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Bark like a dog

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“Hey loser, who said you were allowed back here?”

Midoriya straightened up with a startled cry, nearly caving his head in on the dumpster’s lid. He’d been trying to fish his notebook out, straining uselessly at the smear of white papers against the bottom. At his flailing, the group behind him broke out in laughter.

“Well well well, it looks like you finally found a place you belong, huh Deku?” a voice said. 

Midoriya didn’t even have to look to know it was Bakugou and his crew behind him. Who else would it be? There were probably the ones who had thrown his notebook in here in the first place, leaving a trail of torn-out pages like breadcrumbs.

Even though there were no surprises left, Midoriya turned around, crossing his arms in front of his stomach defensively. He knew how this ended.

“H-hi guys,” he said. “It’s, uh, it’s n-nice s-seeing you aro-”

“Shut up,” Bakugou cut him off. He didn’t even have to raise his voice to get Midoriya to fall silent. Narrowed red eyes like open sores, he walked forward until the two boys were toe to toe. Midoriya couldn’t help but cower lower with every step he took, so that Bakugou towered over him. “Look at you, chasing after that stupid fucking notebook like a dog chasing its tail. Is that what you are, Deku? A dog?”

Rather than invoke greater amounts of wrath, Midoriya fell silent, contemplating his shoes. He could feel Bakugou’s eyes burning into him, scorn so hot it felt like his skin would blister. 

Finally, after a long moment of contemplation, Bakugou opened his mouth and said, “On your knees.”

Midoriya complied. It wasn’t even a conscious decision, his knees just gave out at the command. When he made the mistake of looking up, he could see Bakugou’s face curling into a vicious smile.

“That’s more like it. You look good on the ground like that.”

Bakugou’s friends joined them, stalking up like a pack of wolves circling their prey. Now Midoriya was surrounded on three sides, the dumpster behind him. He was pinned in and feeling it.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we made him bark like a dog?” one of them suggested. “You know, since he always acts like such a scared little puppy.”

Midoriya knew where this was going. The interior of his soul was already crumbling, resigned to the unavoidable.

He didn’t anticipate the stomp to his shoulder, forcing him to eat a mouthful of pavement. The dark, cloying taste of blood filled his mouth. The texture of Bakugou’s shoe was so familiar, like an uncomfortable pillow he couldn’t afford a replacement for. 

“He’s got a good point, doesn’t he, Deku?” Bakugou sneered. 

Grind - the shoe into his shoulder, his face into the ground. Midoriya was having a hard time breathing, even though his nose wasn’t obstructed. It suddenly felt like his chest was two sizes too small.

“How about we make a deal?” Bakugou said, voice low and dangerous. “You behave like a good little boy, and we won’t have to hurt you too bad.”

Despite himself, Midoriya found himself nodding. Maybe it was just a tremble that had gotten out of control. It did the trick, though, because the shoe left his shoulder. He rose into a crouching position, eyes not daring to look up at his assailants.

“Well, Deku? You don’t want to make me mad, right? So bark.”

Midoriya barked. The noise left his mouth like bile, stinging his throat and bringing tears to his eyes, but he did it forcefully. Around him, Bakugou and his friends let out a chorus of chuckles. 





A hand came down towards him, and Midoriya flinched and huddled in on himself. However, rather than a hit, the hand ran through his hair, blunt nails tracing gently behind his ear. It sent a shiver through him.

“Yeah,” Bakugou whispered, “that’s more like it. It’s not so bad when you learn your place, huh?”

Midoriya whined. He hadn’t even been ordered to, but the noise escaped his mouth, high and needy and disgusting. It just made Bakugou chuckle.

They stayed like that for a few moments, Bakugou petting his head gently, long enough that the other boys shifted uncomfortably. 

“Um, Bakugou?” one asked. “Are we...done yet?”

At this, Bakugou jolted as if awoken from a trance. The hand left Midoriya’s head.

“No. We’re just getting started.”

There was a clinking and a rustling. Against his better judgement, Midoriya looked up in time to see Bakugou peel off his belt. He looped it back in on itself, then slipped it over Midoriya’s head and down onto his neck in one swift movement.

Midoriya squeaked and tried to scramble backwards. Instantly, the belt dug into his neck, constricting him like a noose. Bakugou held the end in one hand, and he yanked, forcing Midoriya to stumble forward. 

“Can’t have you wandering around like a stray, can we?” Bakugou asked. 

When Midoriya’s hands came up to claw at the belt, they were kicked down. Bakugou’s cronies had regained interest in the proceedings, smiling like sin given form.

“Maybe we should make him eat off the ground.”

“No, I say we make him lick himself!”

“No,” Bakugou cut in, teeth gleaming viciously. “I have a better idea.”

He yanked on the tether, forcing Midoriya’s head up as he leaned down, their noses almost touching.

In a soft voice, Bakugou ordered, “Take off your pants.”

If he was having trouble breathing before, now he was absolutely suffocating. Midoriya was overcome with a wave of trembling, the action sparking more derisive laughter from his audience.

“Do it,” Bakugou snapped when he didn’t immediately comply, “or I’ll rip them off you and send you home naked.”

That was enough to snap Midoriya out of it. He was crying now, tears making slimy tracks down his face. However, he knew it was pointless to resist. With shaky hands, he unbuckled his belt. It took him a couple of tries to muster enough coordination to slide that off and start grappling with his pants. Before he could get too far, hands were on him, tearing at his body and urging the process along. He couldn’t tell what appendages belonged to who, was too overwhelmed by the foreign presence along his self. In no time at all, he was devoid of pants, shoes, briefs, his lower half bare and prickling against the air. The sounds of his distress were accompanied by a chorus of laughter. 

On all fours and sobbing, Midoriya stood in front of the other boys. He could feel their eyes on him, hungry and wanting. He prayed for it to be over soon, knowing it was just getting started.

One hand still holding his leash, Bakugou leaned over and picked up Midoriya’s discarded belt. He twirled it absently in his free hand, his expression playful. Midoriya knew that could mean nothing good.

“Not really much of a dog without a tail, are you Deku?” he asked.

Midoriya could feel the blood draining from his face, feel every vein in his body constrict. All of a sudden, a beating didn’t seem that bad. He wailed and rose to his feet, intent on fleeing. One swift yank had him back down, gagging at the abuse to his throat. He thrashed and flailed and found himself pinned down, rolled over. 

“S-stop,” he wheezed, barely getting the words out of a constricted throat. “Kacchan, please! Don’t do this!”

Smack. A blow to the back of the head, making him dizzy. While he was busy trying to regain his bearings, he felt hands spreading him open, prying apart his legs and splaying his ass cheeks. In response he let out a wordless howl, a raw plea for help.

“Get this wet,” Bakugou ordered one of his cronies. 

Someone spat into the small circle of his ass. Deku tried to scream, but he couldn’t breath, couldn’t get air, everything was narrowing into a pinpoint in front of him.

There was more spitting, more rubbing, intrusions into his self he had no defense for. All the while, his lungs bucked in his chest, frantic pants his only source of air.

“He really does act like a mutt, doesn’t he?” one of the boys asked, laughing.

“Here, take the leash and make sure he doesn’t get away,” Bakugou ordered.

Midoriya felt the shifting around his neck, the tether exchanging hands. There was a brief moment of respite, enough for him to scrabble out of the canyon of panic and attain brief clarity. 

That’s when he felt the cold press of metal against his anus.

He didn’t have the strength left to express his horror. Instead, he let out a whimper. He couldn’t see what was going on, could only feel the invasion. Everything quickly turned to burning.

“Just be a good dog and relax,” Bakugou murmured, his voice a disembodied balm. He sounded so soothing and confident. Even now, even like this, Midoriya couldn’t help but be jealous of him.

Everything was pain for a while. Midoriya could feel the iron scrape of the buckle sliding into him. However, he only knew he was bleeding when one of the other boys pointed it out in disgust.

“Do you think it’s, like, gonna hurt him?” one asked. “Send him to the hospital, I mean. We could get in trouble for that.”

“We’re not fucking gonna get in trouble,” Bakugou snarled back. “Deku here is gonna be a good boy for us, aren’t you Deku?”

Deku could only cry.

Finally he felt the slight easing, his outer ring swallowing the hard edge of the buckle. It was inside him now, lodged firmly and unmistakably in his ass. 

“Look at that,” Bakugou said, giving a low whistle. “It really does look like a tail coming out of his butt like that.”

Midoriya felt pressure leave him, his attackers taking a step back to admire their handiwork. He stayed where he was, quivering. Above him, they snickered, and he heard the distinct shutter sound on someone’s cellphone. 

There was a tug around his neck, but Midoriya found himself unable to respond, too lost in his own mind. The tug came again, more insistent, and finally harder, until he instinctively rose to all fours to avoid choking. Every movement was accompanied by another roll of pain through his body.

“Come on, buddy, let’s take you for a walk,” Bakugou said.

Leading him along by the tether, Bakugou walked him in a slow circle around the alley. Midoriya shuffled on hands and knees. Even if he cared about the humiliation, even if there was enough of him left to register it, he wouldn’t have dared rise to his feet. It was easier like this.

Even this debasement couldn’t provide endless amusement. Eventually, the boys had their fill, sated on the sight of Midoriya’s utter ruin. Bakugou took his belt back, slipping it over Midoriya’s head again, finally allowing him air. He heard the clink of Bakugou’s buckle being re-fastened, but didn’t raise his head. Finally, mercifully, he heard the sounds of the boys scuttling away, talking about plans to visit an arcade or something. It was just him and Bakugou in the alley.

Bakugou leaned down, and again Midoriya cowered, but it was just the return of his hand running through Midoriya’s hair. He petted through it for a few moments. Midoriya remained perfectly still.

Finally, Bakugou leaned in close and placed a single kiss to the crown of Midoriya’s head, before whispering two words in his ear.

“Good boy.”