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milk & cookies

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Bakugou Katsuki’s “problem” didn’t start until he was in high school, when he was asked to babysit his neighbor’s little kid (who was maybe 4 at the time) and ended up fucking the kid’s thighs while they slept. It felt so good, the soft and slightly cold skin against his hard cock, the way the kid’s face scrunched up all cute-like as Bakugou started the thrust faster. He was quick to cum and even quicker to wipe the cum off the kid’s legs and act like nothing had happened.

The rest of the hour that he babysat, he plopped himself on the couch and thought about what a sick and disgusting monster he was.

I’m going to hell, Bakugou thought to himself. He may have been right, but it seems like that singular thought wasn’t enough to stop him.

It was in that moment that Bakugou realised he was a sick fuck attracted to kids. As he got older, he stopped caring and became better at hiding it, having girlfriends and boyfriends his age just to cover up his sick fantasies. When he fucked the people he was dating, he thought of them as younger and smaller, more vulnerable and whiny.

His imagination stopped working as he reached his mid 20s and his hunger for those small, plush bodies grew as he hit 30.

Now, at 45, Bakugou was spying on his six year old neighbor as she ran out of her house in a cute pink sundress. He licked his lips and stepped away from his window to go back in the kitchen and finish the cookies he was using as apart of his plan.

Just thinking about getting that cute little girl in his house made Bakugou’s cock jump in his sweats.

It had been so long since he got his dick wet. He deserved this.

Picking up his reading glasses from the counter, he placed them on his nose. He held a tiny container of GHB in his hand while he carefully read the pamphlet about it in the other.

This is too fucking much, he thought to himself as he read about how GHB is an illegal substance, how it could easily be used to overdose and so on. He rolled his eyes and took his glasses off.

“Okay. Three squeezes from the dropper should be enough. Tiny body, small amount of cookies— that should be e-fucking-nough,” he spoke outloud to himself.

Untwisting the cap of the container, Bakugou squeezed the nipple-like top and watched as the clear substance filled the dropper. He hovered the dropper over the bowl of chocolate chip cookie mix and squeezed the top softly three times over different areas of the mix.

He twisted the cap back on and set the container on the counter, then began to mix up the batter and drug together.

This is going to be perfect. It’s about time.

Thirty-five minutes of letting the tiny batch of cookies bake later, the oven beeped. Bakugou shot up from his spot on the couch where he was watching the cute little girl play outside in the shared front lawn.

He plated the cookies on his best plate, ran his hands through his prematurely graying hair, and fixed his shirt before grabbing the plate of cookies.

Opening the door and stepping out onto the doorstep, Bakugou cleared his throat before yelling out across the yard.

“Ochako! Would you like some cookies?” he asked.

The little girl turned her head so fast from looking at the worms in the grass to look at her neighbor.

“Yes, please!” she yelled, running as fast as her chubby little legs could carry her. Bakugou smiled at her as she came hurtling towards him. He hoped to God that his smile didn’t reflect how sick and twisted he actually was.

Ochako stopped in front of him on his doorstep to catch her breath, the pink of her cheeks more pronounced as she took in deep breaths of air. Her brown hair was a bit windblown and all over the place, her large brown eyes full of excitement, lips pink and plump as always.

She was so fucking cute.

Bakugou wanted to ruin her, make her cry on his cock.

“Why don’t you come inside? I can get you some juice, too, while you have some cookies,” Bakugou suggested, his voice was so sickly sweet he almost scared himself.

“Okay!” Ochako said. Bakugou moved aside, letting the small child run into his house.

“Just sit on the couch, I’ll be right back!” he told her from the doorway. He closed and locked the door. Walking towards the living area, he set the plate of cookies on his coffee table before retreating to the kitchen and grabbing some apple juice for the little wonder sinking into the soft cushion of his couch.

He was so excited. He couldn’t wait for her to knock out. His plan was really working. He was already somewhat hard just at the idea of being able to stick his cock inside the little girl in his living room.

He came walking back in with two glasses of apple juice, one for him and one for her. Ochako was making her way through her third cookie, her chubby cheeks and hands covered in chocolate. Her eyes looked droopy already.

“You’ve made quite the mess, young lady,” Bakugou chided, and Ochako blushed.

“Ah, sorry! They’re just so yummy!” she said, picking up her fourth cookie. Bakugou chuckled under his breath as he picked up a napkin from the coffee table and wiped her face.

It shouldn’t be long now.

About 10 minutes later, the brown haired girl had dozed off. Bakugou poked her cheeks to make sure she was really out— she was, little snores escaping from her mouth.

Now it was time for Bakugou to have his fun.

He was very meticulous about the way he went about this. Hovering over Ochako’s sleeping body, he pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ears as he breathed in her scent of oats and vanilla, the perfect blend.

He kissed her slack and somewhat open mouth, shoving his hot and large tongue into her tiny mouth. Exploring, he slid his tongue over hers and moaned at how soft and slick it was. He continued to press kisses down her neck, inhaling deeply. Slowly removing the straps of her sundress, he slipped the straps down her arms and pulled down her dress so her little chest was exposed.

Nipples like mosquito bites protruded out, hard and begging for Bakugou to suck on them. Running the tip of his tongue around the left one, he used his thumb and forefinger to massage the right one gently. He sucked the left one into his mouth, using his teeth to bite and skim over the soft bud.

Fuck, she tastes so good.

He played with her nipples generously; by the time he continued to kiss down her body, her nipples were shining with his spit.

He lifted up her sundress, letting it cover her torso as he planted kisses along Ochako’s thighs, biting and nipping at the inner parts. He wished she were awake and enjoying this; he knew she’d have such cute little gasps and whimpers as he teased and played with her.

Finally, getting to the good part, he pushed aside her panties and ogled at Ochako’s pretty pink pussy. It was so soft, devoid of hair or hair bumps, her little clit and folds hiding behind puffy mounds that stuck out a bit. He smiled to himself and swiped the tip of his index finger along her folds, gathering up the wetness that was there. Her body was reacting to Bakugou’s touches even though she was asleep.

Keeping his eyes on her face, Bakugou started to prod at Ochako’s tiny opening. It was harder than he expected to get the tip of his index finger in the tight heat but once he did, he couldn’t ignore how she was sucking him in— he knew she’d do the same for his cock, and his erection started to grow.

Bakugou licked his dry lips as he continued to work his finger in and out of Ochako, watching her face for any sign of movement or displeasure.

Sliding in a second finger, Bakugou continued to pump the two fingers in and out of the little girl’s cunt without enormous difficulty. He used his other hand to palm himself through his short, trying to give himself some sort of relief.

He wouldn’t last long if he didn’t fuck her soon.

Quickly, he pushed in two more fingers. He groaned at the tight fit and the way Ochako’s pussy gushed more to try and help make the intrusion easier. Bakugou leaned back and grabbed lube he had put in the side table compartment for this specific occasion. Squeezing some onto his fingers, he began to pump them in and out, opening up the tight cunt and spreading the lube.

He pulled down his sweats to his knees and let his cock spring free. It bounced a bit, precum dripping onto the couch. Bakugou squeezed some lube onto his cock and, with his free hand, he began to stroke and spread the cold jelly.

“Fuck,” he groaned out. This was going to be incredible.

Pumping his fingers a couple more times, he slid them all out with a loud schlick sound.

Positioning himself between the small, chubby legs, he lined his cock head with her tiny interests. He could feel the warmth radiating from Ochako’s little pink cunt.

“Ha? Mr. Bakugou?”

Bakugou froze. Oh shit.

“Hey, Ocha. How you feel, baby?” he asked, his voice soothing and calm. Ochako stretched her arms and yawned.

“Feel good. Feel… weird. Mr. Bakugou, what are you- mmmhmnnmm!” Ochako struggled as Bakugou clasped his hand over her mouth and shoved half his cock into Ochako in one thrusts.

“Fuck, Ochako! Your pussy is so tight, it’s sucking me in!” he moaned. Bakugou stilled for a second before slowly moving his hips.

“If I let go, will you keep quiet?” Bakugou asked, his hips keeping a steady rhythm. Ochako nodded, her large and watery brown eyes staring up at him with confusion. Bakugou let go.

“It hurts, sir,” Ocha whined, and Bakugou bit his lips from letting out any more profanity.

“That’s it. It’ll hurt, baby, but it’ll feel better soon,” he said breathlessly. He was close, he could feel it. He hated himself for being able to cum so quick but with the way Ochako’s pussy was pulling him, he wasn’t bound to last.

Ochako let out a loud moan as Bakugou rubbed at her clit with his thumb.

“It’s too big. No more,” she whined. Bakugou placed his hands on either side of her head, leaned over her, and started to fuck into her faster.

“You feel incredible around me, Ocha. So good for me, love,” Bakugou moaned as he peppered kisses on her neck and jaw.

Ochako placed her tiny hands on his chest, pushing with all her might to get him away from her.

“Get off, you’re hurting me!” She squeaked but Bakugou wasn’t listening. The heat pooling in his stomach was too intense, his orgasm rapidly coming to its peak. He brushed her hair back from her forehead with one hand and admired the little girl’s beauty.

So innocent. So pure.

Fuck, he was about to cum.

“Stop! Please! Oh, God, something feels weird inside of me!” The older man’s cock was starting to throb, praying for release. Bakugou pushed in a couple more inches of his cock, wanting to bury himself as deep as he could for when he came inside of Ochako.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum, Ocha. About to fill you up with all my cum, that it’ll leak out of your pretty hole for days. You’re my sweet, baby, fuck!” he yelled out as he came, white hot sperm shooting out into Ochako’s young and tight cunt, filling up her womb.

“It’s hot! Nngh, make it stop!” she cried, fat tears rolling down her chubby cheeks. Her nose was scrunched up like she was smelling something bad, her mouth screwed up tight and her eyes closed so tight she was seeing little dots float in the blackness.

Bakugou hung his head and groaned, small thrusts still happening as he emptied himself into the younger girl. When he was finished, he pulled out slowly and listened to Ochako’s whimpers as his cock dragged against her sensitive walls. He grabbed his shaft and slapped the head of his dick against her little clit, smirking as she jumped at the touch.

“That was fucking amazing,” he sighed, grabbing a napkin and wiping off the juices and cum. He tucked himself back into his sweatpants and didn’t pay any mind to the little girl who was crying and shaking on his couch.

“You’re not gonna tell anyone, right? I would hate it if our grown up secret was ruined.” Bakugou’s voice was soft as he picked up her empty glass of juice and took it into the kitchen. Behind his back, a little brown eye popped open. Interested.

“G-grown up secret?” she questioned, her voice small and shaky. Bakugou walked back into the living room, sweats hanging low on his hips. He sat on the edge of the couch by Ochako’s tiny feet.

“Yup! What we did was a grown up thing, so you’ll have to keep it a secret. Can I trust you?” he asked, looking at her with piercing and analytical red eyes.

Ochako thought on it for a moment before nodding.

“I won’t tell anyone!” she agreed, curling her little fists up.

Bakugou smiled. He leaned forward and lifted up the small girl, cradling her in his lap and kissing her mouth softly, gently.

“Good. And that was a grown up kiss. You can’t tell about that either.” He gave her another one, this time with tongue, and Ochako easily reciprocated, mimicking his tongue movements. Bakugou swallowed all her little moans while they made out.

They broke apart, breathless and mouths shiny with spit.

“It’s getting late, I need to head home,” Ochako murmured against Bakugou’s chest. He nodded and set her down on wobbly legs, his arms shooting out to help her should she fall. She seemed to get footing after a couple of steps and walked to the doorway.

“Thank you for the cookies. And the grown up secrets,” Ochako said shyly, hiding her blush behind her hands that were covering the door knob.

“Of course. I hope we can do that again sometime,” Bakugou said. In his mind he wasn’t giving her much of a choice; he had enough GHB to last for a while should Ochako get restless and start disobeying. But it was nice of him to give her an option.

Ochako looked away and nodded quickly, opening the door and running out, slamming it behind her.

Bakugou leaned back on the couch and watched through his window as she ran across the yard to her own house, her cute little panties peeking out from her sundress.

We are definitely doing that again. Maybe I can invite a couple of friends over…