inside him with a hum. “Oh fuck yeah...”

Caddy’s big fingers were more than welcome into Caleb’s pussy. “Hmm, that’s nice... but I know you can do more...” he purred.

“Fuck yeah I can,” Caddy said eagerly, slipping a third finger in, followed closely by a fourth. Up until now, this was the most he’d ever gotten into Caleb’s pussy. He could only hope that he’d be able to get his thumb in this time. “God, you’re absolutely soaked... Makes this so much easier...”

“Hhhnnnaaaa....” Caleb let out a long groan as Caddy’s fingers stretched him out. He threw his head back onto the mattress and spread his legs further. “Oh, fuck... yes, Caddy that’s so good... p-please... bitte, I want all of you...”

Caduceus purred and moved in close to Caleb’s pussy, closing in and sucking on his clit for a few seconds as he carefully pushed his thumb in. God, the rush of endorphins as he watched his entire hand slowly being engulfed in his lover’s waiting body was incredible. “Fuuuuck, Caleb... We’re doing it... Finally... Oh Sweet Mother Fuck!”

Caleb couldn’t help clamping down on Caddy’s hand. It was so fucking hot feeling his fingers moving around. “Oh, fucking hell... Caddy! Yes, suck my clit! Oh... fuck I’m gonna cum soon...” he said

“Don’t” came the order from Fjord over the computer. As the boyfriend of the Mistress, he had power over everyone else in that little group. “I want to see how long our beloved Caleb can go like this without cumming...”

Caleb looked over at the camera, staring at Fjord. He shook as he took a deep breath and resolved not to cum until given permission. “Ja, mein Herr...” he whispered.

“Mmmm, very good boy, listening to Mister Fjord so well,” Caduceus said with a grin before moving back down and sucking on his clit again, starting to move his hand inside him very gently and slowly. “Mmmmm... Fuuuuck...”

Caleb balled his hands into the sheets around him. It was a good thing Caddy was being so gentle, it would have been too much otherwise. “Ah... fuck... ooh, oh... gods, Caddy!” he whined.

“I want to drag this out...” Caduceus hummed. “I love you... I want to give you all the pleasure you gave me...” His hand was being clenched on, but it felt like he was swimming in a tight cave. “I can barely believe this is happening... It’s so good...”

“Ahnnn... ah, same here... I’m so happy we got this... aaah, got this far... oh fuck, it’s so good!” Caleb was so full, fuller than he’d ever been before. He didn’t know how much longer he could take it.

“I’m getting so turned on by this, Guys...” Fjord said, licking his lips at the image before him, then looked over at Jester. “I gotta try that on you again sometime, Darlin’, though my hands are so big...” He looked back, at Caleb this time. “Maybe Caleb would be willing to give it a try on our Mistress sometime?”

Jester smiled up at Fjord. “Mmm, sure! For now, though, let’s watch these boys do their thing,” she said.

“Ah, ahh... Ja, Mistress... I’d like to, oh fuck, d-do this to you sometime...” Caleb said. Then Caddy touched something in some way, and he writhed on the bed. “Oh, gods, I can’t take this please let me cum! Please!!”

Fjord hummed at Caleb, wishing he could kiss him in that moment. “Yes, Caleb, cum for me... Cum as hard as you can and be loud about it! Show me just how good you can be! Cum now!”

On command, Caleb clamped down on Caddy’s hand and gripped his fingers into Caddy’s hair. “AAHH! FUCK! YES!! Gods, Caddy!! Fjord!!! OH FUCK AAAH!!!”

“Such a good little slut...” Caduceus moaned roughly, on the verge of cumming again as he felt Caleb clamp onto his hand. But he held onto his sanity, not wanting to get too worked up again. He was getting tired, it was getting late, and apart from Molly and his men, almost everyone was either signed off or were watching. “Oh, Caleb, Mein Perl...” He carefully removed his hand, and all he could do was stare at the white cream that was dripping from his hand. “So so good...”

Caleb groaned as Caddy removes his hand, then stared at the mess he had made. “Ah... mein shatz... fuck... I love you, Caddy,” he said.

“I love you too, Caleb...” he said, moving up and nuzzling into Caleb’s arms. “I for one think that I’m done for the night...” He looked to the camera and blew a kiss to Jester and Fjord. “Are we still on for dinner tomorrow up at the big restaurant where Molly performs, My Lady?” On a rotational basis, Jester had arranged for dates with each of the boys, and this week was Caddy’s turn.

Caleb lazily wrapped his arms around Caddy and buried his face into his hair. “Mm, same... that was a lot of fun though,” he said.

Jester returned Caddy’s kiss on her end. “You know it, babe! I’m looking forward to it,” she said.

“And Caleb, you and I are still on for movie night at my place, yeah?” Fjord asked.

Caleb let his head fall back and gave the camera a thumbs up. “You know it, big guy,” he said. “Caddy, do you wanna watch Molly get fucked or what?” he asked.

Caddy actually shook his head. “Sorry, but I’m on the verge of falling asleep...” he said. “We can watch the VOD on Jester’s private channel another time...” He looked over at Molly’s screen. “Love ya, Moll,” he said. “Enjoy the spit-roasting, Love.”

Caleb waved into the camera. “Good night everyone,” he said before signing off and closing his laptop.

The last thing that Molly had seen before Vax put the blindfold on was Caleb and Caduceus signing off, and now only Mistress Jester and Mister Fjord were watching them now. The moment he couldn’t see, he focused his hearing on the other men in the room, and the movements of the bed around him. “Mister Shaun... What would you and Mister Vax like to do?”

Shaun ran his hands through Molly’s hair, pulling on it lightly. “Hmm, I believe the idea is to spit roast you... would you like that, gorgeous?”

“Yes, Sir... Very much,” Molly said, gasping at the sudden pull to his hair. “May I suck your cock? I do so love having you in my mouth, Sir...”

Vax smiled at Shawn, nodding. “Yes, Molly... And I shall get inside that sweet ass of yours...”

Shaun put his thumb to Molly’s lips, teasing the flesh there. “Of course, darling...” he said. He wrapped his other hand around his cock and brought the tip to Molly’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm....” Molly hummed before opening his mouth to accept this gift that was Shaun’s cock. He let him control the pace of entry, giving them complete control of him. He couldn’t help but yelp when Vax’s hand came down very roughly onto his ass. “Mmmmmffff!” What had he done wrong? Not that he didn’t enjoy it, but it seemed a little rougher than normal.

“Oooh, sorry, Pet...” Vax said soothingly. “That was harder than I’d intended.” His fingers trailed from Molly’s tailbone to the edge of Molly’s hole. “Mmmm, so good... So good for me.”

“Careful, Vax, we wouldn’t want to hurt the pretty boy... not too badly anyway,” Shaun said with a smile. He went slowly into Molly’s mouth at first, watching for any signs that it was too much. “Gods but you are such a good pet, Molly... Can you take my cock all the way?” Molly listened intently to Shaun’s words, nodding and humming in response, relaxing his throat so that Shaun could get all the way in.

On the other end, Vax pushed two fingers into Molly’s waiting ass. “Mmmmmm, so tight... So perfect, Molly. So beautiful...”

Shaun ran his hands through Molly’s hair and gripped at the base of his skull. “Oh, yes, Mols... that’s so good...” he purred. Shaun started thrusting into Molly’s mouth and throat. “Oh, fuck...”

Molly was lost in the pleasure and pain that was Shaun, moans escaping his mouth with every thrust of that cock into his mouth. Vax had pushed a third finger into the Arabian man’s ass, and he could barely feel anything besides the desire for more.

“Gods, Mollymauk... Everyone watching knows how beautiful you are... Such a good, good boy... Find my hand with yours if you’re ready for me...” Vax has barely finished speaking When Molly’s hand immediately grasped his in a muffled “Ohgodplease!”

Shaun couldn’t help but groan in pleasure as he watched Vax finger Molly open, and more when Molly moaned around his cock. “Oh yes, fuck... oh, yes Molly, good boy,” he said, and picked up his pace a little. H wanted to fuck his face properly, but not until Vax was in him.

Molly stifled a whine when he felt Vax pull his fingers out of him, knowing that he was about to get something even better. They had already established in previous chatting that both men had Molly’s consent to cum inside him at any time, so Vax wasn’t worried about putting on a condom or asking if it was alright for him to do so. “I’m gonna cum so hard, so deep inside you... God, Molly, I can’t wait...” He positioned himself and pushed carefully into him, causing Molly to keen with pleasure. “Shaun... let’s fill him up with our cum simultaneously... Oh, Fuck...”

“Heh, that is the very definition of a twink,” Shaun joked. “Fuck yes, Molly...” he said, and thrust deeper into his mouth, keeping pace with Vax. “Fuck, yes...”

Watching the look of pleasure on his husband’s face as he fucked Molly’s mouth, and hearing the loud moans from Molly, Vax tightened his grip on Molly’s hips as he thrust into him. He made eye contact with Shaun, growling and purring in his direction. “That’s right... filling our pretty boy with our cream... and he’ll be delicious to eat...” Vax fully intended to eat Molly’s ass as well before they were done.

That look on Vax’s face got Shaun all hot and bothered when they weren’t in the middle of something, and so it spurred him on even more so now. “Fuck Vax, that’s so hot...” he said. Shaun moaned in pleasure as he kept fucking Molly’s mouth.

“I’m... I’m almost there...” Vax grunted, knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer. He held back, stopping momentarily and looking at Jester in the computer screen. She still had say in their actions tonight, even if he was also a dom. “My Dear Jester, do we have permission from you to fill our pet with cum? He’s your boy... so I thought it only proper to ask...”

On the other end of their stream, Jester was watching them with delight. She wasn’t going to get worked up again, but it was nice to watch the boys fuck. “Mmm, yes you may, Vax, Shaun... fuck, this is really fucking hot!” Jester said.

At Vax’s words, Shaun groaned and leaned forward a little over Molly’s body. “Oh, fuck... I’m so close... hhhhhnnngg, Molly... fuck, yes,” he said

“Fuck yeah, it’s hot,” Vax said, starting to pound into Molly again, who was in turn taking every inch of Shaun down his throat. If he hadn’t had the cock ring on, Molly would have already cum, probably multiple times. “Shaun, Darling... That’s right, fuck that mouth! I’m going to cum soon! Fuck... FUCK! Molly! Yes! Cum, Gil! Cum with me!”

“Oh fuck, yes!” Shaun gripped into Molly’s hair again and held him there while he fucked his face. “Fuck yes, Vax! Yes, I’m gonna cum! Gods! FUCK!!” he shouted as he came down Molly’s throat.

Molly’s throat contracted around Shaun’s cock, milking as much as possible, as did the muscles in his ass as he felt Vax give one final thrust, emptying himself with a loud cry into Molly’s ass. “Muh-muh-Molllleeeeee.... Gods, yes... Fuck!! SHAUN! YES!!”

Shaun breathed heavily and gently pulled away from Molly just enough to let the man breath. “Oh fuck... are you good, Mols?” he asked. Shaun smoothed down Molly’s hair and brushed his thumb down the side of his face.

Molly nodded his head quickly, coughing a little but not letting a single drop of Shaun’s cum drip out of his mouth. “Yessir... I’m good, Sir... Oh, Mister Vax... Mister Shaun... That felt so good!” He was straining against the hold of the cock ring, wanting to cum so badly, hard as a rock.

“End of scene, Darling,” Vax said, pulling the younger man into his arms to administer a bit of aftercare in the form of cuddles. “Tell me what you need.”

“Vax... Shaun... Please let me cum...”

Shaun joined his loves on the bed, cuddled on Molly’s other side and trailed his hand over Molly’s chest and stomach. “Yes, of course darling... how would you like to cum?” he asked.

“In your mouth, please...” Molly said, polite but desperate. “It won’t take long once the ring gets taken off. Please, Shaun... I need to cum... I’m so full of both of you, I need to empty myself out...”

“Mmm, yes...” Shaun moved on the bed to kneel in front of Molly. He carefully but quickly pulled the cock ring off him and immediately took Molly’s cock into his mouth. “Mmmm...”

“Oh, Gods!” Molly quickly rasped out, throwing his head back onto Vax’s shoulder. “Oh fuck, Shaun!” His eyes rolled back into his head and moaned loudly. Vax ran his hand over Molly’s chest, fingers brushing over a nipple. Within seconds, Molly let out a guttural moan and let himself go. “FUCK FUCK FUCK! SHAUN!”

Shaun sucked on Molly’s cock and made sure to swallow every last drop. He moaned around it as he felt the load hit the back of his throat. “Hmmm-mmm...” Shaun licked Molly clean, then moved back up to cuddle with him again. Molly clung to Shaun as he moved to lay next to him. He was so high from pleasure that he was shaking. Vax moved a little closer and pressed his pelvis against Molly’s ass. While no longer hard, he was still big, and a reminder of what had just happened.

“Do you feel pretty now, Darling Lad?” Vax said softly.

“Very much so, Vax...” Molly hummed. “I love you both...”

Shaun wrapped his arms around Molly and held him close. “Oh, darling... we love you too,” he said. He gently brushed his fingers through Molly’s hair and kissed his forehead. “Do you want anything else?”

“No, Sir,” he said automatically, smiling brightly, though tiredly. “Tonight has been astounding... So perfect. So full of pleasure, and you definitely made me feel absolutely beautiful. Thank you all for everything...”

“You’re welcome, Molly...” Shaun looked over to Vax. “Would you like to close the stream out? I think we could all use a good rest after tonight.”

Vax nodded, moving to quickly shut off the camera, blowing a kiss to Jester and Fjord before the camera blipped off. Fjord looked at the balance of tips and donations, and his jaw dropped. The three hours they had been playing and watching and entertaining guests had paid off on a grand scale. “We made over seven grand tonight...”

Jester leaned over Fjord’s shoulder where he was looking at the data page. “WHAAAT?! That is so much money!” she exclaimed. “We should... maybe do this more often? That was totally unannounced, I’m sure if I was able to get some hype up it’d be much more!”

“People loves having the multiple views, and hearing people in the background was a huge bonus,” he said, reading through the comments in the chat. “Molly getting spit-roasted was quite the attraction, though most of it did come from your regulars. Thank you all, and good night...” He pulled Jester close to him, kissing her deeply one more time before turning off the stream. “We DEFINITELY need to do this again. I love you so much, Darlin’, and seeing us make so much just from sharing our polycule with the world... It’s a huge turn-on.” He wasn’t necessarily looking to get worked up again tonight, but he wanted to go down to their bed and cuddle, possibly make out a bit before bedtime.

Jester’s head was starting to spin with sexy, kinky ideas for their polycule. With that much money, they could hire people tp film for them. “It really is, and now I’m getting _so many ideas_ Fjord, oh my gosh! We could, shit, we could rent a space! And hire a camera crew!” She pulled him out of the chair and hugged him tight before propping her chin on his broad chest and looking up to him. “We are going to have so much fun!” Jester said with a sparkle in her eye.

“I look forward to seeing where this goes,” Fjord said, kissing her again. “I love you... I love making you happy. I’m glad this is making you happy. Who knew that something like our sexy group could take us into being a sexy business group, right?”

“I love you too,” Jester said. She pulled away and took Fjord by the hand. She sighed happily. “This is exciting and everything, but we really should head to bed soon, c’mon,” and led him down to their room.

Fjord nodded, holding her hand tightly as they walked, still naked, to the bedroom. He lifted her up, laying her gently into the bed before climbing into bed and snuggling up next to her.

Jester snuggled back into Fjord and wiggled up the bed to kiss him. “Mmm, this is so nice,” she said. “I’m really happy with you and all our loves.” It didn’t take long for Fjord to fall asleep, completely content with the wonderfulness in his life.

Chapter Text

In his nice home, surrounded by everything that he had worked his whole life, there was a not-so-young man who was having a difficult time in his own dreams... Scanlan Shorthalt lay next to his beautiful wife. Things were great between them, but his brain was in overdrive.

“NO!” he screamed, sitting straight up in the bed, still in his dream for a few moments.

Pike woke with a start at her husband’s scream. “Scanlan! What’s wrong?” she asked, and turned on the lamp on the nightstand.

“Pike!” Scanlan choked out, suddenly awake and snapped out of the dream. “Oh my god, you’re okay! Oh, god...” He collapsed into her arms and held her tightly, body shaking and tears falling down his cheeks. “What a horrible nightmare... We were in some weird place... with magic weapons and powers... I... I watched everybody... everybody we care about just... get ripped apart... by some monster... It had destroyed Kaylie... and then it grabbed you... You screamed... but I couldn’t do anything... I was just a damn bard...”

Pike didn’t really understand what was going through his head, but she wrapped her arms around him and stroked his back in soothing motions. “It’s okay, it’s okay Scanlan, I’m here... everyone’s fine, there’s no need to worry... it was just a bad dream,” she said.

“I know, Honey... I know they are...” he said, his voice shaking as much as he was. “I... it just felt so real... As though I was reliving a horrible memory of a past life or something.” His breathing was returning to normal, but he was still so very scared of what he’d just dreamed about. “Pikey... I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t protect you... I felt so... useless...”

Pike sighed and looked at Scanlan with concern. “Well you know, I think we’ll be fine... we don’t have magic or... or monsters in the real world... Well, kind of maybe, but not ones that could rip us apart...” she said, rubbing his back still. “And, and even if you did have to save us from... something, you’re not useless Scanlan... I love you, okay? I don’t care if you’re useful or useless, I know you could protect me in any way that matters,” Pike said.

“I love you too, Pike...” Scanlan said, holding her close. “I’m just... I’ve been feeling incompetent in a lot of things lately. I’m barely holding down my music career, and my supervisor at the music department said this will probably be the last semester I’ll be working there... I feel like my life is falling apart. If not for you and Kaylie... I’d be a total lost cause.” Pike kissed the top of Scanlan’s head and rested her face there, staring into the darkness of their room while she thought. She had faith that everything would be alright, she just had to get her husband to believe it in this moment.

“Darling... I don’t care what kind of job you have... if any... we have plenty of income just from my job to keep us going. I just want you to be happy,” Pike said. “If worse comes to worse and you feel that you need something to do, I’m sure I could find something for you at the Jewish Community Center...” she said, hoping to cheer him up a bit.

“I appreciate that,” he said, nuzzling into her. “Pikey...” He kissed her gently, hand on her face. “I’m... I’ll understand if you’re too sleepy... but can we play a little so I can get back to sleep afterwards?” He was blushing like mad, not usually the one to ask for sex. Usually it just happened in the moment.

Pike smiled and moved back slightly to hold Scanlan’s face in her hands. “Of course, babe,” she said, and kissed him.

Scanlan whimpered into the kiss, a feeling of desperation washing over him as they kissed. “What do you want to do, Honey? I don’t want this to be all about me.”

“You’re so romantic,” she teased lightly. Pike gently separated herself from him to take off her big sleeping shirt. “There’s something I should probably tell you before we really get started... I was gonna wait a little longer, to be safe but... I’m pregnant,” she said with a smile.

Scanlan sucked in a sharp breath as he heard Pike say those words, and his eyes widened. “You’re... We’re... I’m... I’m gonna be a dad?” He pushed his forehead against hers, his eyes misty with tears. “Oh my god... Oh god... G-d has blessed us... Oh, Pike... I’m so happy... I... I’ve actually done something... something right for you...”

Pike smiled and pressed closer to kiss Scanlan again. “My darling, you do right by me every day... but yes, we are going to have a family,” she said.

Tears came to Scanlan’s eyes again, but this time they were tears of pure joy. He kissed Pike again, deeper and more passionate than before. “Oh Pikey... I’ll do everything I can to be a good dad this time... But tonight... it’s all about you... the gift you’re bringing to our lives...” He kissed her cheek and down her neck, hands moving to gently massage her breasts.

“Mmm,” Pike hummed happily as she leaned back down to the bed, pulling Scanlan with her. “Yes, darling... ah...”

“I love you so much...” he whispered as his teeth found her neck, nibbling lightly as his hands continued to play with her nipples, twisting them between his fingers. “You’re so good to me... You’re going to be a wonderful mother...”

“I, ah, I love you too... mmm,” Pike whimpered. “You’re going to be a.. hmmf, a fantastic father...” She dug her nails into his back a little when he moved just so. “Oh, yes...”

After a few moments at her neck, Scanlan moved his mouth down her chest, taking a nipple into his mouth, suckling in a way he knew she liked. The sounds of moans coming from her mouth always got him going. “Mmmmm... Delicious, Baby...” One hand kept playing with her tit, while the other hand moved down between her legs, fingers trailing over the skin of her thighs but not getting closer than that yet.

Pike whined. “You’re teasing me...” she said. She was getting wet quickly and wanted him inside her. “Please, Scanlan, oh...”

“Please what, My Love?” Scanlan whispered against her skin. “I want to worship your body, but I need to know how best to do that.” He wasn’t looking for orders, but he wanted to hear her say what she wanted. “My fingers? My tongue? My shaft?”

Pike had to stifle a laugh at his words and behavior. She steadied her breath and couldn’t help but blush as she told him what she wanted. “I want you to play with me with your fingers and your tongue, and then I want you to fuck me,” she said.

“Gladly...” he breathed, his fingers finally delving into the folds between her legs, feeling how dripping wet she was and letting out a soft moan, purring in her ear. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt you so wet...”

“Hhnn!” she whined, high and breathy. “I’m just, hhah, hmmm... really excited I guess...” she said. Pike scratched lightly down Scanlan’s back, wordlessly begging for more.

“Fuck...” Scanlan moaned, his breathing becoming shaky as her nails dragged up and down his back. He moved between her legs and his mouth descended onto her clit, two fingers and then three sliding inside her. “Mmmmmm.... So good...”

Pike combed her fingers through Scanlan’s hair, gripping as he teased her clit. “Oooh, fuck... yes, oh god...hmmm!” moaned. Pike started bucking her hips toward Scanlan’s mouth and onto his fingers.

Scanlan loved being able to do this to his wife, seeing her moan and writhe and come undone was amazing. He nibbled on her clit, his hand getting deeper inside her, finding that delicious spot inside her and playing there in a glorious torture. “Will you cum for me before I make love to you, Pikey?”

“Yes! Yes, oh god, oooohh, fuck! You’re so good... don’t stop, please... Oh!” She was so close, just a few more moments. “Scanlan! FUCK!!” Pike cried out as she came on his fingers, holding him against her pussy. That tightness, the squeeze of her pussy on his fingers, the grip of her hand in his hair that held him there. The taste of her essence on his tongue and literally all over his face. This was what he loved about being able to make love to her. Being inside her, as he would be soon, was an added benefit, but knowing that he had the ability to do this to the woman who was like a goddess to him, was incredible.

“Oh, Pike... You’re so damn good... God...” he said when she let his head go. He carefully pulled his fingers out and moved up to lay over her. “I’ll make love to you in a moment, Darling... I just wanted to bask in your light with you a moment...”

Pike squeaked when Scanlan pulled his fingers out, gentle as he was. “Aww, babe... always the romantic,” she said and hugged him close. Pike didn’t care much about the details of sex. It was good, but her favorite part was doing this with someone who loved her so much, and she was excited about why it was happening this way. She couldn’t wait to be a mother and have a family with her husband.

“Love of my life, Darling Wife, Mother of an unborn life... my child, a miracle in the making, that G-d would give me a gift again... My heart is breaking, but in a good way, I have another fifty years to spend. I hope it’s more, it could be less, but by then I know I’ll have passed the test. G-d gave me the reward before the test began, you pushed me toward it, I flew I ran. When I knew, I knew I knew I knew... In the end, I know it’s because of you two...”

Pike could do nothing except stare at Scanlan as he spoke to her. There was certainly a reason he was a musician, and it was strange to think that his career as a teacher was almost over because what he’d said to her then, just off the cuff, was so beautiful. Tears came to her eyes, her mood completely changed. “Oh... Scanlan, my darling...”

Scanlan kissed her gently, tender as those words had been. “My beautiful wife... I’m as deeply in love with you now as I was when I married you... and I know I’ll love our little one.” He ran his hand down to the ever-so-slightly-rounded tummy, noticing the difference immediately now. He shuddered in delight at it. “I know we haven’t talked about it, but how many kids do you want?”

Pike’s breath hitched a little as Scanlan’s touch tickled her skin. “Ah... I don’t know... I’d like to say as many as we can, but I think we should take it one at a time?” she said with a smile. “I love you, and I love the idea of having lots of children with you, but...” Pike draped her arms over his shoulders. “We should see how it goes first,” she said.

“I like that idea,” Scanlan chuckled. “Let’s see how I do as a father this time ‘round before we start thinking about a whole tribe of us.” He licked his lips, gazing down into her eyes. “For now, Darling, I believe that you requested that I fuck you...”

Pike pulled Scanlan down for a kiss and lifted her knees to spread her legs further. “Yes, yes, I did... because I know you’re good at it,” she said with a smirk.

“Thank you Darling,” Scanlan hummed, getting into position and kissing her once more before sliding his cock deep inside her dripping pussy. “Fuck, Pike... So good... Oh, Love...” The heat he felt was deliciously stifling. “Fuuuuuuck...”

“Aaah, fuuuck, yes!” Pike moaned as Scanlan’s cock stretched her open. His three fingers had been something, but there was nothing like his cock. “Oh shit, you’re so good... oh, yes!”

“Pike... Oh, fuck, Pike...” Scanlan moaned, starting to move inside her. “You give me so much... you’re my whole soul...” He began babbling words of love that were soon overtaken by mindless cries of need. He knew the rhythm she liked, and soon found it, hitting every note perfectly. “God, Pike... Oh, fuck... Yeah... So good, Baby...”

Pike smiled and almost giggled at Scanlan’s choice of words. “Baby, ah... ah, indeed...” She clung onto him and dropped her head back onto the pillow. “Oh, yes... oh that’s it! Yes!”

As Scanlan continued to move, his thrusts hard and deep, he knew it wouldn’t be too long before he came. “Sweetheart... I’m so close... I’m gonna cum soon... Please cum with me... Oh, god... Fuck... Ah... Please, Pikey...”

Pike met his thrusts with her hips and scratched her nails down his back. “Oh, oh! Yes, oh, fuck yes! Scanlan! I’m so close, yes yes yes... Oh, FUCK!” she cried out and arched against him as she came.

“PIKE!” Scanlan all but screamed as he gave a final thrust and shot his seed into her. His entire body convulsed, and his mouth found her neck in a bite similar to a mating mark. It was deep, but it didn’t break the skin. “Mmmmmm....”

Pike gasped and held on tight as Scanlan bit her neck. “Oh, yes. Oh, mmmf, darling...” She loved the feeling of his cum filling her, and she was glad she could just enjoy that and not have to worry about consequences. “I love how well you fill me up...” she said and gave a deep sigh as she relaxed.

“I love filling you up...” Scanlan responded, staying in that spot on her neck for a few moments, sucking on it but lessening the actual biting. “Oooh, that’s gonna be nice and purple in the morning...” He licked the spot gently before finally dropping his head to rest on her shoulder, still inside her and loving that feeling.

Pike hummed, imagining the bruise in the morning. “I’ll have to wear a scarf...” She ran her hands over his back, feeling where she had scratched him. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” she asked.

Scanlan quickly shook his head, shuddering at the feeling of her fingertips running over the scratches. “No, not at all... It felt great, actually. We don’t mark each other often, so it’s kind of exciting and thrilling to feel things like that on my body.” He kissed her gently, pulling out and rolling over onto his side next to her. “My Pikey...”

Pike scooted up next to him to cuddle. “My Scanlan... I love you,” she said, and kissed him.

“I love you too, Honey,” he said, holding her. He yawned, chuckling at it. “You’ve worn me out... I think I can sleep now, and if I do dream, it’ll hopefully be rather sexy.”

She pinched whatever bit of his skin she could reach, teasing, “It’d better be!” Pike tried and failed to stifle her own yawn, reached over to turn out the light, and unceremoniously flopped back onto the bed. “Good night, darling,” she said.

“Goodnight, Dearest,” Scanlan said, nuzzling his nose into her hair and quickly falling asleep.