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May We Stay Lost on Our Way Home

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Ligur had Hastur up against the wall, right by the sign that forbade licking. It didn’t say anything about fucking there, though, so they were all right. Ligur was holding him up, keeping him in place while he thrust inside of him. He was so strong, Hastur loved how strong he was, loved how he used that strength to lift him up and fuck into him. Hastur’s bare gangly legs wrapped around him, his clothes somewhere on the floor. Ligur had merely taken off his coat and shoved his trousers and underwear down enough to take out his cock, desperate for Hastur as he was.

Ever since Armageddon didn’t happen, he’d been insatiable, and Hastur was soaking up the attention like he couldn’t get enough. Hastur was a jealous sort, couldn’t help it, didn’t necessarily want to help it. He was a demon, after all. Of course, they’d been married for ages, but Hastur still felt entranced when his husband gave him his complete attention, staring at him with those beautiful ringed eyes like Hastur was everything he could ever want.

Hastur’s wedding ring, worn on a chain around his neck, was jostled against his chest as Ligur bounced him on his cock.

“Love when you fuck me like this,” Hastur moaned, grabbing onto his shoulders. “Love it. Love you.”

“You’re in a mood,” Ligur said, sinking all the way inside of him.

“Can’t--can’t I say it?”

“Of course you can.” Ligur reached between them to play with Hastur’s clit, to make him shiver and scream.

“Then--then I’ll keep saying it. I love you. I love you. I--ah!” Hastur’s orgasm hit him something fierce. He was soaking wet, sobbing with relief.

“And I love you, husband,” Ligur said, sliding in and out gently, filling him up with his cock. “I married you, didn’t I? The only demon for me in all of Hell.”

“It’s--ah! It’s only ever been you,” Hastur agreed, pulling his legs tighter in an attempt to get Ligur inside even further. Not that Ligur had any problem filling him to the brim.

“Do you want me to come inside?”

“Yes, yes, in me. In me.” Sometimes Hastur liked him to pull out and come on his face, on his cheeks and lips, but right now he wanted to feel it inside of him.

“Gonna fill you up,” Ligur said, thrusting with less control, now that he was close. He always made sure Hastur was happy, first. The best husband any demon could ask for, really.

“Ah! Oh, come, come on…” Hastur was nearly to the point of having no words left, feeling his own wetness dripping between his slender thighs.

He felt Ligur shudder, felt additional wetness flood into him, shooting up between his legs, coating his insides.

“Don’t pull out yet,” Hastur said. “Stay inside, let me keep feeling it for awhile.”

“Whatever my husband wants,” Ligur said, always content to please him. Not that Hastur asked for so very much. His needs were few.

Ligur shifted in place to better reach his mouth, kissing him deep as Hastur felt his legs tremble from keeping them in the same position for so long. He felt a little raw, vulnerable, and his insides began to feel somewhat twisty. He chalked it up to post Armageddon stress. He’d been feeling off since that all had happened. He felt infinitely better having Ligur with him, seeing him, feeling him. He’d never let anything happen to his husband again.