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we've danced five times

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That one time we danced, i wasn't in expect of what would come,
so we danced
with happiness surrounding our steps.

The second time we danced,
it was about the grief over thinking I've lost you that day.
i cried when I was wrapped in your arms,
and i was full of relief and exitement

The third time it was
with 70 years between us,
there was no ground under our feet
nothing safe
nothing we could plan our future on
but we never had doubts
we'll keep dancing forever

There was another dance, another time
when we could finally be together
but we had lots of enemies,
people thinking you were a danger for our world
you could never be a danger, i promise
you could never do anything wrong
and i promised you
we would still be dancing when we're old

The last time we danced
it was before the war
a great war between good and evil
three evenings before
we danced
and you held me safe
we thought we would be dancing forever,
that everything was fine since such long time we left behind
but then the resurrection came
and you seemed to be someone else
then all I knew was:
we'll never dance again.