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i'm so sorry you had such a bad time

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there was a star.

not one of those rocks on the ceiling, but a real star. well, there was the very possible chance that maybe it wasn't, it's not like there was any reference material down here or anything, but it shone like it could light up a whole universe.

there was this unexplainable feeling in his chest, an inexplicable urge pulling him to... reach out... and... did all stars feel this way? no, no, he's sure he would have remembered the feeling.

he felt himself drifting towards the little four pointed shape, not bothering to look elsewhere. there was nothing else to see. there was... nothing.

there was...

there was a timeline shift.

he always knew when it happened (there was no way he could miss it, really); feeling it ripping his little soul from the time and space he was in to some time and place else. the same one, actually, but different. like forcefully un-baking a quiche without giving the poor thing any warning. it leaves you (heh) with some serious trust issues, to say the least.

and saying the least was really leaving (heh heh) some shit out, neglecting some things, even.

god. he needed a drink.


coffee would have to do, he presumed. best not to start so soon in a run anyway.

and suddenly, he was in the kitchen behind papyrus, who was just turning away from looking at sans’ locked door from the living room. “fun never sleeps, paps, and i, for one, would know.”

the look paps was staring down sans’ goofy grin with was absolutely the perfect start to the morning.

“how do you know the sun’s up anyway? you have pretty bone dry evidence.” sans started rummaging through the cupboards for a mug. paps always had a pot ready for him.


“i don’t know about that, paps,” he found a black mug that said ‘BOOK NERD’ but looked like it said ‘BONE’ when turned slightly, “the ice is pretty thick around here, that sun guy isn’t here to melt it.”


“good morning to you, too, bro.” sans winked automatically, tipping his unfilled mug to his exasperated brother, who had his head in his hands.

papyrus lifted his head in quickly regained energy and posed in the kitchen doorway, “YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT ONE THING, SANS! IT’S A GREAT MORNING THAT WILL NOT BE SOURED BY YOUR PUNS!”

the smaller skeleton made his way to the coffee maker and poured himself a cup with way too much sugar, “i think they’re pretty sweet.”


sans gave a light chuckle, “i’ll be right there, just gimme a sec to enjoy my cup o joe.”

and with a half-annoyed, half-loving smile, papyrus left the house in a confident flourish. heh, half-n-half.

there was no such cream in his coffee, actually. the bittersweet drink flowed from his cup and dissipated into a shiny blue mist behind his teeth. sans leaned against the counter as he felt the effects of the monster-made brew seep into his bones and give him a little magic energy for the long, long day ahead. funny how this whole thing happens in like 12 hours. only takes one bad day, i guess.

fighting the bone-crushing urge to fall back into bed, sans instead fell into another shortcut and found himself right beside papyrus, where he stood at the bridge leading into the forest. there were only so many times he could go through the same day without knowing exactly what anyone would be up to at any given time. even if he technically didn’t remember.

papyrus turned at the displacement of air caused by a shortcut being taken, “SANS! JUST IN TIME TO WITNESS THE LATEST AND GREATEST JAPE BY THE GREAT PAPYRUS!”

“hey, this puzzle better not be getting any ideas. i’m the late one around here.”


it had taken him the entire test run of the Gauntlet of Deadly Terror for sans to realize he was still holding his mug. he apparently forgot to put it down in the house. eh, when its empty he’ll just leave it in a tree or something. you may not be able to trust flowers, but trees will always go out on a limb for ya.

the morning slow-jogged on by with relative ease, dedicating a couple hours to sentry duties (watching papyrus reset his human traps after something small, fluffy, and annoying activated them, again) and making his breakfast run to grillby's.

sans, with his second cup of coffee beside him, now sat against his favourite spot in snowdin: the huge locked door in the middle of the forest. he never quite figured out much about this woman, other than that she was a hell of a lot taller than him (her voice came from a higher point behind the door than where he stood) and that she had an integrity any bonely schmo couldn't say no to.

that's why, when he knocked again, and she said almost too quiet to hear 'who is there?' he replied, "honey mustard."

"honey mustard who?"

"honey, must-ya be so glum?"

the woman breathed a soft laugh and was quiet again.

he took another sip from his mug, "...what's up?"

after a moment, there was a small shift behind the door and the voice seemed a little more distant, "...if a human ever comes through this door... could you please... please promise me something?"

the skeleton nearly dropped his mug. oh no. no nonnono

"watch over them, and protect them... will you not?"

they really picked this day out of any just to screw him over.. and over and over.. huh. god how terribly he wanted to scream "sorry lady! i've already broken this promise a hundred times and its not even noon!!" he couldn't do this, not to her. not again.


"you have my word."